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  1. Have they done an Ultraman - style thing (basically some benevolent extra-human) ? Or would that directly competes for their popularity ?
  2. I think they're almost always based in Japan in the Japanese versions (of which they made one nearly every year between 1962 - 1975, and then 1991 - 2005, and lately in 2016). You just haven't seen them. The Japanese Wikipedia has an entire list of places Godzilla has destroyed. ... I think at this point it's kinda difficult but to see a few things re-doing itself. Or Toho could possibly try to peddle some of the stuff the rest of the world hasn't seen yet.
  3. Ah alright. There's also a "Language" option. Perhaps one could somehow tailor it to the International section... but eh, I guess it's OK.
  4. 日本語IMEにわコミックサンスがいません。 (No Comic Sans in Japanese IME.) Take from it what you want.
  5. Those who lived in them already knew* the risks. Much like Mayak, or Los Alamos in it's initial heyday. Many such place exists. * well someone definitely took care of it.
  6. I started to notice there's a "Theme" option on the bottom of the Forum, and so far there's only "Default" and "Copy of Default". Are these planned to be developed ? A slightly darker theme would be welcome. I think some users have made plug-ins to change the appearance, but a native method to change the theme might be better.
  7. When they're literally not saying anything useful it's dire to try and look for deeper meaning. We literally just know "something nuclear goes off and some people died, but apparently only brief spike in radiation".
  8. I also think they're Irish, but I'm not sure. ________________ Not very cheerful but interesting nevertheless.
  9. I was wondering actually. Like, I think the original ET wasn't designed to bear the full load, sort of what you see in single-stack. It's not entirely balloon tank as in the original Atlas or Centaur, but it's no Thor EELT either.
  10. Well, maybe you guys have been having a bit of luck in getting Pu-238...
  11. A "contained" criticality accident wouldn't release their long half-life isotopes, but would eventually vent the short ones ie. iodine or radon (as they'd be in the air and whatnot). So yeah, I don't know what they're testing, since a) if it was a criticality accident we don't have enough data to tell what was the parent isotope, and b) a 'contained' criticality accident wouldn't be an "explosion" exactly, yet c) an "uncontained" explosion would cause the release of long half-life isotopes, inconsistent with the reportedly transient increase in radiation. (Not to say they can't just be flat out lying to us, however.) Depends on where you are. Soviet Union and Russia mostly use(d) Sr-90 indeed but US and Europe mostly use Pu-238. But the more common usage of one radioisotope doesn't mean they can't try with other ones. EDIT : I've also heard of "sub-critical RTGs".
  12. Well they managed to get a solution of reprocessed uranium from nuclear power plants to reach criticality by accident in Japan, in 1999. The design would never be critical - but the handling might.
  13. Well, they might've stupidly arranged the fuel in such a way they make criticality...
  14. So criticality accident ? Why "explosion" then ?