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  1. Phantom Space (yeah, the “Orion LAS photoshop” guys) were also using Ursa Major engines. They don’t seem to be hurting for customers, though we’ll have to see if any of those customers survive the coming years...
  2. Also, you may want to turn on the ingame config editor to play around with the template offsets, then copy those to the actual engine configuration.
  3. Couldn’t it just have been leftover burning kerosene rather than engine parts? If it started eating parts of the engine at the end of the burn I suspect it would have had a much harder landing. When Raptors do that in flight, the Starship usually doesn't survive, and it was only cause a Raptor melted in a static fire that we saw dripping metal.
  4. "Cheaper" isn't an excuse, it's SpaceX's whole claim to fame. Doing it cheaper allows them to develop (and sell) the rocket without running out of money. If they run out of money while developing the rocket, you don't get to see that rocket fly.
  5. This was for a return from Mars, not sure if that changes anything about the angle you fly it at, but we’ve had an approximate number on that before. “... & hypersonic angle of attack is ~70 degrees” -Elon Musk But then again, seeing as that’s a return from Mars your heatshield is going to need to be significantly better than the Shuttle’s, almost certainly beyond the point where increasing AoA gets you to.
  6. What you're pointing out is the shadow cascades, those hard transitions between hi-res and low-res shadows are normal from what I can tell. I do agree that something seems off with how they behave at larger distances, but I have no clue where it might be originating from.
  7. I only know these guys as "Photoshopped our rocket render over the Orion LAS" but it would be cool if they could be notable for something other than that. Looks like they're the ones Ursa Major is making their kerolox ORSC engines for, so that's neat!
  8. As I understand it, the ship volume setting is just sort of a scale factor on all of the sounds, whereas the limiter in this mod attempts to compress the range of volumes you can get from a rocket, so that one with ten times the engines won’t be ten times as loud.
  9. It say's they're Li-ion batteries here, and I'm not too well versed in battery chemistry, but did Nuke make some assumption that would distinguish the batteries they're talking about from the Li-ion ones they say they are?
  10. Even so, I'd prefer they not lie about their accomplishments. I think going back to the moon is fantastic, but making false claims about the accomplishments makes it seem like NASA thinks what they're actually doing isn't good enough, unintentional though that may be.
  11. We sure do need some legs, Elon. We sure do. Maybe not on the tower though.
  12. As long as we're complaining about stolen firsts, even if the real firsts were unsurvivable: At 37 seconds in, they say Orion will travel over 280,000 miles (ew, miles) from Earth, farther than any human spacecraft has ever flown. I assume that means a spacecraft designed to carry humans inside, but even so, Snoopy's ascent module went to heliocentric orbit! That was NASA's own doing. They could have clarified returning spacecraft, space capsule, survivable journey, but as it stands it's just false from any angle I can see that statement from.
  13. I was quite confused until I remembered we have those heat distortion effects now. I guess you could’ve done what HotRockets did, but ehhh... Did you end up working with HB Stratos on the afterburning engines, and if so, did you end up incorporating that cool TEB ignition flash they tried with the Whiplash, just on ignition instead of 1/3 throttle this time? Or does that partnership not actually exist?
  14. Raptor still has a ways to go, obviously, and I'm not sure if I should, but I feel kinda glad this wasn't some issue with propellant flow again due to the bellyflop. SN8 had its partial ullage collapse, SN10 had its methalox cocktail fizzy with helium, so while obviously a leak in an engine is no good, it's got to be slightly vindicating that the problem wasn't something that resulted from the patches they needed to make the bellyflop work. There probably won't be one silver bullet, based on "getting fixed 6 ways to Sunday." I have no real insight into this, but it sounds like the fix
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