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  1. Since you asked, I believe the RAPIER isn't handled well here - Restock remodels the engine, but WatefallRestock doesn't have a configuration for it, leading to the StockWaterfallEffects effects being applied to the Restock model. The result is a plume that's offset from the nozzles and slightly off on scale.
  2. Generating atmospheres in-game sounds like a huge improvement for people who want to tinker with it! I for sure am looking forward to playing around with that, especially since I've been discouraged from messing with the current ingame menu.
  3. Obviously I’m not Knight of st John, but I believe the reason was so people who do use ReStock and WaterfallRestock can have Waterfall effects on the engines that aren’t replaced by ReStock, such as the Thud, Aerospike, and jet engines, as well as the Making History Titan engines.
  4. There has been some testing on SRB effects from @Al2Me6, I believe: Looks great, right? But particles are still a much better system for the smoke trail, those can much more easily have physics applied to them and linger on for much longer. You can combine the two so that each is doing what it does best, and get some spectacular results, as seen above, but when you try to move it it becomes apparent you’re applying physics, or just a different reference frame, to the particles and not the mesh: So there’s still some work to be done on how it properly combine the two. All hope may not be lost, but it’s still a work in progress. I would very much like to see what you have in store for the other ones, though! Also, FWIW, SRBs are chemical rockets: they use chemical energy stored in the propellant to create the propulsive force.
  5. Yes! You can do exactly that by deleting the Rapier.cfg file in StockWaterfallEffects/Engine Configurations.
  6. Screenshots and logs would likely let people better understand the problem you're having.
  7. And if they do fail out in their final orbit, I think it’s about 500km, and the satellites are very draggy cause of that solar panel, so probably around 2-3 years to deorbit naturally? Maybe up to 5? NASA says satellites around 500km could take a decade to deorbit, but I imagine the typical ones they had in mind were a little more dense.
  8. I’d imagine it’s Photon/the kick stage that provides that accuracy, rather than Electron itself. Kerolox is not known for its ability to consistently provide very small amounts of impulse, as far as I’m aware.
  9. Fair enough, I suppose. I don’t know what it was supposed to be, but given it worked fine* before that patch I’ll just set them all to 1. *ish. Still haven’t figured out what the deal is with the light and flare fading out too high when in space.
  10. Yeah, it’s been an issue (?) for a while. Specifically, since the release of Scatterer 0.0722. It includes this line in the patch notes: EVE clouds + Sunlight extinction respect extinction thickness which explains why before that release the clouds and lighting were effected despite the extinctionThickness = 0 in the configs. Presumably, the configuration was made when that setting was being ignored, so the creator saw the coloured lighting happening anyway and didn’t see a need to set it to something else. Now, there is a reason. You’re probably looking at the colours of the atmosphere during sunrise and sunset, not the lighting and clouds. The atmosphere is fine, but those two features add a lot more to the visuals.
  11. Hurrah! A new release! However, is it intentional that the extinctionThickness in scatterer configurations is set to 0? This means there are no sunset colours in the lighting or clouds.
  12. I think these people count as the crew. “Crewed spaceflight” doesn’t mean “spaceflight with people vital to its function on board,” it means “spaceflight with people on board.”
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