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  1. Heard rumours that the grid fins won’t fold down for ascent, but will stay in that extended position the whole flight. I hope the guy who told me that just had bad info, cause that is properly cursed. I know passive stability isn’t even a consideration on modern-day rockets, and on Starship especially would be a lost cause, but picture the whole stack flying up with the grid fins out and tell me that doesn’t just look wrong.
  2. I think you mean “it may still house many interesting and invigorating problem-solving challenges.”
  3. So they’re not trying to give the VAB a run for its money just yet.
  4. Might help me see some stuff that's obviously wrong if so, but honestly it's probably not necessary. As long as you have the folders Squad, Waterfall, StockWaterfallEffects, and the file ModuleManager.4.1.4.dll in there it should work, assuming you don't have Restock. I'd more like to see a screenshot of the plumes not showing up, cause that would tell me what engine you're using. I still might not be able to fix your problem, but it could point me to something else.
  5. Oh, whoops, so it has. Thanks a bunch.
  6. I probably should have mentioned this here before opening an issue on GitHub, based on the FAQ, but does anyone else see this Z-fighting-like behaviour with the boattail variant of Restock+’s KR-1 “Boar” engine? It doesn’t come across well with still images, but those black patches dance all over the shroud in all but a few places.
  7. You’re likely installing the mods incorrectly. What does your GameData look like, and can you provide a screenshot of the lack of plumes?
  8. There's only one ModuleManager: It does have different versions, but you should be fine using the latest one, 4.1.4 at time of writing. It's a .dll you can drop in your GameData folder.
  9. What engines are you using? Mecripp was saying you may be using engines that haven’t been patched to use Waterfall. Some part mods will include their own patches, some will not. Patches, in this context, are modifications to existing things in KSP. ModuleManager is the thing that handles them, and they come in the form of .cfg files. In this case, the patches delete the particles and sound coming from an engine in KSP and add new sounds and the Waterfall plumes to them. If you’re just using the stock engines, the patches you want will need to be downloaded separately from Waterfall. That’s StockWaterfallEffects if you don’t have Restock installed and WaterfallRestock if you do. They’re available from links at the bottom of the first post of this thread.
  10. Are the recent-ish commits I see on the GitHub part of those dreams?
  11. @linuxgurugamer I've been playing with this mod, and I noticed a consistency issue that wasn't present in the original version as far as I can tell. The Prograde and Retrograde tracking in warp appear to function differently than the earlier-implemented "Stability Assist" SAS mode. That one will track to your set body, as do the others as far as I can tell, but only if your rotation speed is low enough. If you're spinning quite quickly, the attempt to hold attitude will fail and you'll continue to spin. This appears to be consistent with the mod's goal of making momentum and rotation more realistic, as stopping that rotation would require significant resources*. However, the Prograde and Retrograde hold do not conform to this standard - they instantly fix your craft to that vector upon entering warp, killing rotation for free in the same way stock timewarp does. This will persist upon exiting timewarp if you do so still set to that vector. Is there a way to make these modes more consistent with the premise of the mod?
  12. I've said this before, as have others even in this thread, but I really hope not to see microtransactions or DRM in the game. Nate Simpson has said there won't be, so we can likely rule it out, but it bears repeating. I also don't want to see framerate exponentially decrease with the number of fuel tanks feeding an engine, that seems like a good thing to avoid.
  13. Ah, thanks. I was kind of hoping that was wrong, but didn't look into it close enough to see that it could be.
  14. I was going to say that was the total number of tiles on the shuttle, not necessarily the number of unique ones, but: “No two tiles are exactly alike.” - https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/shuttle_tiles_9_12v2.pdf NASA, what off Earth were you doing?
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