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  1. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    The cure, my son... Not stuck now, but had stuck before. I haven't seen and heard better lyrics.
  2. Is eccentricity a vector?

    wait... whats ε ? IMHO you should use equations that eases the work in the coordinate you're using. The first one was OK for cartesian I think.
  3. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Oh, he dealt a lot more than that.
  4. Actually, it's not none : It's slight. The "trouble" with gravitational waves are that their direction isn't a point : it's a four-lobe. So when you have a signal, it's hard to tell exactly where it comes, like you'd do with optical or radio telescope. Why did I mention such ? Well, the old "premise" of dark matter are that they only interact gravitationally : black holes (mind the plural), to some extent, fulfill the premise. It's massive enough to disrupt light; but it can be sparse enough not to "die"(collide) every single encounter. Back then, we couldn't rule out that dark matter aren't black holes, both theoretically and observationally. Now, we can do so theoretically; If there were black holes they'd collide ever so sparsely. The problem is that we haven't been able to get point sources for these events, so telling how's it happening inbetween two galaxies is bard, let alone how much in a galaxy.
  5. Is eccentricity a vector?

    It can be a scalar or a vector depends on how you're describing your orbit. Usually, there are 6 orbital elements : - Semi-major axis (a) : the "size" of your orbit. - Eccentricity (e) : how squished the orbit is. - Inclination (i) : how tilted your orbital plane is wrt reference plane. - Longitude / Right Ascencion of Ascending Node (Ω) : Where your ascending node (point where you move from "below" reference plane to "above") is wrt a reference point - Argument of Periapse (ω) : where your periapse is wrt. the ascending node, along your orbital plane; alternatively Longitude of Periapse (Ω+ω) - True anomaly (ν) : Where you are wrt the periapse along the orbital plane. There are also eccentric anomaly ("idealized" to a circle) and mean anomaly (% time of orbit). In this case, everything is a scalar, though you could argue it's a spherical coordinate as well. In your case, I think the eccentricity vector is simply where direction of the periapsis is from the system center. It combines eccentricity (by how long the vector is) with inclination, LAN/RAAN and Arg. of Periapse (by the direction it's pointing in) into one entity. I guess it eases the drawing for the orbit, as you can extract where the orbital plane is from both the radial and velocity vector (or radial and eccentricity or velocity and eccentricity), and then you can make where the Pe is (multiply with sma), and where everything else is in the cartesian/rectangular system.
  6. Your Favorite Anime

    I'm not an anime-watcher, but I've seen some and I've seen (and joined, briefly or not) friends watching it. I remember SAO, this thing, some other things and some other weird things which titles I forgot. The only one I've watched completely (not fully, not wholy, mind) is Stein's Gate, which I didn't watch for the story, it was more for the opinions on the plot device. I guess the biggest barrier is the language, and I don't quite like the stories and the portrayals I think, so yeah it's not very good. I don't know. "Small, far away" perhaps.
  7. I'm bad at this whole 'job' thing.

    Are the printers integral to your work ? If yes, I could only imagine that you need to give some warnings, and probably you should try getting the manual or somesuch of the machines you're working on and with. At least, ensure you can't break them unless it's going ruthless. If they're only tangent to your work (for instance, just an office where printers are needed but not one of your focus), it's not a problem. If it's the tech support guy and the work environment that's going ruthless... well, I haven't worked, and I haven't been in such conditions...
  8. Weather Chat Megathread

    Quite surprised to see Ophelia. Have heard of hurricane/"ex-"/TS/"ex-" up there, but haven't been living in one time. Anyway, is anyone else here lives somewhere "forecast-proof" ? I think I live in one. It's all mountains to all directions and the only thing that tells you is rain in the making appears to be random.

    That would just be 1tan. Should be skelesin/cos or skeleskelecos/skelesin. Anyway, I'm coming in no harm... or at least I thought ! Death to non-heat resistants ... !
  10. This is great. Back then they all talked about GRBs without having any real idea what the hell they are. In the same time, they haven't detected any gravitational waves from supposedly-GRB-producing event. And suddenly, the paths cross. So, congratulations everyone. And thank you the Universe. Shame on ESO though as I believe it involved waaay more than themselves !
  11. Can i add new fonts to MSpaint?

    Those fonts are for everything else as well. Installing a TTF means that it's available to be used throughout the OS. Also, is it possible to put pixels in Gimp ? The only problem with Gimp is the UI isn't exactly easy to understand. Back when I did some pixel drawings, I only used Gimp to get the templates palettes but I draw on Paint.
  12. Can i add new fonts to MSpaint?

    Yeah. But I presume there isn't much of a reason to keep it either, unless you're an avid pixel artist (like I tried to quite some time ago, finally gave up due to templating). Anyway, tangently back to topic : Anyone have suggestion of fonts to try out ? Currently I use Ubuntu, but Transport looks really clear, but it's really bulky (only works for titles or, well, signs). New Transport isn't that free. Anyone got ideas on their own ?
  13. Can i add new fonts to MSpaint?

    I think yes. If you install a TTF or somesuch on Windows, AFAIK it's installed system-wide. So it should appear in MS Paint. (which is about to be discontinued... !) For "where to find a font", that's left to user discretion. So far I've used Ubuntu and tried (a version of) Transport.