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  1. First of all, nice Sukhoi's, you even got them to pull pugachev's cobra. How many parts is that damn carrier, because that looks cool and glides smooth in the water. Not enough black smoke
  2. Yea, long title but pretty explanatory. This is a concept folding wing airplane based off of WWII US fighter planes, the Corsair and the Hellcat and this plane is able to fold it's wings vertically so it is able to be stored compact. This is a prototype and concept so the design of the hinge and it's efficiency deploying and folding them individually is sub-par. Also the visual appeal of the hinges are horrible so if anyone can design a hinge and a plane better than this please feel free to show. 128 parts, stock, SPH: https://kerbalx.com/xoknight/Rotary-Wing-Prototype-Folding-Wing-Concept-Plane Actiongroup 1: decouple wings to fold up.
  3. So yea to spice things up a bit i'm going to be presenting this to you in a casual tone. Also because i'm too lazy to be professional. So yea, back from my loooooong hiatus after finishing school, my time has freed up. So here we go first of all craft file, Spaceplane hangar: https://kerbalx.com/xoknight/Arado234A enjoy, or as the swedes say it, enyoy. This plane is my go at replicating the famous WWII German jet reconnaissance bomber which was ahead in technology by years. I'm working on a version that carries landing gear and bombs at this moment so it shouldn't be long before I come out with the V9 version. Don't worry this version the V7, isn't suppose to have gear, just a landing skid. From testing it looks like you can only land on the runway to have fun. I'm kinda hungry right now, ate some lays earlier and they were crap. Anyways action groups. ACTIONGROUPS: 1. Release crew capsule 2. Release dolly 3. Release Rocket packs 4. Raise Flaps 5. Landing Procedure Equipment Procedures: 1. Transfer the kerbal into seat 2. Action Group 1 3. SAS 4. Full throttle and press Space 5. Pull up, once in air press Action group 2 6. Once Rocket packs run out press Action group 3 7. Then press Action group 4 to retract flaps 8. To land, press Action group 5 and land on the runway. Front Back Rocket packs Lifting off, dolly soon to be jettisoned Flight Rocket pack jettison Cockpit Landing Good landing Bad landing (note engine stabilizers keeping ground from striking wing)
  4. Well i'm back from my over-half-year hiatus. Looks like people are getting stuff done. I'll get on updating stuff if I have time. Really busy recently, broke my toe lol.
  5. Air resistance would kick in once you hit the atmosphere at 69km (atmosphere ends at 69km, there's no air above that so jets don't work) and it would also be impossible due to the air intakes not being able to intake enough air due to such thin atmosphere making keeping a stable orbit impossible.
  6. Alrighty, revised it again, hopefully up to par with some of the planes here. I have tested it against the current KOTH. Hopefully it does better in the real combat than in the tests. https://kerbalx.com/xoknight/Yak-41-Super-Camel
  7. It would be pretty fun to watch, Can you run my revised craft? It's not going to be one shotted this time https://kerbalx.com/xoknight/Yak-41-Super-Camel
  8. Speaking of that, does the jammer get turned on when AI is in control? Also does the jammer even work? I can't seem to get a conclusive result. (In an completely unrelated note, what's your guys preference on bagels? I like mine blueberry bagel, lightly toasted with a thin layer of cream cheese)
  9. Looks like STS3 is up, awesome. Hope you guys find a way to fit that monster in a cargo bay and assemble it. (hint: if you leave the assembly the way it is, and if you try and assemble it in space, it may get a bit bright)
  10. Darn! Well back to the drawing board (also the fact that I forgot to set the missile launcher higher was a fault, launch 1 missile and then forced to wait another 3 seconds to launch another one)
  11. Alright, i've been waiting for ASC II. Here we go. (yes I have tested it) (I just "upgraded" my plane, hopefully it stands a better chance next time) https://kerbalx.com/xoknight/Yak-41-Super-Camel
  12. Your signature is WRONG! You aren't the creator of the MMU!

    ...NASA was!

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