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  1. Ah perhaps I should have been more clear, there was no in-game tutorials on how to do it, nothing of any kind really. I have no doubt there was probably some external tutorials about it, but I felt at the time that the game should have probably given some kind of idea about one of it's core mechanics rather than nothing at all. I'm a pretty casual player though and didn't really care enough to look for external sources.
  2. As some-one who's only been to duna twice, the jool system on a flyby lolprobe i didn't expect to get there and that planet closest to the sun but got stuck there, the biggest issue I have is how you (in stock) just have to eyeball if you have a transfer window and that's really only if you've seen a youtube video on how to do it. Without the video and next to no knowledge of how to go interplanetary I guess the only way to maybe get an intercept would be to drag out the poopy maneuver node all year till it gets a hit, and that's far too much time to do that even with time warps. Maybe there is a tutorial for now, but when I played and learned how to do it there was none so I can only judge on what my experiences where like. I could download mods to make it more clear, but I've moved onto other games instead.
  3. LayZboy

    The most Foursome craft of your game!

    Foursome is typically used in "adult content".
  4. LayZboy

    What part of KSP looks good already?

    The current final tier buildings look pretty nice at KSC.
  5. LayZboy

    'Voyager' The Biggest KSP movie EVER

    If we go faster than time warp 10, do we turn into lizards?
  6. LayZboy

    KSP 1.1 Hype train

    What's in 1.1? I've not followed the dev blogs or anything.
  7. I'm only 24 so i'm a whipper snapper compared to some here, but I've never considered age to be a thing that stops you doing things. For example one of the people I play planetside 2 with claims to be an old man, but I don't let that get in way of his abilities to play the game. I still don't believe his is that old though mostly because he is a bit of a liar & I've never met him before IRL. That said if I showed my nan Kerbal space program she probably couldn't even get into the Hangar, so it's all about the person really.
  8. LayZboy


    New look reminds me of Neogaf but bigger and less colored. Wouldn't mind a dark theme for we night owls.
  9. LayZboy

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I built 2 underwater rovers/trucks but found out that when I switched between them they dis-assemble themselves, making the ore tanks stay on the ocean floor & the mk1 inline cabin float to surface. One of the ore tanks fell through the ocean floor and now it's on it's decent to the underworld.
  10. LayZboy

    Confess your KSP sins

    I landed on the moon before I learnt how to orbit. Was pretty dumb really, I used to just launch straight up and guess if the moon would be there, and sometimes it was and only once did I actually land without crashing into it because I was going too fast.
  11. Babylon 5 handles "real space travel" pretty well for a TV show. The space station has a rotating part to give gravity. The engines of their space fighters aren't always on like most shows, and thrust when needed. Wrong trajectories and coming in too steep are actual concerns due to collisions and burning up. I'm only at season 1 though so it could play fast and loose later though.
  12. LayZboy

    How far have you gone in Kerbal Space Program?

    I've been to Duna and back, but haven't landed on it. I did a probe flyby of jool once as well. I went to that crummy planet near the sun but it's stranded a bunch of people there and I can't be bothered to go rescue them yet.
  13. LayZboy

    What type of disk drive do you use for KSP?

    I have an SSD but I keep kerbal on my HDD.
  14. LayZboy

    My save doesn't like men

    My Minmus station is 5 girls and 1 guy.
  15. LayZboy

    Do you consider part clipping cheaty?

    I don't think it's cheating, but it can be really ugly sometimes so I don't bother. I also don't know how you would refuel/transfer tanks inside of tanks.