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  1. Eeeeehhhh, 1.0 changed Eve's delta-v requirement from sea level to south of 7,000 m/s. That sucker's got Aerospikes and asparagus staging, I wouldn't judge just yet.
  2. @Arrowstar have you ever seen this particular error before? I've skimmed the web and this thread, but haven't seen anything yet. The procedure entry point [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v84\bin\win64\mlutil.dll. I triple-checked the install directions and everything is matching up, and the file in question (mlutil.dll) does exist, and is in the correct location. Could it have been a fluke with the installation?
  3. Indeed :P. Though I'm not entirely sure it is accurate. Might be able to stick two MK2 bays end to end there. I may attempt it. Also, there isn't that much to SSTOs that can go higher up. This one uses way more LFO than jet fuel, the jets are only to give a boost to the rockets before they take over. In earlier versions you could almost get to orbit on jets alone, but alas, those are gone. (Not really. I've still got 0.25 - 1.0.5 (the pre-patch version) on my computer.) It just takes a little bit of fiddling to get it right! Random fun fact: There was in fact a Sabertooth I. It wasn't so nice, but it worked. Also, the first version of this craft wasn't so pleasing, though it glided much better.
  4. Fjord Aerospace Division presents another craft, this time a Single Stage to Orbit. The Sabertooth II can lift any payload (That isn't some form of super dense unobtanium, they say) that fits in its bay to High Kerbin Orbit. Just how high is undisclosed, but data shows that they have tested payloads to 300,000 meter circular orbits on several occasions. F.A.D. engineers designed the back portion of the craft after the cargo bay to detach in a single piece, so that space agencies around Kerbin could use the craft for any mission imaginable. that is, so long as this "imagination" is limited to the space of an MK2 cargo bay. Infographic: Flight Profile: Launch Once craft has loaded, throttle up to full and press "1". Accelerate to the end of the runway, and just before the end, begin to pitch up. The craft will rise easily. Keep your pitch at approximately 25 degrees until your altitude is around 15 kilometers. If the craft stops accelerating, pitch down slightly until it resumes. Pitch down to 0 degrees and begin accelerating to orbit. When your prograde vector drops to 10 degrees, pitch up to 15 to keep it up. You should be able to reach around 1,200 m/s or more. The craft by default comes with 1,200 units of liquid fuel for the jet mode of the flight. Once you deplete the reserve, or the jets flame out, switch to rockets by pressing 2 and begin the second half of the ascent. Aim to be at around 25,000m - 30,000m or higher by this time. Once rockets are engaged pitch up to 45 degrees. Your speed will decrease at this point. Once your apoapsis reaches 55km, pitch down to 0 degrees and push until your apoapsis is at your target altitude. (This is untested past 300km, but it should in theory be possible to go higher.) Cut the engines and coast, then circularize if you so desire. Reentry For a reentry from LKO, your periapsis should not be under 20km. For any other reentries, do aerobraking passes with your apoapsis around 30km or more until you have established LKO. Activate the airbrakes by clicking the brake button on the altimeter. Both the rudders should flare out to the sides. If they do not, manually deploy them. Embrace the pancake! For as long as you can, point the nose at the normal vector to present the most surface area to the atmosphere. At around 50km the atmosphere should begin to force you down. SAS should be able to keep your nose up. If it cannot, keep it at about 40 degrees from the horizon. If the cockpit begins to heat up to dangerous levels (Not just show the meter), pitch up. The Sabertooth has many things, but the ability to glide is to be wished for. Much slower than 100 m/s and she falls like a rock. Once the flames of reentry are less deadly (about 1,600 m/s) get rid of the brakes! You need that velocity. If you want to land at the KSC, you will have to be close by the time the flames die down. Keep your velocity above this stall speed, suitably above 200 m/s, until you are ready to land. Deploy the landing gear, get close to the ground, flare up (The flare up angle is a bit large on this craft, you may underestimate it the first time) and once your wheels are on the ground, hit the brakes. Download: Sabertooth II on KerbalX Have fun!
  5. Once I stop getting distracted by Blender this thing is getting released. XD
  6. OpenGL RENDER IS AWESOME! These each took about one minute to complete.
  7. More testing and a minor redesign. The payload area is configurable for multiple missions with ease, as the rear of the craft is completely attached to the bicoupler there. Pop it off and presto-chango! Still need to test a few more ascent profiles, but I seem to have a nice one down.
  8. Sabertooth II SSTO. I've got a few kinks left to work out, and some balancing/testing to do, but it works.
  9. I have textures for Kerbin already downloaded, as well as specular, displacement, and normal maps. They are probably more precise than the sculpt tool. BUT, for a planet like Minmus I think I'd use the sculpt tool like you said.
  10. I'm not yet dead! Made a nifty (not so little) fighter jet today. Thought I'd make a nice render of it. Here it is! DA Link
  11. Huh, looky there, I was summoned. Mad Rocket Scientist, perhaps? (Darn @ thingy is borked for me right now)
  12. No, I am not. If you have any ideas as to another method I'd love to know. I found something the PartResource Class Reference, which might be what I am looking for, though I am not sure. It seems the stock fuel resources have additional data, other than those depicted on this reference.
  13. Shortly, I should be releasing the first update of an overhaul of an old mod I developed last year, which fell into disarray. Though this is not a necessary factor for the first update, it is going to be necessary in the future. I need to, through some means, change how the stock SolidFuel resource behaves flowing through a ship. The base functionality of this mod consists of a series of solid fuel booster segments and various nozzles to create functioning booster setups that are not bound to any one particular size (as they are in stock), like this one, which consists of a central nosecone + 2 fuel segments + nozzle and two radial assemblies with only a single fuel segment each. Modifying the SolidFuel resource flow to STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH half-solves the issue. It allows the booster to fly as one would expect the system to fly. Which is pretty fast. But, fuel lines attached to the outer tanks and run to the inner allow asparagus-style staging. The SolidFuel resouce has a transfer rule of NONE, but that seems only to apply to the right-click menu of a part with SolidFuel. Here is what I see needing to be done. I need to create a new flowMode for the SolidFuel resource to use, which can draw from the stack above it, but not from radial sources. I have coding experience in Python, Java, C, C++, and C#, but I have not found any way to get to the necessary classes/definitions to create this new rule. Help would be appreciated.
  14. It was a long, long time ago. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/66479-docking-from-navball-to-first-station-and-beyond/
  15. Normally, there's an announcement when the development cycle hits Experimentals. After that it's hard to get away from the news, which is shortly everywhere.
  16. Sigh... Welp. It has been resurrected. I guess that means the time has come to continue. Honestly, the fact that I never finished this story been bothering me for a while now. Thanks for the motivation.
  17. Well, don't be Russian it, friend, they'll come in due time.
  18. Does this mean a "new ship"? Or is the intent to come out of the VAB with a Mun-capable ship, by any means? Because I remember doing a Mun launch and return with the stock Kerbal X. I do FIRST Robotics, as you know. I look for loopholes in stuff all. Day. Long. XD If it's the first, I would have specified the loading of any stock craft (Barring misclicks) a disqualification, since one might also take the lifter part of the Kerbal X, for example, subassembly it, and make a new capsule setup for it, which would be a "new ship".
  19. Are you guys serious?! '-' Well now it's me. How about @Endersmens?
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