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  1. This has been getting a lot less awful lately, thanks to the Squad IT guys. That's not to say there isn't work to be done, just that the progress made so far is good.
  2. There’s a video premiering (ehhh) on the KSP YouTube channel right now, whose thumbnail is a picture of Bop, titled “KSP Loading... Preview: Bob revamp | 1.11 Update” So they’ll be continuing the visual additions at least. EDIT: Aww, they chickened out and fixed it to “Bop.”
  3. Gotta say, not a fan of the round profile pictures, or having humans as default. The people certainly loses a bit of personality, and I can't help but feel like the circles just waste space.
  4. well, the forum is working, but the layout is still a bit screwy. I'm seeing the "forum, activity, store," etc. tabs overlaying the KSP logo on the top. Also, tags are grey with red text, which doesn't look too hot. Also, as long as we're talking about UI changes, do we have any shot at a dark mode?
  5. Here's my attempt at an Eve ascent vehicle, being seen on the surface for the first time by its crew: ...and a bit closer up, after doing some checks to make sure everything's as they expect it to be. Doesn't sell the scale as much as I'd like it to, should have pulled the camera farther back, but it's good enough.
  6. I don't have any pictures of this event, and I really should have. All I've got is the launch vehicle that initially put my first Eve ascent vehicle into orbit, and a picture from the VAB of that vehicle. It circularized with that nuclear stage, then had to be refuelled by multiple tankers before doing its ejection burn. I had made two decisions about this thing that are terrible for a well-formulated mission, but turned out to save two Kerbals from my incompetence. 1). The vehicle would take two Kerbals from Eve sea level to Low Eve Orbit. 2). I would land it fully fuelled.
  7. Oh boy, that is wonderful! Even if everything does sound like dumpsters, it's still adding so much to the experience. Will there be an ability to modify the sounds with atmosphere depth, essentially replacing what Audio Muffler did back in the day, or is that outside the scope of this rewrite?
  8. That one was particularly pretty to watch.
  9. Well, at least we got one launch tonight.
  10. Yay, a rocket launched! Specifically, NG-14. Broke the streak of scrubs over the last couple of days.
  11. We know that there wasn’t much thought put into the original layout of the world* because it was literally just a horizontal flip of the example planet from that program. *With all due respect to HarvesteR of course - there were more important things to focus on at the time.
  12. I know it’s off-topic, but I’ve been using a continued version of ShipEffects on 1.10.1. Should I be worried?
  13. That does look incredible. This could end up being as essential as Scatterer! Which is why the license choice is a bit unsettling, of course, but I do appreciate having an explanation for your choice. I do get the feeling neither my CPU and GPU will appreciate it, though, despite it running fine for the trailer. I’ll enjoy trying it out!
  14. Isn't EVE 1.11.1 blackrack's performance-enhanced build?
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