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  1. panzer1b

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Actually had a very productive KSp weekend since i wasnt in the mood for any other games and it was so bloody freezing outside i didnt bother going outside ... 1st of all i almost finished the new upcoming version of SciFiVE mod ive really been wanting to make an update for, after which i made a 2nd version of my new mobile bunker, this time with a big enough cargo hold to actully fit the smallest half decent tank ive been able to come up with. Docking that tank into teh hangar was a massive pita, the thing kept randomly exploding cause wheels kept flinging it into the cieling. After 6 tries (and 2 minor redesigns on the klaw hardpoint locations) i managed to actually get it inside the thing completely. Landing went rather good despite this thing not having anywhere near enough reaction wheels nor gimballing engines. That explosion was the booster hitting the ground at like 500m/s (i was lazy and went for a direct collision intercept trajectory). The tank didnt actually explode the instant i released the klaw (which is very suprising given how often that happens with new KSP wheels). Managed to destroy a enemy listening post with the tank, after missing 3 times (its really NOT easy to hit anything with bone stock tank mounted SRMs, but at least its a challenge unlike BDA that everyone's into these days). Then ofc got back in the bunker, managed to attach it back onto a klaw (after having to roll it in and out 3 times), and luckily the takeoff went smoothly and didnt result in anything randomly exploding). Btw, does anyone know what i based this on (hint: cartoon i watched ages ago back before TV went all educational and lame and filled full of unoriginal reruns)? Its not a spot on replica and i dont even remember 100% what the thing looked like exactly as i cant even find a picture of it anywhere on the internet, but the whole bunker that becomes a ship thing (as much as i wanted to i cant quite get half of it to be under ground) and the rough shape i remember fairly well (despite it being like 14-15 years ago that i saw this thing im pretty sure).
  2. so yeah, making very solid progress on the mod thusfar: 1st improvement includes better moho particles, i couldnt make volcanoes, but i did manage to make some firey air like effects which are rather tame but actually make it feel like the planet surface is burning. 2nd improvement involves completely redoing the aura glow effect around almost every planet to make it sorta less artefacty (cat get this 100% fixed due to a few EVE bugs but its way better then b4). In that end, i also made it so that being on the surface you can see glow effects on the horizon and on certain planets when you look straight upwards too (mostly limited the latter to places that have alot of particle fx already present as its sorta like simulated fake atmosphere). 3rd improvement is slight framerate increases on select planets by cutting down particle densities or render area 4th imrpovement is making the "rain" (its not really rain but its sorta trying to get taht effect in) work much better while also cutting down on the lag it causes (made it render only at very short distance to vessels, its so light that you wont really notice that easily at a distance anyways when above clouds). Laythe also got darker as im trying to simiulate something akin to a storm planet and super white clouds just did not fit it right. Looks a bit duller from orbit (cause clouds nolonger stand out as much), but looks while flying in atmo and on ground got better imo. Before After Before After (slightly outdated aura rendering). Theres also quite a few other "minor" edits ive made to various things too numerous to bother listing (half of which are so minor i dont even remember exactly what they are). You guys can expect release likely next weekend, no promises at all ofc, but i think i should be done enough to give you guys a quick update then...
  3. panzer1b

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Well im officially back into KSP since my RAM stick arrived and my new rig (without a roasted GPU inside) works flawlessly (no more page file useage that made the game go from extremely laggy to consistent 30+FPS even with 500 part ships). That and i finally finished a ship ive been working on for quite some time now. Gotta say pol's fog gives makes this thing look way more menacing then it actually is... So, anyone know what this is a replica of (should be pretty dead obvious).
  4. Well im back in action, ram arrived yestreday and i installed it now, working super nicely with no lag, crashing, or page file useage so my performance is extremely solid despite how badly coded KSP is to this day! Although it sorta sucks that my old rig roasted itself, at least i now have a vastly superior machine which can handle more parts loaded, not that im gonna stop making "efficient" designs but at least i can afford to make some purely asthetic addons to my fleets occasionally, doesnt care if i enable extras like rocks, max terrain, reentry fx, and most of all runs SciFiVE+Scatter+DiRT with virtually no loss in frames over stock (99% of my issues are now limited entirely to part counts which isnt really going away given how detailed phsyics simulation is in this game). Give me a few weeks and ill have another slightly improved version available... On a sidenote, i finally managed to make a ship ive been trying to make for years now but could never succeed for some reason. Yeah i had to dial down the scale of this thing (cant get a fighter to actually fit inside it cause the hangar is microscopic), but it came out as one of the more pretty and unique looking ships ive ever made. Should be pretty damn obvious what its based on, even if its not a 100% spot on replica .
  5. Well got myself a new rig, and i should be back to working on dis mod at least somewhat in 2 weeks or so after ram and a new display arrives (comp shipped with 8gb which is NOT enuff ram for anything but bone stock game), and my old display is just dying not to mention has terrible color gamut which makes it hard to do proper texture work. At least framerates are solid (still wont handle 2000 parts but ive been able to do a 1000 part vessel without it being that laggy). Sadly adding any mods makes the game play like garbage cause it starts using a page file on my hdd, which is beyond slow. Made a new lander/ship hybrid thing, anyone know what its based on vaguely (i seriously doubt anyone will ever guess what show its from). yes that is a kerbal stuck to a claw, i sorta forgot to add enuff seats. Why do i suck so badly at making armored vehicles, this one was so damn flippy it rolled over like 12 times in a 5km drive. So yeah, at least i can run ksp though, got sorta bored playing outdated 90s/2000s games which could run on a integrated gpu over the break (although it did give me a really good reason to send 2-6 hours outside every single day). No visual mods until that blasted ram gets here, so i guess ill have to enjoy KSP purely with regards to shipbuilding, as i really cant get myself to do any long term missions without SciFiVE, Scatterer, and Dirt (for the particles, sunflare, and skybox respectively)...
  6. panzer1b

    1.7 Airplane Part Redesigns

    Im all for more variations to spaceplane parts, but i do NOT want to see porkjet's style lost (i can just override the new textures with old ones, but id rather not have to do that). Still, given the state of the game and the sheer amount of atrociously looking parts still in the game , id rather have effort spent on making those look up to par. As of this point we coyuld use revamps of most of the current engines, most structural parts, some command pods (granted the ones that are left are far from terrible looking but could still use a touch up, and especially mk1-3 needs fixed node geometry and a less pathetic texture), the 3.75m fuel tanks (and engines), and a few other things like science parts (would make starship internals look better with prettier dials and meters). That said, if i had a choice, id much rather have the devs create a update purely dedicated to improving performance and bug fixing, its been so long since we could get decent performance out of KSP (imo 0.90 was the best performing version, if you didnt go overboard with part count and try to load 2+ 500 part ships beside each other), and id love to enjoy this game's full potential by not being forced to limit my vessel designs just to cut down every possible part that doesnt serve a purpose (i just love asthetic design, id still not go too crazy, but being able to add 10-20 useless parts per vessel to make it look nicer would be very welcome). Yeah its probably not possible to have high parts (and good physics), but there are plenty of things the devs could do to at least help with this problem. Still, if you want to devote lots of time to revamps, go after the truly bad parts before going after porkjet's stuff because everything that came out of porkjet is either incredibly good looking (or at the least looks much better then everything else in the older game).
  7. Looks really cool and while i havent been entirely onboard with all of the revamps thusfar, i will say it turned out better looking then i expected (only real complaint i still have is the lack of new 3D models on some of the meh parts). Now if only shipping didnt keep delaying when my new rig is going to arrive id actually be able to start messing around with it. Damn you useless gpu that roasted itself
  8. Ok well i have some bad news, my GPU roasted itself, so i wont be able to mod KSP (or play anything but really old games that can run on integrated gfx chip) until i get a new rig (hopefully in a month or so). I was sorta hoping to release something before christmas, but i still havent finished version 1.6 and cant do squat without new rig. So yeah, real sorry but u guys will need to be a bit more patient and hopefully ill manage a update in january or so...
  9. I strongly supported this from day 1 of my time playing the game, but from what ive heard around the years its not quite as easy as it sounds, since apparently adding any sort of right click features to any part is rather complex code wise (probably the reason we still dont have this). But yeah, id love to disable staging on engines, since i have enough VTOLs and craft that have aux engines that id never ever use stage to turn on but rather action group it (or just do it manually via right click in case of emergency use backup engines after the main ones have been shot apart).
  10. panzer1b


    Im honestly just plain happy that something is being done about some of the ugliest and most bleh parts in the game. I may not like everything abotu the revamped parts (specifically not a fan of reusing old geometry), but they are still ages better then old garbage can parts we still have in game and rarely if ever get used due to the combination of ugly looks and niche application in the 1st place. The other things like kerbal helmet removal to help increase immersion are welcome as well, especially since its sorta dumb to have a forced helmet collar. The dV feature i really dont care too much for (never had issues with a calculator and a minute or 2 for simpler ship designs), but its never a bad thing and i will surely take advantage of the ease of use during ship design. So yeah, looking forward to next update, even if i feel it could have been much better in regards to the revamp effort.
  11. I just got my GPU fixed completely so i can actually mess with KSP some, and i can tell you that i am currently doing a few experiments with the mod (and will likely have something released around when 1.6 drops, but no promises ). I have no intention of any major performance increase to the mod since my playstyle in KSP involves high part counts and i cannot run too many effects in KSP without making the al;ready bad framerates even worse, but i am trying to make a few quality improvements to this mod to make it look a bit cleaner (and im sortay focused on fixing laythe and redoing moho from ground up since im still dead set on some kind of rainy/foggy thing on laythe to make it look like something akin to that clone planet in SW and i want to make moho's atmo look more like lava/fire/burning cause its so close to the sun). But yeah, with my very limited free time, it will still be a bit b4 this is released...
  12. panzer1b

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    Never had any luck whatsoever with plates as weapons with the possible exception of adding 1-2 of them on the front of a SRB purely to increase mass and impact tolerance at the tip. They make some sense in a MAC as you can stack crazy amounts of them in a very small space, but then MACs with the exception of some super buggy landing leg designs (which have the issue of obliterating their own vessel half the time they fire and have velocity in excess of 8km/s which make it almost 100% chance of phasing through the thickest ships) suck and are very unreliable not to mention a huge weakspot and easy to knock out with any weapons including pocket ibeams. As for speed, it depend on projectile mass, as speed increases, ive found that the odds of shattering (when a projectile impacts and seemingly goes poof vanishing into mid air) increases exponentially, but this also decreases as the missile gets heavier and more complex. Higher velocity is ALWAYS deadlier, but there is a point where increasing velocity makes phasing and shattering become so likely its just not worth the increased lethality when more of your rounds wont do anything to the target at all. If your weapon is heavier and or complex/physically large, you can afford to increase velocity because that weapon is way less likely to go poof when hitting a target and you may as well give it as much energy as possible if it can withstand the impact and deal damage fairly reliably. Another somewhat unrelated but worth knowing aspect is that the higher amount of clipped parts (more compact missile designs), the more likely shattering can occur. Not saying you cannot compact weapons, but if your ship can afford to have a physically longer/larger missile, it will provide you with more consistency and thats like always good. But in the end, you need to do actual testing on modernized vessels to make a good missile. Armoring has changed so much from the old days that im honestly starting to ditch most of my "conventional" skeletons and replace them with hybrid armor designs that combine mk2 cargo bays with some paneling to create something that can both take hits from every type of weapon out there and not eat part count or weigh so much that it can only play defensively and be unable to make all but the most basic low dV moves. Probably my best example as of this moment is the Nebula-II class i made not that long ago. It has almost 3000dV, carries 2 redesigned G7 torps (which are very lethal despite not weighing that much (3t per round), and is armed with 4 SRM-4s (which alone are more then capable of splitting almost every conventional warship if you spam them at the target COM). Has its flaws and isnt quite 100% efficient as i just had to make it look pretty, but its byfar my strongest and most vesatile warship if you consider its hull is under 150 parts and it weighs 60t which is fairly light for what ive seen on here and other threads where people made space vessels for combat.
  13. panzer1b

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    Ive found that for SRMs (ibeam+sepatrons) and impulse cannons (ibeam+modded decoupler) you want between 150 and 250m/s impact, any less and its very likely to bounce or get wedged in the hull doing squat, any more and it has a very high chance of either phasing completely through a thinner target or as you say, knocking off the armor behind the ship and not doing much to internals or critical aspects of ship. Still, to get any sort of effect out of SRMs you need multiple shots, as the new physics engine (post 1.1) makes impacts alot less consistent then the old single core model and there is always a chance the round will just shatter into nothing when it hits the target going at optimal velocity (i see this ALOT with 1.2m torps, perfectly lined up shot at 200m/s just phases into the target and disintegrated doing negligible damage to target (maybee knocks out a single fuel tank, weapon or something the ship can live without). As for very thick targets, you pretty much need to increase velocity to 300-500m/s if the round is heavy enough to not instantly go poof when it hits the armor (single ibeam is usually too light to engage very thick ships effectively) and the ship is actually thick enough so the round doesnt just phase completely through it 90% of teh time. 1.2m torps (or even some of the more complex 0.6m weapons) really need to be going above 200m/s when hitting anything frigate or larger, they just wont do enough damage to justify their weight and part count unless they hit decently fast. Other then that, it all comes down to target shape, warhead design (every single missile is different), and a bit of luck with regards to optimal velocity. You cant really generalize this all that much, but a general rule to follow at least for starting is ~200m/s for low mass multi-shot weapons like ibeams, and ~300-500 for 1.2m capital ship weapons, with heavier warheads usually going closer to the 500m/s while lighter budget warheads going 300 or maybee even 250m/s.
  14. panzer1b

    KSP Loading... Our New Dev Diary!

    Im gonna be honest and say that im not a fan of the choice to reuse old geometry! The whole point of a visual revamping is to redo the worst looking parts in game and bring them up to modern standards, not copy and paste old parts with a new skin ontop of them. Probably the biggest issue that i see is the ADTP2-3 which needs to have its upper 2.5m side resized (at the bare minimum ofc, but if possible id prefer a 100% new model) as it it not able to seamlessly fit with 2.5m parts (same issue with 1-3 pod which was revamped a while ago and still has terrible geometry that doesnt fit with the game). Texture is ok imo on the new one, but i would love to see the normals toned down a hair as they are completely overboard (just like the normals on the 2.5m fuel tanks and 5m tanks, only tanks that have good normals imo are the new 1.2m black/white texture, perfect amount where its a crisp normal that adds to the look and doesnt stand out crazy much either). As of this point, these are the parts that have broken geometry so that they cannot seamlessly fit with another part of the same diameter: *MK1-3 Command Pod *LFB KR-1x2 "Twin-Boar" *ADPT-2-3 *Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port (1.2m) *Fairings (all sizes, slightly too large for each size, possibly intentional, they do fit ok with no weird gaps, but base is not the same as a fuel tank in diameter). *Service Bay (both sizes) *Heat Shield (shroud specifically, HSs themselves are fine and look fine if you use the 2nd node with a decoupler) Mobile Processing Lab (size is fine, but the end caps have a taper that drops the OD below 2.5m) Next biggest issue, one that i mentioned b4, is the fact that the FL-A10 has that atrocious looking square edge near the bottom from the age of the pre-revamped FLT series of tanks. The old FL-A10 model fit well with those old FLT tanks, but now that the tanks have been fixed, we really need to get rid of that stupid square bump and replace that with either something rounded (akin to the bump features on the new revamped SRBs), or do away with it entirely and turn the part into a more basic cone (which would be a bit boring, but you can always put some detailing on it via texture to break up monotone part geometry if you cant make something that isnt a basic cone shape). This is the sort of idea i have for the part, use a smoothed round edge but still have something there to make it look unique compared to a very very basic cone from 1 diameter to the other. next are the 2 starbase end caps, which i just am not a real fan of in terms of reused models. The 2.5m one has way too many bumps on it (cut that down to at least 1/2 of the original), and the bumps on both are very low poly and dont look good when you zoom in. They worked ok with the old trashy textures since the bumps helped break up the monotony of the otherwise low res and bleh texture, but with a good one you dont need as many and the bumps would be redone into something like wires or rods rather then triangular bumps that dont make any sense. Anyways, thats my 2c regarding the new parts, ill take all of them over the older parts, but its just really sad to see so many shorcuts being made with regards to 3D models. If you need more time to make them right, they by all means just release them when you are truly ready for it and not try to push deadlines. Quality, NOT quantity is imo the better solution, and reusing lousy 3D models is NOT quality...
  15. I hope squad doesnt touch ANY porkjet part, since its basically impossible for them to exceed his quality in terms of art style, texture efficiency, and a look that is in my opinion perfect for KSP: simplistic with nice handpainted like details when you look up close.