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  1. Would like it more if the things in those slides comes to reality !
  2. YNM

    ISRO Thread

    ... unless I don't really see any RCS system on the drawing yet...
  3. YNM

    How many passports is too much?

    The UK allows dual citizenship on a wide basis. I think the same goes to all of the Crown Territories too, as well as Ireland. The US officially doesn't do dual citizenship, but more often than not just skims over it. Many countries in Europe has a "meh" approach to dual citizenship, as it's all under the EU anyway, with some even going to "encourage dual citizenship". Where I live (Indonesia) the laws clearly says that foreign (non-Indonesian) second citizenship is illegal unless received on a non-voluntary basis (so only honorary citizenships, ex. our 3rd president). So if you applied to become our citizens you have to renounce all of your other citizenship (don't ask me about enforcement), and if you're discovered to already have another citizenship that you applied for then your Indonesian citizenship is automatically invalid. One thing sure : everyone can go here 30-days visa-free, but I barely can go anywhere visa-free
  4. YNM

    ISRO Thread

    Probably vernier engines.
  5. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Some of it are indeed hyperbole. Some are corrupted to a large degree. But sometimes, it does help you. Where I live we still have stories of various 'magics' and unthinkable physical feats - the difference is, as late as 2 generations ago, those capabilities were still very widespread and common; my father witnessed one of them himself - one possessed by his own uncle (one of my grandfather). It infamously gave our forces during the National Struggle, armed only with makeshift weaponry, an equal footing with the Dutch/Allied forces who were armed with advanced weaponry - that happened as late as 1950s, my dad was born in late 1960s. If you're strong-willed you can gain those powers today as well, but they do come with a lot of trade-offs. You're free to either believe it or dismiss it. But if you've seen one, it's probably very difficult to say otherwise.
  6. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Like this... ... and not like this. This is what they say. Do you want to take it or not, it's your call.
  7. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    ... But do they stay intact culturaly ? Maybe they'd remember their demise instead, like the Inuit who remembered the demise of paleo-Eskimos. Hahah, so funny. It's not always all full of flowers. The stories of the Inuit, and probably the various Kamchatkans, would probably be full of fishes, ice, seals, and sometimes, bears.
  8. YNM

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    And given it was directly after the "lost generation" of the 70s, the drugs made sense.
  9. YNM

    Cotton growing on the Moon

    Just so you know, China has repeatedly made the idea of a far-side moon base - they say "for astronomy". And to the best of my knowledge they've gained more traction than the western side do. Although, still one question to ask : It is one thing to see something grow - it is another to see something harvested and used. Onto the harvesting mission !
  10. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Right, so, does the Kamchatkans stay alive from the time of Beringia or not ? Were they there since so long ? Did they thrive ? Did they have any kind of oral histories that chronicles their past ? Or has it all been left freezing in the cold since you guys came in and claim sovereignty ? The polynesians knew their histories of the voyages from oral recounts. Those in the western islands and central Polynesia knew they came from asian mainland. Those in Hawai'i, Rapa Nui and Aotearoa knew they came from the various central polynesian islands. It also appears that the Inuit recounted of Tunit people - a group which lived even further north, in even colder conditions, and even hardier. We would know them as Dorset culture. So, has anything of similar measures been taken on the Kamchatkans ?
  11. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    They overlapped. The Khanate of Sibir was an indirect continuation of the whole Mongol Empire/Khanate. And this all happened in the last one millenia. We were talking of something 20 millenia ago. So now, back to Kamchatka.
  12. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    The "siberian" conquered the "middle asian". You said it yourself that the khanate of Sibir was siberian. Obviously they got the idea off the other "siberian". Unless now you question, was the siberians in 18000 BCE the same as the ones you met in 1800 CE ?
  13. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Oh yeah, so small. (tl;dr what was held in 1800 CE probably didn't held in 18000 BCE.)
  14. YNM

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    By this standard we wouldn't even need to leave Africa. Khanate, tl;dr technology and power. Modern. Still then after they slaughter people they're slaughtered back. They knew those 'siberian' people made a mound of their ancestor's skulls in their city center, who wouldn't want to make a mound of their past oppressor's skulls ? Also, you're out of place. This is where Khanate of Sibir was : ... not east enough ? They're only a stepping stone in their true range and extent. Sadly it doesn't seem there's any left as descendants of the first people who made it onto Eastern Siberia. They've in general left their halt, and spread east and west. The last left are probably various indigeneous Kamchatkans. Oh, just to remind where Kamchatka is.