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  1. What the "new space sim/game" will probably be: like KSP 1 but with more focus on the spaceplanes!
  2. It's just a game. I mean this in the most sincere way possible, you could turn away from the computer for a bit instead, then maybe game-related drama wouldn't be so upsetting.
  3. You really think KSP 1's success was just HarvesteR.
  4. Well no, the moderators only knows as much as you and me what the game is going through. If the mods figure the game is dead, then plans to rearrange the forums aren't going to be the biggest clue that the game's keeled over.
  5. Okay, well which modpack do you want me to use that gets the game running within this geological epoch and alleviates its memory leakage and allows the game to run competently with very large vessels? Well, except for KSP1. And maybe the fact that the mods inside large modpacks always end up conflicting with each other in terms of vision and code.
  6. I would try to evaluate how good or bad KSP 1 looks, but there's no proper reference frame because it's a big hideous clash of cartoonish and pseudo-realistic styles, and the clouds provided by EVE don't really help.
  7. My guess is that, because I called you out first, they are waiting on you to answer the question before they do. And considering they could use the argument "Well, we've got mods that fix this stuff, so it can be assumed you can add that code to the underlying code", you are really up against it here. If there's a mod that fixes inefficient fuel flow calculations or how bad the game is with high part counts, I'd like to see it already. Did I not already do that?
  8. But Scarecrow said it was to my detriment
  9. You figured it out all on your own, did you now? You deserve a star Any chance of you answering a question or are you going to continue to be unfunny? I didn't realise I was supposed to be playing a comedian for you. Which is why I'm still waiting for people, such as Lisias making claims about how the game can be fixed with some tweaks, to come back with footage of the game not sucking on a technical level.
  10. The burden of evidence is on all the people who came before me saying they could spit-polish the game if given access to the source code. Oh dear.
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