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  1. YNM

    Future of game visuals!!

    Not to mention that faster FPS actually results in a... somewhat dizzying effect. I've only been able to experience 60 FPS recently and to be honest it feels odd because my vision system probably isn't used to a no-blur scheme. And to be honest, the use case will actually be very limited to recreational uses. Training simulations prefer to actually reduce the visual details because you want to be sure they can operate it in all conditions.
  2. YNM

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    Often if you strip the "science fiction" away from many science fiction they sell better in a different genre. That's my concern. It's still an epic on the same (or even greater) proportions of Moby Dick, though. If you take the science away it's just Captain Ahab under the sea. Yup. I haven't read or seen the thing though, this is almost cold reading.
  3. YNM

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    The story used to be a novel ? I'm guessing this is one of those stories that are better told as novels rather than moving images. Quite possibly the tech was a distraction from the key intricacies of the plays as is made in the book. Why I'm often wary of labeling anything science fiction !
  4. YNM

    Future of game visuals!!

    It won't even be just games anymore.
  5. YNM

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    A worse statement than "well, the Antarctic have water".
  6. YNM

    JWST: it's done!

    The space disco ball thing ? Mayak ? That's not a layer of stuff though.
  7. YNM

    Martian Packing List

    Before everything else : They even flown one to the ISS (not particularly that brand).
  8. YNM

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_birds There's also still : Condor Albatross Bustard Swan Turkey Rhea Penguin Emu Cassowary Ostrich
  9. YNM


    Proles and animals are free.
  10. YNM

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    ... unless you're growing them in floodplains.
  11. YNM

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    It means a higher crop production in one area. Which means you need less land to get the same amount of harvest. Which means less resources used. Combine that with slightly less consumption per capita plus other sources of food and you get the reason why Java can sustain a population density of 1000/sq km (3000/sq mi) easily. (this is on par with Bangladesh.) EDIT : We also rely on rice, which hasn't changed too much from their wild counterparts AFAIK. Not really, it could be larger but emptier (idk but here we would call it kopong).
  12. YNM

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    I wouldn't give good reviews on that. Sure, it's possible to grow crops year-round, but that has been around since the first farming in certain areas*; In other respect "gearing up" means more tertiary demand, which means more less-essential crops and/or non-local produce, which means more lands than otherwise. But I'll say that gearing down isn't a bad one. Many manages to survive on such measures. * : Farming here. This article says it all. Excerpts :
  13. 10,000 Falcon 9 Block 5 + 10,000 comm sats ? Well, Internet on the Moon I guess ! *and yes this is temporary. future image reference (they've made an actual badge for it though).
  14. Hypergolics means it'll work nearly every time. Cryogenic means it could work unless it has all boiled off. Hyperbolics... Have you used the nuclear blast again ? You shouldn't use hyperbolics for Earth-Moon transfers...