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  1. Yeeessss, me too. There wasn't a "like" counter on individual posts, if I remember correctly? You gave rep to the person, not the post, and I enjoyed writing those little snippets of "hey - that was awesome, thanks!"
  2. @Snark hey, I've made a pull request for this, because ReStock has updated docking port models for 1.12 with dock alignment rotation transforms
  3. (ah, yes, the actual topic... I thinkI've posted this already in a similar topic some years ago and I thought this was that same topic?) Well, like my friend @adsii1970 I've also used the same username (well, two variations of, actually, 'monstah' is the english spelling) and avatar everywhere since I can remember. Name is a corruption of "monster", after the nickname "Little monster" I've had since 1999 (in portuguese, I spell it "Monstrim"). It was a fellow member of a forum I was in at the time that spelled it as "monstah" for the first time, my username on it was actually "Little monster". The original symbol was part of a pencil drawing on a notebook back in 2002, some random sort of monster (yes there's a pattern here) with a rune or whatever drawn on the forehead; for some reason, I really liked the rune. I was reading "King in Yellow" at the time, so I figured if I was gonna make a digital version, it'd have to be yellow. And so it has been to this day. Now, this particular version of the yellow scribble, however, was drawn by @NSEP, and I'm very fond of it! He turned the curves into traight lines, but somehow managed to get my exact intention on nearly every stroke. And it reminds me of Bizarro There was! Sadly, I dropped moderation, so I can't ban you anymore J/k, I don't even know if the old one is still around. I was just confused because I replied here thinking it was the old one
  4. So close, both. I think I may have fabricated a memory, I remember something like a crossbreed between these two. I'll keep them, tho. Both are good. Thanks!
  5. This thread is a treasure, and it has been forgotten for too long. Time to bump it up. I was thinking something the other day. A long train of thought, which somehow made its way to the KSP Forum. I don't remember exactly how I came to that conclusion, but I realized this: I'm about the same age, or older, than some of you folks' parents. And I can think of at least one friend I've made in this forum that's as old as, or older than, my own parents. I think that's something magical about this place (and this game).
  6. ...it would show you where celestial bodies (and target vessel, I think) would be at a future time, using the active vessel's orbit as a parameter. Like, you hovered the cursor above a point in the active vessel's orbit, and it would display a phantom indicator of every celestial body, in the place of its orbit where it will be when the current vessel hit the spot your cursor is at. Can anyone remember what it was called?
  7. There's a bug in general for loading textures; camera dirt textures are also saved, but not loaded. I looked in the git and there's a pull request for a fix for that already, and Shadowmage posted here recently about pull requests, so I think we just have to wait for the new release
  8. "didn't scale well", I believe So, every time I fire CKAN in the week and try to se what's new, I'm just making a fool of myself?
  9. Just so y´all know this (the unnoficial patch linked above) still works in 1.12, too. Kinda wonky, but it works. Can't permanently save settings (have to manually edit cfgs for that), but you can at least export profiles - but choosing which profile goes where is kind of a pain. Edit: Just discovered TUFX. Whatever. Been under a rock for a long time. *crawls back under it*
  10. I had the same problem, it was an issue with Indicator Lights Community Extensions. I subitted a PR to Snark's repo, but feel free to see the changes here if you want to quickly fix it yourself.
  11. Oh boy, nobody cares about a lot of stuff. That realization takes a lot of weight out of one's shoulders, and it took me more than 30 years to get it. Sure, people care about lots of things they shouldn't care about, but they also... don't, really. They just want to complain. So, be yourself, be happy, and don't worry about what people will think of you, because mostly they don't care. (which does not mean be an idiot to others! It just means not to be afraid to be happy because you think you'll be judged. Still be excellent to each other, and party on dudes)
  12. Never read this combination of words before. Never expected to, either. Counting this as my interesting/funny thing for today.
  13. Soooo... I've started playing this game again, and... this time, it stuck! I think the thought of "no more major updates" lifted my spirits in regard to it. I think it's safe to say that it's the first time in a little over three years that I like KSP :)

    I still have a couple beefs, sure. I still think Contract Configurator and Strategia are absolutely essential mods for the enjoyment of this game as it was intended, as are EVE, Scatterer and Chatterer. I still think the mission thingie from the DLC is absolute rubbish and a waste of my money. A couple of mods I really liked broke down a few versions a go and never came back, a shame, but the current state of the game doesn't make me need them as badly. And I absolutely ditched KER, KAS, KIS and a few others and, know what? It's perfectly fine, now! And I (probably) never have to think about any of them every breaking again! Wohoo!

    You might even see a bit more of me on the forums again.

    1. Dman979


      Have you considered playing stock? :P

    2. monstah


      Yes, but... I've always found it lacking. It was really buying Making History right after the EULAgate that made me ragequit, tho; the (stock) game is not perfect, but it's fine.

  14. So, life updates, again?


    I think the main thing is, despite my government's efforts on decimating its own population, I'm still alive. That's already a lot to expect in The Year of Our Lord MMXXI, and I'm so happy to see a lot of familiar faces still active here. 

    I've switched jobs a few times since we last spoke, and as of early this year I've landed on a carreer I've been desiring for quite a while, and am now in a senior position working with data science and machine learning. Still happily married, still happily childless (tho slowly changing my mind), at the moment living at my mother's, but with my own house being built (was already slowly due to budget, and then the whole world fell apart...)


    And... I guess that's it. The itch to play the game never came back, tho I haven't lost hope. To the two or three of you that I've on my Steam contacts list of Gtalk (seriously, is that still a thing???), I may not chat with you, but my heart still warms to see you online from time to time. To everyone else, if you ever wanna check if I'm alive, twitter is for the time being my platform of choice, where you can catch up on my very, very low sense of humour and leftist excrementsposts. Or just add me on steam. I... guess my handle there is "Monstah"...? Here, it's this one: steamcommunity.com/id/monstrim


    Stay alive, everyone. Keep safe. Love!

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    2. HafCoJoe


      It's good to hear from you! Take care man, I know from experience that trying to do something you don't have the drive for feels awful. I've been on a hiatus myself for a good half-year now, though I'm hoping I get the drive to come back soon too. Still checking the forums on a daily basis, though :) old habits never die.

      I sent you a friend request! You should see something from a certain HafCoJoe. I'm not sure if we have any other games in common, but there's only one way to find out.

      Take care, Monstah.

    3. Dman979


      Google Chats/Hangouts are dead and gone, unfortunately. But I'm glad you're back!

    4. Deddly


      Eyyy! Really miss you man! 

  15. SURPRI-IIIISE! @pizzaoverhead sorry for skipping your turn, go right ahead my man.
  16. Yup. Once upon a time, said user would indeed be supposed to be working on the forum. TUBM is enjoying way more caffeine than they should.
  17. Came upon these, and had the most wonderful chuckle: Yeah, this is what I missed about here
  18. Yup, yup, yup, yup, and - oh boy - yup.
  19. Didn't they let you know? They just throw darts at a name board. edit - Heh, crap, that even still my signature
  20. Talking about shoes, glad to see my old ones are so well-filled! Wait, Beavis and Butt-Head avatar, is that right?
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