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  1. well, i have it working sofar at least the skeleton... Making mine in chibe scale since i just cant justify a gunship being larger then a corvette class warship ...I tend to make everything very small if possible since i play mostly stock and part counts become an issue with cruiser sized ships, not to mention i totally want to make a SSTO variant (even if it means relying on the notrious infinite fuel exploit since im not entirely sure its possible to make something like this SSTO legit)...
  2. Gave it a try, works nicely actually... Now what im trying to do is reverse engineer the thing to figure out how you pulled off the super smooth flexible exterior. If its not some super secret thing whats the purpose of all the random small hinges clipped in around the 2 small engines and the 2 hydraulics? Im making my own "gunship" based on the generic configuration of the combine one, but with a rear engine setup more akin to this thing as i want to make the thing look like a true hybrid between organic/mechanical tech and not just pure organic (with the exception of
  3. Best helicopter ive ever seen on here (and fyi, the HL2 styled gunship is my all time favorite heli like craft in any universe since it looks really weird, and that real mounted rotor that defies physics but looks cool). Ive made quite a few thinsg inspired by the HL2 gunship, but nothing even close to this quality (im not even gonna ask for the part count as it must be terrible)... This was from a while ago (around when BG DLC came out), and i sorta gave up on the concept since i couldnt get anything that flew reasonably (and was to the chibi scale i build with as i dont really m
  4. Well, i cant believe i havent seen dis mod earlier, makes this game actually look like what ud expect on a planetary surface with genuine micro sized features! Paralax mod is epic, makes the surfaces actually uneven and challenging to traverse by vehicles (didnt get any screenies, but i already lost a mech to the new terrain ). Damn its hard to drive on the mun now, guess ill have to seriously redesign my vehicles and actually think about how to navigate this kinda surface. Still not 100% sure if i want to keep the new collisions enabled, but im thinking of keepi
  5. Well, decided to take a short break from the usual stuff i do in KSP (pretty much exclusively exploding capital ships and the like), and actually put together something akin to a jool-5 mission (with a bit of a military twist to it as well i just dont make unarmed ships period :)). I plan to setup a base on either Vall or Laythe (although im thinking Vall is more likely due to no atmo and the base i launched the2re isnt really verty good in atmo exceeding Duna's neglibile drag). Anyways, im very happy with my destiny class mothership. Its a genuinely original design (im pretty sure
  6. @blackrack, do you have any suggestions for using the generator tool to tweak altitudes? im trying to (besides change atmo coloring slightly), get the atmosphere to be around twice the altitude it in in base scatterer. Ive figured out how to mess with colors to a degree (its not quite what i want end result but ive gotten something close), but what i cannot figure out for the life of me is the altitude tweakeage (if its even possible in scatterer at all). this is my xml output: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config> <string name="Planet">Ker
  7. Very simple mod that will allow you to add some variety to the game by adding "dark" theme paint to most of the commonly used porkjet parts like wings, fuselages, bomb bays, ect. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pc9vmo2oq7n4wm/RePaint1.0.zip?dl=0 Dependencies: Im not going to include MM with this mod specifically, those that dont already have it (its pretty much needed for like 75% of all mods in KSP), can get it with this link. Liscense(also in download): For now i only included a "dark" theme, but i may or may not add more colors to ma
  8. Well, ive officially made my first ever SSTO dropship that im happy with... Loading tanks err armored cars... A bit too maneuverable (it is actually possible to tear it apart by pitching up max at very high speeds/low altitudes),but hey, i need every bit of that maneuvering since it can barely lift at all when you shove over 20 tons into the bay. Drag free payloads are fun (aero shielding isnt really realistic, but hey, its as close to sci-fi i can get in stock aerodynamics without excessive mods). Reaches Minmus, VTOLs, and can then refuel wit
  9. Made a new dropship, which thusfar actually "appears" to function properly... Its still a bit away from being able to actually drag armor to other planets, but i have acomplished 1000dV after dropping a jumbo32 and a large RCS tank (this is in total more then 20 tons of payload) into a 80km orbit. I think if i stick to smaller vehicles (say sub 10t), i can make minmus with this thing (and well then its just a matter of IRSUing to go farther). Obviously i need to optimize this moster a bit since its still somewhat unwieldy and the wing placement could use some alterations, but it wo
  10. Well, i sorta revamped my earliest successful KSP creation i made ever. I guess i went masochist mode when i got the game, and was obsessed with SSTOing, so instead of like going to the Mun (or even achieving orbit), i decided to make a laythe capable SSTO. Made that around 1.0 initially, and believe it or not, with a few tweaks here and there, it still works in 1.10 despite the aerodynamics changing so many times. Havent tried to SSTO it to laythe yet, but im pretty sure it can be done with aerobraking since i got into LKO with 4600dV leftover in its nuclear engine. This was the
  11. Well, ever since i truly got back into KSP nowadays (hyperthreading can go burn for all i care, makes the game lag unmanageably badly), i have a bit of new vision for this mod, i will still keep the old version around for those that like it, but im 100% dead set on remaking this in the vision of the mod i used to run when i played KSP 0.25 or some ancient version (which was around until the EVE update shortly after 1.0 that killed the old rendering methods), basically found some super old screenies on my HDD and i just have to remake this to that standard! What kerbin looked like fo
  12. Ages ago ofc, but i still remember when i made my first true mission in KSP when i got the game, SSTO to laythe and then back. I had the super ancient visual mod with utterly AMAZING scatter effects that made the backside of planets glow black i dont even remember the name of, a mod that im just sad dissapeared from existence (and the current revamp of it i found somewhere doesnt do the old one any justice, and well it cant since EVE mod itself doesnt support the old rendering methods that made said mod possible). Its not "realistic" at all, but damn dat laythe looked amazing back i
  13. Hard to say, but id say your pick of the following parts that i could easily do without: *wheesley/whiplash jets (for anything that isnt a SSTO its almost exclusively jumo-004 engines since i build in chibi scale almost exclusively to match my capital ship sizes, and SSTOs have no use for them as a rapier works better). *bacc, shrimp, mite (never launch anything that small to justify those, pathetic TWR for missiles, and the BACC is just one of those things thats overkill for weapons, and way too small to bother with for launch stages on anything ever since they released the long 1.2
  14. New WIP military focused stock fanfic im working on (KSP2 has been delayed long enough ill have more then enough time to play KSP1 for the forseeable future), based on what ive been doing in KSP on my main save the last few weeks with some story added to it. https://imgur.com/a/nFcPhyz Just the prologue/opening for now (no battles yet), but i will defenetely do at least 3 more scenes and after that ill see if i feel like continuing, i might make this a long term thing, i may not, only time will tell. In case you want to know whats next, i have a battle between the 2 sides pictu
  15. Well i massively fixed my framerate issues by once and for all killing hyper-threading. Its not like i genuinely need 12 bloody cores for anything, and for whatever reason KSP seems to allocate resources to virtual cores horrendously badly... This launch went extremely smoothly for what is 700 parts... My newest BCorp styled warship, another in the "Warhammer" series (mark 4 to be precise), designed to replace the rather pointless previous models that didnt really do any role well. Hangar bays on a battlecruiser just arent worth bringing, and i took the saved parts to up
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