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Found 11 results

  1. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way ensuring proper separation between each satellite. Anyone has any idea on what's causing this? God, every day KSP has a new different bug that will probably take ages to be fixed... Edit 1.: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty confident I know what might be causing this issue, although I have no idea how it could be fixed. The ship I'm using is quite tall as it has on the top 2 fairings with interstage nodes so I could fit 3 small satellites on top of each other. Now, I'm not sure how the game takes into account where the "center" of the ship actually is during map view (if it's either the Center of Mass, the most central point regardless of the mass, the active "control from here" module or even something else entirely), but it seems like this center point is not really aligned with the orbit line center (let's say it's 10m below the orbit point for example). This 10m offset therefore becomes the new center of the orbit when I switch from real time into warp mode. Therefore, as I switch, the game recalculates my orbit 10m below from where it actually was, causing bigger changes far away on my orbit. Maybe if the Devs had/could implement a system in which the game takes my orbital values (AP / PE values) before I start the Warp and put them back in after the warp is done this problem would be fixed; instead of recalculating it as the warp is finished.
  2. I think this is the best place to put this. So I'm trying to redo my whole 'Gliese 581' system alteration from last year that, well, turns the stock system into the GJ 581 system. To preserve realism, I'm making the planets all 1/100 their irl mass and 1/10 their potential sizes rather than just putting them into the orbits of the planets of GJ 581. Now there are two planets where this resizing is a major problem: Kerbin, which is now almost 1000 km in radius (it takes the place of GJ 581c), and Laythe, which is about 1500 km in radius. (it takes the place of GJ 581b) Because I've increased their sizes so much the water is literally below the ground, so I need to raise it somehow. I've tried a few different things, mostly messing around with VertexHeightMap, but none of it worked, and the water is still below ground. I'd like some help with this so I can actually finish the mod this time around.
  3. KSP 1.4.0 x64 I was in map view, waiting for the SOI change (Kerbin -> Mun). As soon as it happened, a staging occured "by itself". I did not press the space bar, for sure. My finger was idling on top of the "M" key. And normally, when accidentaly pressing "Space bar" in map view, nothing happens. I had no planned maneuver in queue. This is of course a bummer, now I have debris to play with. The only thing that really changed was a test run of "Too Many Orbits", but I already checked the log and the mod is just not loaded at all. I will remove it for the next session, of course. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucdu6elg0mfdfje/2018-03-13_2 KSP.log.7z?dl=1 Edit: I loaded the backup persistent file and this time i warped upon 1 minute prior SOI change and did not switch to map view. All the time within flight mode, the same issue occured - no finger near the keyboard at all. Edit: It also happens without "Too Many Orbits". I will load a backup before launch, load the vessel to VAB and disable autostruts-grandparent which I set up with EEX... perhaps this is the issue, because I found a few "A joint can't connect the body to itself." inside the log. Of course the log does not tell me which parts are the culprit... Edit: Yeah, removing the autostruts (but left two manually, only the two biggest tanks alone) helped. It seems like the abrupt change of the camera view on SOI change kraken-destoys the whole vessel somehow when the "wrong" parts have autostruts set. But still no clue which parts are wrong... Perhaps radially attached ones?
  4. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Ever get bored with the stock system and wish someone would just move things around to make it (slightly) more interesting? That has become a reality with MoonReorganizer. A small Kopernicus config compatible with 1.3.x (at least) moves Minmus to Duna and renames it. It also puts Gilly in Jool orbit. Eve and Laythe swap, and Eeloo is moved to a binary relationship with Dres. Pol becomes a tiny moon to the Mun. All visual mods working with stock KSP should work with this- they are still the same planets, just moved. Please note that I am unsure whether this will work with saves where your ships are landed on Minmus. If you do not want to risk it, make a new save. One more thing- I have the bad habit of not testing mods before I release them. As such, this mod may have unknown bugs(of which, as far as I know, there aren't any), so be cautious and back up your saves. Seriously, a parts pack deleted my career save once. I was mad. And now, the moment you've all (or at least those of you who chose to stick around) been waiting for: Screenshots Album On Imgur (sorry, I tried to embed the entire album, it didn't work, and I'm too lazy to redo it now) [email protected]: Download Link [email protected]: Download Link [email protected]: Download Link Also available on CKAN Recommended Mod: SigmaBinary SigmaBinary is made by @Sigma88 and will allow the binary relationship between Dres and Eeloo. Legal Information License: MIT This mod bundles Kopernicus, the mod required to modify the planetary system. Kopernicus is not licensed as MIT, and its license can be found here. Hope you like it! For Support: Either post in this thread or email me at [email protected] Include the following: What version of MoonReorganizer you're running What other mods you're running and what versions Which version of Kopernicus you're running which version of KSP you're running
  5. So I've found this neat trick in KSP, where you copy the KSP file from STEAM (where I got it), and then you can have multiple installs (I.e. modded, unmodded, ultra-modded, etc.). This has worked for some time now for me. However, I've got a big problem. I'm part of a KSP RP, and we've got a mod pack, which works in 1.3.1. I installed the original modpack in 1.3.0, but now only 1.3.1 mods work with the pack. How do I update my KSP without making a new folder?
  6. Change The sun dynamics back please, or at least make it an option! I don't like the fact that the shadows and sun just Jerk around (Look like they move at 2 fps) In time warp! I Like it the old way, when it was smooth!
  7. 【1.0.5】中国嫦娥三号MOD 发布帖 登陆器及月球车 拖到现在,先放个测试版吧。 内容稍后编辑 另编辑好 后,求英语好的 同学给翻译,,,愿意帮忙的,可以再次回帖报名,或者贴吧回帖报名。。。 这个是非英语板块,,所以发汉语应该没关系。 另外,因一些原因,贴吧我已删帖,具体更新还是这里发布。 部件: 1.玉兔车身(控制) 2.玉兔电池板 3.玉兔轮胎 4.嫦娥降落舱 5.嫦娥电池板 6.嫦娥rcs 7.嫦娥发动机 一些问题: 首先,玉兔着陆器设计问题。 因为开始做的准备工作不够,凭着印象里的看过的一个动画模拟做的。所以呢,最后登陆器制作的是有些问题的。 1.登陆器的高度和形状。虽然我做的也是八边形,但是其中四个斜面明显小了。另外,登陆器实际是做的高了些。所以看起来和原版有些差别。 2.玉兔的安放。 受曾经看过那个模拟动画影响,我把玉兔安排在了登陆器肚子里。转移时,玉兔是从内部升起。。而实际,玉兔是架在登录器上方其中一边。当然因为掏空了登陆器,电池板只能做了重新设计安排,也就是现在的样子。 3.转移机构 , 目前的转移设置,和原版还是有很大区别的。当然这个开始设计的时候是一样的,实际效果也完全达到了。但是其中出现了一个鬼畜的bug(看过我贴吧帖子的应该知道),无奈,只好换了现在的转移方式。 4.轮子的一些问题。。最大的遗憾是没有悬架功能。实际设计之初,尝试着努力实现这个悬架。可是技术有限,无法做出这个效果哦。随后,只能无奈的放弃。当然,还有一些其他问题。比如,轮子偶尔会鬼畜的乱跳。这个问题,应该是减震的问题。可实际修改减震数据,还是没什么用。最后迫于无奈,删除了破坏效果,鬼畜bug稍微好了些。(初始版本是有破坏的。) 一些其他小问题和没有发现的问题。 更新日志: ----------------------------------------------------- V.0.1.2: Beta release,Transfer mechanism re-edit V.0.1.2: 测试版发布,重新制作了转移装置 ----------------------------------------------------- V.0.1.1: Fix some bug,But there is one bug for Transfer mechanism No repair。So,No release V.0.1.1: 修复了一些bug,但是转移装置bug无法解决,未发布。 ---------------------------------------------------- V.0.1.0: First edition MOD Production (There are some bug,No release) V.0.1.0: 第一版本mod制做完成,(但是存在一些bug,所以未发布。) 下载地址: (点击下方显示红色的文字) kerbalstuff 版本 0.1.2 curseforge 版本 0.1.2 如需模拟现实发射,请配合使用 长征3B MOD :中国包 我的其它MOD 天宫  点击进入
  8. Based off a comment I wrote in this thread: So, the question is, imagine life being a simulation. However, you and only you have discovered how to alter the codes of this simulation. You can only make one change before the simulation detects an intrusion and upgrades it's defense, making any more changes impossible. Basically, if you could change only one thing in this universe, what would it be? It can be anything. Also, you do not have to write in coding language.
  9. Based on this comment in another thread by @The White Guardian Note: if this thread is considered for TotM, please credit it to @The White Guardian . Assuming Life turned out to be an all-encompassing simulation, and somehow we got our hands on the source code (and assuming we understand the programming language of Life): what, if anything, would you change? No need to explain why or in what way, unless you feel chatty or exceptionally enthusiastic about the idea. The first thing I thought of is bug hunting. Quite literally. Can we do without mosquitos? Do we really need them? (then I had a whole string of other ideas, but it was funny to me that that was my first thought).
  10. Hi, i have multiple playback devices i use. Headphones, speakers in my monitor and a hifi-system. To change the playback device, i use a tool named SSD (SetSoundDevice) wich is doing nothing else as changing the preferred playback device. Most games can handle this and allow to change the output device while the game is running. But with KSP, i have to exit the game, change the device and restart the game each time i want to swap from speakers to headphones for instance. Would it be possible to change this behaviour in a future release ? Thx & greetz, ezfox
  11. My second MOD Chinese Chang'e 3 Lunar Lander & Yutu Lunar Rover Beta release of this mod, including parts of the China's lunar lander Chang'e 3(嫦娥三号) and its exploring rover Yutu(玉兔). First to apologize,my English is not good ! Another,I am a novice Part List: Yutu Rover Body (Command pod) Yutu Solar Panel Yutu Rover Wheel Chang'e 3 Lander Chang'e 3 Solar Panel Chang'e 3 RCS Block Chang'e 3 Main Engine Known issues: The shape of landers, It's Difference with the reality yutu placement and storage mode, It's Difference with the reality rover transferring mechanics,It's Difference with the reality Some issues with the wheel, eg. absence of suspension mechanics. If you like this MOD,Understanding my hard work.Support me to continue to develop.please consider being kind and donating a few bucks through PayPal. License:CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Changelog: Download: 0.1.2 kerbalstuff curseforge Please download ChinesePackContinued , if you want to use CZ-3B for launch My other MOD : Tian Gong Space Staion Link More IMG
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