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  1. Thanks boss, I may have to do this soon. Unless I can manage to procrastinate untill "Soon" arrives
  2. All those modders want their work to be annexed by squad? None of them like having creative control over their work and want squad to just co-opt it without permission? Neato.
  3. I gave you guys a lot of crap for working with flying tiger. I'm happy to hear you have bunked up with someone credible, take two does great work. Congrats to all at squad!
  4. quite sturdy, once I autostrutted to grandparent or root part on most of it. Using the heaviest part autostrut is krakenbait when it has so many parts that are equally the heaviest, things tend to shake or explode. But with root/grandparent, things are golden. I looked up how to move .craft saves to creative, and its 8mt with the launch boosters here you are:
  5. 240 parts, 1800 tons, 4 million to launch. I forgot to snap pics on the launch pad, and now I'm too poor to put another one on the pad, but I wanted to show off my largest craft ever after not playing for a long while. I did unfortunately clip parts a little bit for the aethetic bits, and I dislike that. It got to suborbital with its launch boosters, and took only a 20 second burn on the nukes to circularize. Now I need only to dock the Ike lander(with complement of 3 satellites for contracts), and my Duna lander. I've never had such a large launch work out so this was thrilling. Ideally I can manage to reorbit around Kerbin and refuel it after its inaugural mission.
  6. Which mod runs the Kerbal facebook page? they made a 420 joke and I've received infractions for less here lol.
  7. Really? You really can't believe that they would drop the ball here?
  8. Old thread, but still relevant and not outdated. Anything coming down the pipe? I dont like how unrefined using the mk2 to 1.25 adapter with a standard rocket nose looks.
  9. It's been some time since I last used rovers, and I see an update completely changed how wheels work. No longer can one physics warp x4 to make trip to another biome a bit speedier. Doing so results in heinous bouncing and eventual explosions. Does anyone have any idea how to reduce that? Is it a spring or dampener setting? Maybe someone has a reliable design that is immune to that? I didn't mind 15 minute drives, but without warp that is an hour long boring ride into the next biome...
  10. Shame. Thanks for the leg work, Ive been out of the loop for a half year and only recently started checking in.
  11. Was there not talk of "something big" coming for either 1.2.9, or 1.3? Since the DLC is a separate purchase from the update, aren't we still in the dark about some big feature for the base game?
  12. @Veeltch to be fair, I dont think proc craters is too important. I have a base on ike and if an update puts my craft underground and I lose it because the new proc craters changed the terrain, i'd be salty. But yes, the arbitrary jump to 1.0 was not something I was a fan of.
  13. Are we still expecting "something big" tomorrow? or was that not included in prerelease but will be in the full update release?
  14. So I have been playing again recently, and I remembered an old qualm I had with the game that could be fixed. Just a little quality of life thing I would love to see added. It would be particularly lovely when planning precise aerobreaking while still in interplanetary travel. Open to more ideas as well.
  15. Hope you are doing well, been a long time.