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  1. Hi Diazo...

    It would seem that you AFK (Away from Kerbin) :o)

    One of your mods "Automatic Vertical Velocity" could use a recompile. If you have not plans to continue this work yourself, I propose I could take over that task until such time as you decide to return.

    What do you say?

  2. Work went sideways earlier on me today, going to be offline for the next week to 10 days. If someone wants to post their recompiled version I have no problem with it, looking at 2 weeks before I can get the official update out. D.
  3. Version 1.6 -KSP !.3 compatibility update. Github download. Now on Spacedock also. This release gets the mod working with KSP 1.3 only, it is still on the old GUI system and does not yet support localization. As it is on the old GUI, the first time any mod (not just this one) displays a window using the old GUI, KSP will stall for 5-10 seconds. It will only do this once per session. This issue will be resolved once I can get this mod onto the new GUI system but I have no timeline for that beyond 'soon'. Also, I only spot tested actions in order to make sure the mod worked, if another mod updating broke something let me know and I'll push a fix out. Happy KSPing all. D.
  4. To go all out and create your own GUI in the unity editor: Use the more limited built-in system similar to the older OnGUI system: I'm planning to make my own GUIs from scratch, the complexity of AGX requires it so I'm going to do it the same for all my mods. D.
  5. KSP 1.3 Compatibiliy: No update required. Current version of this mod (3.2) works find in KSP 1.3 in my tests with no changes required. CKAN is updated and the Github download is here. This mod has also been added to Spacedock. Note that in KSP 1.3 the old GUI system still used by this mod will stall KSP for 5 to 10 seconds the first time any mod draws a window using the old GUI system KSP has to load that functionality into memory. This will no longer be an issue once I update this mod to the new GUI system. Happy KSPing all. D.
  6. While it looks like things work on the recompile, note that I have to rework the mod to use the new ExtendedKeyCode class before I can push the official release so it will still be a day or two before that update. D.
  7. I've run into this also as my mods are still using the old GUI system and as far as I can tell the delay is caused by the fact that the old GUI system is no longer pre-loaded in KSP, rather it is loaded the first time an OnGUI call is made and so stalls for a few seconds while everything loads from disk into memory. I am seeing the same behavior where it happens once per KSP run and behaves normally afterwards. Note that which mod displays first doesn't matter, the first use of OnGUI causes the stall and once the stall is out of the way, all mods are fine. As I intend to update to the new GUI system at some point soon, I've just posted a warning in my release notes that it happens and left it at that. D.
  8. Version 1.32 -KSP 1.3 Compatibility update. Download from Github. Now also added to Spacedock. Still on the old GUI and localization is not implemented yet due to lack of time to work on them due to real life. There is also an issue where because this mod is still using the old GUI system, some computers freeze for several seconds the first time a window using the old GUI is made visible in the game. This should only happen once per game session the first time an old style window (from any mod) is shown on screen by KSP. Moving to the new GUI in the next version (barring any bugfix releases that come first) will resolve this so I am not going to spend any more time on it right now. Localization will also be included when the mod moves to the new GUI, but I can't offer any sort of time-line right now. Happy KSPing all. D.
  9. Version 2.1 appears to be KSP Version 1.3 compatible without requiring an update/recompile. Let me know if you have any issues but I'm leaving it at that for now. Have also now uploaded this mod to Spacedock. D.
  10. @Frank Einstein I'm not sure what is happening there. Every action is assigned to an action group, so when two vessels dock if both vessels have an action assigned to Group 3, both those actions should show in Group 3 after docking. Then after undocking each vessel should have one action in Group 3 again. This is saved on a per-part basis so I'm not sure how one of these actions could overwrite another action as you describe. However, do you mean the extra information this mod adds such as Group Name, Toggle State, Visibility, etc.? In that case it sounds like the system for saving docked sub-vessels is not behaving as expected. If you click the Next SubVessel button (the arrows in the top right corner of the main AGX window that lists selected parts) does that change anything? Also, if there are any errors in the console (Alt-F12), that would be helpful as well. D.
  11. @Kerbital Not in the current version, it still uses the old GUI system that doesn't offer that flexibility. I do not know exactly how the new GUI will work once I get everything moved over to it, but space concerns are certainly something I am thinking about. D.
  12. It comes back to not being sure about the order of operations thing. Way back when (KSP 0.90 days), I ran into this issue myself where the different methods were running out of order, or at least in a different order then I expected. The conclusion I came to at the time was that in the editor they ran OnStart then OnLoad, while in flight they ran OnLoad then OnStart, so I decoupled my methods so that it doesn't matter which one ran first. However, that doesn't make any logical sense but as I still decouple my methods to this day I've never actually tested what the order the methods run in on the current version of KSP. So yes, it is quite easy to get things out of order. Stick Debug.Log lines everywhere so you know exactly what is happening when is the best advice I have for you right now. D.
  13. I would add a Debug.Log line to your OnLoad() method so you can tell when it running first. I've had issues in the past where the order that Start and Load run in does not seem to be set so my guess is that things are working fine, it's just that OnStartFinished() is running before OnLoad() does so at that time the list is in fact empty. D.
  14. @Kerbital Unfortunately the stock action group system is completely blocked in, there is no simpler way to add more action groups then completely replacing the action group management system as I've done in this mod. What you want to do is possible with this mod, it's just not apparent because I didn't include modifier keys in the quick-start in the first post. I don't have any pictures to go with those text instructions at the moment, I'll see about doing that part of the full manual tonight so hopefully things make sense. D.
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