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  1. First time trying to use these engine plates, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I have an engine under its shroud and so(ignoring the staging on my screenshot) when I stage the engine plate it should drop the lower fuel tank(and the shroud id think) correct? It isn't. I read staging it made it drop everything on the lower node. It lists a decoupler force percent, so it must decouple somehow without another part... This is what happens after staging, and throttling up. It just explodes the lower bits. Oh by the nine, my issue was the engine, the Mastodon and the engine plate(set to long) have lower nodes at the exact same spot. You can see the textures fighting to be on top of one another. Its grabbing the wrong node. Not sure how to work around that, but the issue was on my end all along, sorry.
  2. Anyone have hard numbers on the new stuff? like show much Mass/Speed/Number of Impactors affect the data output of the Grand Slam Seismometer? I also see on the wiki that better engineers make the power units stronger, and every science experiment says "Please allow trained Scientists to deploy for best results", I'm wondering what levels give what bonuses?
  3. Will this let use multiple claws to grab the same item?
  4. I see a facebook post from KSP's official page talking about work on 1.7.3, and in particular a feature called “Same Vessel Interaction”. Will that allow multiple Claws to grab the same item? Oh, i see the 1.7.3 post, i'll ask there.
  5. This is nice. I haven't played in almost a year but this has me very interested again. Well done mates.
  6. Good luck coding for this. There are WAY too many variables, and what you want is going to be impossible in the framework of KSP.
  7. Wait are we finally getting full workshop support? or only Stock crafts and missions? Man this takes me back. anytime I mentioned steam workshop support on here I got flamed by hardliners, and then Curse happened and our Curse "representatives" have not been on the forum in years at this point. Finally glad to have some inbuilt system.
  8. 8,000 Rep right on the nose :o. I was just randomly cruising the old forums and caught that.

  9. See you later, space cowboy.

    1. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      What the heck happened??!

  10. eh, I still want a second gas planet with rings, I like jool as it is though.
  11. I support the addition of a second gas planet and its accompanying moons to the stock KSP experience.
  12. Thanks boss, I may have to do this soon. Unless I can manage to procrastinate untill "Soon" arrives
  13. All those modders want their work to be annexed by squad? None of them like having creative control over their work and want squad to just co-opt it without permission? Neato.
  14. I gave you guys a lot of crap for working with flying tiger. I'm happy to hear you have bunked up with someone credible, take two does great work. Congrats to all at squad!