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  1. I love this idea, Just because you cannot turn them off after launch doesn't mean you cannot apply a little " Pre-tech "
  2. I think they look great, especially if you could mount them on the sides of rover wheels as spinners Why is it in the VAB, the FL-A5 gets no response when right-clicked? No rigid attachment, no auto-strut, no nothing! no problem with the FL-A10 though.
  3. Has the mass been altered on the MK1 or the Octo ? Love the new "looks" !
  4. Love the new MK-1 "meteoritic gardening"?,,, Is that a new band?
  5. So, Val is "On the Mun"? Sounds like great fun. I can do this.
  6. I think I saw a Man-monkey throwing a bone in the air, wearing an army helmet with three stars on it!
  7. I kind of liked it. Had some nice spectacular shots.
  8. Loved it too, except for the music. Sorry Just Jim, nothing personal, but it sounded like some old 80's arcade game.
  9. O M G ! From turnstiles right through to the porta-potties So impressed! Great work, guys. KTPP ( Kerbal Theme Park Program )
  10. Heck yeah, I'd keep gigantors at 4 and add a fuel cell array.
  11. Yeah, never had this problem. Through proper application of auto strut and rigid attachment no rocket should turn into ,,, pasta.
  12. Nascarlaser 1, You gotta be right. This is getting good!
  13. I'll take "Lost in space" (weird probe contract gone wrong) for 300, Jeb.
  14. But yet it's still such a main stay in the game. Maybe somehow combining those traits with the experience levels gained?
  15. Will the Kerbal traits of "Courage and Stupidity" ever come in to game play? Thoughts?
  16. Well at least we know where your failed career game goes. Don't forget to flush
  17. Yeah, I like that. Because "Big fast and pointy" doesn't always work.
  18. Is this getting close to "political"? Thought this was a no-no on the forums.
  19. Welp,,, Only 3rd to reply!?! Everyone must be playin'!
  20. MPDerksen, You are getting the best advice that can be had! IMO
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