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  1. A question about simulating construction of a site: is there a way to show/hide statics on a timer? Like...start out showing the ruins of a destroyed VAB, and then after a certain time the final static appears. Just as a way to make it seem like something is being constructed on a site. Or maybe something with variants where the variants are the static in various stages of construction, timed to appear after x time passed?
  2. Roger. I pulled them off an old backup disc for use
  3. In the original Kerbin Side there were "Coastal Extras"--lighthouses, crates, docks, etc. Are those not included now?
  4. Shot from the hip with bad math. Let's try that again. If LiquidFuel is kerosene (C12H26) and glykerol is glycerol (C3H8O3), then you could link production up with TACLS and use: 2(C12H26) + 6(H2O) +9(O2) --> 8(C3H8O3) Have to check the densities of in game resources to balance the masses, but that seems like a reasonable formula
  5. As I have said previously, I would love to rewrite TBG in python (a language I am more comfortable in). It would allow for a lot more interesting things under the hood, but would make it harder for the casual player to make galaxies, so.... I did put a survey up soliciting direction, though. You'll note there's no choice for moons. That's because once all the procedural planet types are available, I can more easily turn moon generation on. BUUUT, I'm not really a Kopernicus savvy person that revels in figuring out all the knobs to turn to make procedural worlds. I'm much more interested in making sure the code is placing planets & moons into orbits that make sense given KSP physics. So if you feel like you're pretty OK at making procedural planets and want to help out, drop me a message.
  6. Hi. What did I miss? Eh, probably not much, right? Update to 0.4.1 is up! What does 0.4.1 bring? Well: 0.4.0 -Procedural kethane/methane worlds 0.4.1 -Fixed non-printing character in pqsTmp.txt file that cause Kopernicus to hang -Added template file and ability to make procedural maps for PsiCartographer -Reduced galaxy size by a lot (stars should be closer together) -dialed down the max number of stars made automatically -included an option to make a galaxy for use with Psi-Cartographer -Continued compatability with: -ResearchBodies -EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements & StockVisualEnhancements (clouds for procedural water, Eve, and kethane worlds) -Moon generation is still disabled -Keep an eye out for easter eggs on water worlds The big thing there (in my opinion) is the optional use of PsiCartographer. PsiCartographer is a fork if Sigma88's SigmaCartographer which was a fantastic tool for outputting various map types from KSP. What that means is that it could be used to output the maps so that procedurally made planets actually have something to look at when you are in the map screen. The original would always overwrite existing files, but the fork can check and see if a file already exists. Not gonna lie: running both Kopernicus and PsiCartographer can be slow the first time you load up a universe. On my machine, generating 43 stars and 321 planets took a little over 9 minutes for Kopernicus to finish saving cache files for each body, and 12 minutes for PsiCartographer to generate the images for 55 procedurally generated planets. After that first load of a universe, you need to quit and reload KSP in order for the planet textures to work. The good news is on my machine that second load only took 3 minutes (since all the bodies were cached and the textures for terrain all existed) You can choose not to use PsiCartographer, but the procedural worlds will look pretty bland from the map view. Note: the universe that comes with TBG 0.4.1 has been made assuming you're using PsiCartographer.
  7. I recently made a dual prop powered hydrofoil, and am having a hard time getting some aspects of mechjeb working with it. In the past when making boats, I could use mechjeb's utilities to limit Q, which was an effective way to control the throttle (for complicated reasons setting a max speed would not work with hydrofoils). The breaking ground electric motors need an action group to let them be controlled via the throttle, and even though mechjeb correctly changes throttle settings the electric motors don't change their speed. I'm sure this must also be a problem people run into with prop planes. Any suggestions?
  8. Seems like @blspblackdeath hasn't been around lately, but I've been puttering along maintaining this. One of the things I've been working toward is the option to have the older parts show up and part variants. If I don't hear anything from blspblackdeath I'll look into releasing an unofficial update.
  9. v0.3.0.5f is almost 2 years out of date. We're on 0.3.9. Please download the latest release (link is on the first page of this topic) and try that.
  10. I looked closer at the info you uploaded (thanks for doing that, btw. It makes my job easier ) Can you confirm that GameData/To-Boldly-Go/Data_Folder/models/Monolith.mu exists? The logs make it seem like Kopernicus is trying to place a TBG easter egg on Chanddar IV (an Eve-like procedural planet), but the file is missing. FWIW I did a fresh install of TBG from the github release link and couldn't replicate your reported bug. That doesn't mean there's no bug--just means I haven't been able to replicate it
  11. Have you confirmed that it has frozen? Kopernicus only starts making the files for all stars/planets/moons after the KSP loading screens are done. This means you are left looking at a black screen. You can confirm that Kopernicus is busy making planets by looking in GameData/Kopernicus/Cache. If the number of files in there is increasing, KSP has not crashed. Cultivate patience and wait for Kopernicus to finish.
  12. Without more info I can't troubleshoot this. If it's literally saying Kopernicus can't load, that is not a TBG issue, but if it's saying it can't load a certain body, that's different. These are the steps I would take: Make sure you are using the latest version of Kopernicus Make sure you are using Module Manager 4.0.3 Make sure you are using the latest TBG (0.3.9) Remove ALL mods except Module Manager and Kopernicus If KSP loads OK, with just Module Manager and Kopernicus, add in TBG and try and launch If KSP fails to load with just Module Manager, Kopernicus, and TBG as mods, the problem is definitely with the galaxy made by TBG and I need to figure out what is wrong.
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