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  1. If it's a speed challenge, why not just count max speed for scoring?
  2. As I said, I'm experiencing technical issues so I can't record anything properly. The others are exceptionally busy... We'll get there eventually but for now it's waiting time.
  3. You can also just modify the plane version files from 1.7.x back down to 1.6.1 and tadaaa, compatible most of the time. We're definitely gonna stick with 1.6.x for now, because bda in 1.7 has some issues. Hopefully those will get resolved and then we can talk about moving up.
  4. This issue has been persisting for a few weeks now. I've restarted plenty of times and have even reinstalled it without luck. BoxOfStardust and Dundun92 are currently handling the recordings, but as I said, less people to record, so less videos.
  5. Soooo yeah, I'm not running any battles myself because my game decided to stop wanting to zoom in properly, which is kinda important for the videos. This means we're down to fewer judges and means the battle recordings will be longer between. I've already tried a lot of stuff to resolve it, but no luck so far... Let's hope it just goes away over time!
  6. Engine clipping would go a long way for making realistic craft actually viable... A lot of replicas are very heavy due to the amount of parts they use for styling, without engine clipping those wouldn't even got off the ground in a proper fashion. Ofc it depends on the level of aesthetics which you are pursuing. For example, do you want this or this
  7. next battle: @dundun92 is the creator of both competitors in this battle as the Du-11B-10 faces off against the Du-15-20 battles: analysis:
  8. new battle! @dundun92's Du-15-20 fights its first round against @ZLM-Master's X-Fighter Hunter V2 battles: analysis:
  9. The UT-7 just kinda... Wants to be a submarine sometimes. It already has an increased minimum altitude compared to the first iterations (which y'all never saw). It's usually fine, but sometimes it just rockets off in a straight line to its own death, can't exactly say why, but I'm guessing that minimum altitude needs to be higher still...
  10. In the next battle @dundun92's Du-11B-10 continues its battles up the board, now facing @sturmhauke's Kabuto battles: Results: