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  1. I've never called anyone's singing being good, but this one might be it.
  2. Is that out of the "likes" or the warning points ?
  3. Uh... so the world becomes filled with kaiju ? No thanks.
  4. Then we'd have had Americapox, since they'd been 'civilized' enough. Plus, they'd be the ones who come over to Europe.
  5. I do - it gives some sense of how much am I actually spending. As for the design, unless you envision it being made from polymer, I question it'd be that pretty.
  6. They'd still have died regardless. Natural selection is cruel.
  7. Yeah, I guess it has more to do with "we're not responsible if you're not responsible" thing. If something illegal happens in an unsecured link then honestly they couldn't do a thing - but now if an unsecured link is there then honestly now there's just all reasons for them to think it wasn't very good.
  8. YNM


    I can drink them, but drinking them means nothing extra to me.
  9. Plus a ram air turbine. Passengers want windows, though. Plus, large wingspans are not very good. There's a reason they have to fold the 777X wing. Also, so far airplanes put their fuel tanks on the wing and their load on the fuselage - putting the passenger cabin on the wing means now they share the exact same structural part.
  10. Looking really bad now...