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  1. Looks like they sorta fixed space combat after all these years of stagnation. Its still buggy, but it at least CAN be done when you orbit close to geostationary orbits unlike the last couple of years. Guess i know what ill be doing for the next few weeks in KSP, derping around with BDA... Now to find that old mod that added all the railguns and bring out my old expanse style ships, 100% worthless in stock combat, but they are so nice for BDA and low on parts too... And yeah, the Broadsword while being very good in stock combat, it utterly WORTHLESS against BDA weapons, it melts INSTANTLY from a couple of 20mm guns. The Nebula isnt spectacular, but at least it holds up at longer ranges. The stock metal panels seem to be utterly useless for some reason...
  2. LV-N (NTR) by a long shot, followed by the LV-909. I actually like my capital ships to feel heavy and aside from a handful of interdictors or things that NEED to land, a single nuke of 909 can comfortably push 30-40t with a little bit of phys warp and some patience. That and the NTR is plain and simply so much more efficient that it blows everything else out of the water at least when it comes to capital ships and larger SSTO. They are a bit vulnurable to weapons fire, but all things considered, the ship is either going to get all its fuel tanks evicerated by fireworks, or just explode in a single hit from a heavy torpedo anyways so why would i care if the engines are destroyed slightly easier then a smaller LFO engine (i have vernors on my ships for backup as well). And as for my 3rd most common engine, the 48-7s. Its been nerfed badly from its original form, but it still ha decent ISP and enough TWR for smaller fighters when clustered.
  3. @Starstrider42, do you have any tutorial for configuring this mod? I wanted to create something akin to a very tightly packed group of potatoroids around some planet purely for cinematic purposes, and teleporting roids 1 at a time to any given spot is just painful. If there a way to make a config that would spawn large numbers of these things say near a single point in space with a little bit of locational variation? What im looking for is something sorta like this. I made that station by bolting the roids together using klaws with extremely high offset values (they appear separate but its actually one massive craft). Wondering if this mod can be used to artificially create a persistent cloud of roids somewhere in orbit.
  4. I have a 3yr old msi budget gaming lappy, and it works fine (the GPU isnt great, i think its a 1050), i mostly got it cause it was cheap (at least for a gaming laptop at like 900 bucks), and had a very good CPU for its time (2nd best CPU you could get in any laptop on the market at least at that time, i cared more about the CPU as i can usually live with turning down gfx settings a tad as needed, laggin to death in games like my RTSs with 1000s of smaller units all calculating at the same time what they are shooting at and well KSP with its physics processing isnt my cup of tea). And as for graphics, its not that much processing power to do it. I mean i do take the worst FPS hit to run scatterer+EVE (at least my SciFiVE mod isnt as terrible on the framerate as SVE or other other popular cloud packs, its actually quite well optimized all things considered), and the rest of my mods dont really eat much frames. I mean waterfall seems to make certain engines less laggy (its more optimized aslong as you disable the more intensive distortion and lighting options), the rest arent visual mods. Better time warp, vessel switching, trajectories, persistrotato dont really eat any frames (prolly trajectories is the worst but i dont need it to render and calculate all the time, just when im planning my aerobrakes). That and texture replacer, also doesnt seem to eat any frames solong as you disable the reflections on the helmets the kerbins wear. The skybox is what i really like about tex replacer (fps hit is irrelevant so i even take advantage of the face randomization which makes the kerbins feel a bit less like clones). Restock is also a bit laggier then stock, but with how good the vast majority of restock's parts look, i just cant not use it, although i only installed base restock and not the one with all the extra parts added to it which arent all that useful for the types of ships i like to build, but maybee ill give it a try as it does have some neat small scale parts that stock simply lacks like variants of the oscar-b tank and others. Anyways, the skybox i have right now is from this post One of the nebula ones that i recolored (i like the default blue it comes with, but i kinda wanted something more reddish/orangish for whatever reason so i changed it) and upped the resolution to 4096 since even just a resize and tiny bit of post processing takes away the pixelation for the most part everywhere. I just wish the original creator made it in 4096x4096, as there is still some pixelation i was unable to remove entirely. Still, its not for everyone as this skybox is FAR from realistic, and looks nothing like the night sky around the earth in the dimension i live it, i just for some reason think sticking kerbin deep within a nebula is a cooler spot for it then in the middle of some generic run of the mill galaxy vaguely resembling the milky way. Visually speaking, the only other mod id love to have (but to my knowledge noone has ever made something of the sort) would be something that creates a truly massive epic scale dense asteroid field that would be perfect for flying through, evading the roids, battles, or even making a starbase attached to the potatos. Closest ive ever gotten to such a concept is my attempt at replicating omega station from ME, and i actually used offset tool tricks with some claws to simulate a tight group of roids around the station. Problem is, it takes ages to setup even with teleporting teh roids to the station, and has some major instability issues tht result in the station ripping itself apart on occasion (saving often and loading will mitigate this somewhat but its still super annoying when it happens). in other news, im setting up a massive ground complex on Ike that will span around 20km (the base modules will be spread out for both lag decreasing and to allow for a nice overlapping field of fire for all the missile batteries im installing. Im also redoing my orbital defense cannon (while i was a huge fan of the inital design i made and actually think that looked better then all the modernized versions, it was limited to very short missiles (which do barely any damage under 1.12 physics), and was basically IMPOSSIBLE to reload like ever (it had docking ports but i never succeeded in rearming even a single hardpoint due to being super cramped). Thats what the original looked like(laggy, useless missiles with not even the dV to reach orbit on anything beyond minmus and too light to hurt squat in 1.12 physics). And thats my current WIP iteration, different style (alot smaller) but i actually think i like what i did, simplicty sometimes makes things look good actually (and i still kept the signature energy conduits going from the ground to the side of the weapon like the old one had). I might make a heavier variant with some more stuff on the sides, but sofar i like ti as a sorta of a more mass produced plop down anywhere sort of orbital defense cannon not quite as elaborate as the old one which was more like a small ground facility to go with said weapon system. Well anyways, im prolly gonna be away for a bit now as i have alot of rl work the next few days, but maybee ill get some time lateron. For some reason i just havent been in the mood to pay any other game but KSP when i actually have the time to play games, so i got quite a bit more progress done recently...
  5. SRMs really are trash nowadays, they just dont do any reliable dmg... Retaliation with turreted pulse guns... And finishing it off with the primary forward pulse cannon. Ofc its a bit less one sided when the Nebula encounters my newly built Victory class light cruiser, which is equipped with similar firepower and armor (albeit a good deal heavier since it uses those quad DLC engines). Last stand of the Nebula, tries to return fire before being ripped to shreds by a few lucky shots that obliterate the primary weapon port gun turrets, and the controller that allows it to fire the starboard side leaving it helpless and more rounds keep coming in. the Victory took a beating too but luckily didnt loose its turrets before the Nebula did... And finished my gaming session for the day toying with asthetics of the Nebula, made it black panels with glowy edges...
  6. If you want hard limitations then pick one of quite a few futuristic/near future mods out there that give you engines with ISPs comparable to and exceeding ions in stock (without the TWR issue), some even feature FTL capability and their own interesting mechanics which limit what you can and cant do with em (they can still use power, and to generate power you can have finite antimatter/fusion/nuke. Aside from that, you can just impose your own limits to what is ok and what isnt with regards to kraken tech. Myself, i recently got into them mostly because i wanted to try something new (never really tried kraken drives seriously before) and frankly got fed up with the limitations of stock with regards to making sci-fi themed stuff. I still enjoy the challenge of fuel limits, but many things do become fairly mundane in KSP especially after doing them multiple times, and thats why for quite some time now ive used teleport to destination to transport craft under the condition that ive at least proven once or twice that i can get x ship to x location 100% legit, and that there is some sort of IRSU/fuel tanker where i want to teleport the ships to. I personally think using kraken drives in these situations is no less of a "cheat" then simply teleporting them there which is purely cutting down on the time i need to spend doing multiple refuels using IRSU (stock IRSU in its own way is sorta a "cheat" as IRL there is no such thing as infinite resources (kethane back in the day is a great example of a realistic IRSU concept, it actually limited how much you could get fron a hex shaped grid area on each planet). I also have started messing with them on craft that arent built according to stock aerodynamics (and using ANY of the stock engines would never go beyond 2km), and there are so many concept craft i have sitting around that are simply never gonna work under stock aero. While i do like the 1.0+ aero, it does seriously limit the asthetics of viable craft, and sometimes i want to just build something that flies in KSP that would never work IRL for obvious reasons. That and Ive already had plenty of craft that "hacked" their way to orbit by abusing the aero to hide things inside cargo bays, offset tool to make drag decrease, ect, but many things still arent possible to do despite being really cool (like externally transporting anything on a dropship). At least they still require fuel, but the one above has ISRU and in theory it can land almost anywhere (ive taken it to every place but the surfaces of Tylo, Eve, Jool and Kerbol). Speaking of which, this is prolly the pinnacle of BS i ever made that is a 100% viable SSTO SR-1 Normandy replica from ages ago (it was designed in V1.0). It still makes orbit in 1.12, and its truly a product of a a deranged mind with nothing better to do before i had a job as this ship alone took me a whole week of nothing but KSP. Ofc i have a life now, and i dont have the sort of time or patience to play any game that much, let alone spend all that time on a single ship (which isnt even practical in game cause its too effin laggy at 500 parts). At least its truly an amazing feat (and the closest to a stock working SSTO sci-fi replica i think anyone has ever achieved. Dont get me wrong, people have made some amazing replicas, but i have yet to see a SSTO of this detail/scale that has almost every internal detail down to the friggin med bay that works in stock aero and doesnt need kraken/alt-f12/whatnot, it even has a mako rover replica inside the lower bay that can drive out of the ship and land on RCS just like the one in ME did (it did have some wedging issues i never resolved which could tear the ship apart, but when i tdidnt wedge it was glorious). My next thing i want to do in KSP is make a dropship that can carry this thing (and a few other vehicles smaller then it) 100% externally and it has to be a VTOL/SSTO that works in atmo. This is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to do in stock while actually meeting my asthetic requirements, so i fully intend to make the dropship kraken powered as there is no other method to achieve what i want to achieve even with mods (that arent basically giving me kraken levels of technology). So yeah, it might not be "realistic", but the kraken drives do enable a playstyle that just cant be done stock. I want something akin to this idea (i wont replicate the star wars ones as i got my own ideas for looks, but same concept when it comes to where the tank is and how its dropped off). Not happening with stock aero and without kraken drive tech, at east not for ATMO capability. Still, its a singleplayer sandbox videogame, if you think that IRSU, kraken tech, alt-f12 menu are cheats, then there is nothing stopping you from avoiding them, but if you are like me and are willing to impose plausible limitations on your use of said "cheats" (or even screw around with em just for fun on a non-serious save like i have), then there is no reason why you cant make a k-drive ship and simply say "i wont use it for more then 1 minute per burn" or something like that if you want limits.
  7. Messed around with skybox, finally found 1 i liked and felt more cramped then the usual open galaxy ones the stock game (and the last skybox i had) feature. Its a nice balance between nebula and a little bit of open space, and i edted the color to be red/orange instead of blue/cyan as the skybox i downloaded shipped stock. Darker side of nebula... And ofc the lighter side...
  8. I personally dont like em, as from day 1 i basically explained the lack of surface infrastructure by saying either surface is uninhabitable (nukes, disease, cataclismic event, whatever), that the kerbals simply prefered underground habitation, or that their numbers were so few that pretty much aside from KSC there was no actual life on the planet. That and the mod never actually fixed the apparent lack of something there once you got closer. Very few things break immersion as badly as seeing glowing things in orbit, then flying near them and seeing nothing at all.
  9. Looks cool and flies pretty well (albeit slowly in thick atmo, i wouldnt reccomend it on eve). Now if only it wasnt more parts then most of my massive starships , a bit laggy when brought near any bases or other things but fine on its own at least... Btw, have you ever tried pure 2 directional gear drive? The reason i ask is that your craft is extremely complex and frankly im not even entirely certain how you made the kraken engine work in the 1st place, at least the vertical part, i know what docking port drives are and the few times ive tried them they were too weak, high part count and required way too much real estate to fit on a fighter sized craft (at least at the scale i make fighters at which is literally maximum length of 1.5 mk1 cockpits). I think 2 gears forward and 2 gears up would be more then enuff for the 30 or so tons your craft is, and it would save some insane amount of parts. Then there's this model, its what ive come up with and started outfitting my craft, capable of lifting 90t with but 5 parts, vertical+horizontal capability. Doesnt let me hover quite like yours (although it is possible to tweak it so that the vertical velocity gained is extremely low hence making it a pseudo hover engine, just need to adjust the spacing between the gears and the block they push), normally accelerated vertically by around 3-8m/s depending on config and craft weight (the frigate will NOT play nicely when going above 5m/s as the drive often goes explody for whatever reason when i add too many wheels to it). Also requires 0 robotics parts which have been pretty buggy from day 1 (aside from turrets on ships, anything with a prop on it and mechs/walkers i tend to avoid them especially with how the drifting bug is still a thing that the devs never fixed). So yeah, 2 landing gears per side lifts 90t and gives you forward thrust once it lifts, not to mention accel is quite solid around 1-2Gs depending on how i configure the drive and what mass its pushing. Note sure how many parts your k-drives take up, but i guessing you can easily save over 100 parts with this concept (giving you either less lag or more asthetic options if you so desire). Now if only the ship i built was aerodynamically stable, i cared only about looks and performance (armor, firepower, dV), keeps flipping when i exceed 30m/s every time (having ONLY 6 of the smallest reaction wheels also dont help)...
  10. Flew my SSTO around a bit more on laythe to visit some of the different spots, and came across the exact same spot that Macey Dean landed his colony in what remains to this day the best original KSP combat series ever made on youtube... Dont ask why the hell i took it for a swim, im not even entirely sure what i was thinking there... At least it floats... And somehow made it across that tiny bit of water to Macey island... Got into kraken drives a bit more, they are buggy but the part count these things require is literally 1 of the smallest landing gear per direction you want thrust in. That alone has made me refit a couple of my craft with them. Flies like a dream despite being about the draggiest thing anyone would ever build (there is absolutely no consideration for aerodynamics in the Tri-Fighter-III, its purely armor and some asthetic pieces bolted on). But the new K-Drives actually allow me to both VTOL it to a degree and best of all fly in atmo and not burn all its fuel instantly (none of my starfighters carry enuff fuel to do much more then deploy from a carrier and nail something with fireworks or ibeam+sepatrons before returning to refuel). Added a VTOL drive to my Nebula frigate, although i think im gonna not bother as its just too friggin heavy for it at almost 100t fully fueled (it has over 3K dV without the K-Drive). At least it is possible to land though, and im quite suprised that a meager 2 landing gears can lift such a huge craft even in Vall gravity.
  11. Part count or asthetics (it looks really good in restock modded style, way better then any jury rigged equivalent made from structural fuselages or anything of the sort). But yeah, it shouldnt be that heavy given that for the meager cost of 2 more parts over the 1 i can use 3 structural fuselages ad get 03t worth of hardware. I know KSP1 development is kaput, but the most reasonable thing id do to differenciate that part is give it a crew member slot, drop the weight by at least 50% of not more, and give it small windows on the exposed bits. Ofc in reality, either edit the cofig if you so please (its a singleplayer game, whos gonna care if you alter its weight to be a more reasonable 0.5t or something like dat), dont use it, or use it in situations where you dont actually care about weight like ground hardware or space stations (or in the rare but useful case of ballast or to lower the CG of something (there are applications where minimal mass isnt always better, even if they tend to be super niche).
  12. 1: obtain MRI machine 2: place computer into MRI machine 3: turn on machine 4: all KSP craft are guaranteed to nolonger reside on the HDD (and ur house likely will light on fire for bonus entertainment value) But in all seriousness, craft made in game are stored under (these can be deleted at any time in game): \Kerbal Space Program\saves\gamenamegoeshere\Ships\ stock craft or those you want to not be deleteable in game easily: \Kerbal Space Program\Ships\ Worth noting is that the 2 DLCs have their own respective undeletable stock craft located in these 2 spots(i myself ditched these ages ago as none of them fit my asthetic style and ive learned enuff about the DLC features that i dont need their stock sample craft): \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\SquadExpansion\MakingHistory\Ships\ \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\SquadExpansion\Serenity\Ships\ Note certain mods might add their own craft (only 1 i ever used with dis issue was BDArmory)...
  13. Not quite over 1 day but this week i well... Installed waterfall (and mashed restock waterfall with stock waterfall fx mods together in such a way that every single engine has the new fx as restock's configs miss a few engines like the rapier, jets, ect), and derped around with quite a few things. Made a minor redo to the hl2 gunship inspired chopper to make it look better. Then after being utterly annoyed at how restock mk2 light is flipped 180 degrees spent like an hour messing with the config files to flip it right side around and i got a pleasing result that means all my old stock craft dont have backwards facing lights, and so that new craft i make with restock dont then get reverse facing lighst if i ever decide to disable restock for whatever reason. Made a stealth variant of the Nebula frigate ive had for like ages, albeit i keep updating it with minor tweaks as its sorta my workhorse combat vessel (small enough to not be a lag issue like the larger cruisers, and big enough to more or less evicerate any single target with proper aim). randomly blew something (i dont even remember what it was and the screenies i got were all impossible to tell from) up around minmus with a Dimension cruiser's starboard batteries (turreted fireworks really are amazing especially when you sit inside the observation deck and can aim the guns based on where the tracers are). Made BCorp a new warship, the Victory class (mashed together the front of a bc304, the rear of a venator, and sorta made up something in the middle section). Im quite happy with it as the 4th prototype is rather resilient to every weapon ive thusfar flung at it as the only consistent method to split the ship apart is to get 2 heavy torps into the core, but the 1st one never seems to split it just shred all the sacrificial armor that protects said core. If both hits arent spot on it likely will take more then just 2 torps (and even then they have to be my better torps and not any old ones). The 2nd prototype did this every time i hit with a torpedo from directly from port/starboard, moved 2 girders by the length of a cubic strut and the exploding went away entirely on the 3rd prototype (armor in KSP is finicky like that, the smallest little offset, or1 strut added/removed/placed wrong can make a ship go from worthless to borderline immune to fire, and after all this time its still trial/error since there is no reliable method to tell what is causing the problems. Made a kraken powered tug in an attempt to drag a comet to kerbin without using the alt-f12 menu. Damn those waterfall light glows look amazing... Didnt get any good screenie, but the instant i engaged the K-drive after attached to the comet, the entire ship vaporized itself. The funny thing is, the K-drive worked flawlessly getting the tug to the comet, but something about being clawed onto the thing seems to turn the drive into a makeshift bomb... Guess claws are just bugged (or maybee my attempt at the drive sucks, it is sorta the 1st time i messed around with actual stock K-drives (my previous experience with the things was mostly when something unintentionally created phanto forces and flung craft crazy distances, this week 1st actual legit k-drive that is built to be one, ill need some practice making them to not explode)... Also tested a slightly different low power k-drive on a SSTL (it doesnt need it as this thing has like 6K dV after attaining LKO), but i wanted something that could return home if the drive broke, and wanted to actually try the drive once at laythe just to fly around, used normal fuel to fly there as the craft is so heavy it cant actually land on laythe unless im below 50% fuel capacity (even then its a pain to land it as barely any lift or thrust, 1 rapier pushing close to 40t on the runway)... Again, waterfall's minor little things like the glowy lights makes a huge difference in prettiness. Finally, messed around a little bit with the sunflare, wanted to get away from the stock one that scatterer has after i updated since the stock one just doesnt look scifiy enuff for my taste (its not bad per say, but it just doesnt feel right to me for a videogame as its too realistic...
  14. Been experimenting with creating holographic displays for my larger warships that have custom interiors. Still a very much WIP, but i do like the concept sofar. Now if only flags werent so buggy, it appears that they dont have shadows rendered on them AT ALL, and they have some issues with occlusion since i can see the planet in front of the leftmost display despite the planet display being in the center of the ship and not near the captain's seat as it looks like it is in the 1st screenshot. I might just go with less of the displays (or space them out moreso) as they look fine when not placed smack dab in the center of the ship (i wanted a massive display over the table in the center just above the conference/feeding table). Maybee even just ditch the center display, move it near the captain, and then move the ship status display near the reactor status display. That and i need to redo the interior lighting, the side displays are not lit one bit by the 2 large lights on the front/rear of the ship, and while i like the bluish color scheme, it doesnt particularly fit the interior of the bridge all that great. Maybee ill just redo the lighting entirely as its cheap (just 2 lights for the whole ship), but it doesnt look all that amazing being a single color for the whole warship.
  15. I still play KSP, but ive been less and less active since its hard for me to play games like i used to, when I got KSP i was in college, had tons of free time, and frankly nothing better to do with it (i could easily spend an entire afternoon in KSP. Now i moved abroad (got sick of living in america, dont ask why), i have a family, i have a job, and there is too much else to do with life then play videogames all day (even if i was unemployed, id rather spend my time with friends or just going for a walk outside provided i had the energy to do so). No idea, maybee im growing into an old fart, but im sure there are many people that are in a similar spot where their life just took a turn that nolonger allows gaming on any sort of reliable schedule and its become at most something to do when im literally too tired to do anything productive (and im not a TV/movie person so if im gonna waste time on anything, its gaming). As for KSP-1, noone can deny that its past it's prime. Mods will keep it alive for at least some time going forward, and there will still be plenty of people playing it, but its nolonger that brand new super unique game (and i cant recall anything similar to KSP around that time even being on the market) that came out of nowhere that it was 10 years ago. Still, i think we can all agree that it was well worth the money and even now it remains a game that i play when i feel like doing something creative even if the end results are usually more destructive then creative
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