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  1. Latest (not including the water moons and kethane worlds): incomplete python:
  2. Stay tuned: getting ready to unveil the next update with water moons AND kethane worlds
  3. Odd. I will look at this problem this evening. You should be getting moons. Can you share a seed value you have tried?
  4. I'm fairly certain the people making lava lakes for planets can make them damaging to ships. As for whether there can be planets with lava oceans in TBA? Yes. There are two ways: 1.) TBG can be configured to use planets in planet packs as templates for planets that appear around other stars 2.) Procedural planets could be produced automagically. I'd just need to know the physics (and/or conditions) that defines where you'd find such planets.
  5. That really all depends on how many stars, planets, moons, etc you have it make for you. FWIW I do all my dev work on a 2015 macbook pro laptop, and things run fine with ~300 bodies (stars, planets, moons). I'm sure an actual gaming rig would do fine.
  6. That's called the Roche Limit TBG uses relationships like that to place planets. I suspect that either a calculation is going sideways, or there is something graphically off about how some stars are being shown. Aaannd just like that I see the bug. I hard coded something as a unit test and then never pulled it out. I'll put together a test build later today.
  7. Funny you mention the innermost orbit problem--I was just thinking about that. Along those lines, I could use some help tracking down that bug. _I'm_ mainly seeing it in the largest star types (O). IT would be a big help if people could report what the star type is. It'd be even better if they reported the star's mass (you can look it up in the wiki page TBG makes for each galaxy). Images and galaxy seeds always help, too.
  8. I'm just guessing, but I bet nothing would happen unless the player was in orbit around one of those bodies. At that point the overlapping SOIs would cause hilarious bugs. This tells me that I should include some sanity checks to look for overlapping SOIs.
  9. New release is up. I consider it a beta since the procedural water worlds are still new. I'd love some feedback on the water worlds if you find some.
  10. While checking out a galaxy, I found a system that is going to eventually have a really exciting day:
  11. Getting ready to push out the latest TBG version. This one will include the procedural water worlds. Once it's up, I'll put up another survey asking input on what should be worked on next
  12. seanth

    Monolith dimensions?

    Isn't the monolith trapezoid, though? so 1 wide, 4 long for the base 9 tall and for the top 1 wide, ? long
  13. seanth

    Monolith dimensions?

    Aren't the monoliths isosceles trapezoids? Saying they are 1:4:9 doesn't give what the relationship between base length and the top length
  14. seanth

    Monolith dimensions?

    The Monoliths in 2001 have dimensions with ratios of 1:4:9, but KSP monoliths are not strict rectangles. Anyone know the dimensions of KSP monoliths?