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  1. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    Usually ~250m/s. Ive found that much higher and the ibeam has a greatly increased chance of shattering instantly doing absolutely nothing regardless of whether its hitting armor or a fuel tank, and much lower wont phase enough to hurt the internals of a heavily armored vessel. That said, against unarmored or very lightly armored craft, i fire those things point blank as to cut the impact velocity to ~100m/s at best, more effective then. I usually fill each sepatron with ~2.4 fuel, and i use 2 for small ibeams while i use 4 for large ibeams, optionally you can use 2 with 4.8 fuel for large ibeams, just need to give it a longer distance so it accelerates. Also, its ugly as sin, has major issues with loosing torps (ill prolly switch it to pure SRMs and no G5s), but ive thusfar been unable to disable or kill the damn thing in a single shot of any weapon up to and including zeke's old 10t supertorp (the one on his squid class destroyer), the one thats sorta known to obliterate almost any ship from any angle in a single hit. I think this armor style is the best thing ever, now if only i can figure a way to stop the damn thing from loosing engines and weapons and ill have the strongest ship on here (every ship ive ever downloaded or tried could be killed by either ~10 ibeams, or a solid dead center hit with a torpedo, this one just refuses to die). Ill upload it if anyones interested next weekend, but im warning you, it looks atrociously ugly...
  2. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    So hows everyone doing? havent been on here in a while as i just havent had much KSP time lately and well, i now have a life, full time job, family, ect. Had a bit of time over the last few weekends for KSP though, and i think ive finally found a solution (after YEARS of messing around with space warships) to the age old worthless armor problem, one that doesnt involve stupidly high mass parts, nor does it require massive part counts to pull off (solong as the ship aint huge). Basically my current armor involves a combination of structural paneling (classic armor), mk2 cargo bays (to both create a variable armor property as certain weapons are good/bad vs mk2 bays and to cut down on parts vs pure paneling), and a ibeam based core structure to tie everything together. Seems to work well, and while its still vulnerable to multiple hits (no armor will withstand 4+ 5t warheads), it seems more then capable of taking a few hits from capital ship torps, ibeams, SRBs, ect before it gives way (and actually its more likely the internals will get shredded b4 the armor fails or the ship is split apart). Maybee if i have some time next weekend ill perfect the armor (and the above ship) into something thats a bit lighter, a bit better armored, and a bit lower on parts all while actually not looking terrible. If your having trouble with weapons perhaps try some of my old and still working concepts. I stick to 3 weapon types for my ships (most of the time), the first of which is the age old SRM or short range missile, what i call the generic ibeam with 2-8 sepatrons depending on how hard you want it to hit. Its really simple, decoupler, ibeam (long for capital ship killing, short for anti-fighter), and 2 or 4 sepatrons generally speaking (2 for the small ibeam, 4 for the large ibeam, 8 for tank mounted ones as you need crazy velocity to counter gravity). These are good for eviscerating unarmored targets and seriously hurting capital ships, but they need to be used en-mass (rarely achieve a kill below 4 shots, some ships require over 10) to ensure a kill against any well made vessels that posses armor plating. The next weapon type is the kinetic drone, which is basically a probe core with a fuel tank, 2 RCS quads clipped inside, a RTG or battery, and a short ibeam on the front so it has good damage potential. These do trash damage against armor (structural anything), but they are unique in that they are so bloody accurate i can snipe out exposed engines consistenty, and when used at low velocity (sub 80m/s), have a very good chance of not being damage in the impact and thus being sorta reuseable. Ofc i can still fire it from 5km and build up enough speed to nail a capital ship at 300m/s, but generally speaking not very good for that purpose but can be used against capitals when out of other ammo. Finally, i use generic 1.2m capital ship torpedoes, most of which are ~3-5t heavy and have moderate to high lethality depending on how good my aim is and how well the target is constructed (and a bit of how lucky i get with whether it phases properly). My current best weapon is the G-5 series torpedo, although im working on the G-7 which should be far more lethal despite being only a tad heavier. Both of these are what i like to call hybrid warheads, consisting of a dual mode shrapnel and armor piercing core. Half of the structural parts are attached to a fuel tank which is easily destroyed on impact, scattering those parts all around the ship's interior to take down fuel and other unarmored bits, and the rest are made into a armor piercing solid shot that does the true heavy damage to a ship. i used to use wheels, but after the forced autostruts in 1.3 i stay away from those since they end up screwing with the ship's protection, and ive started to view autostruts as a exploit that takes the challenge away from making strong warships and weapons (only time i use them is when part counts gets so bad i cant deal with normal struts).
  3. Ditch The Royalty Free Music

    While i do agree the stock KSP music could be improved, i was under the impression that most people who played KSP (and other videogames for that matter) all have their own external playlists which they listen to when doing whatever. That and well, built in game music has the problem that it becomes stale very quickly since its more or less the same track playing constantly, why would i want to listen to that when i pull up my KSP themed playlist containing 200+ different songs, all much more fitting the game then the stock music does (i mostly listen to battle music and the like, given that 90% of what i do in KSP and have always done was make starships, fighters, tanks, ect, and set up fights using either stock weapons or BDA).
  4. Go for it, especially since you defenetely know what ur doing visually as your work with SVE is amazing (really wish i had a comp that could run that and not slow to 2FPS when i load some of my more ambitious starships). If anyone id defenetely trust that youll keep my mod working, keep the original spirit of the mod (sci-fi style and performance), and make it even better in the future too.
  5. Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    You could try using solar panels. This is by no means a very good replica, and its in chibi scale so its way smaller then your TIEs, but if you are having trouble with cockpits solar panels make very good looking windows...
  6. Not entirely gone, just moving on to other things in life, cant stay a college student my entire life now can i . Anyways, good luck with whatever future improvements you wanna make to this, maybee when i go on vacation in a few months (have some plans to go visit my family in europe over the summer and i will have access to computer) ill make a quickie update, but no promises ofc...
  7. Just wanted to say that because im now out of college, have a full time job, and family to take care of i wont be working actively on KSP mods for teh forseable future. Liscense has been altered to allow free use of assets without asking, so anyone who wishes to use parts of the mod or even continue unofficial development is free to do so. Now i may eventually get around to an update or so (i still play KSP ofc, just not as much as i used to back in teh day), but i cant make any promises, and i hope everyone enjoys what ive managed to put together thusfar. Until i return...
  8. So anyways, im working on BDA and what i need to do is 2 fold: First when a specific event occurs (part gets hit by bullet, pretty obvious), i need to check whether a part contains a specific resource type in it at all (resource name is "Armor"). Second, if the resource is present, i need to set a variable to the amount of that resource present in the part (so if there is 30 units of the resource the variable will have a value of 30 after operation), (variable is called "thickness"). Also, i would prefer to do this check in the least resource intensive method possible, since the mod will potentially be doing this check at a very high frequency (try doing penetration checks at over 5000 times a minute for autocannons). I know this is probably really simple to do, but i havent done any coding for KSP for over 2 years, and i sorta forgot how to do all of these seemingly basic things , that and probably the methods for doing it have changed
  9. KSP Weekly: The Alien Discovery

    I do really like the new art for many of the parts, but what really annoys me personally is that squad seems to plain not care about overhauling stuff that is already in the game which desperately needs an art pass. We still have those butt ugly looking pods from day 1 of the game (mk1-2 pod, mk2 lander can are probably the 2 biggest eyesores personally, most of the rest are at least workable even if still meh), many of the old fuel tanks could really use an overhaul, ect, and while i know porkjet is gone, why didnt squad take those few assets that were done and officially include them in stock KSP since that is literally half an hour or work at best as it would make at least those few parts pretty and wouldnt require resorting to hacks to get those things to override the stock parts? Anyways, rant aside, i think the expansion is going well, albeit what im really wondering is if some of the "mission" features will make their way down to regular sandbox games. Especially the ability to launch from other planets, that would be super nice since i wouldnt have to use that mess that is kerbinside (laggy, buggy, ect) just to set up a spawnpoint on another planet for vessel launches when i have a huge facility on say minmus or whatever other planet, and feel like launching something from there. Also, "ability to spawn asteroids", im so gonna use that to give a moon a true asteroid field consisting of 1000s of potatoes in low orbit. Should be alot easier then the current method for assembling asteroid fields which requires me to literally hyperedit 100+ into a planet's orbit. Maybee now i can have some actual sci-fi dogfights in space, evading gunfire and evading potato impacts!
  10. Just in case anyone is wondering what my current plans are for scatterer, i plan to have the next release of SciFiVE be slightly adjusted to be fully compatible with scatterer but i will not prepackage scatterer with my mod. Sofar ive managed to get the cloud layers (and the all important "atmosphere" scatter layers that i made using EVE) to look decent with scatterer installed, and while the coloring is a little different depending on whether you elect to use scatterer or not, there is no visual artefacting present as is the case with certain planets right now (the biggest eyesore with V1.3 is prolly laythe, the atmo looks terrible if you install scatterer and dont modify that layer). To fix that issue, i actually lowered the opacity a bit (so its less visible), and lowered the altitude of the EVE atmo layers on certain planets (makes it less screwy looking while still giving the intended effect even without scatterer). Sofar i think i can get it so that 1 version works well with both scatterer and without, but if i cannot get that ideal i will release 2 separate versions for everyone to be happy, whether you want or do not want scatterer. I have no idea about the min requirements, but i have a rather old gaming laptop and i can run SciFiVE, scatterer, BDA, planetshine, distant object, and a few quality of life mods like KAC and such without any real performance concerns. Ofc the exception is when i try to do some really stupid things like launch a rocket with 200 engines on it as the sheer amount of smoke generated by that many engines (and the 500 or so parts the payload is made up of) just make the game drop to 2 FPS or something of that sort. Anyways, id say that for most regular space programs, you should have no trouble running stock SciFiVE, as EVE itself isnt that resource demanding, and the real performance hog is certain features of scatterer (mostly ocean refraction and shadow related things). Im currently running a updated (i need a few more days for testing and development before ill even consider V1.4 ready for release) version alongside scatterer with the vast majority of scatterer fluff disabled, and ive not had much trouble with framerates despite having ~1500 parts loaded at once (decently sized dres station, alot of asteroids clawed to it in a makeshift asteroid field, and 1 capital ship with 3 starfighters escorting it). Yeah it really doesnt like my 2000 part base like whatsoever (even bone stock that base lags like crazy), but aside from truly excessive things, you shouldnt have any issues running this on anything that isnt a potato.
  11. Well pretty simple question, just wondering what i need to do in the persist file in order to get a specific colored glowy asteroid for cinematic purposes. Ive seen enough of them already, and ive looked through persists, but i cannot figure out what parameters determine the color of the effect as well as toggles the effect. The "glowy asteroid" im talking about is seen in bottom right. Specifically i want to give the class-D (which i have atop the station) a red glow effect, and i want to remove the glow effect from the asteroid on bottom right via persist editing. Anyone know how to do this? If this is not possible, is tehre any way to force spawn a specific class of asteroid with teh effect, its not that much work to undock the station and dock to another potato, or just launch a new one.
  12. I got a super quick question. Im trying to integrate scatterer into one of my own mods, and i want to disable all atmospheric rendering (since im using EVE to do this and i personally prefer the way EVE does it and looks) while keeping the oceans and sunflare rendering from scatterer. Ive tried deleting stuff from the planets folder in the mod but all that does is remove everything including oceans. Anyways, im pretty certain there is an "easy" way to do this, just that i cant figure out how to do it , help appreciated... Also if not possible, is there a way to alter the scatterer stock atmo renderer to have better looking colors (i want to have much more saturation and darker blue rather then that sky blue the normal mod has) and also have a much higher thickness to it (its way too thin imo). The colors simply do not fit with my mod whatsoever, so i need to either find a way to disable atmo rendering completely and rely on EVE to do that, or instead find a way to actually make scatterer's atmo renderer not look terrible (well not terrible but it looks way out of place when combined with SciFiVE mod im trying to integrate scatterer into).
  13. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    From my experience not even that. Basically all visual mods that i used on 1.3 work fine with no bugs or crashes in 1.3.1, and while i may be biased, it feels like the game is a little bit less laggy too with large ships. Ill have to check if BDA works too, since thats about the only complicated mod that i use these days (besides occasionally KIS/KAS and the mod that lets me make walking mechs), everything else is super minimalistic quality of life mod, or plain visuals. I love how nice this game looks when u cram all the prettyfying mods into it. This is in 1.3.1 ofc, and that station as well as the corvette nearby is pretty much 1000 parts total...
  14. Ill upload and give u a link tomora as im sleepy and i need to rearrange files so you dont have to sift through an entire mod of mine im working on just to get to teh armor plating. Do you prefer a private PM or public link on thread, either way is fine for me...
  15. Basically parasci takes performance to an extreme, but cuts out alot of stuff that i personally dont see the point of even installing EVE without. This mod has volumetirc particles (actual 3d like clouds made of sprites), and it also does a far better job (im my opinion at least) when it comes to atmospheric glow effects (this mod does it in a similar way to the old mod called better atmospheres which was imo even better looking them this, but had performance issues cause of using 3-4 layers per planet atmosphere). All in all, this mod has more fluff in it, but doesnt quite take the performance hit that SVE normally would, sorta a middle ground between those 2. Basically if you want some sort of clouds, and need to have absolute highest performance, parasci is your best choice. If you have a monster rig (or are willing to deal with sub 10 FPS), SVE is probably the best bet since its far more detailed then SciFiVE (more cloud layers, thicker clouds, designed to be run alongside scatterer, ect). This mod is kinda between those 2 and also has a bit more of a "scifi" feel to it since i didnt go with realistic coloring like those other 2 mods, but actually put in some more bright saturated colors like blue and purple rather then that more whitish coloring that SVE/scatter has. Personally im not a fan of "realism" in KSP since the game revolves around a miniature solar system (tried RSS but didnt really like it much), with green things and such, and i never view it as realistic, but some sort of real life based scifi game, thus i made a cloud mod that fit that idea more. If you like the style, this is pretty much almost as good visually as SVE but performs far better and doesnt require scatterer to look good, but if you prefer 100% realism and need performance i think parasci is a hair better (i havent ran it myself but ive looked at the screenies). Incase anyone is interested, this is what the preliminary version looks like with scatterer enabled. Its laggier then regular SciFiVE, but its actually manageable and the total part count in that screenie is ~1000 or so between the 2 vessels. I wouldnt do a massive space battle with this installed (its bad enough bone stock), but for anything but excessiveness, it actually runs on my lappy just fine. All that needs to get done is redoing of some of the cloud layers and such, since scatterer tends to derp out a bit and make em look funny...