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  1. Making more progress on duna colony, added a few buildings besides the massive tower i built last week. For some reason i have a thing for using alot of girders/panels in my designs, its just not really possible to make something look like a building without em... Ever since i discovered you can use cubic struts and normal struts together to make bendy cables, ive sorta been abusing it like crazy on all my land buildings, mostly between the building itself and power supplies. Shot from bottom of skytower, more cables, and plenty of structural junk that serves n real purpose but looks cool. View from damaged interior, originally i had the missing segment being intentiomnal part of design, but i later made it look more like stuff was hanging off the ower via struts and about to fall off with the rest. And finally a view of duna landscape from the very very top of the tower, its quite tall, but if i can come up with a way to make this thing taller without lagging my KSP install to death, im so going to do so. Still have plenty of stuff i need to make, fuel depo, a less terrible looking refinery (i have multiple designs, none of which im actually happy with), landing platforms (like refinery, have alot of these, not happy with any of the designs for either looking too bland or having too many parts), and finally some vehicles to transport the kerbins around between stuff that arent tanks, afterall, this isnt actually a military facility or anything of the sort despite what i normally do in KSP (since there is no way im going to load all of that and a ship that will be used to go orbital all within 2.5km). And made a few minor edits to the dimension-III class warship, mainly redid the torpedo bay by making the doors below and not above the ship (couldnt get a single door to work for the top, needed 2 which was more complexity). One of my more sleek ships, especially after i added some DLC parts to make the doors slide properly and not rely on aerodynamic control surfaces as makeshift redneck doors (which i did equip the non-DLC variant with, just doesnt look anywhere near as good ofc). So yeah, now to make my new pulsar class stealth frigate, suprisingly hard to make something with 1005 of its weapons hidden inside the hull, and no major protrusions or engine thrust clearly vesible outside of the ship...
  2. Im very happy with what i see, textures are actually like sand dunes (pretty much the way ive always envisioned the planet from various sci-fi movies and even some real life footage of mars), there is no obvious tiling issues that i can see, and there seem to be legit normal maps on the ground which reflect light more plausibly (no idea if that is a shader or a texture thing, but it looks good either way). Also, especially happy with the snowy caps fix which makes it more of a natural transition between sandy dunes and icy caps, not the absolutely unrealistic snow we have now. Cant wait for release, and being able to give my currently WIP duna colony some truly amazing visuals (the buildings imo look pretty good, but the landscape is just missing those amazing textures Id still love to see a overhaul of the physical terrain (even if it meant save file breakeage for landed things), mostly since the terrain on duna lacks any real features besides some large scale valleys and hills (which every planet has to some extent anyway). Wish that there was more micro scale features, but since it appears we are stuck with what is already here, at least the textures give it the appearance of feature rich terrain from far away. Now if we can get minmus the most common planets will be done, since a large quantity of players stick to mun/minmus as it doesnt require quite as much engineering or time commitment to reach. Kerbin is arguably one of the better current planets (at least if they could fix the jagged icewall BS on the north pole ice thing), but even that should be overhauled early since it is also a very common destination (and there are people who are more into planes that dont even leave it either). Finally @SQUAD, plz dont forget about normal part revamps, i know its not as crazy demanded anymore (since most of the truly nasty parts are now fixed), but it really makes the game look and feel better when parts have better models and also more texture choices. I know there are mods like restock, but it changes colliders and otherwise messes some ships up with not 100% compatibility, please continue revamping default parts, engines, heck, maybee even give the structural and aircraft parts a touchup with new textures and possibly models... At the least, id love to see some dark/grey themed stuff since planes right now are 100% white, (which just forces you to add structural panels/dlc/empty fuel tanks that have been revamped to break up the monotone).
  3. 100% finished my skytower concept, like 90% of everything i do it really takes the 2nd iteration to make it truly good in every category. Taller, and less parts then previous model even if its alot more white and has less panels on it (as much as i really like structural panels, the stock ones are way too small to do more then minor touchups and detailing, cant make a wall out of em nomatter how much you want (well not without wasting 500 parts on that single wall). This thing is just a bit taller then the VAB, and it was a nightmare to land on duna since its stupidly heavy and has barely any reaction wheels (all of which are purely asthetic consideration), and just 3 vernors at the very top to help somewhat. My fav view of this thing, covering that metal girder thing which i have no idea what it is supposed to be (sorta stole the concept of that from the hl2 citadel this is based on). After trying for ages to make a non straight strut (mostly by offsetting the strut into thin air), i finally came up with the idea of using offset tool and rotation and just strut between the separate floating components. Managed to get a fairly decent looking albeit part count intensive cable that actually looks like its affected by gravity to link the tower to its 3 extended legs (which are needed to get the building to not fall over anywhere but the launchpad). I think my idea of using panels falling off the building to expose the internals is a better idea then the previous model which had what was sorta a random opening which had no real reason to be there. Also, to go along with the damage concept, the girder thing is also destroyed in a section near the exposed interior, as well as the whatever the heck that thing i made out of panels on the left). Now to make some super super low part count filler living spaces to put around this. While im so not a fan of MK3 parts for normal designs (too big for ship parts, and too small to store anything but the tiniest scout vehicles or microfighters). I think ill go with something like a building complex but sitting on girders so its not just on the ground like a normal building would be...
  4. Its at the very top of valley, this spot here... Ive found the valleys to be much more friendly to massive towers, although i have replaced the tower with a new design (same part count, much taller and still got plenty of detailing on it... So yeah, about as flat as ur going to get on duna at least, had some difficulty landing this monstrosity (if you dont time the burn just right you will never land it where you want to land it), but eventually got it where it needed to go (and its 400tons, so the 8 or so large reaction wheels sticking out of the backside are useless (i honestly used them more for asthetics then anything else). Really like the ground up view this thing has, makes it look way way taller then it really is when you see it from afar. Currently taller then VAB though, so even then its no joke.
  5. I do my share of replicas as its a much greater engineering challenge to make something out of a sci-fi movie (especially if its a dumb design like half the sci-fi ships in any movie, offcenter thrust, not aerodynamic, ect). Anyone whos played this game for a while can make a rocket to get anywhere (ive been to every planet without cheats or mods), but it takes a special type of skillset to make a good looking ship (that remotely resembles something from reality/scifi movie), make it do more then just sit in orbit, and also not make your machine lag to hell (and in my case, have armor to withstand some amount of stock weapons fire). That said, the vast majority of my vessels are heavily inspired but not 100% replicas, for example my fairly recent dimension-III class warship, interior is based on older dimension-II, exterior is taken from a failed providence replica (well not exactly failed, but it ended up having way too many parts to justify using in any sort of larger scale battle and i cut out some of the organic styling and the nose which i couldnt do without alot of parts). And as for buildings, i tend to go a bit more all-out with those (at least civilian models, bunkers and military facilities tend to be much simpler). My latest skytower rendition, not a true replica or even close, but i stole alot of design asthetics from the citadel in HL2, even if its just some aspects of it (3 sided, middle segment having that open section with those ibeam/girder things, ect).
  6. Redid my skytower concept with the intention of putting a city on duna (i already have like 3 military bases/outposts on there, now need somewhere for the kerbins to actually go when they arent being shot at). Should be pretty obvious what its inspired by even if its not even remotely close to being a replica of said citadel, just stole a couple concepts for the exterior and the cut out segment near middle...
  7. But, but, but.... A SSTO does 1000m/s easy, 20m/s is insignificant when you want to get from 1 side of duna to the other... Itd take me forever to get any mech from my military complex on duna to the city im currently in the process of making, the city being at the very top of the largest valley, and the base being at the very bottom... Maybee i should just do what any sane person does and just carry land vehicles on a dropship or something... Especially since we have props and nolonger need to waste absurd amounts of fuel on duna at least.
  8. My perference has to be none of the above, im more into space warships, starfighters, tanks, and generally anything combat related, but if i had to choose from those 2, id say rockets since im not huge on flying in atmosphere on kerbin using jets (i have other games if im in the mood to fly planes, KSP for me is like 100% about space).
  9. This is the single best thing ive seen come out of the KSP devs regarding the stock game (2nd DLC is also amazing but i dont consider that stock game) since the multicore update, and thats really saying something. I know a complete ground revamp is unlikely, but if the tiling issues and generally low res mess that is the current game gets fixed, itll be 1 step closer to perfection. Now all i personally would love to see is a sunflare that doesnt suck, i know the one i use for scatterer is more scifi then realistic, but after i tried it i just cant get myself to use the default :)... So yeah, keep up the good work, and i reccomend doing kerbin system 1st, then expanding to duna and eve since many people dont actually go interplanetary, and those that do have probably been to duna/eve at the bare minimum, afterwards jool system...
  10. I have to say that after quite a bit of messing around with the parts, this DLC is the single best thing to happen to KSP. Now if only i could actually make a viable 2 legged walker mech thing that stops flipping over and actually goes faster then 20m/s...
  11. Well after my last weekend creation, which surprisingly turned out to be near indestructible (only thing that could kill it some of the time was a siege torpedo which is complete overkill against starships), i decided to cross the providence with my dimension's internals to create the ultimate warship i have thusfar (even if it is laggy). Its also the 1st successful ship (ive toyed with the concept over the years but never made it practical) to use front mounted engines for redundancy. Its not 100% efficient (if you can tell those engines point at an angle and not straight as i couldnt make the front look good while being wide enough to thrust aiming engines directly to rear. I kept a similar bridge layout to the providence, 1 front, 1 mid, 1 rear, and especially the rear one looks amazing as you can see down the entire hull and then some (with there was a 360 glass bridge to put up here but i did want to keep it stock). I sorta overdid it with teh antennas on the top, but its a really pretty detail that breaks up the otherwise 100% armored hull, so yeah, thats another 10 parts to add to the 500+ parts that make this thing work. Stole the missile bay concept from my older aurora, works well even if it takes a bit of finesse to actually get a missile out of the ship without breaking anything in the process (damn you exhaust damage). And ofc it has broadside weapons (along the usual nose cannons), not that it makes any sense to do so, but its one detail from the providence i wasnt going to toss even though it is technically replacing my dimension class and not really a replica of the providence anymore (i have 1 way closer to a replica, but its not quite as useful due smaller hangar that fighters cant get in or out of, no front guns, and is way higher on parts despite having less guns on it. While i also dont normally make them, i will say organic styled hulls do actually look pretty neat, especially when you make it in KSP and its almost utter lack of organic styled components (there are a few like the radial air intakes, and the rounded adaptors and fairings, but not much else. Ill defenetely attempt to make more organic hulls after this one came out so good...
  12. The performance boost from disabling this is negligible unless you are into massive ships (and space battles) like i am. If you stick to conventional stack of fuel tanks and engine below, the calcs seem to not have lahg issues, but as that is terrible for survivability perspective, i usually have the engine attached to a structural girder which has fuel tanks attached to it radially, a configuration that seems to massively slow down and bug out the stock dV calcs, eespecially so in the editor where removing a single part makes the VAB/SPH freeze for upwards of 15 seconds or so on a fairly powerful laptop CPU. As much as its nice to have the option of dV calcs, its current implementation is a big no-no if you actually want to make something more complex then simplistic vessels (and for me even my more simplistic vessels arent quite so simple as i like to add extra detailing to em). So yeah, if you want to run something like the above super simple fuel truck, dV calcs aint an issue, if you want the thing below, dV calcs slow the game to a crawl...
  13. Dont worry yourself, its a sandboxy style game and you can play it however you desire, regardless of what the community thinks. Myself, i like to go with sci-fi but with a touch of realism. I like to make ships that could plausibly exist IRL, specifcally paying attention to minor details like no vernor/RCS inside the ship in a spot where the thusters would never do anything but push against the ship's walls, minimal fuel clipping. Ill clip only when i absolutely need to cause of armor requirements, but even then i clip only so much as could fit in the volume around the clipped tanks (for example im totally ok clipping 4 mk1 LF tanks into a mk2 cargo bay as that much fuel would realistically fit in there if you could change the shape of said fuel tanks as desired, and ill clip 2 mk1 LF tanks into a mk2 fuel tank as it has 1/2 of the fuel that would realistically fit its volume). i dont play with commnet enabled as i feel its actually unrealistic since even today we have the technology to make very basic AI that could ioperate machinery on its own given sensors and proper programming. Until we get some way to preprogram advanced routines for ships (and i mean beyond just point at prograde/radial/whatever), commnet is staying off for me. Also, i try to make any ship that i intend to stay in space have enough living spavce to fit at least 2 times as many kerbins as would normally man the ship, just to make it more immersive since a real crew would prefer the ability to move around some (so pretty much anything cruiser or larger has ample crew storage space). Most of all, i keep the vast majority of my creations using the stock engines since i really like having to contend with limitations to things like dV and not just install a FLT drive mod to magically get where you are going (regardless of whether its possible to do so or not IRL, and yeah, i havent been at area51 so i cant comment on what we truly have available there). Then ofc i like to do battles so i do arm many of my ships (prefer stock weapons for the most part but i do use BDA here and there), even though IRL its unlikely we would see unguided missiles being fired from a vessel's broadside). Anyways, back to your scenario, IRSU style refueling is (at least based on earth human tech) probably more realistic since we currently have the technology to manufacture fuels in some quantities from other planets at least in testing stages (spacex mars missions actually plans to set up a refinery). 30 years is probably doable too if you had a closed loop life support system, but its doubtful such a mission would happen without visiting some other planet to get some matter on the ship that cant be fully closed loop (at least to obtain basic minerals needed to live off of).
  14. Made another starwars replica as i wanted to challenge myself making one of the more organic looking ships (which i had a pathetic replica of sitting from a few years back). I think it came out pretty nice, especially the fully hidden broadside weapons array (those ibeams sticking out of the sides do actually fire). View from the observation deck is also very nice, and i will say that the MK2 bridge is one of the best revamps squad has made since it really brought the life out of a otherwise useless part. And ofc the rear view, did what i could to get the hangar as close to workeable (didnt get it perfect but unlike the older replica of this i made, it can actually house small starfighters). Not the best replica ive made, but given i managed to not use any DLC parts (except robotics DLC for a variant that can articulate the guns, not shown in pic as it looks less pretty and the side cannons stick out more). So yeah, now to load this thing up with BDA and part it beside the venator replica i made recently and recreate that absolutely unrealistic but really epic slugging match in EP3...
  15. This game performs fine provided you dont overdo it on some of the more intensive mods (scatterer being my personal #1 performance hog, to the point ill actually disable it when i know ill have massive ships engaging each other at point blank range), and dont go totally insane with part count on ships. The latter is really the problem, but it has little if any solutions to it without compromising the physics interactions (which are imo why KSP is such a amazing game, every component is physically modeled and can interact with each other component). This is battle between a 700 part count venator replica and a dimension (my own design), and the lag doesnt get too restricting imo. The above providence has 0 framerate issues whatsoever despite being just over 500 parts with weapons onboard. If you dont insist on loading 1000+ part vessels (which is the point on my machine where you start to feel the framerates), the game runs smooth enough to at least enjoy (with scattered disabled that is, with scatterer near atmo its far worse). Due to multicore, ive found that if your processor has the cores, larger numbers of smaller vessels run fairly well too (4 300 part ships is quite manageable as well). Anyways, if performance is killing you, start by cutting down complex mods, anything that would take up extra processing power to run while you play. Culprits that come to mind is any visual fx, stuff with background processing (life support mods, resource drilling, ect), and anything that adds complex features to stock (good example would be KIS/KAS, interstellar, stuff that does something more then just add a new variety of parts). As for part mods, those are relatively irrelevant solong as you dont exceed RAM limitations by using them, and some may even help you cut down lag if you like to build very large craft and can replace a stack of 2x2 panels with a single much larger panel. Tweakscale is also a good way to save on lag since it lets you make larger ships without using as many things in them (i dont use it ,myself as its not my cup of tea but many do).