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  1. Cool, although what im truly hoping for is for the devs to fix the neverending memory leaking issues this game has had from day 1. Its not too bad if you restart the game often (or use that memoryallocationfix utility), but too many scene changes and the game will eventually eat 10+ gigs of ram and slow to a crawl... Hopefully the next patch actually foxuses on what truly kills the game enjoyment, namely the memory leak and performance bugs...
  2. Lemme think, for starters, as someone else mentiones, docking mode, never used it, never bothered to use it, as im just so used to wsadqe and ikjlnh that docking even the most unwieldy vessel is easy as heck. Honestly, the hardest part about docking for me is the lack of a half decent stock camera (only easy to do so if i have the docking port directly in front of the bridge fully visible ut i dont really use fore mounted docking ports, almost always dorsal/ventral or port/starboard for those things as i guess i think docking something on the nose of a capital ship looks dumb regardless of pr
  3. Upgraded my old AKS Nebula class frigate. Its old, but its still arguably my most efficient warship i ever made when you consider the weight of only 70t and insane armor that doesnt rely on offset tool abuse like the later models (eg Dimension, Origin, ect), so its a bit less "hacky" even if it does have some fuel clipping as i just couldnt get enough fuel inside it without it and still maintaining the looks to be right. Gave it a full size proper bridge as the older series had the MK-1 cockpit which wasnt bad, but it didnt really feel like a true bridge (currently using the rover c
  4. Ive tried, mechs are incredibly hard to make especially if you want them to 1, move at anything more then snails pace, and 2, carry stock weapons. These 2 things become increasingly difficult the taller the robit gets, and in the case of a strider that will be a huge issue... I might give it a try, since i do like the design of the strider, but in all realism, i think hunter would be easier to make as its smaller, lower to the ground, and would not require a boatload of reaction wheels to go anywhere. Things like this are fairly easy to make (after fiddling with the leg anims for a
  5. well, made my final version of it... sorta mid version, moved guns to top, but it just dodnt work well (firing was unreliable and it was notorious for hitting the launched ordinance itself knocking it off course or at worst blowing itself up). so yeah, moved the stock weapons back below it (it doesnt really look bad, id just have preferred it up top), added flippers, and animated everything so it actually flexes as youd expect teh HL2 one to do so. dat glowing nose cannon looks insanely cool imo, as does the missile launcher on top (well it doesnt actually shoot a
  6. When you realize how much potential there is to the robotics parts, spend 2 days to make and tweak a physics defying helicopter, and get a screenshot like this one (with a teensy bit of photoshopping)... This game, despite being so old, never fails to amaze visually (at least with the right mods)...
  7. heres my basic model of the thing, slightly smaller scale then yours and no flippers. I still need to completely redo the rear and the 2 top thrusters which i have some better ideas for, and im so moving the weaponry from the bottom placeholder turret to what will most likely be a top mounted option, but its there, it looks amazing, and it flies a tad better then your variant (ive gotten it up to 47m/s without the missile launcher turret on the bottom, and if i wanna sacrifice speed it will lift 6 tons of payload albeit then it flies like a dead pig stuffed with bricks). T
  8. Added some pics from 1st battle scene, not 100% finished yet, but here they are... full album here: https://imgur.com/a/nFcPhyz
  9. well, i have it working sofar at least the skeleton... Making mine in chibe scale since i just cant justify a gunship being larger then a corvette class warship ...I tend to make everything very small if possible since i play mostly stock and part counts become an issue with cruiser sized ships, not to mention i totally want to make a SSTO variant (even if it means relying on the notrious infinite fuel exploit since im not entirely sure its possible to make something like this SSTO legit)...
  10. Gave it a try, works nicely actually... Now what im trying to do is reverse engineer the thing to figure out how you pulled off the super smooth flexible exterior. If its not some super secret thing whats the purpose of all the random small hinges clipped in around the 2 small engines and the 2 hydraulics? Im making my own "gunship" based on the generic configuration of the combine one, but with a rear engine setup more akin to this thing as i want to make the thing look like a true hybrid between organic/mechanical tech and not just pure organic (with the exception of
  11. Best helicopter ive ever seen on here (and fyi, the HL2 styled gunship is my all time favorite heli like craft in any universe since it looks really weird, and that real mounted rotor that defies physics but looks cool). Ive made quite a few thinsg inspired by the HL2 gunship, but nothing even close to this quality (im not even gonna ask for the part count as it must be terrible)... This was from a while ago (around when BG DLC came out), and i sorta gave up on the concept since i couldnt get anything that flew reasonably (and was to the chibi scale i build with as i dont really m
  12. Well, i cant believe i havent seen dis mod earlier, makes this game actually look like what ud expect on a planetary surface with genuine micro sized features! Paralax mod is epic, makes the surfaces actually uneven and challenging to traverse by vehicles (didnt get any screenies, but i already lost a mech to the new terrain ). Damn its hard to drive on the mun now, guess ill have to seriously redesign my vehicles and actually think about how to navigate this kinda surface. Still not 100% sure if i want to keep the new collisions enabled, but im thinking of keepi
  13. Well, decided to take a short break from the usual stuff i do in KSP (pretty much exclusively exploding capital ships and the like), and actually put together something akin to a jool-5 mission (with a bit of a military twist to it as well i just dont make unarmed ships period :)). I plan to setup a base on either Vall or Laythe (although im thinking Vall is more likely due to no atmo and the base i launched the2re isnt really verty good in atmo exceeding Duna's neglibile drag). Anyways, im very happy with my destiny class mothership. Its a genuinely original design (im pretty sure
  14. @blackrack, do you have any suggestions for using the generator tool to tweak altitudes? im trying to (besides change atmo coloring slightly), get the atmosphere to be around twice the altitude it in in base scatterer. Ive figured out how to mess with colors to a degree (its not quite what i want end result but ive gotten something close), but what i cannot figure out for the life of me is the altitude tweakeage (if its even possible in scatterer at all). this is my xml output: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config> <string name="Planet">Ker
  15. Very simple mod that will allow you to add some variety to the game by adding "dark" theme paint to most of the commonly used porkjet parts like wings, fuselages, bomb bays, ect. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pc9vmo2oq7n4wm/RePaint1.0.zip?dl=0 Dependencies: Im not going to include MM with this mod specifically, those that dont already have it (its pretty much needed for like 75% of all mods in KSP), can get it with this link. Liscense(also in download): For now i only included a "dark" theme, but i may or may not add more colors to ma
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