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  1. RyanRising

    The Game

  2. RyanRising

    Music while playing KSP

    It's not music that matches the scale or feeling of the game, but I mostly listen to this because a). I like the music and b). I still haven't let go.
  3. RyanRising

    What is the death rate if your Space Program?

    When did Kerbal Space Program become Kerbal Safety Program? As for me, I haven't played in awhile, but I'd wager around a 10-15% mortality rate for my Kerbals. I mean, their lives may be worthless to me, but I do have to get somewhere.
  4. RyanRising

    To CKAN or not to CKAN?

    Whether 'tis nobler in your game to ask for the mod author to upload use CKAN, and save yourself trouble, or to take the effort and update your mods yourself, and, by not asking, cease to annoy. To... Okay, I'll stop.
  5. RyanRising

    XKCD has really funny tool tips

    I tried to read all the XKCD comics over one week, I think I succeeded, and then I found out about the tooltips/mouseover/alt-text and had to do it all over again. So worth it.
  6. RyanRising

    Confess your KSP sins

    I've been away from KSP for a very long time. I guess I just got bored waiting for 1.1 and wandered off to do other things. I will attempt to atone for my sins by throwing myself back at this game full force now that 1.1 is here. Maybe I'll finally, after almost three years, launch a manned mission to Duna. That last bit is probably a bigger problem.
  7. Blackrack, have I ever mentioned that you're a wizard? Plus everyone else who does visual enhancement mods?
  8. Wait, this is alive? When I left I thought this had been dead for months! So much has changed, what shall I do? Awesome work, BTW.
  9. RyanRising

    The Grand KSP 1.1 Discussion Thread

    I've been gone a long time, but I'm loading up KSP 1.1 now. I see a long, spaceship-filled night ahead of me for the first time in awhile. EDIT: Everything is tiny... but the navball... the navball is huge. Y'know what, continuing edits to this post, starting now. I still can't make a ship. Framerate is nice. The white horizons aren't gone, but are a bit less harsh. Orbit lines seem different. Do they follow your ship now? Haha, the classic PhysWarp message. Burning for orbit... Still no Delta-V readout, huh? Maybe 1.2. Orbit! Yay! YOU CAN SEE IN IVA FROM OUTSIDE THE SHIP THAT IS AWESOME! The EVA lights are at an unnaturally high framerate. My eyes have never known such beauty. Running into my ship over and over. Never let me run a space program. Uh oh, forgot solar panels. Some things never change.\ No better time to deorbit than the present. The reentry effects do not make my computer cry. *Sniff*. It's amazing. You can click to toggle RCS and SAS. I always thought you should be able to. Now you can. The parachute strings are shaded properly. Landed... rolling down a hill... all is well. EVERYTHING IS NOT WELL. Aaaaaand killed Jeb. Final Verdict: Quality of Life improvements for me, not the Kerbals. These QoL improvements are well worth waiting a year for. One more thing: Apparently the Kerbals' heads don't disappear using IVA. Hm.
  10. RyanRising

    Opt-in Prerelease for 1.1!

    I should probably convert my account to Steam instead of the KSP store. I just don't want to!
  11. Sorry to necropost, but do you have that "better machine" yet? I don't want to see this disappear into the multitude of mods that were never completed.
  12. Hmm... Okay, I know this is both ridiculous and off-topic, but there's an unmatched left bracket in there. https://xkcd.com/859/ I am going to be bugged my this AWFULLY for the next four minutes.
  13. RyanRising

    FanWork Friday: Rivets! More rivets!

    What's "Venus"? I know of no such world. Were it a world it sounds like it'd be impossibly huge for its mass and gravity. Like, 10 times bigger than it should be.