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  1. Yeah, that much is obvious, but it's possible to drive it down from being something spreading around the world to only spreading where they're not careful. And sadly that seems to be including ours in the list.
  2. Then don't do wildlife exposure with stuff we don't really actually need... bats or whatever it was. I mean SARS-Cov the original flavor has no vaccines and no cures either, but it's not here rampaging wild anymore, same with MERS, same with The PlagueTM, limiting transmission is a possibility (that honestly should've been pursued much harder much earlier).
  3. Yes, when the Earth was covered in tropical forest and only reptiles survive, and when the surface was lava.
  4. With efficacy in the 90%+ against severe disease and deaths honestly I wouldn't be as worried. Problem is that these are generally only for the mRNA vaccines (either the usual one or the adenovirus-based one - there have been researches that shows a combined mRNA vaccine regime might result in ~99% efficacy from severe disease and deaths), there have been quite a good number of cases of deaths from COVID after full vaccination (2 shots) of inactivated virus vaccines. And the latter is all we got for now here. In any case, already-vaccinated or unvaccinated-and-waiting-for-turn, masks and good hygiene will have to continue around the world until we really drive transmission down and get everyone vaccinated. Only then can the world breath in undisturbed fresh air again (although granted during lockdowns the air is fresher... ).
  5. AFAIK Oil & Gas industry can still work in other related things, ie. Geothermal, and I don't think pipelines for chemicals as well as crude oil demands for chemical production would stop. (wonder how this will affect prices however.) Because the needs of the one is probably included in the needs of the many. I'd rather be selfish and save myself if it means one have to save others in the process. It's already real for low-lying islands though. And even for those on 'solid' ground you might still end up having to deal with managed retreat.
  6. Sure, and what's there to stop it from destroying human lives ? XD Re. the problem at hand, esp. concerning how fast the sea level can rise - I think there were some analysis that given some antarctic ice sheet have their base rock lower than sea level, that means that the ice might start to float up rather than merely calving on the front. While that ice isn't melting yet it's still like suddenly dropping a giant ship onto a basin - the water level would rise up too.
  7. My condolences for your lost cat. You can always turn into papers and government reports.
  8. Well I thought we're off the shackles of merely limited by genetics and onto the new era of evolution by information. There have been no vaccines for coronavirus until this one, and the family of coronavirus causing common cold and the family that causes SARS and MERS is completely different. We're against the latter here. And yeah vaccinated person (even fully vaccinated) getting a COVID infection is real. It's not just one person only anymore either - it's families at once.
  9. Well one can only imagine. But still, if those diseases were previously treatable because the medical capacity was there, now there're probably lots of it that goes untreated, and that can easily creates more deaths as well. There's a reason pandemics are a bad thing.
  10. Yeah, secondary infection with fungus is a thing there (and probably here too, just that it hasn't surfaced yet, there were cases of it in the past albeit unrelated to covid). In any case, not a good news.
  11. We don't have good medical capability, there are a lot less doctors per capita - only 1%-10% of the US I think. I've heard ECMO being used in the US and Europe and other developed countries for very severe cases, and ethics have gone to those, but here not a single mention of it even appears, here even ventilators and more importantly medical oxygen are at critical situation, and ICUs have like 20% survival rate. And that's considering those that even gets medical help - a ton more aren't. IFR of 1% seems more likely here in the long term if the trend continues. India have median age of 26 and they're hit pretty badly (idk if anyone here saw the whole "bodies floating down the Ganges" thing). Young age is not a guarantee anymore now that we have Delta onboard. And these are just talk of deaths. Long Covid is also a thing, and that's something you guys can worry about too, here our hands are full as-is with coffins, trying to get people masked, and getting people fed and not dying from hunger instead in lockdowns (the gov't wouldn't direct much help here). And again, the concern here globally is of an even worse strain. You don't need to fall sick to contribute to the mutation rate, and vaccines alone does not stop infection. Delta already shows at least one significant mutation in the US and the UK... how long again must we wait for the one strain to end them all ? This is why I also think that this is a humanitarian disaster, in the sense that people are only thinking of what happens to them but doesn't realize what could come to them by letting the others go unnoticed. I am vaccinated once, and I should be getting the 2nd shot in a few days, but it's not the mRNA vaccine (either the normal one or the Adenovirus-based one), it's the inactivated virus vaccine, and even right off the bat (ie. pre-Delta) it does have a lower efficacy. If we want this pandemic to end humans should really help every other humans.
  12. People here don't do that. Also to the more recent end lots of these are people who died while seeking medical help, and died while self-isolating (which is the only response available when your hospitals are filled beyond the brim and is equally running out of resources and manpower). It's definitely off by that much, even one city only officially reported 2 deaths in a day when the city's main gov't hospital have 7 coffins laying on their front door (all gov't hospitals have long since been dedicated for covid treatment), clearly photographed when a legislative member visited. And that's only counting the current wave of cases post-Delta, not pre-Delta. Taking those into account it's likely to be even higher. India only reported 400k deaths, but recent testing shows 600 mil infected and potentially 10 mil deaths. Expect here to be equally worse - they already predicted Delta to hit 50% of the population here at least and taking the CFR we could see something like 2-2.5 million deaths. And that's in a single wave. This thing's not stopping at one wave. And lord bless us if we get a worse strain... we'd literally be sent back into the dark ages.
  13. Except that undercounting is a thing here. We literally don't count coffins. If you've ever heard of 'vision zero' people are paying attention there too, but again it's something that kept getting normalized. We don't need more on top. We already have people dropping dead on the streets.
  14. Even then that's not a reason humans don't try to be better. The problem here is that we're literally reversing the situation. Also you should be aware of where I come from. It's a lot worse here because of the choices we took, sure, but experts (and those who cared about the country) have exerted all the knew. Yeah I really hope that we have the mRNA vaccines here and 50% of the population is already vaccinated, and the gov't actually knows how to act on public health basis, sure.
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