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  1. Made a new variant of the HK-II Trifighter, with a bit less BSG viper inspiration and a bit more starwars tri inspiration although its no replica as i dont bother making replicas anymore (too many parts to put into a carrier or use it in any fight but taking some screenies or something of the sort). New one is on teh left, with the 5th gen beside it, then the 4th, and then a experimental 4th gen atmospheric variant (the 2 are internally identical aside from the wings and a kraken drive to allow it to actually fly in atmo albeit very slowly as there is no consideration for how draggy the thing is). Had to make it a bit fatter and wider owing to the larger fireworks, err cannons, which was a design consideration (and to make them not look utterly stupid and out of place i added those airbrake based front wings (which look cool but serve no real purpose otherwise). Without the wings, teh profile from the sides is no larger then the previous variants (they just fall off when hit by anything anyway) and the front profile is a hair fatter with the now larger cannon hitboxes, a flaw yes, but sofar in testing i have not found it to be disarmed easier then the older variants and it does carry around 4 times the ammo capacity. One of the biggest flaws with the old design was minimal endurance and having to constantly be rearmed as those 8 shot cannons are just a joke really and eat 4 times the part count per round. Back in 1.12.1 or so before we got the fireworks spread 32 shots per hardpoint was overkill, but now even at point blank ranges half the shots are going to miss anything fighter sized). Not entirely sure if i like this 100% just yet (its larger then i'd like), but i cant seem to come up with any reliable method of mounting 3 of the larger cannons (a design requirement for the 6th gen) without also making the fighter somewhat large (at least for my scaling since my smaller corvette class capital ships are actually around teh size of a modern fighter jet replica that are all over kerbalx, and for me a starfighter is at most the length of a FLT-800 tank, often half that). So yeah, made some more progress the next day, namely fixed the drop to survivability due to the new style somewhat more exposed core. Tested the armor using the standard AKS G7 series torpedo (weight efficient anti-capital ship). All hits blew apart the cockpit (no amount of armor plating will truly protect a cockpit from a 4.5t torpedo), but the rest of the ship retained at least 1 weapon, engine, fuel, and control systems. Granted 1 of the hits destroyed the entire rear section so badly that there was like 200dV left and no autocannons, but at least it was still a threat and able to do something (its still able to ram after firing the drone). I think with that the new ship is finished, it is very much not like a starfighter has any buisness eating heavy torpedoes that often can 1 shot a capital ship with good aim, and it is very much vulnurable to autocannon fire (engines+fuel+weapons are extremely suceptible to a direct hit by firework), but i think its good nonetheless. Fulfills all hard requirements, namely 1K dV minimum (2 forward reserve tanks give it 1K dV total), armarment of 3 full size cannons and then either a M-drone or a SRM-4M, under 120 parts, 3 engine layout (i cant call it a trifighter otherwise, duh), and not too much clipping or abusing or parts (there is SOME fuel clipping in the rear as asthetics come 1st, but in theory the clipped tanks could fit into teh cockpit so it doesnt violate volume physics). Also fullfills design intent, armored heavy fighter that should be able to 1v1 every other fighter i have made before and still seriously hurt capital ships with good aim (thats what the drone is for).
  2. They have crew which is a separate thing but from my experience casualties are rather minimal as for whatever reason applying firework to kerbal face doesnt do much, worst case their seat (which is a tiny hitbox) gets ripped off (and all "manned" vehicles i have feature at least 2 control seats, the MBTs have 4-6 so there is no way to take down the crew). In other news, derping around with a bit of BDA combat (trying to do a stock airplane battle is just impossible as its hard enough to get 2 planes to even fly together let alone shoot anything in the sky). Dusted off some of the super competitive planes i made a while ago, namely using the single most effective engine layout, wheelsey in thrust reverse on the front of a mk1 cockpit with a normal thrust vectoring jet on the arss. The reason this is the best (and im pretty sure im not the 1st to come up with the concept) is that the wheelsley is the only jet with a thrust reverser and it seems to have virtually no drag (thus i can have a super compact setup which makes the aircraft miniscule compared to virtually every plane ive seen on here that isnt a 0.6m uav). Anyways, the fights are rather boring as they are over in seconds (the things fly at 300m/s easy and are tuned to be so bloody agressibve that they literally either ram the target outright (with a metal spike on the front for that reason) or just evicerate it conventionally. So yeah, the next best thing you can do is make WW2 era planes, as buggy as they are with BDA that is. Problem is that for whatever reason the autopilot doesnt actually engage the throttle properly with the robit parts, hence i have to manually engage the engines on all these planes. that and BDA will NOT play nicely with any craft that isnt perfectly balanced with it's thrust, so you have to use a counter rotating/coax prop setup to make it even fly remotely straight. I ended up clipping 2 engines together with 50% thrust each so it has the same performance as it did with 1 engine). Eventually after a good 5 minutes of flopping around one of the planes got the other 1, flying through the wreckage like every pilot is trained to do (im pretty sure you cant be cerified as a fighter pilot unless you learn how to fly through debri clouds left behind by your victims). Now if only parallax would stop bugging out so much (weird artefacting on the ground with squares that are too brght/dark, and ofc floating trees, why cant all them bloody mods work together properly)...
  3. Made a few more tanks... On the left are 3 variants of BCorp's Avenger MBT. The right most of which is the original or Mk1, then the early and late variant of the Mk2 (they are literally identical with the exception of the turret being moved and the removal of that extra shield on the Mk2 late). The Mk2s are basically shermans as i wanted something general purpose and the only other tank that came to mind being the T-34 is too similar to AKS tanks (aside from the vastly different turret and the very front of the hull beung sloped down its pretty close actually, roughly 45 degree angle on every side and rectangular in shape). Still, i will say i do like and intend to keep the Mk1 around as its just a bit more unique looking even if the Mk2s are slightly less parts and more practical all around. Mk2 also has a much larger turret that in theory should fit a dual railgun (which would make it a turreted version of AKS TDs). I have a prototype of the Mk3 made but sofar its very early WIP since i cant seem to come up with a good method of mounting 2 guns into the turret without at least 1 of them sticking out and looking rather lame compared to the single fully integral weapon. The 4th tank is as of this moment unnamed (ill think of something once i finish the design 100%) but its supposed to be Starleague's standard MBT (their ships are more organic/curvy looking and i wanted to keep that style going with the tanks). performance is very similar to the Avenger, slightly better armor protection but slower and heavier (and less flippy, the one flaw the Avenger has as its somewhat tall and without RCS to balance it out). After dumping like 6 bursts into it i finally got a complete kill on the Mk1 (every tank ive made sofar has the same flaw where there is a single ibeam as the core part and if the round happens to smack that there is no amount of armor that will stop the tank from being killed, all i can do is move it somewhere where it is less likely to get hit). Also shot up the Mk2 early version which refused to go down despite burst after burst into it. And also testing the Mk2 Late, which went down in a single burst. Its mostly luck though and not bad tank design as the Mk2 early i shot earlier ate like 50 shots and didnt even take any significant damage (the 2 are internally copies). And a final shot of the wreckage. All in all, stock tank battles can be done and they dont even have to be turn based as you can just autofire the weapons with robotic controllers, (although turn based results in less wasted ammo).
  4. I always make a new settings for new game versions, only copy over my keybinds using cfg edits as i cant be bothered to rebind 50 different controls (im assuming that just the control bindings have nothing to do with the mod). Still, ill try to delete the settings and just recopy the non terrain related bits. I also have terrain to high and shader to high (dont use maximum as i feel the game look plenty amazing without tesselation enabled and well the game lags badly enough with 500 part bases...
  5. Updated to recent version (i was on one of the older ones), Ike, Tylo, and Minmus are fixed. Bop is still missing scatters though (not sure if it ever had it as i rarely go there and just randomly teleported a tank there to drive around with as i dont have any good civilian vehicles besides a fiat 126 replica which is unbelieveably slow as a homage to the real thing).
  6. Finished the sortof standard AKS GSD-8xx/9xx tank family (they are all based on the same general purpose hull with just changes to weapons and armor levels). On the left is the basic medium tank, the 850T "Panther", right is the TD variant of the same tank, the 926D "Coyote", and center is the heavy tank TD hybrid thing, the 930T "Tiger". The 2 actual tanks have stock turrets with a 300m/s AT cannon that does decent anti-armor damage (albeit somewhat slow rate of fire with 1 round every 2 seconds). And both the TD and the heavy have a fixed double cannon that fires 2 shots every second. Terrain passability is the best with the Panther, since dat 1 is the lightest and its not as long (hence more likely to bounce up and over rocks when moving above 15m/s rather then getting stuck or wedged on something, but the other 2 arent that far behind with passability since its the same basic hull layout just lengthened to fit the dual heavy autocannons (which are reloadable in space from below the vehicle). You can see the configuration very well in the Tiger. the model shown is the standard armor variant with side skirt addon only, the heavy armor variant completely covers that up from any angle but below and has an extended nose with additional spaced armor with 1 more girder layer (i didnt bring dat 1 as it has major issues going over the slightest rocks, mostly would use it in a semi static role). The Coyote shown features the level 1 armor upgrade which only covers the roof of the turret stub (it doesnt rotate but is useful for armor protection) and also the cannon firing system (sorta like what the level 1 armor does on the Tiger but i couldnt drive it on Duna with parallax enabled so i didnt bother with it). There are a few minor things im not 100% happy with (like the teensy bit of wheel that clips through the armor plate on the sides, nothing i can do there as i dont want to make it any taller and need to use this particular wheel), and the part count being a bit more then id like (might try and make some variants without the little teeny square armor panels which eat lots of part count), but all in all i think these came out pretty good, are actually useful in stock battles, and most of all are useable even with parallax terrain coliders enabled. The Panther has been tested to be able to go around 20m/s on most planets/moons safely, the others are somewhat better around 15m/s but far from bad given the fact that some of the bumps will utterly stop teh tank in its tracks and make it bounce or go full airborne, and these tanks can withstand a 20m/s impact against a wall without any internal damage (at worst you might loose the front facing light or the barrel extensions on the Coyote which are purely for looks anyways and dont affect performance). Also rebuilt the BCorp Avenger class tank. Not really sure what my thinking behind this thing was, but i sorta took some inspiration from the FT17 and the M4 sherman and believe it or not that combination actually seems to work well. I much prefer this thing over the previous prototype which was based on some somewhat more modern MBTs which im frankly not that big a fan of (i like WW1, WW2, early cold war, and full on sci-fi stuff, current modern military tech just doesnt speak to me asthetically and it doesnt seem to work all that great in KSP either as the MBT inspired Avenger sucked horrifically and was even often beaten by a 4 ton armored car). Driving up to the wreck of a Tiger tank that was defeated in a turret only fight. The Avenger is in universe supposed to beat the AKS Panther in an equal 1v1 fight, as the Panther (and any other tank with the same weapon system) has 4 shots per attack while the Avenger (and pretty much every other BCorp tank) gets 8. Ofc if i was to use the TD cannons its instant death to the Avenger as its 16 shots per burst and the guns seem to be more accurate then turrets from my testing. Im still not 100% certain if i want this particular tank to be the definitive model of the BCorp Avenger, but it performs well and i think it looks pretty good (not sure why i thought FT17 in a sci-fi space game, but whatever)...
  7. @Gameslinx, I think i found bug in 1.12.4 (new patch), appears that scatters are missing on a few moons (which was not the case with 1.12.3): Minmus at higher elevations, only some of what i think are stock scatters (not sure why those are even spawning with parallax) are left (no colliders and i distinctly remember lots of tiny bumpy ice things on the ground at this altitude). Ike is kaput, which is very disconcerting given that its my new favorite place post parallax 2.0 (the combination of rocky moon with those red crystals was just epic, looked alien enough but not overboard like Eve (which i do like but i ended up toning down the bubbles as the sheer amount of different things was just a tad overkill and the very large bubbles stood out a bit too much imo (wouldve been cool if they were poppable, but i think thats beyond the mod's capability ). Bop, I have to admit i havent actually ever been here since installing parallax so i cant be certain if it ever had scatters, but there is a config file so i dont see why it shouldnt have anything. And finally Tylo, im pretty certain whats still left are leftovers from the stock scatter system. Not sure if this entire problem is a Kopernicus or a Parallax issue, but it might be worth looking into (and i know its not another mod as i tested this with nothing else installed but scatterer+EVE+restock (none of those affect anything on planets themselves). Btw, is there a reason that the stock scatters are even enabled alongside parallax scatters, are these hardcoded and not removable or is this some sort of bug with parallax not removing stock scatters while its own are enabled?
  8. It gives a prompt and does load, just parallax scatters are broken on minmus, ike, bop, tylo. Rest of the planets work fine.
  9. Parallax is broken on a few moons, namely Ike (my favorite moon after installing parallax 2 due to those really pretty crystals and well low enough gravity to make driving rather enjoyable, difficult with colliders but not impossible), and im sure its either parallax or kopernicus so yeah, not all my mods work. Its not a huge deal as its just the rocks that dont spawn, but as i expected at least 1 mod did break at least partially ...
  10. Well derping around with the 850T series medium tank, and i think i like this variant more then the previous one which was lost due to my stupidity and accidentally overriding the file. Nolonger looks anything remotely like a panther/t-34 tank the previous 1 was inspired by, and actusally looks more like the original T-850 i had back in 0.90 or whatever version was b4 the multicore patches were a thing and it even had a stock armored (hit from ibeam would usually jam it but it could still aim by driving) decoupler based turret that could recouple itself after firing and was super smooth and accurate aiming (that alone was an accomplishment in the world of stock KSP mechanisms). Ofc its also smaller as the original was 4x4 of the smallest non DLC metal plate in size and that doesnt count the gun which stuck out a bit beyond that. This is what the previous 1 (dat was lost to file override ) looked like. It was a good deal taller, and it could take a beating (havent tested the current 1 in combat yet but its made using a very similar armor system which seems to be very capable against both ibeams and fireworks). I offset the turret as far back as possible (without sticking out beyond the rear and thus making the tank longer then it has to be) as im going with rear mounted weapons on all AKS vehicles, and i wanted it offset to 1 side too (so its not symmetric) but there is literally no space for anything of the sort since the tank is as compact as it can get while still being considered a tank. Fits into a MK3 bomb bay, good terrain passability, at least on the bodies that have scatters, parallax seems to be broken on a few moons now specifically Ike since 1.12.4 hit (its my favorite place to go now with those amazing looking red crystals) and checks everything that a medium tank has to have, not overly heavy (8-12t depending on variant), agile, and hopefully able to tank some hits. Well anyways, combat tested it and its defenetely solid. Took like 10 direct hits from BCorp's Avenger tank and wasnt really affected (1 wheel was broken, some non-essential bits were shot off, interior was mostly intact and the turret/gun took no damage but the rear bit). Ofc as dumb luck goes the 1st retaliatory shot instantly blows the turret off the Avenger and smacks the tank so hard it nearly flips over despite being almost twice as wide as the 850T. And about 30 or so shots later the tank hull explodes so violently the semi intact piece ends up almost 1km away from where it was (you can barely see the flying chunk in the top and to the left of the boom). Going to use the AKS armor layout with minor edits to make room for crew since BCorp vehicles are crewed in the Avenger class tank (which in universe is supposed to be superior in 1v1 to any AKS tank but the 930T which is the strongest single vehicle in universe as it carries starship grade heavy autocannons for like 5 times the firepower).
  11. Yeah, this is about the most chaotic and laggy thing ive done in years, the last time i remember dealing with lag THIS bad was with 1000 part warships back in 0.25... 3v2 fight with ALL ships firing simultaneously, believe it or not its not even quite in seconds per frame... The frigate was the only ship that was actually knocked out early with its crew taken out, ill have to replace the internal command pods with the mk1 cockpits which have better armor at least against the likes of 100m/s fireworks, the observation deck which is the only armored bridge happened to be unmanned for some reason (i just randomly stuck 3 kerbals inside the ship without thinking what pod they were in). Moving in the starfighter since the Dimension lost 2 of its 3 port side turrets through some dumb luck shots (its really hit or miss, sometimes i can unload an entire 128 round turret without damaging a single weapon, sometimes the 1st few bursts shots blow half the guns off). Which ofc was prolly not the smartest move given the ship has turrets, luckily the damage dealt wasnt too bad (not to mention it's ammo was pretty much depleted by this point). Ended up engaging with the starboard turrets which were still intact, and by this point the corvette and fighter was out of ammo, the frigate was dead (even though it was still firing randomly due to being unable to shut down the firing sequence with no control), the Victory lost both its turret controllers (no more autofire,might move em somewhere better protected), and the Dimension lost half its engines (the one thing that sucks with nukes is the massive hitboxes combined with the very weak impact tolerance making them extremely easy to shoot off) and also all its port side turrets. Still, i think turn based 1v1s make more sense as the lag is more manageable and the fireworks make for a really nice stock slugging match with some amount of randomness regarding who wins (its usually the ship that looses its guns 1st) and both ships able to engage at the same time. Not gonna bother bringing 5 ships into load range while firing anything as its too painful to watch and extremely chaotic to have to constantly shift between ships to adjust their aim or make them maneuver to counter the recoil...
  12. Pretty sure kopernicus doesnt (i always disable that as it has always had version checking on every new update and always refused to run on new versions of the game), but ill try it anyways if you say it still works without a version update... It was purely for lag testing, i already had all these ships made before (the frigate, fighter, covrette have been around for quite a while, the larger cruiser is also old but i made a new subvariant of it somewhat recently and the only 1 thats actually semi new is the smaller cruiser).
  13. I can confirm, the update has NOT improved performance by any noticeable degree... 2 cruisers, 1 frigate, 1 corvette and a starfighter still lag to the point that its borderline unplayable (and i dont even wanna know what would happen if i opened fire and the game had to render all the cannon trails/explosions/parts being shot off)... That and not all of my mods work either, at least the super critical stuff works...
  14. I'll give these a try, didnt know they fixed performance aspects (thought it was just QoL things in that modpack). I'll see how much this affects my massively overkill warships...
  15. Made another battle, this time without any support ships as just 2 of these are laggy enough for my tastes. Rearmed the Victory class with thermal cannons (pirate tech, cheaper, faster firing and not that much weaker then the usual BCorp plasma weapons, 90m/s vs 100m/s). The ships are actually quite matched in broadsides. The dimension has 6 turrets vs the Victory's 4, but the Victory fires each barrel faster so they are actually more or less the same there. Armor is not so useful (against fireworks which pretty much bypass all but very thick armor and gut the interior) but both ships have a crapton of redundancy (15+ command pods/seats, 7-8 engines, lots of fuel tanks ect) making them hard to really hurt with turreted glancing blows (outside of true point blank turrets are usually going to hit at best 50% of the time anyway against ships of this size (and are borderline useless against smaller things like corvettes and fighters, need guided 0.6m for those). Headon firing is a whole other story since the Dimension has that massive double forward firing AT gun (same thing as on all my tanks) which is overclocked to 300m/s and will gut armor albeit unreliably (velocity is so high it's chances of phasing through the target outright are very high). The heavy cannon does cut armor apart as you can see here with the engine mounting girder being blown clean off. Might look terrible for the Victory but after the fight it actually retains 1 engine (and around 400m/s dV), 2 of the 4 cannons (with a little bit of ammo left), and is still controllable albeit barely as the only control is RCS which has lost a few emitters leading to an inability to roll without also pitching (and correcting that pitch makes it roll the opposite direction but you cant both stop it from rolling AND aim where you want it to aim at the same time). The Dimension has 2 engines left and around 1500dV (they are nukes afterall), albeit i cant engage them above 30% throttle due to both being on the same side), lost the nose gun, and 3 turrets, but took no real hull damage due to the Victory lacking anti-armor capability with it's turrets (only the squishy internals went down). Still, its what i expected would happen since the Dim is larger, heavier, and like 3-4 times the cost. Now if only i could do something about the part counts to prevent these things from being relegated to heavy torpedo sniping (both of these vessels carry 4 heavy torps as their primary firepower). Wish i could have 1 Dim and like 2 Victorys engaging at the same time, but its just too laggy to do quite that much (Dim could main gun one target while firing turrets at the 2nd one).
  16. Nice to see bugfixes, but i have to say i was honestly hoping for some of the more gamebreaking things being addressed (what i see here are minor nuissances at best, even if they are helpful for new players, not that i think there are that many of which at this stage in the game's lifecycle). Why not focus on some of the following which make a much bigger difference: Memory leak, even with no mods this eventually crashes/slows the game to the point that its unlayable without frequent restarts. Various krakens, most well known of which which affects me and quite a few other players being the wobbling issue with too many things attached to a single part (without a crapton of struts to stop the wobbling). Editor symmetry bugs. Not sure how to reproduce but it happens every once in a while where a craft file references a non-existent part ID and fails to load said craft file without going in and deleting all references to that part. Also another bug that breaks craft files and results in them "duplicating" themselves once you launch into orbit, go to another vessel, and then enter phys range of the bugged one (does result in some nice fireworks at least but thats not always the desired intention). Wheels/landing gears STILL bloody sliding down anything but the lightest slopes, not to mention bouncing up with extremely violent force when you drive over Parallax's terrain bumps, (albeit its still a stock issue as the same thing happens when you try and drive over a girder laying on the ground or up a ramp with a small step, rover goes airborne and the thing under the wheel usually explodes). Honestly, im not even sure what the point was of the wheel physics update, i never saw the old wheels as bad and i dont remember (correct me if im wrong on this) wheels in the older versions being this buggy, slidy and they certainly didnt bounce up like they do now when hitting any sort of bumps lie say running over a girder. That and perhaps look into the electricity useage (i know this can be edited using part cfgs) as right now a small propeller/ducted fan can accelerate a rather non aerodynamic vehicle to 40m/s using 1/5th the power of 6 wheels which can only accelerate it to 25 m/s (i dont know what physics laws are violated in the universe kerbals are from but i seriously doubt replacing the electric motor in a EV with an airboat engine, even if electrically powered airboat engine, will get you better fuel economy ). Finally, perhaps some optimizations and general performance improvements (would be nice to have 2 600 part count capital ships be able to slug it out with fireworks without the framerate slowing to a crawl (its actually "manageable", but still painfully slow especially if i were to add any more ships to this). I know KSP is backburner mode, but its kinda sad to see the list of bugfixes being minor annoyances and not gamebreaking things that would improve quality of life for everyone.
  17. Made BCorp's newest ship, the mark-4 variant of the Victory class cruiser. Took aspects of various ships that i liked and mated it with a pretty nice bridge design. The first variant of this ship with a truly massive interior. View from the back of the observation deck/seconday bridge. View of the overall layout, the main bridge is somewhat integrated with the hull and the secondary bridge is atop it sorta sticking out. Ofc in combat no sane kerbal will go into the bridge that sticks out of the hull (and is notoriously likely to get shot off if anything hits the dorsal section near the center of the ship), but it actually works as sacrificial armor for the main bridge and the view of the entire top of the ship is cool. Hangar is somewhat spacious and unlike the earlier variant is decided to go back to the mark-2's concept where the hangar doubled up as a weapons bay, if using it as a carrier its generally a good idea to ditch the heavy torps anyway due to part count and dV issues. Anyways, with the torps removed it can fit 90% of all fighters/bombers i have available and with the torps it can fit 2 small fighters and 1-2 reloads per fighter. Front of the hangar is where smaller fighters or utility things (probes, 0.6m weapons, ect) can fit. You can see more or less what my inspiration is for this thing, front based on BC304, center based on the standard star destroyer, engine cluser from venator class, and well the bridge is sorta something i came up with that would somewhat integrate with the ship. In other news, made a high gravity rated variant of the Dragon APC i made a while ago, with 2 more wheels and a small propeller fan in the rear to give it a hair more push since in higher gravity the energy consumption of wheels is so insane in stock you are pretty much forced to use propellers which despite common sense dictating otherwise, require a fraction of the electricity of wheels to maintain a higher speed then the wheels provide. Not entirely sure what the devs were going with here where a propeller alone can accelerate this thing to around 40m/s on flat ground (while using the electricity of a single wheel) while 6 wheels just eat the batteries in a matter of minutes (under a minute when going uphill without prop assist). Its not that i dont like to experiment and come up with different concepts, and wheels burning energy is a challenge that you need to overcome, but common, a land vehicle using 6 times the power of a plane makes no bloody sense as electric motors in the wheels should be way more efficient then sticking an airboat motor on the back of a rover. And finally a nice beuty shot of the older low gravity/airless variant. Sofar tested and functional on every planet but Eve (it can drive there but you need infinite electricity and it can barely go up the shallowest hill), Kerbin/Laythe/Tylo (works but requires inf electricity to go anywhere far between recharging), and some of the super low gravity moons like gilly, pol, ect (no RCS means this thing is just unable to stop if you can even get it going in the 1st place). Aside from that, it can more or less just plow through parallax colliders with the exception of things like spikes, ice crystals and very large rock formations, which it can easily avoid as this thing steers very well and isnt very prone to flipping over (ample reaction wheels and suspension tweaked for quite a while until i got it perfect where it was grippy but not so grippy as to flip constantly in normal driving). Overall it can maintain a sustained speed of around 15-20m/s (with x2 time accel) through any terrain but aforementioned spikes and or larger rocks, and it does this with no use of RCS whatsoever.
  18. Testing some of the fixed craft i have. Started with a fully fueled scout ship in low duna orbit. It has chutes but i wanted to see if it was possible to do the entire journey without chutes so i didnt bother usin em, just wasted fuel burning down. Drove the Dragon around duna a bit more and i have to say that it handles phenomenally on Duna, better even then the Talon class agressive recon vehicle (the 2 outrigger wheels tend to be really bouncy due to broken spring physics). Anyways, drove it 4km at a average speed of 15m/s (x2 time accel so it didnt take much time) since it started in a spot that was just too hilly to reliably land the lander in. Its passability is what id say average, can handle the smaller rocks (and the flat plate ones) like it was nothing (just bounces up some), and is agile enough to just evade the larger fields (just need to plan a route that avoids those as trying to go through the large clusters is just makes you wanna tear your hair out provided the vehicle doesnt get stuck in which case F9 spam ensues). the mid size rocks that are bumpier can be traversed if you need to but they tend to send the craft a bit too airborne for the kerbals liking which sometimes fall otu of their chairs if the bump is too much. Took off fine, even though its dragging just over 8 tons into orbit with it. Aerobraking around Kerbin, which was the ONLY way i could achieve a useful orbit afterwards. I initially wanted to go straight to the Mun, but the dV requirements to land, especially since i was a bit of an idiot and forgot to disable the fuel cells (i lost around 500m/s of high TWR aerospikes for the final burn which all went poof after a time warp with the cells engaged). At least the cool part was this thing's ability to aerobrake without exploding at moderate velocites (i have heating to 120% on all my saves as 100 is a bit too "weak" for my taste except on Eve where 100% is bloody hard). So yeah, i'm stuck in a highly ecliptic orbit, and the ONLY place that i could go to at this point being Minmus (no friendly fuel tankers and im NOT stealing fuel from any of the 3 AKS warships in orbit around kerbin as they are all low at this point and need every drop). Landing was easy, didnt even need the aerospikes as 3 TWR with a single nuke. This thing is very practical actually, enough dV to transport a moderately sized vehicle, good combination of super high TWR but a short burn (landing/takeoffs only), aerobraking capability (although somehow the back of the turret did indeed fry during the Kerbin braking), long range using just the NTR and ofc IRSU capability which while slow (just a single of the small converters and 2 small drills), is at least enough to fully refuel this thing in around 3 days on Duna (not sure how many Kerbin hours that is). Really the only thing i dont like about this craft is how it performs in atmosphere, no way to occlude the payload and its both draggy and has a tendency to flip front towards the ground. Parachutes help with this, but its always a small risk that i wont be able to right it before touching teh ground when attempting to land on Kerbin for instance. It does actually land there fine btw, just cant take off again as there is no way im making this thing SSTO capable (it just cant be done with stock aerodynamics).
  19. Derpin around again, mostly with some of my ground vehicles (that were rendered useless after i installed parallax with collisions)... Updated the Dragon APC, mostly to stop it frustrating me when driving on Duna. Currently can do 10m/s comfortably while dodging teh worst rocks and i can sorta weave in and out of the really big ones with a bit of care but its not the thinnest vehicle so there is a small chance of getting wedged between 2 rocks Upgraded it to the heavy pulse cannon, which is actually a good anti-tank cannon now (the PDC on the old model was not effective against BCorp's newest armor). Interior, simplified it over the older model to save a couple parts. Its pretty much utilitarian now, transports 6 kerbals and 2 drivers (or whatever cargo/fuel will fit in the space between the wheels) and nothing else. And the biggest change is the front, made it angled and not using the friction pads so that it will tend to bounce over a medium sized rock and not instantly stop the vehicle and bounce backwards. What the old one looked like, the biggest flaw of which was the front. I will admit that i like the old front better (its a bit more blocky and has more detail), but i wanted to save some parts and also do something about the absolute garbage terrain passability. A lowered suspension coupled with a grip pad that is basically vertical (that would touch terrain even without parallax installed on occasion when hitting a valley's bottom) is not exactly a smart move if you want to go over any sort of bumps. The new front while looking a bit less cool imo, saves over 10 parts, and those angled girders just let it bounce on anything but very tall rocks (or those spikes on Ike, need to fully evade those things). Cant believe what a big difference a teensy change to the wheel setting did. Was able to make it just about stable enough in bumpy terrain to ditch the RCS jump jets entirely (weight went from 5.5 to 4.5t which is nice as i can carry it with less dV wasted). I still have a jumpjet capable variant as there are rare situations where its useful (such as on extremely low grav where you can use it to slow down when brakes are near useless). Now i just need to make a new version of the 850T tank, since the last 1 was lost due to accidentally overriding the file (and not noticing until i updated all my backups). I sorta want to make it much flatter then it was (its actually too tall to fit into my standard dropship which sorta sux given that the only dropship i have which fits said tank cant lift the weight ). So yeah, maybee loosing the latest version wasnt entirely a big deal.
  20. Fairly simple, there are really 2 ways to do it. One is to install BDArmory and part your fleets near geostationary orbit (else the aiming is broken) and just enable guard mode. The other is to go the stock route, which is mostly turn based (with 1 exception) where you move 2 ships relatively near each other, and either use guided missiles to manually fly in and smack the target, or get em into physics range and point at enemy with unguided dumb weapons. Fighter dumb firing. Pirate battlecruiser with visible forward and broadside facing ibeam weapons. Stock dumb fire weapon example, pretty much the smallest effective weapons ive found is an ibeam pushed by 2-4 sepatrons. I dont have any good pics of em that arent full on ancient (been messing with fireworks more these days), but even a single flea or hammer SRB fired at the enemy is going to do some damage (if you are ok with the size requirements but want lowest part count per shot possible (technically just need a single SRB and a way to decouple it). Guided missile example fired from a ground station, not much to it, mine are just a bit more complex with lots of armored bits inside em (to make the damage useful against armor), but basically probe+fueltank+engine is the minimum you need in this case to hit something. And ofc fireworks. The number 1 cool thing they added which make excellent weapons. I like these alot as with the KAL robit controller you can make them automatically fire, and if you use the aim at target autopilot feature, then start firing loop, then swap to the 2nd ship, aim at target and start it's firing loop via KAL, the 2 ships will try to look at each other as much as possible and the guns will autofire solong as the KAL isnt destroyed, the ship has something to reorient with (RCS/wheels) and there is something controlling it (probe or cockpit). With velocity at 100m/s it wont destroy armor but will gut the internals enabling some nice long drawn out slugging matches, or if you want to kill quickly set the fireworks to 300ish m/s and that will destroy armor but is less reliable with collisions making a bit of a tradeoff. Finally, if you have the time and a decent machine you can actually mount your firework weapons on turrets, manually have them elevate/turn with controls you arent using (say wheel controls, i have mine rebound to arrow keys so that wheels dont screw with my attitude control) or just something you dont use to toggle shooting say 7890, and just aim the turretys manually sapping back and forth to adjust the aim as the ships get hit and drift around. It does require some beefy ships to be practical (turrets will have difficulty hitting a smaller target with any consistency but if you have 2 proper capital sized warships feel free to just part 50m from each other and go full broadside with em.
  21. Made 2 new ships, or well 1 of them is a really "fat" starfighter but whatever... The "Duck" class heavy fighter. Went with a sort of industrial look to it given that crossed a light utility tug i had laying around for station building/rearranging and the Pidgeon class starfighter that BCorp uses as its primary highly survivable starfighter. And the SK-XII "Pulsar" class medium recon corvette (sorta inspired by my favorite ship from the Expanse series albeit with AKS styling added and none of the complicated rear bits since i wanted this thing to be super low on parts). Different enough from the other mainline AKS warships but not so different that it doesnt fit alongside em. Also nice to not have to armor the living crap out of it since the ship in universe would not realistically engage in combat except in emergencies (its not useless but even light SRMs will take down most of the fuel with 1-2 good hits). That and it has that massive interdictor engine which gives it higher TWR then 90% of my starfighters and even some torpedoes... Quite tanky for a starfighter actually, can eat large ibeam weapons and not kaput instantly. Only major flaw is the somewhat vulnurable open cockpit layout (Pidgeon was very similar but used the mk1 inline cockpit and was somrta smaller with better crew survivability but ofc its more advanced design). Then again, its a pirate vessel and I usually intentionally give pirate tech some flaws as pirates mostly whack whatever is available together rather then design everything with things like crew safety and high tech weapons. The 1st fighter was decrewed (survived but both command seats were gone so it was uncontrollable), and the wingman retaliated suprisingly taking down all but a single fuel tank with it's 1st shot (while the Pulsar is not designed to get hit, im surprised how bad it is as is and im going to have to do something to at least make sure a single light weapon salvo doesnt leave it useless with like 200 dV. And finally i redid the interior of the stealth ship i made earlier, namely adding crew area (its super cramped and not even a single straight hallway due to having to cram said interior in alongside the oddly placed weapons and exterior stealth paneling (lots of angly wings). Despite that, its not actually THAT cramped since you can move around easily even when kerbals are sitting in the seats. Thats what the forward command section looks like (after the entire front of the ship was shot off but the Pulsar's drones). Ship surprisingly isnt that weak either, the fact that the interior is so oddly designed makes it somewhat unlikely for any single medium weapon impact (except a heavy 1.25m torp wich 1 shots it reliably) to do that much damage (cosmetically it gets panels shot apart very easily but the interior and critical bits are rather unlikely to be destroyed without sustained fire).
  22. Made a new ship, to replace the old BCorp stealth i had from ages ago (that i never particularly liked). Armed with 2 1.25m capital ship grade heavy torps (2 in the internal bay), 2 stealth ion missiles (basically a LRM but with ion engines and more complexity) and a SRM-6 for emergency point defense or finishing something thats crippled by the other weapons. Primary thrust is 6 measly ion engines, a bit weak but well thats sorta the way ion anything works, a TWR of .02 for extra painful burns. Ofc if willing to sacrifice some of the stealth capability you have access to 0.1 TWR (still rather pathetic but about par as far as a frigate sized warship rocking ions will get). View of the engine clusters, the center one is always exposed (but wedged pretty deep in the hull so it shouldnt be detectable on sensors), and the 4 extra are used when high thrust is needed. Each is actually a cluster of 6 ions (wish stock KSP actually had a 1.25m ion engine, stacking the 0.6m ones is just part count intensive (not to mention adds quite a bit to physics calcs when theya re running all at once, not sure how some of the ships ive seen on the forums with 200+ ion engines can even run?). All in all very happy with the ship's looks. Hull is based on the anubis from the expanse. Wings are based on the normandy from mass effect. That said, its not really a reploica, i just wanted to make a stealth ship that was fully assymetric, and went with the most natural style, being lots of weird angles and shapes. Only thing i completely took from the anubis was those triangular bits which were black in the show but i wanted some contrast and to sorta match AKS stealth ships (BCorp isnt exactly advanced enough to make a stealth without stealing said AKS tech) which are black with some gold edges/highlights. Also gave it 6 solar panels ti try and counteract the insanely power hungry engines, but they completely ruin the appearance and are only extended in friendly territory since i doubt a bunch of extended solar panels are very "stealthy" nomatter what sci-fi universe you live in (at least not without full on cloaking or something of the sort)...
  23. Well i wanted to try a new style, so i went with something a bit more "reality" inspired. not really based on any particular spacecraft/station, but i sorta went with the stack of circular fuselages and a few semi rounded tanks to the rear. i initially wanted some more exposed girdery bits, but i settled without it as i sorta needed every bit of real estate onboard for well, enough fuel to actually get over 2K dV with LFO engines (and not even the most efficient ones as i have one of those quad nozzle lifter engines on there with trash ISP (mostly cause i like the look of said quad engine and it saves 3 parts over having 4 909s clipped together). Nice view of the interior, about as cramped as you can get with the crew surrounded by fuel tanks. You can sorta see what is the payload too, to the sides and top... Used a crapton of doors on this ship (it was originally gonna be a civilian fuel tanker, settles for something more conventional). Front houses 4 generic LRMs which are unreliable (older model), but well there are 4 and its not like its meant to engage a bloody cruiser with those. The ventral doors on the primary hull hoise the main weapons, namely 2 heavy torpedoes that are capable of being used against cruisers with decent effect (its no AKS torpedo, but its not far behind). And the coolest part of the ship imo, the railgun turrets (which are fully hidden behind doors and slide out really nicely). I took the inspiration for those guns from iron sky (the earth ship's 2 turrets), specifically the fact that they kinda extended outwards from the ship like mine do (albeit i only went with a extension+doors and not like 3+ hinges the earth ship had). I think it turned out really nicely, especially since "realistic sci-fi" isnt a style i use very often in KSP. Never really cared for replicating reality as well i can just go outside the house, jump in the car, drive on to the nearest spaceport, and attempt the real life version of GTA except with spacecraft (and prolly kaput horribly due to armed guards)... Still, definitely a ship im keeping, along with the unarmed transporter variant that just guts the weapons bay and adds some docking ports in there for containers or fuel tanks.
  24. I used alot of struts to connect the turret to the tank's armor so it doesnt bend and flex too much, but sadly robotics (unless you use the largest rotator which is too easy to snipe out) are a wobbly mess and pretty much have been from day 1 (you just have to get used to it or work around the wobbliness). Still, you should try the medium rotator servo with the tall base (the smaller one cant be strutted and will wobble unless the turret is unarmored (say servo+hinge+docking port+fireworks, much more and you need lots of struts to hold the base of the medium servo). You can see the struts in this screenie fairly well, just went from all the 6 wheels to the turret base and it more or less makes the wobbliness manageable. That said, make sure to lock the servo/hinge when you arent actually firing it (and driving at high speeds as having an unlocked hinge will increase the wobblin by a ton. Anyways, in other news, made the 11th gen Dimension class cruiser. Part counts are a bit bad (625ish), but i can always make a bridge-less variant to fix that problem (its at least 50 parts or so that goes into the custom interior). Upper bridge, went somewhat simple but not so simple that the kerbins are missing basic monitors at their stations. Most of the parts go into the upper armored canopy that actually offers somewhat decent protection from anything that isnt phasing levels of velocity (fireworks just pass through stuff and randomly interact with the internals so no "armor" really helps to protect the squishy bits inside from sustained fire). Primary weapon is a dual heavy AT gun (same thing as on the tanks, just much faster firing and with more ammo). Its unreliable due to spread and the phasing, but when it hits it tears armor apart like a ibeam with sepatrons would (minus the part count and limited ammo issues). Also visible are the ship's PDCs, namely 3 quad pulse cannons with the standard 100m/s velocity (wont touch armor, but guts the internals with sustained fire), able to fire forward with the main gun, and ofc each side can also aim independently via turrets (only blind spot is directly behind the ship, but its not like the thing cant just RCS turn quickly enough to nullify that issue). Powered by the standard dimension engine array, 3 rear, 2 mid, 2 front allowing for redundancy to prevent any 1 shot nomatter how powerful from immobilizing the ship. ~3K dV with 3 starfighters onboard, 3.4ish unloaded. View from the observation deck, excellent for manually targeting the PDCs and generally cool view across the ship's top. Daylight shot of the ship with hangar open. Plenty of space in there as ive crammed a Nova class inside there although its a very tight fit, generally better for 3-6 smaller sized fighters. I think the ladders also really add to the look despite only being 6 parts and really hides the fact that the hull of the ship is more or less fairly symmetrical top-bottom (aside from the very front and the bridges up top), i know its personal preference but im not that big a fan of perfectly symmetrical ships in the vertical direction. Speaking of the front, i actually used the 3rd gen's broadside firing ports and turned em into windows for the living area. View of the living area interior. Nothing crazy, just some crew stations on the sides and a table in the center, didnt want to add too much but also didnt want to just have 4 chairs and nothing else as it doesnt feel like a proper interior that way (jf im gonna waste parts at all on an interior adding a few more wont really matter). testing the frontal firepower (which is actually quite insane). Just wish that we could adjust firework spread as the particle beams just dont look right when not firing every shot in the same spot. Still, it looks super cool, and I can even broadside things (not that this makes any logical sense in a space fight with guided torpedoes, but whatever, its fun to get ships up close). All in all, i quite like what i did with this, crossing the 5th and 10th gens was defenetely a good idea. I honestly prefer the grievios ship inspired hull layout, just had to mate it with a front that i actually liked, nd the 10th gen was pretty good in that department. Ofc i did modiy it somewhat since the 10th gen as it was didnt fit properly, but i thing i like the current 1 even more due to being well not symmetrical (and it has the upside down triangle layout of the other AKS ship). Might make some tweaks (namely to cut parts), but i think ill keep this overall layout going forward.
  25. Kinda messed around with the concept of ignore part counts entirely and just make ships look cool: I was going to do this to the dimension, but i suspect it would require at least 300 lights to do, so i sorta didnt bother as adding unnecessary crap to a 300 part ship is one thing, adding unnecessary crap to a 650 part ship, is not my idea of intelligent: )
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