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  1. *sigh*

    Well, my grandmother passed, today.

    It's a really strange feeling. There's grief, obviously, but relief, too. She hadn't been well for a few years, already.

    I think the most important person to worry about now is my granddad, and he's keeping strong. Hell of a man, that one. Always an example.

    I might be on lurk mode these days. Or I may be talkative. Or I may not even be online at all. I don't really know yet. But I'm here, keeping my head up.

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    2. Urses


      Sorry for your loss friend. I hope she is gone softly. Stay strong and hung to your granddad, he will maybe not will talk about but company from his family will help him and your self to come over...

    3. monstah


      Yes, she went peacefully. And the family is keeping strong. 

      Thanks all. I'm still around :) (and yes, you're my friends)

    4. LitaAlto


      Many condolences. ;.;

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