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  1. I noticed Fuel Cells do not generate electrical charge now. When i remove Kerbalism it works. I'll get you output logs later so you can debug. Just giving you the FYI. edit: I'm an idiot nevermind..kerbalism requires different things for the fuels cells to work. Forever forgive me lol
  2. For anyone whos been waiting until Z-Key gets to this. Here is a recompile for 1.2. Thanks for the hard work to the original creator and z-key for keeping one of my favorite mods going.
  3. it was just a recompile i think or maybe some minor editing since KSPUtils got merged back in. I did a few mods so not sure which were which.
  4. Heh no need for thanks, thank the creator of this mod who put all the work into it. <3
  5. Here is a link to a build of the dll that works in the latest 1564 build.
  6. Until trigger pushes a full update, here is a recompiled version for 1.2. No changes other than a recompile.
  7. I reached out to Ninenium to see if he would have an issue with me helping maintain the mod if he's stepping away from the mod scene. I've created a Pull Request for him to merge in with his version but until then you can d/l the GameData folder which has the new plugin and the NavHud.version updated. Shimmy and I have both tested and it works ok. This was the commit just FYI Also just doing this to help out the community, hopefully I did not break any rules, if I did sorry go ahead and blow this away. edit: Grammar
  8. Wow awesme, thank you for the quick reply and the fix if i can't get used to it. Really great work, thank you.
  9. This is a great mod. I sent you an email with some support too since this is really neat. I'm having a brain fart and maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I got the CBM ports to dock ok since it's only at 90 degrees and you need the flanges to line up. But i'm having issues docking my shuttle to the PMA with a passive apas. My shuttle has an Active Apas and I have the flanges lined up right. I tried coming in with Active apas extended for a soft landing then retracting them to see if i'd dock and nothing. Both objects just site and hover near each other without making a dock. I'm sure it's something stupid I'm overlooking. Any help would be appreciated. Again great mod, this reminds me of the oldschool Fustek pieces in a lot of ways. Which was one of my favorite old school parts packs. Thanks for the effort.
  10. Thanks @Fishbreath i was trying to do the port to and you helped me some of the simple concepts i was tripping over. Now i feel even stupider but i as close. Thank you for the help <3
  11. If you meant OnnerbySO he's a new member of the media-team. The rest of the people i saw 4 were all well known folks.
  12. Dun nun nunununununun...Hype Man!! Hype man! (Spoof of bat man...:P)
  13. Yes Never stopped playing, took a good long time, longer then I would like to admit learn to do things like docking, landing on the mun. Probably a few years but my patience and youtubers have helped keep my passion alive for this game. I remember working at MediaTemple and hearing a co-worker tell me about this game and I've never been the same since. My biggest blocker to enjoyment has always been part lag so 1.1 is going to really really be amazing. And the coolest part is that my sons enjoys the game and is starting to attempt to play it, which will be made easier when a console version comes out.
  14. I'm hit or miss getting in lawn dart. Sometimes if i'm super careful i can get in for landing w/o the shuttle flipping out but then i typically miss the runway. My latest SOP is get over KSC then pop chutes, it's the best i can do to make sure i stop losing orbiters.
  15. heh avalon, at least read me in on your new project so i can help you guys
  16. What do i need to change to get this baby square for 1.0.4? I have the 1.0.2 pack w/o mods and have the latest of the rest. The shuttle seems to burn up on reentry fairly easily and its glide seems off. If there are configs to tweak could someone let me know? It's been a blast to come back to KSO, its not as big as the mk3 100 cargo bay but shes a lot more fun to fly and the low part count is helpful. Along with a much more immersive IVA. thanks!
  17. There is a mod that lets you to detach a child ship and then it will pause the mother ship and let you fly both back. I forget the name of it..scott manley did a video on it.
  18. Agreed as a day 1 player back in the's nice to see this baby make it's way to 1.0 status. On ward and upward.
  19. Nicely done man! It took me a few tries too.
  20. This mod would be cool but when i install it i get lag that is unplayable. I even tried removing remotetech to see if it was better and no dice. Oh well it was nice!
  21. Here is a copy of what you can install to get the altnames into KSP quickly w/o messing around.
  22. Well then..i'll stfu Thanks avalon. - - - Updated - - - Hah it works much better when i use the right parts.