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  1. Well, after a while of waiting for all my mods to be fixed (at least the critical ones like um scatterer, just finished Outpost Alpha in HKO. Went with my old "pirate" style since its supposed to be a pirate outpost and not owned by any major faction. Attached to the side of a potaytoe-roid, it has plenty of access to fuel (not that pirates have access to refinery technology so they cant actually take advantage of that), and some protection against long range weapons fire (ive yet to create a weapon that can touch a asteroid, everything just instantly explodes on contact). Frigate sized drydock on the side which will be useful for both manufacture and repair/refitting of vessels. Dat sunflare looks amazing though. had to get another flare (as scattere's default one is terribad imo), but it looks super cool (might edit the colors a tad to make it more yellowish/orangeish, but sofar its decent looking even without my own modding of the flare). Another shot of the drydock, showing the habitation/workshop area behind it. Main entrance, used combo of green/blue lights to make it stand out from the rest of the station (and it looks more piraty since there is no flat out color scheme on the facility, but rather a combo of yellows reds greens and blues). And finally the internals, lots of random command seats for the kerbals to sit in and make it look more alive (its not that many extra parts and it really looks cooler to see exposed kerbals rather then sticking em all in the containers.
  2. Well im not too sure id say same craft with half the parts, more like replacement craft with half the parts that serves the same general role... Broadsword class frigate mark4 was the older model, ~350 parts total, pathetic dV, no firepower (2 anti-ship rated weapons which arent really reliable enough to guarantee solid damage with just 2 shots), and horrific engine layout which means i have to constantly transfer fuel around, and adjust the thrust percentage to stop it from flipping around not to mention like 800 dV which limits it to purely reacting to attacks on it instead of seeking out the enemy. That and its armor really isnt that great anymore since i just 1 shotted one of these in a skirmish between it and a Dimension class cruiser (which fired a single G series torpedo and instakilled it with a direct hit to center of mass). And the Broadsword mark5, completely new ship despite sharing the same name (it does technically serve the same role). Better range, and like way better with 3500dV on the special ER model which can go to laythe on internal fuel alone without any aerobraking required even if id still do it to save fuel (base model gets ~2000 or so dV). Better armor layout, less suceptible to 1 shots (albeit it is still possible if i hit it with the G7f or G9 series from a very specific angle, but even then not guaranteed), comparable protection from SRMs which are like the most common weapon used in my universe by any faction/tech level (ibeam+sepatron missiles) as well as complete immunity to weak crap like macey dean style torps (ant+oscar+2 docking port torpedoes). Honestly, the only genuine problems with it is its excessive weight (over 120t on ER model, ~80 for the normal 1), and its lack of ammo capacity (6 anti-ship grade weapons, 4 anti-fighter defensive weapons) not to mention the fact that all its weapons are mounted in the nose of the ship making it possible to disable all its weapons with 1 shot (ive never actually pulled this off in testing but it could be done with good aim and the right ordinance). But yeah, part count went from 350 to like 220 (not quite half, but its noticeably less laggy when nearby other vessels). That and the new one looks a bit prettier (old one was more or less a shell with guns strapped ontop of it, new one looks and feels more like a genuine warship and not some half baked structiral brick with guns starpped onto it). And ofc with scatterer, eve (currently using spectra's pack as my own needs a major overhaul and i just dont have the freetime to spend modding these last few months), and ofc sunflare from another mod (i just really hate the default scatterer sunflare, its not that its that bad, but just doesnt scream sci-fi universe and tries to be way to close to something you might see irl not to mention pure white is meh looking for a sun).
  3. @R-T-B, i will say you did a very good job... Performance is still a hair laggy (not that scatterer+EVE+cloud pack+restock was never unlaggy), but overall it makes the game great again... Performance is flawless when used on a light on parts asteroid catching ship/fuel barge. Not that great with a 550 part cruiser that engages a 400 part frigate (albeit it wont have to anymore as i sorta made a new frigate to replace that one which is like half the parts)... Only question, what the heck is the caustics feature do? Ive turned it on and off and cant see anything really there changing?
  4. Had a teensy bit of freetime, so i made a quick battle to test out the new PAK-1M i finished recently. Opening salvo from the torpedo sorta invalidated the test entirely (no idea how, but apparently the ship i purposely designed to survive that specific series of torpedoes got instantly flattened). Aside from the fact that the ship is completely vaporized, it did make a beautiful cloud of debris The leftover crew did its best to take down the target, but given it was a cruiser and those were lightweight anti-fighter SRMs, it didnt go very well for them... Boom... Yeah, it was sorta a warcrime to shoot at immobile exposed bridge from facehugging range, but it was the only way to stop it from firing. Point blank shot from a PAK-1M mass driver (engine thrust propelled ibeam cannon thing) made short work of the leftovers. Its somewhat weaker then the older SRM-4M series of weapons (long ibeam+4 sepatrons), but its way more accurate, can be fored at any range to good effect, and has configureable firepower which allows the ship to use less then full velocity against weaker things like starfighters or in this case; exposed bridge (for some reason weapons fire is way more reliable at low velocity againt unarmored things, while it needs full power to blow apart structural crap like panels+ibeams+girders). While my preliminary testing has shown it to be useful against armor (and i would have tested it as such had the torpedo not done so much dmg), ill need to put this up against an intact warship to truly determine if it will become a permanent staple in the AKS fleet. Sofar, part savings alone make me heavily weigh in favor of the cannon, but it has still to prove its firepower against armored things (aside from MK-2 armor which is has proven to suck against when fired above like 30% power rating and at such low rating it has a good chance of bouncing rather then taking out said mk-2 armor panels).
  5. Nice, i tried my best back when the DLC came out to make a spider replica, but failed horribly as it was way too complex and laggy and buggy (not to mention had major difficulties moving properly). Still, maybee one day when i get a few days off from work (im way too effin busy IRL, so busy i genuinely WANT to get the coronavirus just so i can have a excuse to take a week off from work without eating my also non-existent vacation time) i might restart that old project to make a copy of this:
  6. because all of my newer capital ships are turning into part count monstrosities, ive restarted an old weapons design in attempt to cut parts (a somewhat standard weapons package alone on a cruiser sized ship is like 200 bloody parts for maybee 20 shots of short range unguided missiles and 2-3 heavier torpedoes). Aside from being insanely vulnurable to fire (pretty much anything that hits the ammo will jam it at least temporarily, hit to engines, fuel, or docking port holding ammo will kill it) and somewhat heavy (need 2 vectors to shoot the thing, 1 in the barrel, 1 behind to counter the recoil), its suprisingly accurate and reliable (not to mention fairly compact ammo storage). Obviously its less precice then the older SRMs (ibeam+4 sepatron), but its 30 parts for 8 shots vs 27 parts for 4 shots with a SRM-4M. Not gonna completely ditch SRMs (they are still superior), but the particle accelerator cannon is more then capable of damage (and notorious for sniping out command pods so it might violate some laws since it has a much higher chance of killing the crew then actually killing the ship ). works by releasing 1 ibeam at a time from the stack (any more then 8 shots long isnt viable, but i can always either carry reloads on the ship and reload it manually or make it a dual stack design with 16 shots feeding from left and right (which is enough for most engagements). And ofc the trick to make this semi consistent is the landing leg which pushed the "ammo" against the guide rail which guarantees it will fly relatively close to wherever this thing is aimed at (and probably the main reason its so notorious at sniping out cockpits (autoaim aims directly at the pod and not center of mass). So yeah, if i can fix the lowish firepower (it is terribad against MK-2 armor and only ok against panels), ill be able to replace the insanely laggy SRMs and get a good amount of reloads for most of my larger vessels (or at least anything capable of carrying such a weapon internally). Likely the only good solution will be to mount 2 of em though, since it seems that to make SRMs deadly i need to fire 2 at a time minimum...
  7. More of a side project (since most of my ship development sorta is dead as i cant seem to make anything superior to the dimension and nebula classes), but ive actually come up with a method to save a stupid amount of parts on my vessels... The new AKS PAK-16M (particle accelerator cannon) actually works albeit its damage and performance sucks horrribly as of this moment (it wont penetrate squat). Im going to make the new WIP AKS Supernova class around this weapon system, but in theory it will allow me to carry the firepower of a nebula's secondary weapons with like half the part count. The total weapon (without the crappy test rig i attached it to) is a measly 60 parts for 16 shots, and weighs pretty much the same as 4 SRM-4Ms (which it is supposed to replace. I always liked the idea of massive primary railgun firing where the ship is pointed (basically like the human ships out of halo series despite it never having a focus on space combat like whatsoever) siupplemented by a handful of guided missiles as secondary weapons, but ive just never been able to make such a concept viable in the game given the physics limitations and how a single part (even if its a long ibeam) seems to do squat for dmg. If i can figure out a solution for the horribly useless damage this does, i think i may very well have myself a part count viable weapon for larger vessels (and something that allows me to actually bring alot of ammunition on a smaller vessel like a corvette or lighter frigate design.
  8. Another revamp/update to one of my older vessels that i made like a few months ago and never really did anything with as it was too small and too cramped to do anything with. Its far from ready (and ill need to redo the entire outer part as its merely a placeholder to give me an idea of what shape/scale i want it to be), but i think this will turn out nicely. Hopefully this variant will have enough internal space to carry at least 1-2 fighters (albeit no way ill be able to make a deathglider in a scale small enough to work with it). As for weapons, im hoping to put probably 3 SRM launchers on it likely integral to the outer hull (black wing part), and maybee 3 more 1.2m torpedoes also in the outer hull (there is really no space in the midsection for anything since i need the fighters to go in there). Should be 100% dead obvious what this is based on...
  9. To be perfectly honest, ive all but given up on the stock revamp effort. It was very promising back when porkjet was in charge of texturing as his style was consistent, fit the feel of the game (it was sorta real life authentic but had that hand painted feel, but also had good balance of details even when you zoomed in without making parts geometry eat 15000 tris), and well was just high quality. Now some of the new revamps are amazing (even give restock a run for its money), but the vast majority are either just about acceptable or plain terrible. I like some of the revamps like the tiny engines (while they are overkill on details, they do look beautiful and id say make restock's ones look like trash), the new lander can (its simple, but it gives us something new at least in its rover version, i like restock's somewhat better, but its far from a flat upgrade imo), mk-1 pod (not quite as crisp as restock's, but its really not far from restock quality and something id have no problems disabling with restock), and hell, even the lv-909 isnt bad despite lacking shiny shaders that the newer engines got (its got a nice glow texture, fits the game, and is different enough from the other engines to make it unique, something that i cannot say about restock with its rather unified everything looks identical style). The new revamps are nice too, mailsail, skipper, srb texture and models are alright imo and teh textures are ok. Parts that got revamps and i really dont like would be the following. 2.5m fuel tanks, aside from a texture bug on the 2nd smallest one that has a mapping issue and shows a black stripe on its orange variant, just plain suck, they are bland, look like plastic, and the textures are actually seamy (look closely at orange variants, you can actually see a break in the normal mapping on em). Next goes to the mk1-3 pod, its got a bleh texture (not 1 scratch), and worst of all they didnt even fit the ONE biggest issue with that damn pod, the top hardpoint being the wrong physical size making it impossible to asthetically mount anything to the top aside from a docking port (main reason i never use that in any of my designs except in the rare case of when i know i want a docking port on the nose to be integral part of the ship design). Dis is bery bery bad. And this has been rediculous from day 1, i dont know why, but someone made the decision when the model got revamped to maintain backwards compatibility and in effect guaranteed that i would never use this part without restock installed as it looks like trash with like anything attached to the top node that isnt a docking port (which is actually too small radius to look right on many things for that matter itself. Also worth mentioning is that alot of the "new" revamps have unoptimized and broken textures. There are missing mipmaps on a handful of them (orange variant of fairing, all the new nose cones, 3.75m fuel tanks, ect), and many of the new revamps (3.75m fuel tank comes to mind and its nose cones) are using .PNG textures!!! I thought the game went away from .PNGs for optimization reasons, and seeing new parts come out using the older style .PNG textures (with no mipmapping for that matter) makes my cringe. And in case anyone else in wondering, the 3.75m tanks, 2.5m new service bays, and probably a few other parts i havent even noticed yet and using outdated .PNG textures (use .dds plz) and have broken mipmaps (not even sure if .PNG supports mipmapping, but if it doesnt you shouldnt be using it as a format especially given most unity games ive played use .dds internally as its more efficient). Also another huge annoyance i have with one of the stock parts (which has driven me nuts enough to disable normal maps on that part in particular) is the fairing normal map bug where the direction of the normal map seems to randomly flip itself depending on how you orient the ship. Essentially when you flip a ship around the parts of the normal map that are supposed to stick out (as in the effect makes the feature appear to be convex) then changes and becomes concave or sticks in like a valley. This is show in the screenshots below, i made a very dead basic ship (just a pod with a fairing atop it). This bug just drives me nuts, and used to be present also on the 2.5m tanks (that appear to have been fixed lateron). Basically in this screenshot the arrows point to features that are clearly either sticking out or sticking in (based on the sun's lighting). A feature that sticks out (such as the long seam going lengthwise down the fairing (labels 1 and 2 which point to the same thing just diufferent spot on model it continues) would be expected to both either stick out (like the yellow arrows), or stick in (cyan), but of all things they should not be altering themselves from one going in and one going out (breaks any sort of immersion to see this in game). Theres 1 more blatant example of what i mean... Anyways, while it isnt quite a "revamped" part, it is new enough, and i might as well show what i mean by broken mipmaps since im discussing the fairing issues: Note how the part looks pixelated texture wise near the seams (due to lacking mipmaps which make teh game render the full res texture always and not switch to a smaller lew high res texture as you move the camera away from it like every other game does as it should since super high res far away becomes overly sharp and pixelated that even antialiasing wont compensate for properly). And thats it with one of the 2 non broken textures, notice that it looks cleaner (you may need to zoom in to see details). Both this and above screenshot have been taken with the same camera i just changed part texture variant). @SQUAD, any chance this will ever be fixed given that its present on this fairing (some textures missing normals, some dont). Specifically, the files missing normals at least for this part (fixed with 2 minutes in any image editor that can save .dds files provided you check the generate mippmaps feature): FairingBaseNormals, fairings_diff_orange, fairings_grey_normals, fairings_orange_normals, fairingsCap. All the rest are ok out of the box. Now this is coming from someone who really doesnt care all that much (ive been using restock since like 1.7ish and havent gone back except to see what a bone stock new release looks like when i get a new update), but im getting the feeling that the whole revamping effort (while a good idea and hugely demanded by many people in the community including myself back b4 i used restock at least) is starting to be backburner focus with little regard given to quality of stuff coming out of it. No offense to the artists (its a new style that not everyone may like) who seem to be trying hard to improve the game slowly as it is patched, but you guys should really focus on quality control and stop releasing broken textures that make some of the old terrible parts from back in 0.90 look better then the new ones from a texture and quality perspective (even if they were terrible 3d models and had styles that didnt fit any uniform theme). The desire to improve is there, but for whatever reason (i suspect the constant push to release updates on the new release every so and so months schedule), quite a few oversights are getting past the QC team and it really makes it feel rushed despite being such a nice game in like every way otherwise...
  10. Since i havent been in the mood for spacecraft these last few days, more ground hardware. My new "tank" (not that id call this thing a actual tank) thats my new replacement for the older puma series of AKS tank destroyers. Aside from the fact that its extremely dangerous to go over 20m/s in this and try to turn or jump hills, its rather stable and doesnt really have any particular problems. Armor is a bit weak (its stupidly tall and there isnt any way to angle armor on this design), but it has been proven to survive its own weapons provided i dont manage to hit the weapon hardpoint (which renders it useless if hit obviously). Suspension is very strong though survival wise (and how i designed it it would be at least useable with BDA weapons if i feel like using that lateron in my campaign save (its pure stock weapons as of this point, but ive also had no major ground battles in it either). Its so bloody small that it actually can drive all the way around inside the VS style ground base i am revamping from its original state way back in like 0.90 or whatever version i 1st made it in. I still need to figure out some sort of door (thanks to BG DLC that actually shouldnt be a problem at all unlike the old days where i was forced to use aircraft control surfaces and airbrakes to make doors out of), but aside from that the core module is done. I do need to add fuel to the bottom component of the base and sadly will likely be forced to clip it to not ruin the looks (and to not block the already non-existant interior space), but its not like i cant clip parts, i just dont like to do so when i dont have to, but looks on this build come 1st honestly (as does part count since i plan to have like 3-4 more modules ontop of the current 2). Not really sure if i like the refinery/production module so i might tear the current one apart and try something else, but it does technically work and im able to land it atop the base (it has engines hidden inside it for landing purposes). Still, the funny part is that i can actually fit the tank into one of those 4 storage spaces beside the refinery core (not that i have any way to actually drag one up to that height yet, and obviously i need to make them have doors or something to open the end caps). But yeah, as unorthodox as my new tank is, it genuinely fits almost anywhere, my smallest dropship can carry 2 of em fully inside it, it fits up to 4 into the recon bunker the thing on the top left of the last image) and i can probably fit 10 of them into my large SSTO dropship (assuming i ever finish it and manage to get it to SSTO like at all with tanks loaded onboard it).
  11. Been pretty busy IRL, so sorry for 0 real updates... Aside from that ground base that ive now finished (will upload it once i fix the final issue, the thing drifting on the ground when assembled), ive also restarted some land vehicle development now that i have a working dropship of some sort for both BCorp and AKS sides. My normal styled land vehicle is fairly wide base (to keep it from flipping), but i had limitations to work with and insisted on being able to cram 2 of said vehicle side by side inside the AKS mobile recon bunker. I can easily fit 2 fully inside, 4 with a minor edit to the dropship and being ok with the things hanging partially outside the main doors. A bit unorthodox for a "tank", but the AKS GPs-49P is extremely stable when driving in a straight line (it will flip if you corner hard above 15m/s, but its not that much worse then the GPz-PS1A which i made last week which is like over twice as wide and slightly lower profile). The landing gear stabilizers are what makes this so unique, its the only reason i managed such a compact vehicle which doesnt have major issues with working. A bit low on ammo, but it does carry a full sized SRM-4M which is more then capable of damaging any stock vehicle with good aim. It has difficulty aiming on kerbin without some minor edits to the geometry of the hardpoint, but it works beautifully with slightly reduced gravity of 0.5g or less. Very easy to aim, just aim it by eye at the target, angly a hair above flat on duna/mun, and aim directly at target level on minmus gravity or less.
  12. More progress with my revamped BCorp styled base on the mun... I made this last time in like 0.25 or something, and it looked a bit different, but this variation isnt insane with part count (that whole base is ~300 parts which is nothing compared to the old one which wasnt even close to this size). The turret even works, albeit it is extremely hard to hit a specific target with it (unguided short range missiles arent very practical when dumb fired with manual elevation/traverse controls). Still, its the 1st time i actually used the dlc robot parts to make a turret which is viable to some extent (previously all my vehicles used fixed weapons or BDA mod). I really like my new habitation module, its half the parts of the old one, fits like 4 times the crew, and is prettier imo with less crappy seams in the design. Landing pad has a robotized claw for fuel transfers to whatever lands there (itll fit anything but a heavy dropship which is like almost as big as this entire base). So yeah, all thats left to do is give this thing some sort of LRM battery (guided missiles are way more viable in stock not to mention way better range potentially able to nail a tank on the other side of the planet) and itll be fully finished. While modular based with assembly required take a bit of time to get right and arent super easy to make, i really like the fact that it feels like a real base and not what i normally do for cities which includes large number of separate modules that each has its own engine onboard and are scattered randomly around to give the appearance of streets and grid layout (and ofc due to legs being bugged since 1.0, the buildings always drift around and move from where i placed em 1st...
  13. Been a bit busy recently, but i managed to make progress with my new ground facility, its not armed yet as im ot 100% sure how i wanna go around doing that (i might actually make the weapon emplacements separate facilities outright), but its gotten expanded enough to actually do something with it. Nothing too fancy, minor edit from the earlier one (less parts and i like the different pod better), but the way i made this base is that in universe it would have its core deorbited and then the modules that attach to it would be manufactured on the ground and built out radially from the ample hardpoints on the bottom of the core. Experimental 1st generation assembly rover thing sucked, i ended up making a better one... And here it is fully assembled as of this moment. The refinery is the really important part, other modules will be added as the need arises. I plan to add a tank factory and a landing pad to complete the design. Ofc i also will need to make BCorp a orbital defense cannon to protect this, but not 100% sure how ill do that as im not sure what style i want to go with for that. I still need to redo a few modules to cut part count (the worst offender is the habitation/command unit which has way too many parts and is notorious for eating the rover when i try and attach it to the thing), but overall its starting to look like actual ground base facility that isnt just a mess of random modules left on the ground.
  14. Here is a somewhat better upload of all me ships: Everything in 1 zip archive, just select folder you want, copy to game, and launch it. All space stuff (capital ships, fighters, ect) come with launch stage and should be in VAB. The ground stuff (CIV prefix as these arent really military facilities) is SPH, doesnt come with launcher, and most of it has the ability to be deorbited on its own on duna or lighter gravity planets. Utility is mostly where i keep all the random crap like shuttles, fuel tankers, stations, ect. Quite a bit of whats in here is really outdated and may or may not work, but i thought i may as well give you the full repository of ships that will at least load into the game, i created, and arent 100% worthless in their roles. Details on the currently good ships are in my previous post where i added all the ships to, so i wont bother double posting or spamming your thread with pics/writeups on how they all work. Also, since i remembered, pretty much all my ships have following action groups: [1] main engines [2]RCS toggle (rcs on my ships does not engage with just the RCS key as i want to be able to disable certain RCS on a ship like the ones attached to fighters/weapons) [3]utility toggle (antennas, solar panels, some ships use this for VTOL engine), [0]weapon RCS systems (a few torps have actual RCS on them for better accuracy which engages with this). Also, any oddballs should have the AGs in their descriptions somewhere. And something new im working on since i sometimes feel like deviating from space warfare: Its the core of BCorp's new revamped modular base system which im remaking from the ground up since i lost the old files and many of those are from KSP version 0.24 and will likely not even work like at all. Its not armed but i will have LRM launcher modules and probably a SRM turret (or just use BDA for weapons) to provide the complex itself with some degree of protection. Its badly needed since BCorp has finally managed to clear AKS from orbit and got their mothership to drag the old-tech refinery module which is compatible with this style of base system to the mun (this will function as the core the refinery attaches to and ill need to make a solar reactor to power it as well as a radiator module as well to make the drills/refinery not cook itself too badly).
  15. @Arco123, do you have the dlcs or not? Just asking as i made a massive overhaul of the Venator class from RT's catalog and its fully finished now and ready to be blown to bits... Engines are authentic and as close to properly scaled as i could and had to use 1.8m parts as the others looked bad (id have to have made the ship like enormous otherwise and go way above any sane part count to get there). Proportions are a tad off, and the angles arent perfect either, but its the best i could do with the limited shapes of the stock parts (and not willing to make it 800 parts). Weapons are obviously not authentic replicas either, but i added just enough to make it a threat itself but not so many that it lags my game to death. Currently armed with 8 SRM-1M, 2 SRM-2L, and 1 general purpose torpedo. And my favorite part, actual working actuated doors that open/close. Had to make them larger then the real venator's upper doors, but at least they will fit most starfighters that dont have huge wings or anything of that sort (and somehow dont fit into the side doors (the top door is the largest of all 4 possible entry points for a fighter). And well, hangar is largeish. Its actually a hair bigger then the Dimension class's hangar, but given the part count of the ship itself i would not reccomend having more then 2 fighters onboard (unless they all get deployed well b4 anything else comes into load range of this monster. I know ur busy, as am i (not to mention sick so i sorta feel like shat these last 3 days), but if you ever want to continue ill be happy to upload this (and i think ill redo my repository so that the ships are just provided in a single zip file or so instead of the current 1 link per craft which is a bit unpractical imo).