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  1. It's been a very long time since I went to space (about 2017 based on my posting activity) . So I'm learning the ropes again, and got to orbit the other day and got to the Mun today using brute force: I got to a 35km orbit around the Mun with 4,000m/s of fuel left. Then realised that I forgot landing legs, lights, and a crew (it was a based on a remote controlled ship before). Whoops. Mun textures look nice though! Bit of a change from making things like this and this! I'll be back with a crew and maybe a rover if I can figure out how to glue one to the top of the rock
  2. I was doing some gardening when I hear "plat plat plat" and was visited by this guy. I didn't know they make an almost cat like sound when under stress (at least I assume that's why it was making noises that wasn't ribbit) as we splashed it a bit to try and get it out of the 34c sun. He found a new home in the end Also recent photography... I have a cat called Fernley This was all on my Canon 250D... a nice upgrade from my 8 year old 1100D!
  3. Well today I took that principle to the next step and built a front engine, rear wheel drive car. I needed to make the wheels (T-37 Tube or something) have a crash resistance of "a lot" so they didn't explode). It's got a locked diff, so it's basically a race car Starting off is not smooth as it is just a bit of wheelspin and 'clunk' and you're off. It's got a bit of a wobbly chassis though, as you can see when I instantly go from 0-100 torque (with the biggest high-speed rotor too). I'm amazed the cogs all hold together though! https://i.imgur.com/PsKQbYC.mp4 (50m
  4. The science engineering has continued... First time I've really looked at the "same vessel interaction". This is one rotor powered up and one without power and set to not lock up when without power. It eventually grew to... Again just the one motor with power (the horizontal one). I might try to make a miniature version and then fit axles to it...
  5. Contrary to my expectation of not playing KSP again for a year I actually made a.... thing today. I'm surprised it worked and I am trying to think of a practical use for it. I was going along the lines of a steam engine drive shaft thing. (edit - a looping (ish) lower MB version) Any ideas of something fun I could do with this idea Edityedit - I can see how this will help me go to space /s
  6. Hasn't posted here for about a year. Played a lot of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater recently. Made a mini Skatepark. Posts a video of my skateboard doing a 50-50 grind. see you next year!
  7. I've been watching some The Grand Tour recently and enjoyed the episode where they travelled through Mongolia. The landscape reminded me quite a lot of Kerbin! I've decided to do a mission I've wanted to do a lot over the years but have never pulled it off, due to boredom - drive around Kerbin. I'm sure we're all contemplated it, done some basic maths and decided there are better uses for 24h of your life. In the past I've tried it with jet powered vehicles, on the basis that a true rover would take approximately forever to get around at 30m/s. These have never been that sucessful,
  8. I've been interested in World War 1 for a while now. I find the early aircraft carrier prototypes fascinating where wooden planes were catapulted from the top of a gun mount with essentially zero runway, and floatplanes would land in the sea next to the plane and be winched up rather than land on the deck. Which sounds like a perfect opportunity to engineer something stupid and unnecessary. Allow me to introduce the HMS McBain and the plane especially designed to take off and land on it (by which I mean I put the landing gear closer together so it would fit on the narrow deck easier and
  9. Damnit, you're right. They must have defaulted back to mirror at somepoint when I was faffing around with the spacing on the wings. Easy fix at least!
  10. I made a larger "sustainable" plane. It tops out at 130m/s like my others and has 32 of the electric generators on it so can fly forever. I then tried a Stuff Delivery System, which worked surprisingly well! The idea being I will fly (or rather leave it to fly itself with light supervision whilst I do chores or whatever... but I need to sort out its 'lean' first) to one of the poles and deposit some kind of base there without having to land Got a slight issue to fix though:
  11. I made a plane that can fly in perpetuity. It doesn't "draw" power at full throttle 100% torque and the small rotors plus "B" propellers can spin at 460m/s at 50% throttle at 5,000m ASL. Maybe I will make a bigger one that can actually carry something with four engines, I reckon it will only two more of those electric generators. Benefits over conventionally powered aircraft: Can fly for a very long time Propellers look nice when they spin Drawbacks over conventionally powered aircraft: Slow-ass flying Can only fly at 1x multiplier No cargo capacity Weird physics when div
  12. I tried this a couple of weeks back and it just span my craft around the waterwheel, so I'll give it another go!
  13. Hopefully a clever person knows the physics behind this.. I made a simple "car", with 4x large propellers each on 2x counter rotating small electric rotor engines. I set it to full power and the blades immediately spin up to 460m/s, and the car gradually increases in velocity. Reload, set it to about 10% power and the blades still spin up to 460m/s. However, once I hit about 90m/s velocity, the blade rpm begins to fall. Why is this? Is it something to do with drag on the blades? When my velocity is 0, (pretty much) all of the torque is spent rotating the propellors against stationary
  14. Today I loaded up Kerbal for the first time in a few weeks and find we have propellers!? I've wanted propellers for years (but not enough to download a mod). They seem significantly more powerful than the "home made" propellers I made with the robotics update rotors. I've got a lot of learning to do! I wonder how efficient an electric plane can be?
  15. Ha, I have been too, but the opposite way around; tracking a moving object to blur the background but keep the object sharp (this was at the British Grand Prix). This was made quite difficult as the cars were accelerating hard out of a corner, not moving at a constant speed! I was also pleasantly surprised at how well my crappy phone handled this moving, light-y night picture!
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