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  1. @EvermoreAlpaca If I would manage the challenge then it would be okay for me if you add more custom difficulty than what you ignore. It's all about fun, anyway! What I would be strict about is to avoid accepting missions which was likely to be cheated, only for the badge... actually I rejected 2 or 3 missions where the dV/TWR were obviously not realistic. It's okay if we cheat on our own sometimes but don't cheat the community! I see @JacobJHC deleted the capsule rule for the interplanetary travel. I'm not a fan of it but he's in charge for the challenge now...
  2. Hi, this is Ziv, originally I created the JOOL-5 back in 2013. 1. Flying separate ships to Jool: the basic challenge idea was to fly one mission to the Jool system and explore all the moons in one go, and go home safely. This means the crew would travel together until Jool SOI. But you can undock all the landers at once when arriving, of course. You don't have to get into orbit for it. Jool's SOI is so huge that you can easily catch all the moons with the landers. I'm just not sure if it is better than using Jool's gravity to slow down everything at once and then go for the moons (Oberth-effect). But it's up to you! What I also wanted to avoid is unlimited support and fuel missions. I wanted to make Jool-5 a very hard and "clean" mission where you can succeed or fail. But soon I included the possibility for one refueling mission, thinking about those who spent a lot of time on their mission and they just lack a little fuel for success... Also, please note that in 2013 the orange tanks and the mainsail were the largest ones, and the rockets exploded above 2-300 parts. So it was way more harder back then. 2. The Kerbin-Jool interplanetary travel have to be in a pod/capsule: this is for making it more life-like. Sitting in a chair in a space suit for months is not good for the health of the Kerbals. And also, this adds to the difficulty. But once in Jool's SOI, you can use seats for landers to the moons. ...and you can do the mission in any way you like. When I managed the challenge I had a "Mixed solutions (they just wanted to go on their way)" category for folks like you.
  3. Wow, since 5 years!! It's awesome, I'm so happy to see my original challange idea is still up and running! Thank you @JacobJHC and @sdj64 for your hard work on keeping it alive! Great job!! ...I started to play with the idea to do the JOOL-5 again! Hmm, what style should I do it? 1. Minimal stock? 2. Lightweight and small? 3. Huge expedition-style? 4. Mining and refueling? 5. Colonizating the moons in the same run? 6. ...or any other idea?!
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm so happy to see that this challenge is still up and running! And congratulations for everyone how have accomplished it! Or at least tried it! Back then when I created the first variant of this challenge then I was not sure if a JOOL-5 mission was possible at all: there was no refueling option at that time, the orange tank was the biggest fuel tank and the mainsail the biggest engine, and the ship shook and exploded if it had more than 4-500 parts. It took me weeks to plan, test and fly my first successful JOOL-5 mission and it was a lot of fun! With the bigger parts, the more stable part physics and especially the stock refueling made it somewhat easier. But it's still a very-very challenging and complex mission, so good luck for everybody who dare to go for it! ...maybe I'll try it again with 1.4 stock (with MechJeb, I have to see at least my deltaV's ). And a big respect to @JacobJHC for keeping it alive! Cheers Mate!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm so happy to see the JOOL-5 still up and running!!
  6. Wow, awesome solutions everywhere, but you maxed out that landing-on-rocket-engines things well! Those landers are pretty compact! Nice grand tour, well done!
  7. I like this idea, I always like to build small. Maybe I'll give it a try! Check out my very old JOOL-5 low mass mission with ion drives: it was able to do an almost grand-tour, landing everywhere except Eve and the whole ship was less than 10 tons: http://imgur.com/a/Oevfg#0
  8. I built a mini space shuttle with science instruments. It's easy to fly and can land back KSC runway. It has a first stage to get into orbit. All the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Ay41c
  9. Hey! I'm happy to see that the JOOL-5 is still up and running! Congratulations sdj64, you are making a great job on running the JOOL-5 Challenge at the highest level! And I took a glance at some of the missions, awesome! Great to see that there are always new ideas!
  10. Hey! I really liked this idea so I built a cool looking mini shuttle! It has a "first stage" part which helps getting to orbit. It has a scientific bay with a communication antenna. Here are all the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Ay41c
  11. Nice Laythe landing, I really like your general "X-wing lander", the Tylo rover solution with the rescue is AWESOME, and nice-looking ion-driven home-going capsule at the end with that stylish aerobrake solution. I didn't check all your fuel consumption in-depth but I think this is an absolutely valid mission for JOOL-5 and you deserve the badge!
  12. Oh come on, on the first picture your pod is full of fuel, and on the bottom there are also a lot of fuel clipping. The nukes could be close but you can move them more out so they don't clip at all. On the third you also have the pods to be full of fuel. I'm sure the fist and last are way too much! In real life you can't push fuel tanks into each other neither.
  13. parzr: Congratulations, you have finished the JOOL-5 Challenge on Jebediah's Level! Wow, that's a real station/outpost going around JOOL and landing on the moons, even with a rover! Outstanding, I really love it! I can imagine that you had some hard time landing on Tylo and Vall with such a big lander and with such a low TWR! Pretty nice mission, thank you for participating, and sorry that reviewing/posting it into the Hall of Fame it took so long! Cheers! ShadowZone: Congratulations, you have finished the JOOL-5 on Jebediah's level! That's an other HUGE ship! I really like that how the "Joolishka" looks similar to the Russian rockets! And that cargo bay is just awesome! Really nice and elegant solution! The lander is a cool design too and I liked how you get the Science lab and the crew back to the surface of Kerbin at the end. And I saw you put a hell of a work into those description and videos so big respect for that! Awesome mission, thank you for participating! You were the last one who achieved the now "historical" JOOL-5 Challenge.
  14. Hi Everybody, at first, I'm very happy to see the JOOL-5 Challenge is in good hands, thanks a lot sdj64 for taking it over! About the mods in my opinion: Pros: more flexibility and diversity in ship designs, more fun to use good or fun mods. Cons: more mods means more better parts again the stock even if they are more or less balanced, so potentially easier to do the challenge. It might be good or bad, it depends on the point of view. When I ran the challenge I was always on the "make it pretty hard so it will be a real serious achievement what only the best can do" side but it was only my preference, but this is only because the harder a challenge the more I'm interested in it. for others this can only make it less fun. But now sdj64 runs this challenge so he decide on these.
  15. I did a Mun and Minmus landing in one mission within the ALCOR capsule, purely with IVA (except when I went on EVA ). I was thinking about doing the JOOL-5, the main problem is some information cannot be seen from the inside like phase angles between the planets, or if the orbital planes matches. And you can't really plan your maneuvers but just to do (try) it... so that would be an awesome achievement to do that all real-life. Also without quicksave, of course!
  16. Awesome! Sure, feel free to edit the Hall of Fame when it will be necessary.
  17. Thanks! Yeah, I would be sad to close it completely! I saw at The Eve Rocks Challenge that it's governing itself now. I see two problem with possible solutions: 1. the mission links won't appear on the first page so it's not so much of a "gold mine" anymore. solution: I'll be around and if you post me a message with the new entries in the format of "name (version, mods, highlights, link)" then I'll be happy to link them to the Hall of Fame, about once a week. 2. cheating might be easier if nobody is strict enough to find/point out it. solution: be strict! Keep the quality high!
  18. Well, when I made this challenge I imagined a mission with everything as it would be in real life. So, very hard but very rewarding in case of success. So a "minor" mistake like this would make a Space Program to start the mission again (if they have enough money)... But otherwise I want it to be fun too, that's the final reason playing KSP anyway. Let's say Kerbals can correct it in an EVA, but don't make it a habit. - - - Updated - - - parzr: your mission looks awesome! Those are really big "landers"! ShadowZone: Wow, I really like that cargo bay solution! - - - Updated - - - ANNOUNCEMENT: THE JOOL-5 CHALLENGE will be closed down soon. With the big changes to 1.0 I've decided to close it soon because unfortunately I don't have enough time to run it... And it would need an overhaul anyway. So if anybody feels like running a new JOOL-5 Challenge then go for it! If it will be a well-run one then I would be happy to hand over the badge too (or make a similar one and this one will go into the "Historic Missions" secion... ) What do you think guys?
  19. Story-wise the Engineers have to make the JOOL-5 mission cheap and the Science Laboratory is expensive and it has a lot of important instruments inside so it's better if you don't leave it behind.
  20. Norcalplanner, HANNIBALLA, parzr, sdj64, Nik333, Red Iron Crown: thank you guys for helping me out, I really appreciate it! Let me know if any of you have made the three review for the Judge badge! - - - Updated - - - It is for Jebediah's Level only where science counts. Hacking is made by editing the save file (funds=XXX are for money and sci=XXX for science points). 1. Wings going across anything is definitely not allowed. 2. Quantum struts are strictly prohibited. Come on, it's already too easy to build huge ships! 3. if Hangar Extension just makes the hangar bigger then it's all right. 4. What does Editor Exstension? If it just makes stock building easier without modifiying the parts then it's all right. - - - Updated - - - Oh, and did you link that mission too?
  21. Hey Dawnstar, pretty cool mission and story but I have to check your fuel consumption throughout your mission to see if you progressed as it is in the pictures. So I mean fuel levels for your main ship, and when and how you refueled from your main ship (if you did), etc... if you just upload all your mission pictures into an imgur album without any additional text will do well. It's good if you have your fuel levels window opened but not necessary - in other missions I already recognized cheating on the small fuel indicators on the left side too! This is important because hyperediting the different ships into different orbits or magically refueling them is easy. But JOOL-5 is a hard challenge and the badge can only be earned if it was done as a real space mission. So if you can't provide those pictures then I can't accept this mission!
  22. purpleivan: Congratulations, you have finished the JOOL-5 Challenge on Level 3! link to the mission is here Your mission has some really notable aspects! At first you put your main ship in an orbit around Jool (between Laythe and Vall). This is so much more easier and cheaper in dV than to go back into a given orbit around a moon! And second you brought the ion-lander to Tylo and left it in orbit as the return vehicle, awesome idea!!! Landing on Tylo needs around 6000 m/s but getting into low-orbit and going out also needs about 2x 1000 m/s (or more?) so bringing the low-mass ion lander is just a number one solution, now I learned something new. This is what makes me motivated to run this challenge, to see awesome solutions and ideas! And good distribution of the landers and Kerbals later on too, very nice mission, thank you for participating!