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Found 12 results

  1. The Hockleed Tarmin SR-17 The pinnacle of speed and comfort. Combining days of experience and hours of research, Hockleed Tarmin have revolutionized the flight industry. If you like to go high, the SR-17 can take you over 15,000 meters high in style and comfort. Pushed to the limits¹, this thing can fly as high as 25,000 meters, but you're not ready for that glory. Just hit the gas and pick a direction. Ride the flaps and control The Rollᵀᴹ. You don't need to turn. Infact we don't recommend it.² ¹ Limits not fully tested. User assumes risk. ² We meet or exceed all minimum flight safety standards for turning capabilities. Set by us. Safety? Who needs safety when you've got speed. We've spent tireless hours and used dozens of pilots testin' this puppy. The only thing you're gonna need is that seat belt to keep you strapped in while you outrun missiles.³ Some of the best engineers on Kerbin designed the best parts.⁴ And we used them. That's why the SR stands for Safety and Reliability.⁵ And Flames.⁶ ³ Restrictions apply. ⁴ Subjective. ⁵ It doesn't really, it just sounded cool to say. ⁶ Did we mention flames? Fuel won't be an issue, with the ability to fly anywhere on the planet from where you take off.⁷ This bad mammer jammer can blow your socks off for over half an hour of maximum effort, fuel guzzling, mach 4 flight. Flames. ⁷ Ranges may vary. Return flight not guaranteed.⁸ ⁸ Nothing is guaranteed. Disclaimer: Not all claims made in this brochure are true. NO GUARANTEES. Not heat tested. Warranty VOID on flight. Good Luck! Get it Here
  2. Description In the dawn of the age of communication rapid growth of faster ways to communicate, faster ways to detect 5th generation fighters were going to need to dominate the air space. Rapid development with our stealth fighter Harpy and Izanagi were among the first. Anubis brings in greater speeds and payload where the others could not. All Stock No mods needed (flag download links included for livery and transparent flag canopy) Flight Instructions. Very easy to fly, takes off, and lands nice. Hit AG1 to turn on engines and throttle up. craft will lift on its own or you can lift after 50 m/s. Stay at a steady climb around 130 m/s and reach around 120k up. Start a small decline and you will gain speeds currently at around 716 m/s maxed out working on improving. RCS (R) Open Canopy AG1 Toggles Engines AG2 Toggle Weapon Bay AG3 Toggle Canopy Lock The weapon bay can hold a different combination of hardpoints, missiles, and bombs using BD Armory. Downloads Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2814344519 KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Anubis Flags Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/h43469j5tvc4gcw/KDF%20Anubis.zip?dl=0 Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I_RuhKe7B4Go3ouitJsRDxBlSci6wAoP/view?usp=sharing
  3. This craft is a full stock 2:7 scale replica of the SR-71 Blackbird. This craft has Spark engine afterburners, which necessitate the use of infinite fuel. The craft is very slow unfortunately, but is decently maneuverable. This craft was built purely for aesthetics, and true to form for me it has an absurd part count for its minuscule size. This craft was originally built some time ago, and was recently retrofitted. Ideally I would rebuild the craft from scratch as it’s old infrastructure was a constant obstacle to the redesigns. Given more time a full revamp would be more accurate and have better performance. In the future I may revisit a mini SR-71 again. Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/Kronus-SR-71-Blackfinch Part Count: 405 Craft Mass: 11.12 tonnes
  4. Hi guys, my personal dream of building the best SR-71 replica now is real. I wanted to do it since 2013 when i started to play KSP, but parts and my personal skills weren't enough, so after I saw Exothermos sr-71 with those beautiful nacelles made of fairings, i decided to ask him a collaboration to recreate the most possibly realistic sr-71 we could. Gladly he accepted my request of help. He really added on this project what i couldn't do alone, so, many many many thanks to him! My primary goal was to achieve a perfect silhouette of the real plane, and in this im good at, but i have been always lacking in ideas to make my crafts more realistics and Exothermos had so many cool ideas instead! The shape of the whole craft was done by me using overlay of blueprints and more important, real photos.I can't deny it was a really boring and long process because im too much a perfectionist and almost crazy probably; the whole craft took about 50 hours to me (without counting Exo hours). I made the basic plane with few words, nose and neck shape, custom cockpit, wings, rudders. Exothermos made the wonderful nacelle using fairings and he focused on making things looking better: using winglets to recreate an edge on the whole craft and reworking the tail, and he recreated a nice transition to the mk2 fuselage to wings and chines using control surfaces. Well this is the results of our efforts, let the pics speak for themselves. some collage with overlays of real blackbird (old pics the craft is the finished one on the second pic) finished craft Some realistic shots taken by Exothermos WARNING 1 Before fly click "control from here" on the probodobodyne HECS (unmanned core) clipped inside the fairing nose like in these screens 2 Please be gentle with YAW imputs because the plane can stall if using too much imputs and enter on a almost fatal deathspiral. And now the DOWNLOAD 306 parts, game could be laggy. I want to thanks again exothermos P.S. let me know what you think about it and if there are bugs or glitches, and sorry for my bad english!
  5. Mini SR-71 Drone This little craft has been a Diamond in rough. I started testing it and shared it with @klond for further testing and he discovered that the craft can Circumnavigate! This was a shocker, further testing was revealing some takeoff problems. The craft was not holding very well to the center of the Runway, I've try a few configurations with the location of the fuel and this helped, also the amount of fuel was making a difference. I decided to leave the craft light on fuel for better takeoffs and performance. If you would like to Circumnavigate Kerbin you will need to top off the entire craft with fuel. The craft was looking a little fast paced so I decided to go with some classic rock for the video. Operations: Use SAS and the entire Runway. If your using full throttle you may need to give quick taps to steer back to the center of the Runway. Full Warp is ok. Landings are a little difficult but the craft will brake suddenly after touchdown. Klond's Test Flight Something had my curiosity Craft File: Mini SR-71 Drone Parts: 28 Mass: 1.726t Height: 1.8m Width: 3.7m Length: 5.8m
  6. Welcome! We hope you like it here in our new sale garage, with our new Lamborghini. Here at A.A.A. we take great pride in bringing you the best of rocketry and aeronautic advancements. all craft file links at bottom of post. Rockets: Hyperion The flagship rocket of AAA, the Hyperion can VSSTO up to and over 100 tons to LKO. Able to be landed and reused, this is THE ship for eager minded entrepreneurs and frugal space programs alike! The Hyperion can be reconfigured for a variety of uses. Comes with streamlined command pod, capable of emergency detachment. warranty void if landed on Mün. Titan A Ahh... the Titan A. The poor, (but still rather wealthy) man's Hyperion. Able to VSSTO up to -redacted- tons of payload to LKO, this rocket can transport whole space stations into stable orbit. Base model includes Station Core. Probe core for landing not included. Warranty void if used as ICBM. K-2 (replica) The K-2. A pioneer of rocketry, and capable of suborbital flight to boot. Originally designed as a child's model rocket, this machine has turned itself into a symbol of one of the worst regimes to ever rule Kerbin. But it's still a pretty cool rocket! PLANES X-7509 "Highly experimental. Highly dangerous. Really Cool"-Jebediah Kerman The X-7509 is a new long range strike bomber from AAA. Capable of refueling from any part of the globe, this plane is a must have for all cold war locked countries. For an emergency bombing run, the ore tanks and nuclear reactor can be dropped, and used as a makeshift Thermonuclear weapon. Seats four(4). Mach 1 capable. Warranty void if bomb dropped while plane is inverted. K-797 Capable of carrying over 120 passengers to numerous destinations around the globe, the K-797 is the next generation passenger aircraft. These planes are going fast, so make sure to gets yours now!! K-84a A leader in passenger comfort, the K-84a is also at the forefront of customer safety. Able to fly on any one of its three engines, able to belly land on land and water, and able to fly half way around the world, this plane is a must have for any innovative airline. S-581 "Thermeso" A max speed of mach 3+. suborbital capable. Room for two passengers. Move over Kearjet! The AAA Thermeso is an incredible piece of engineering, and just happens to be incredibly fun to fly! Buy yours now. Kb-3-427 Do you need a bomber capable of crossing the KSC continent in under five minutes? do you need to strike in the dead of night? Do you, for some reason, need to break mach 4 while doing it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AAA recommends the KB-3. Carrying three 1000 kiloton warheads, this plane serves the same goal as the X-7509, but in a fraction of the time. Warranty void if bombs are dropped at below 5 kilometers.( please do not drop all bombs at same time. AAA recommends using the two symmetrical warheads first, and then deploying the third). K-108 "Reliant" Need the charm of a slow, subsonic flight? Then the K-108 is the plane for you. boasting two sets of wings, yes TWO, this biplane is ideal for a relaxing trip on a sunny afternoon. Warranty void if used as a stunt plane. F-97 "Radiance" Imagine the Radiance as a minivan.If your mid sized sedan was mach 1 capable, had a max ceiling of 22 kilometers, and could transport your kids to school in under five minutes. Oh, and if it was loosely modeled after the KR-71 white bird. You know what? scratch that whole minivan idea. Its a plane, gosh darn it! Warning: Not capable of landing on water. Download links for all vehicles: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7ypwk--ILmnODJEZzg2YzFxcFU?usp=sharing Thanks for looking!
  7. I wasn't happy with the first one, as it did not look too much like the blackbird. So I went back and redid it. Enjoy! Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/kPFQE Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly46lhrkp7ce1g/SR-71 Blackbird.craft?dl=0 (P.S. I know some of my craft are pretty bad. I basically lost almost all of my replica making skills from a year ago and I still wonder how I made some craft look so good. I'm not happy with the F-35 and F-16 I've made so I probably will re-do them and hopefully make better replicas in the future . Also, this craft is almost impossible to fly. Keeps sideslipping. Might be due to the tail fins being tiny compared to the craft itself.)
  8. Hi! So my old account and new account have been merged, thanks to @Vanamonde and @Red Iron Crown. Anyway, here's an SR-71 Blackbird! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ly46lhrkp7ce1g/SR-71 Blackbird.craft?dl=0 Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/qCSJK
  9. After a lengthy absence, I have finally created something that I feel will really take off in the community (i'm not sorry). Now presenting the RQ-888 Valkyrie, a more futuristic take on the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Featuring a large tailless delta wing, 3 powerful engines, a small payload area, a new tail integration, remarkable fuel efficiency, and enough fuel to get it nearly all the way around the world, this plane is well suited for almost any role. If you're careful, you can even get this plane can hurtle through the sky at a little over 1300 m/s before something explodes. Its most effective altitude is anywhere below 20000 meters, at 25000 m thrust starts dropping, and at 28000 m, engines cut off. .craft file here Stats: Height: 5.0 m Width: 22.6 m Length: 29.0 m Weight: 61.997 Tons Crew Capacity: 0 Kerbals Max Fuel: 7520 Units Top Speed (Ignore Max Temp.) : 1625 m/s Mods used: I'm not sure anymore, so here's my gamedata folder with all the mods. (This includes the Squad folder just as a heads up) Another heads up, this file is BIG. Its approximately 1.1 gb large in a 450 mb zip file, so some antivirus software might flag it.
  10. As requested, I changed the song to this video. Enjoy! Subscribe to keep this channel going Once again, feedback is appreciated so I can make these videos better.
  11. Here is a cinematic showcase of a SR-71 I built with a low part count of 17, and a maximum speed of 1480 m/s as well as it is capable of sub-orbital flight. Aircraft Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktu8kprsibpks6e/SR-71.craft?dl=0 Due to complaints with the video's music I have uploaded a second version of it with different music, here it is:
  12. A cinematic showcase of a SR-71 I made with a low part count of 17 and a max speed of 1480 m/s. Now Downloadable: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktu8kprsibpks6e/SR-71.craft?dl=0 Check out my channel for more content! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMahyasjKNXy3hZU3IxPsUA Subscribe and like to keep this channel going! More videos are coming soon so stay tuned!
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