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  1. I moved house today so I guess I'll remember "where were you...." In 10 years time. I'm not into the monarchy (nor am I particularly against it) but I think people can agree she worked hard her entire reign and provided a sense of stability through crap government after crap government and crisis after crisis (and I'm only 32...) In some ways nothing is different (I'm about to head out to buy some cat litter) and in other ways everything has changed. The Queen was just about the last international icon of Britishness and I'm not sure what we have left. She represented Britain modernising with the break up of the old empire and televised addresses but at the same time. I only 'know her' from the modern era, being born in 1990. But I wouldn't be surprised if King Charles III was the last one considering the pomp of the Ascension ceremony (paid by the government) is going to feel extraordinarily out of date in a time of cost of living crisis. Interesting times. It would be nice if for some of my adult years we could not have interesting times. RIP.
  2. I made a submarine that actually worked quite well. I got bored of driving it into the sea so I made plane to fly it out to sea and dump it from a couple of thousand meters. It's probably my most cursed plane (or any other vehicle) I've made but it can kind of fly so it does the job. It's especially cursed compared to the sleek(ish) submarine. I have no idea why this thing flies so well without a pilot, I thought without any pilot, SAS and with the weight suddenly removed it would be all over the place after detachment. Also looks kinda cool from inside. The tanks are pretty brittle so I have, eh, a few parachutes so I enter the water at about 5m/s, and also a bit nose-first. It's highly maneuverable but also completely stable with no glitchiness. It can do 20m/s or so under water. Interestingly, if I dump all my ore / ballast, and then do max throttle to the surface it actually gains enough speed and altitude from its "dolphin jump" to be able to fly like a plane / missile and it flies pretty well for a submarine. I also tried propeller submarines but they're a lot more temperamental and slow.
  3. Thanks for the answers everyone. I think I reached a similar conclusion to everyone else and had the most success with old-school props using wing parts. I steer by adding a hindge to the rear prop so the thrust is angled (like a jetboat I guess) rather than a rudder but that joint in particular is absolute kraken-bait. I'll probably revise it to have a normal rudder and (canards if they're called that underwater) all over it to get it to change direction. Don't mind the delivery system going nuts in the background that's all fine!
  4. I'm making a submarine to pilot in kerbin's seas. I've tried jet engines coupled to liquid + oxidizer tanks but the jet engines did fire due to a lack of oxygen(?). I've tried liquid fuel rocket engines but they're not efficient and by the time you've got enough fuel you're very buoyant due to the fuel tanks. I've tried propellors and they don't interact with the water it seems. I'm currently trying rotors coupled with wings at about a 45 degree angle (like a water based propellor) but they spin very slowly with standard rotors. So I'm currently trying a heavy rotor with huge torque and blades spinning slowly. Has anyone got a underwater propulsion working on a stock game?
  5. Today is a big day. After 850 hours of Kerbaling, I realised that I can make my ship target specific things (prograde, retrograde, target, manoeuvre) by clicking the little button next to the navball if SAS is switched on. I think I did the tutorial long before that became a feature! And I can warp right to the next manoeuvre by pressing the warp right to the next manoeuvre button, such quality of life improvements! I've been watching some Matt Lowne and decide to finally try the more realistic type of moon/planet visit - have a stage orbiting the destination moon and then drop down a lander and rendezvous back with the orbiter for the return trip to Kerbin. For the past 8 years I've been sending a couple of stages to the mun, landed and returned with no rendezvousing at all. It was fine once I remembered how to do an orbital rendezvous (I spent a few minutes burning towards target when targeting whilst thinking "surely this is just going to make me spiral around the target?" before remembering that the speedometer is relative speed and I need to get it to zero before burning carefully towards the orbiter... I also plopped out a lower stage to add to my rocket that can already get to the Mun and decided to do a Minmum and Mun trip, with loads of Dv to spare. I think I'll try Duna (I've been like twice ever). In fact I could probably just, like, check the numbers to see if I have enough Dv instead of just winging it, another of those QOL features I don't seem to look at much I think it's the law you need to have a picture with your post in this thread so here is my rocket.
  6. I build project PCs ranging from 80MHz 486DX2 CPUs through to my main PC (a 3700X, 16GB RAM, 6800XT). Today I am messing around with a 2006 intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (overclocked to 3GHz), 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM and a 2009 Nvidia GTX285 1GB. Kerbal ran surprisingly OK on a mix of medium / high graphics considering I was using a fairly large ship. I had 17fps on ascent with the mission timer staying yellow, and in space it was running all green locked to 37fps (half-rate vsync on my 75Hz monitor). I can probably keep playing like this tbh! I am however eying up the 5800X3D as a end-of-platform upgrade for my 3700X. I could upgrade now and get 4 years from it or upgrade in 2 years time for much cheaper and get 2 years from it
  7. I tried out the Ion engine for the first time. Turns out the big, round dish shaped end should be attached to the ship and the little isn't where the dark magic gets expelled to generate thrust. So I burn prograde through my ship and it's kind of like a front-wheel-drive probe
  8. Has KSP gone very multithreaded at some point? I ask as I dug out an i7-860 from 2009 with low clock speed but 8 threads. And all 8 threads were in use and getting 75fps with simple planes. I thought KSP was pretty much single threaded and high clockspeed was preferable to lots of threads?
  9. Jeb paid respects to his fallen comrades by doing a sweet doughnut around the Memorial at the KSC in the Bouncy Car. 100mb dropbox video version (What I actually did was work out how to stop my wheels flexing around - just use the bigger hinges - and with the help of forum user ColdJ worked out how to make smoother wheels, as well as make the steering return to centre after pressing left or right)
  10. that... is a very good workaround! The Rockomax if that's what they're called are annoying bouncy and either too friction-y or not frictiony enough. I seem to have more success attaching friction pads to them (on a 8 rotation, three times, now on all three "rims" per wheel).
  11. Today I solved a problem. A dumb problem probably only I have, but a problem none the less! I'm sure we've been there before, you're messing around with a fast 'car' and you turn too fast and it flips over. Well, introducing from the depths of the Kerbal skunkworks, suspension! It's not really live axles or fully dependent suspension, because the "half shalf" on each side has a hinge to allow each wheel to move slightly independently rather than the right side fully mirror what is happening on the left. I think this is part of the reason why the wheels seem to buckle as the hinge is angling the wheel (instead of the connecting beam). I tried fully independent suspension of some kind but there was not enough rigidity in the "spring", even with more than one attached, and the wheels were bugging out. Next step is to try and increase the rigidity further so that the "spring" and hinge is the only parts that move. And also to find out what action group I need for steering to work properly, i.e. the steering resets to the centre once you let go of your "turn left" key.
  12. I like making cars using the electric rotors as "engines". Unfortunately the rotors were really designed for, well, rotorcraft so if I try to attach some kind of "wheel" to the rotor, they are at best 24 sided shaped (the Rocomax Brand Adapter 02 is the best example) and not actual circles. I have also tried attaching objects radially to an axle or similar which creates an octogen, but you can then layer this 3 times to create 24 sides again. This makes driving along bumpy. I've tried all the round looking parts and they're all not actually round. I also have to set their collision speed settings to 1,000 or whatever so they don't explode if I travel too fast. Does anyone know of any mods that give a completely round, attachable wheel like object? Here is are some examples of what I mean...
  13. I originally bought KSP on the KSP website in 2012. However, when I log in now it just presents me with an option to redeem a Steam Key (which I did hundreds of kerbal play-time hours ago!) Can I still download the game without Steam? If I re-bought it on GOG I could play it DRM free... (I want to try the game out on older hardware running XP - I am a retro PC nerd )
  14. I've lived in this house for nearly two years and discovered this 1970 book in the loft. I've always thought the Heinkel He 178 was a great looking little jet, especially for a first try!
  15. I'm really into building PCs from old parts and have found it bearable on CPUs as old as a Core 2 Quad Q6600 - not that I would recommend it I've also seen the RAM usage on these old PCs creep up to 8GB, which is just about the only game that the CPU is happy to run that uses that much RAM. Maybe it doesn't need it all and it's just caching or something. The old GPUs that I put in those builds are the limiting factor (things like ATI Radeon 4830 or an Nvidia 8800GT). My main PC is a 3700X with 16GB of RAM and a 6800XT. I was one of the four people in the world that managed to buy one at launch and this gets weird slow downs to sub 10fps if I use lots of lights and shadows (without mods).
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