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  1. Humans are warm-blooded mammals. Just don't let the room "too hot" or "too cold".
  2. Go team human ! Although I'm mostly impartial.
  3. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Here, have something easier.
  4. Human Ascension

    Have you tried going to the middle of Atlantic ?
  5. Oh dear. Scientist and engineer no more...
  6. Why does nobody care about dead pilots?

    It depends, really. Much the same that you probably won't follow every hearse that happen to pass you by to the cemetry and help those left behind, those pilots are actually well-remembered within the circle, so the air force (if they're a member of), families, and the event organizer or something. It's just that you've come across it being so far away from it. But yeah. When you're dead, all you left on the world is info on how you died and statistics. Not much else.
  7. Bad news for NASA ! At least the human scientists.
  8. Did they... found out an exoplanet... ... with AI inhabittants ?
  9. The FCC is trying to remove Net Neutrality

    FCC only applies for 300 mln people out of 8+ billion. A bit too narrow mate.
  10. By definition, that's "evolution" and "natural selection". Things did went bananas when we interfere though. Also, birds.
  11. Remember where yours came from In any case, IMO this is yet another "talk". Unless, he comes down to the launch pad...
  12. Rate the location....

    6/10 looks hot.