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  1. Irl this happens a lot. Soyuz, Proton, Titan, N1, probably more all do it. When hot-staging you don't need ullage motors to settle the fuel in the tanks. This however is not modeled in ksp without mods, but it might be an aesthetic you want to go for. edit: typo
  2. it's the first vertical ascend that's doing it. Try going vertical for 100m/s and then bank 5 degrees. And then just let it follow prograde. should be 45 degrees around 10km in altitude. If that gives you a too steep of a trajectory try starting your turn earlier (somewhere between 50m/s and 100m/s). And then just finetune it in the following launches. Back of the throttle if you are not at 45 degrees at 10km. This is the same for you: @Fredde104 It is NOT an issue with your mod. I have used it since forever and never had any problems. The first time the issue has popped up on this thread (long time ago) it always was somebody flying it like they used to in the souposphere.
  3. Just want to thank you for everything you have done and have created for ksp! I've been enjoying your mod and the progression of it for a long time. So really thank you. I hope you'll bring your creativity to other places too.
  4. I think Well should design and make what he wants . @Well your rockets look awesome! Great stuff!
  5. Ki-43 Hayabusa perhaps? Canopy and tail look similar.
  6. I was thinking you might be able to use the extending ladders as landing legs. However they don't appear to be very impact resistant.
  7. @Pak I took the liberty to patch a patch (the: "CA_2-5x_scale.cfg"). There was an error in there which caused the patch to not apply to the SRBs. Hope it's useful! Oh and btw, love what you have created here!
  8. Imho people who want backwards compatibility could always use an older version of Tantares.
  9. Thanks! Have been silently using your parts since your first soyuz. Great work!
  10. Is it possible to get these stuffs somewhere? Or they not finished just yet?
  11. extract the contents of "cormorant Aeronology 1.5.1" into gamedata. The game data folder should contain (at least): - Squad - Squadexpansion (if you have the dlc) - Cormorant Aeronology - Modulemanager 3.0.7.dll - Firespitter
  12. Yeah it is. Though I found that it works pretty well as an fly-by-wire system. Might need to turn moderation on or off though during launch. Reentry with the autopilot is amazing, as long as you switch off moderation.
  13. KSP SAS isn't great with asymmetric rockets. There is no real way around this, though something like atmospheric autopilot helps a lot. So it is not your fault. try this mod, as far as I know it still works:
  14. B1 and B2 would probably be the left and right engine respectively. However, then the question would be what is the left or right on a rocket?
  15. Theoretically speaking an aerospike has an infinitely long nozzle. Which would be perfectly optimised for the vacuum of space.
  16. How did I miss this one?!! I've been looking for razorback style cockpits for so long. They look great! Going to install this mod asap.
  17. Uncharted, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect & Elder Scrolls online come to mind. I'm not saying the multiplayer is poorly executed mind you, but regarding active player base and actually being relevant these additions were totally worthless. And in my opinion a waste of resources. I think it just boils down to what KSP; must have, should have, could have or won't have. The question is where multiplayer is and more specifically (to stay ontopic) where activities without timewarp are on that list. And where development currently is (I think the "must have" stage is complete, as the devs have said that ksp is feature complete. And that we are right now in the "should have" stage, seeing as all the visual design elements are getting a makeover and it looks like there is an actual art-direction.) I don't really agree with that, I think most people are not really irrationally hating on changing or adding things. It's just that people feel differently about what is important and having to add mp (for example) would take time away from developing other things. And the devs don't really need to say anything, because for the simple fact that there are loads and loads of suggestions and it would be a day job just to keep track and respond and discuss everything that is talked about. Not saying I wouldn't want to hear from them, but just that it isn't really practical. In my line of work clients/customers who want to be kept in the loop and take a disproportional amount of time to please don't really make my life easier (and most are dumped as soon as the project is finished, lol ).
  18. No, it wouldn't. There are numerous examples (of games) out there where a multiplayer mode is tacked on to a single player game, where it is completely useless and any time spent by the developers on the mp would be better spent on the core game. So far all your arguments about why there should be a multiplayer are better suited for different games. I would suggest you try Garry's mod, you can build stuff, race stuff, shoot stuff, fly stuff, anything really. I think it is pretty clear what the core of KSP is about and what it should be. And all the other things are not part of that, but if you really want something that is outside of its scope you can mod it in.
  19. Great! I was looking for something like this. I don't want to be annoying, but how is this patch coming along? Thanks for the great mod btw. Seeing the shuttle reenter is glorious.
  20. I have this same problem. Although since last update I can't play ksp anymore on my Macbook. Still I'd like to see this adressed and be able to appreciate retina in all its glory