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Found 8 results

  1. I recently made a SR 71 Blackbird! I was actually able to land mine without killing Jeb! SO, after my experience with the cold war era plane, I wanted to see if mine was any good. Reply to this with and Image and link to your craft file if you want to share it. Here's mine: Click for Craft File If you want to fly it, the stall speed is around 90-100 m/s and, it tends to yaw right at the 110 m/s mark. It works best in under 20 km. Yaw really doesn't work well so I roll then pitch up (remind me what that maneuver is called again).
  2. Hi guys, my personal dream of building the best SR-71 replica now is real. I wanted to do it since 2013 when i started to play KSP, but parts and my personal skills weren't enough, so after I saw Exothermos sr-71 with those beautiful nacelles made of fairings, i decided to ask him a collaboration to recreate the most possibly realistic sr-71 we could. Gladly he accepted my request of help. He really added on this project what i couldn't do alone, so, many many many thanks to him! My primary goal was to achieve a perfect silhouette of the real plane, and in this im good at, but i have been always lacking in ideas to make my crafts more realistics and Exothermos had so many cool ideas instead! The shape of the whole craft was done by me using overlay of blueprints and more important, real photos.I can't deny it was a really boring and long process because im too much a perfectionist and almost crazy probably; the whole craft took about 50 hours to me (without counting Exo hours). I made the basic plane with few words, nose and neck shape, custom cockpit, wings, rudders. Exothermos made the wonderful nacelle using fairings and he focused on making things looking better: using winglets to recreate an edge on the whole craft and reworking the tail, and he recreated a nice transition to the mk2 fuselage to wings and chines using control surfaces. Well this is the results of our efforts, let the pics speak for themselves. some collage with overlays of real blackbird (old pics the craft is the finished one on the second pic) finished craft Some realistic shots taken by Exothermos WARNING 1 Before fly click "control from here" on the probodobodyne HECS (unmanned core) clipped inside the fairing nose like in these screens 2 Please be gentle with YAW imputs because the plane can stall if using too much imputs and enter on a almost fatal deathspiral. And now the DOWNLOAD 306 parts, game could be laggy. I want to thanks again exothermos P.S. let me know what you think about it and if there are bugs or glitches, and sorry for my bad english!
  3. Nothing to see here, just a mini SR-71 for those kerbals into the drone business! Oh, and it's 100% stock parts. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Mini-Sr-71
  4. -=BLACKBIRD=- Designed for: Sharpness (visible) Speed (140+ m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackbird COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory! -=BLACKHAWK=- Designed for: Smoothness (visible) Speed (132 m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackhawk COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory!
  5. 2 New hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft. 1:1 scale They both reach their real life top speeds of 2,200 mph (1,100 m/s) Both have a max altitude of around 22 km, but I've got to around 25 before the engines die. They are very easy to fly, not easy to go into a flat spin though during takeoff it's easy to have a lot of sideslip. Takeoff speed (both) - 90 m/s, stall speed - 70 m/s Insane amount of fuel, probably enough to do a round the world flight. SR-71 Blackbird - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjSnBQOTZvbUxReDg Lockheed YF-12A - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjUm16M19jNno5bjA Pictures! - http://imgur.com/a/mzggS
  6. I wasn't happy with the first one, as it did not look too much like the blackbird. So I went back and redid it. Enjoy! Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/kPFQE Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly46lhrkp7ce1g/SR-71 Blackbird.craft?dl=0 (P.S. I know some of my craft are pretty bad. I basically lost almost all of my replica making skills from a year ago and I still wonder how I made some craft look so good. I'm not happy with the F-35 and F-16 I've made so I probably will re-do them and hopefully make better replicas in the future . Also, this craft is almost impossible to fly. Keeps sideslipping. Might be due to the tail fins being tiny compared to the craft itself.)
  7. Hi! So my old account and new account have been merged, thanks to @Vanamonde and @Red Iron Crown. Anyway, here's an SR-71 Blackbird! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly46lhrkp7ce1g/SR-71 Blackbird.craft?dl=0 Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/qCSJK
  8. I present to you my newest mod, an SR-71 cockpit that fits MK2 and has an IVA! ATM the IVA still doesen't have props but i'l fix that as soon as I can! In my opinion the model is still a bit rough both inside and outside so expect improvements and TOTAL remodelling in the future! Enjoy! Kerbalstuff DOWNLOAD
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