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  1. Not afaik. At least not in the spirit that this challenge was. There are plenty of FAR bda challenges, but none of them are a counter part of ASCU here.
  2. And here's your space station back with a brand new module! It's a small habitation and docking module that should allow for easy expansion and craft attachment. I've taken the liberty of adding 2 junior docking ports which allows even smaller craft to now dock to the station as well! and here's some launch pictures Updated save file can be found here:
  3. Wait. If you're getting the save file that the space station is in, then you shouldn't have any of the kessler issues that you have in your current save file... It's a separate thing entirely. No need to move the station afaik. Regardless, I claim save file!
  4. I think you've got a local issue there. I haven't noticed any drag changes recently, all the planes that I built back in the day still function fine right now.
  5. My pc doesn't get along with the camera in ksp anymore, can't properly zoom in or out anymore, not to mention that it's just aging too much to record at a more or less acceptable framerate... And for that zoom issue, idk what causes it, but I've already tried everything to fix it, nothing works...
  6. The problem rn is that the mk1 crew cabin is disproportionately cheap compared to the other ones, giving it a massive advantage. At least, that is a problem to me...
  7. Not a fan of this, once again, all work should be done to lighten to load on the judges, not increase it. If you're gonna work without classes, how are we ever gonna set up a system of range requirements etc? Though I do agree that certain kinds of classes could be a sub-class of another one, and those could then be assigned by the judges depending on the plane's ability.
  8. I'm really not a fan of reorganizing the classes of planes to be honest. I wouldn't say we've ever really had issues with them or felt limited by them in any way, not were they unbalanced. Ofc some changes here and there are never a bad thing. The helicopter part though, I would leave that out entirely, these craft are too different from what the challenge started from. Cargo planes... Idk, it would probably not be too much effort to make a plane with a cargo variant. The thing I worry about most here is that we have an overly large amount of classes to choose from, this complicates judging again since there will also be less planes to compare against and more specific stats to remember. Remember, we should do absolutely anything to make judging easier, not the opposite. Judging killed this iteration of the challenge, we can't let it happen again.
  9. Interesting, I'll surely try that out next! I haven't really carefully considered anything of this craft tbh, it's just a quickly thrown together ball of engines and power! Guess now's the time to add some subtlety
  10. okay well, here we go again... adding a few more engines gives me the Speedster mkIII (I did promise overkill so that's exactly what you're getting) It managed a top speed of 3581.5m/s (if you're taking orbit speed that is, otherwise it's 3399m/s). and the surface speed window as well
  11. Time for my second entry The Speedster mkII Maximum speed achieved: 2929m/s I'm pretty sure this behemoth can do better, but this is a quick first attempt.
  12. Oh lmao, we don't even have to stay under 50km all along... That makes excrements a whole lot easier still... Time to strap some overkill together and go for another run
  13. I've been trying around a bit myself the last few days, does indeed seem that a price increase is unnecessary. You need twice as many cabins compared to now. I dunno about the weight, but with that many cabins you'll definitely have quite a lot of drag (unless you go slinky style ofc, but let's just discard that rn). This change would drastically impact plane sizes and prices ofc, so we might need some time before we can say what prices are average again. I do hope these changes would make other cabin types more interesting, should give us more variation in aircraft design as well.
  14. I'm just wondering, can the altitude of the plane never exceed 50km, or does the speed record have to happen below 50km, after which the plane might glide up to an apoapsis higher than that altitude. Regardless of that question though, here's my first record attempt. Presenting: the Speedster mkI Top speed of this little aircraft was 2214m/s, with an apoapsis of 48km. Pictures in the spoiler below.