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Found 5 results

  1. I remember the atmosphere height of these celestial bodies used to be slightly different in the version of KSP I started out playing (v0.19.1), then were rounded out. The only change I remember clearly was Jool's atmosphere used to be 315km instead of its current 300k. Does anyone else remember what the old atmosphere terminal altitudes of the other planets were?
  2. I think this is the best place to put this. So I'm trying to redo my whole 'Gliese 581' system alteration from last year that, well, turns the stock system into the GJ 581 system. To preserve realism, I'm making the planets all 1/100 their irl mass and 1/10 their potential sizes rather than just putting them into the orbits of the planets of GJ 581. Now there are two planets where this resizing is a major problem: Kerbin, which is now almost 1000 km in radius (it takes the place of GJ 581c), and Laythe, which is about 1500 km in radius. (it takes the place of GJ 581b) Because I've increased their sizes so much the water is literally below the ground, so I need to raise it somehow. I've tried a few different things, mostly messing around with VertexHeightMap, but none of it worked, and the water is still below ground. I'd like some help with this so I can actually finish the mod this time around.
  3. So I've just made an F4U Corsair, and managed to take it to roughly the top speed I could find on the internet by diving, but the wiki says it reached roughly 200m/s at 6100m. I know that Kerbin is, however, smaller, so 6100m would be lower, so my question is: What altitude would i have to reach in ksp to be at the equivalent of 6100m in real life? Thanks for any and all help.
  4. Hello again everyone, I am currently having issues trying to revive one of my old modifications but after compiling to KSP 1.1 I have noticed that the CelestialBody.pqsController function no longer has any attached subroutines for example, CelestialBody.pqsController.GetSurfaceHeight(Vector3d) In KSP 1.0.5 pre Unity 5, was a valid function. However now this does not seem to exist, throwing the following error during compiling: Error 2 'PQS' does not contain a definition for 'GetSurfaceHeight' and no extension method 'GetSurfaceHeight' accepting a first argument of type 'PQS' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:\Users\Marcus\Documents\KSPModding\MaritimeRelease\Source\BackgroundScene.cs 212 52 BoatNavigation I am assuming members of this function have now been changed to Private rather than Public somewhere in the transition to Unity 5 and 1.1? Or that another reference is required from the KSP Managed folder? If there is no apparent solution does anyone know another method of getting surface height from a vector? The vessel in question is Inactive and unloaded due to the nature of the plugin which is why I think I used this function in the first place Whitecat106
  5. So I've been playing KSP for a long time now and one of the few issues I've been having is that the shadow that my craft makes disapears when I zoom out too much, is there anyway for me to fix this or not? Thanks.
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