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  1. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Now we are going somewhere. Programmers around the world, please listen to this man. God knows when people down here would finally use their eyes. Approaching a blind junction, you really need to unleash some horns and flashers. I sometimes wonder what if I can install a really obnoxius white noise generator to my car so finally everyone can know precisely where it is and do something about it. By that standard, someone else should be bankrupt first. Given what Uber has done to laws as a corporation... *shudder* *rattles badly*
  2. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Would you require an AI to stop for one ?
  3. Uber Troubles For Uber

    And the AIs are not equipped with human-grade eyes, with logarithmic response. Last I checked there are no such thing. On such case I'm not reluctant to use intermittent flashers (of high beam) and horns. Great ! Robbery should just be let off because they mostly win anyway.
  4. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Yes, and when I'm in an inadequately-illuminated "empty" road, I use the high beam light. Very common sense.
  5. Uber Troubles For Uber

    @tater Few questions : 1. What if the "moving object" was a massive rock instead of a tired middle-aged woman ? 2. You expected the driver to make mistakes. You don't expect the pedestrian to make mistakes. Both are human. What is that ? 3. Given the fact that the reaches of headlights can't even illuminate entirely the emergency braking distance for the speeds the vehicle travel, shouldn't that be illegal somehow ? Well, then remove the feature entirely, get some shrubbery. Also, I don't ask for a thorough replacement in an instant. If that's not feasible, you can roll out over time. The nation with the largest GDP in the world can't even afford to think the right way up. *shudders* Keep the car locked out ? And start driving and call 911 (if not prompted already) once the window's broken.
  6. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Well if you deem things are fine then OK, I can't push that. I can only hope someone doesn't get ran over again because they're lured by the inviting but illegal to pass on paths, but given statistics that's more than likely. Also, jaywalking isn't a crime in the UK. Try to think about it. No. (it's featured in ATS though, so perhaps I could pay a look). I'll stop asking about PT. Go ahead with your horde of automated electric steel SUVs. It's also bloody hot down here (not where I stay for now though, here up the mountains it's bloody cold). You have a dry 50 degrees celcius, we have 100% humidity 30 degree celcius. Try going to a body-temperature sauna, that's what being here feels like.
  7. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Great ! I think we can load passengers on flatbeds right ! After all, some of them "surf"... ... Or narrow the roads. Let's not forget : Tempe is an outskirt of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. They house 3.6 million people. We're not talking "in the middle of nowhere" here. That road has 8000 car (unit equivalent) users every day. It is a "throw of rock" away from the Tempe City Hall. But you know what ? It's fine. I don't mind so much people killed as long as it's not in my clear view. Carry on chaps, gotta kill some more.
  8. Uber Troubles For Uber

    So, you can put a price on a single life then. Good to know. That aside, perhaps a good start could somehow be reducing the length of roads ? And getting designs for new roads right.
  9. Misspell the Username!

  10. Uber Troubles For Uber

    I don't ask you to build an arcology. All I'm asking you guys is to - Redesign the cycle path with barries between the cycle path and the road (or where car parking are allowed, make the cyle path behind the parking cars), - Close down sites where "illegal crossing" might be a recurring theme, or put better scrutiny on it. That's it.
  11. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Are we tolerating deaths now ? Is this true that a death of thousands means a lot less than a single death ? It is a thing down here. Even more horrendous, actually. The prevalence of high-speed motorcyclist (usually the young ones and the women) and general lack of enforcement makes for a very "liberal" road environment. But our speeds are definitely lower, at least by the book - even the highest you can get on a long-distance tollroad is only 60 mph (100 kmh), and city roads are limited to 25 mph (40 kmh). This doesn't stop someone from speeding down the road at 100 mph though, if they have cars capable of such - most trucks are even not capable of sustaining 35 mph (60 kmh). But, back to America. What a drawback.
  12. Uber Troubles For Uber

    And that is bad design. The woman started to cross when the car is more than that distance down the road. If that was in broad daylight everyone would see everything. Also, a slack of only 3 mph is more than enough to convert the horrendous crash into a near miss - not good, sure, but not fatal either. You guys are having the problems.
  13. Uber Troubles For Uber

    I've seen the footage. (where I watched it from) Assuming that the video rate hasn't been changed : At 0:07 the woman entered the 1st (rightmost) lane. At 0:08 the women is right in the middle of the 1st lane. That gives a back-of-the-napkin figure of 1 second for half a lane. There were more or less 3.5 lanes (2 main lanes, 1 turning lanes widening, 1 bike path around 0.5 lanes) where the woman crossed. The woman were hit as it exited the first lane, giving a minimum distance covered of 2.75 lanes. That means the woman has been on the road pavement proper for about 5.5 seconds. At constant 38 mph, the car were 93 metres back when the woman started to cross. That is more than enough distance to be aware of what's going on if lighting wasn't a problem. Let' be honest, America - you have a problem.
  14. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Why would the design of a pedestrian path has anything and everything to do with a motorway next to it ? It is bad design. Tempe needs to fix it. As well as they super-scary, cheap-paint-job, wrong-way-around "bike paths". I'm surprised no-one's been killed on it TBH. If anything, given the woman did walk a bike with her, it should be counted under "cyclist death".
  15. Uber Troubles For Uber

    Good lord. I hope they have an awful lot of money and empathy.