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  1. YNM

    Samsung vs Apple.

    If only manufacturers would do that for flagships these days.
  2. YNM

    Im freaking out right now Help ASAP

    Didn't know whether you were kidding or not. But if you really were sober, try combing the processes in Task Manager. See if anything odd comes up.
  3. YNM

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 3048 : BadS
  4. YNM

    Im freaking out right now Help ASAP

    Have you drank any fizzy drink or tea or coffee ? If you haven't you may want to first.
  5. YNM

    Windows 10 or 7? Which is better?

    Whichever one I got. Currently win10 on the laptop but my old PC is win7 and previous laptop is win8. If only they extended the XP and made upgrading not a hassle with logging in or special updater programs.
  6. Engineering are forced to rely on rather inexact data. This theory could put numbers but IMO it's just a thinking. Just because it's not accurate doesn't quite make it invalid.
  7. YNM

    Samsung vs Apple.

    Current ones are non-removable. EDIT : For the record, once I used one that had removable batteries. But most of the stuff now don't - removable cover seems to be quite a hassle for the manufacturers.
  8. YNM

    Drag coefficient of my rocket

    Both are used. One is skin drag (friction of the passing air) and the other is form drag (the ramming effect that the object makes). For cars, form drag is much more apparent; on airplanes, skin drag dominates. Probably for rockets other forms of drag would prevail, ie. wave drag (supersonic).
  9. But still presents a possibility. (I'd prefer without the numbers, you can't barely tell anyway.)
  10. YNM

    Samsung vs Apple.

    Good statement then. (I don't care what other people use as long as they like it.) Would still present a vested interest - there are many features to compare to. There are "basic features" but TBH many of them are phone-defining (calls, SMS) and/or mandatory (ie. some countries needs your phone to be able to receive FM radios for emergencies). Obviously if you just want basic features the ye olde Nokia serves you well. Probably. Couldn't be bothered properly picking up stats.
  11. YNM

    Lasers, Mirrors and Star Pyramids

    Many resonance lasers rely on partial mirrors.
  12. YNM

    Samsung vs Apple.

    Nokia (and Carl Zeiss, small wonder) already blew the crap out of everyone's camera since long ago. They had 12 MP cameras when everyone was still doing 1 or 3. So what's our option, comrade ?
  13. YNM

    Samsung vs Apple.

    Then why even bother with f-stop ? There are phones with cameras on them if you want that. To me, as long as I can call and sms (otherwise it's not a "phone" !), chat, read documents, go to .net, all seamlessly, it's more than enough.