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  1. Hello there. So I am looking for recommendations on a good exoplanet mod (mod that adds planets outside of the kerbol system) and was wondering if people knew of a good mod of decent quality that they can recommend? Thank you.
  2. Considering that I just moved from KSP 1.3.1 to 1.8.1, I'm assuming that I'm missing some big change that happened?
  3. Just tried it in 1.8.1. Works like a champ for me.
  4. I'm having a tough time with getting this mod installed. So I install the "RealExoplanets" and "REX-Textures" folder over to gamedata, and I get the following error message on startup: And my Kopernicus log: [LOG 21:39:01]: Parsing Target timeScale in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.ConfigParser.BuiltinTypeParsers.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 21:39:01]: Parsing Target scale in (Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader) as (Kopernicus.ConfigParser.BuiltinTypeParsers.NumericParser`1[System.Double]) [LOG 21:39:01]: Parsing Target Epoch in (Kopernicus.Con
  5. I posted a config out on the OPM thread for Tekto. I am still working on the gas giants and ice giants.
  6. Ok, someone give that config a try. It requires KPS 1.5, Astronomer's Pack, and OPM. I took and updated this: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/102589-cloud-configurations-for-outer-planets-mod-last-update-20150923/ to the new stuff. Because of this, this config is a derivative work and is licensed under the same license as the original. Right now it's Tekto only. I will be working on the other planets coming forward. This isn't perfect and is considered an alpha. License: CC-BY-NC-SA https://www.dropbox.com/s/1uuxln9bqfbuib5/Tekto.cfg?dl=0
  7. Still not perfect yet, but it's an improvement. the older mod that I'm reviving used the color (RGB:0,204,153) for the "green" effect. But I'm wondering if we don't need a more subtle green instead of the lime green the original is using. I did however, add lightning effects for a more menacing environment as a craft is descending.
  8. Logs is a huge help to anyone attempting to help. Also, may I ask what folder did you drop the OPM files in? Out of curiousity, what version of EVE are you running?
  9. I might have a test config file in the next day or so, depends on how far I get tonight and much my day job holds me down tomorrow. On another note, don't I remember that Slate may have had a cloud config, either by astronomer's or another mod? I know someone way back in 2014 did one for a lot of moons in KSP (such as where there was this one cool mod that gave Moho a dust layer).
  10. On 1.3.1 I used OPM-VO, it was ok, but not my personal preference.
  11. So, a mod that I really, really miss pretty badly is the old "Clouds for Outer Planets" mod, especially since, back in the day, I would commonly load up Astronomer's Pack Interstellar, OPM, and then the cloud config for OPM and Astronomer's. Well, see the below screenshots; it's not perfect, but it seems like a good start... EDIT: The below screenshots were taken from a 1.5 install running the most recent Outer Planets mod, Astronomer's Pack, a post processing mod that's recently popular, and a config from the old "Clouds for Outer Planets" mod that I partially converted to the new
  12. I'm restarting from scratch tonight, for the first time in, oh dear years. I had OPM and Astronomer's back a while ago early on around 2015, 2014, somewhere around there and I had the astronomer's pack addon for OPM back in the day. I'm going to try both actually. Hmm I wonder how difficult those configs are...
  13. Not bad. In all honesty, with Kerbal, you will have zero problems with that setup. Do you mind me asking how much is that laptop? I currently run Kerbal on an Alienware 14 R4, with an Intel i7-6700HQ, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB stolid state, a 1 TB storage drive, and a GeForce GTX 1070. I did not get the 4k screen, since even with the 1080p screen I can still attach the laptop to my 65" 4k curved Samsung and get the 4k resolution (saved me $300). My alienware has a better video card than my desktop. Since nVidia now has full GPUs available for mobile, it's made, IMHO, mobile gaming more co
  14. looking forward to the mission builder. I would be greatly interested in the exact mechanics of it though; it would be cool if the mission builder allowed us to plan out maneuver nodes before a launch. I think this is a first good expansion, but I would like to see more eventually, such as either stock life support or gas giant 2.
  15. Thank you very much. It's a new servicing craft; just getting it broken in. Not easy. Moho is the hardest planet to get a picture of with CactEye. The way I've done it in the past is close the aperture, select "control from here" from the CactEye module, use MechJeb's SAS to line the scope up, and then open the aperture.
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