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Found 20 results

  1. You are descending to your outpost with running ISRU, and it rapidly builds core heat from nowhere (catch-up when going off-rails) and goes boom? "No ground contact" appears and disappears randomly, because surface detection of the game is challenged? Landed your 500-ton refinery on a "dead spot" of Pol? Oh, no. Your engineer went to the outhouse for a minute, and your ISRU production rate lowered in twenty times. ISRU TWEAKS Heavily inspired by @Markelius https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/138756-112-no-overheating/ , distributed under the same license h
  2. Hello fellow Kerbalnauts! Have you ever started a drill or ISRU, only to be frustrated when it either takes forever to max it's efficiency, overheats, or needs a massive amount of NearFuture radiators or solar panels to dissapate the heat, which aren't always reliable? Wish the stock drills and ISRUs worked the same way Karbonite did before 1.0? Then you need... No Overheating Download on Spacedock [works with 1.1.2, probably 1.0+ too] This mod is just a simple couple of Module Manager patches, which completely remove the core heat system on Drills and ISRUs. Just start them up and l
  3. So I am testing out stuff with the Modular Kolonization Mod by RoverDude so that I can make it work when I go out on other planets. I am testing the drills currently and I am running into a problem with the Industrial Strip Miner. No matter how many radiators I put on the craft they don't seem to reduce the heat output. They work for only 1 of the operations being active, but after that the temperatures just keep going up no matter how many more radiators I add on the craft. I tested this with both Thermal Control Systems and radiators attached next to the drill. The info in the VAB says the d
  4. The Bahamuto Science Drill certainly is a very handy Part for Probes. Unfortunately that Thing is MASSIVE and doesn't really fit onto most Probe Cores; not to mention the RoveMate Rover Body (I like Rovers). It can't be scaled down by TweakScale either, what would make Sense in my Opinion since a lot of Probes carry Experiments like that-just reasonably sized. I know that the Interstellar Mod includes this Drill in a tweakable and rerunnable Version but I am a bit reluctant to install Interstellar now because it wrecks the Dawn Engine which I am using in some Probes that would the become usele
  5. I am not happy with the way that radiators work or rather not happy with the way radiators 'seem' to not be working properly. Example. If I have an ISRU and or some drills and some radiators. The equipment overheats before the radiators have reached anywhere near their potential cooling ability. So you are watching the radiators slowly creep past 16% cooling and the ISRU or drill is over max. While as a veteran player I am aware that a certain amount of radiators are required to cool certain equipment however it still feels wrong that the equipment is overheating and the ra
  6. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is any bug (I'm using some mods) or if there's some unknown multiplier within the core heat calculations. Perhaps someone here can help me to unterstand. In my setting I landed on Minmus with a level 2 engineer. The ship has 2 Drill-O-Matic Junior's attached to a fuel tank and attached to this tank a large radiator panel. Nothing else (of any heat importance) is conected with this fuel tank. There's no termal control system on the whole ship. Now each each Drill-O-Matic Junior has 50 KW max cooling and the large radiator panel has 200 KW of core he
  7. So, I wanted to make an 'all in one' tug/explorer (vanilla parts) to export almost all of the Kerbol system. Criteria was that as much of the ship as possible should be reusable at each stop, and it can refuel itself along the way. My plan was to have three main components: a driller (for refueling), a science lander, and a tug to transport the other two components. The driller was pretty simple, with a 4500 ore capacity: Note the large docking port atop, that will mate to the 'back' of the tug. The harder part was building a lander. I started a lander that would handle MOS
  8. Hi KSP dev team I found that toggling/deploy/retract drill in action groups for drill has been removed in the recent update, so I cannot toggle drills from action groups, it is annoying that toggle drills one by one, Also if it is possible that we can re-define the action group in flight.
  9. I have a mining vessel with a Convertotron 250, four drills, four ore tanks, some cooling, some batteries, some solar cells and a load of other stuff which you will see in the picture below. My question is - why is only one of my drills at 45% load and the other three at around 2%. The ore in the local area is 14.5% average. I don't fully understand mining and drilling yet so could somebody explain what's going on here? Even more confused. They all say ore rate 0.22 now and I stopped and restarted them and instead of a load they just say "Operational".
  10. Started building a miner today. I found that I couldn't put 'Toggle Deploy Drill' on an action button as the option was missing. Only the start harvesting ground/asteroid resources options were available.
  11. I put a surface base down on Minmus with a drill, but it's in a location with no ore to drill up. I don't really care about the difficulty of locating biomes with resources and such, so is there a way I can edit the game files or install a mod to make the entire Minmus surface covered in recoverable ore or make the drill always dig up ore anywhere at the fastest rate possible? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Basically I want to add dust particles to one of drill animations. When I import animations to unity from blender I cannot edit them (to add smoke to running drill animation), imported animations are displayed as read-only. Please help edit [Solved] couldn't include particles in animation (somehow cannot export particles in animation component - KSP doesn't show the part). However exporting just KSP particles with part works. However you need to write a custom code that activates and deactivates particle emission. Relevant code: private KSPParticleEmitter harvest
  13. Hey all: I've recently removed UKS from my install and still want to use EPL. However, the augers are 1) ugly and 2) undeployable. As I understand it, right now, Infernal Robotics is not working with 1.2.2 so I can't just shove the augers into the ground that way, and I really would rather have better looking drills anyway. There used to be alternative drills for EPL, but that link seems to be broken and not maintained. Are there any alternatives to the augers? Is there any way to make the stock drills mine MetalOre? I tried messing about with the .cfg for the stock drills but
  14. Hello, I have contract to collect 500 ore from the Mun. Thats all just drill it and leave it there. So I built this... However for some reason the drill won't transfer into the side mounted tanks. The decoupler is set to crossfeed so I'm stuck. Here's the craft file; http://pastebin.com/wKALBTa5 Could someone tell me why this is not working please? Many thanks in advance
  15. I did a little Drill Calculator to show the amount of resources gathered per second. I always wondered how it worked and now I know. If anyone have any question, just ask! How it works (after you download a copy, because it's set as read only on google sheets): Chose Yes or No if you want to mine Dirt; Put the resource concentration at the point you will mine; Select drill to use; Select level of most experienced Engineer inside your vessel (there is also an option to put if you don't have an engineer around); Profit. You can also wirte the desired amou
  16. Firstly let me state that I am a complete modding noob and that I am just starting to dip my toe into the world of part modding with KSP via editing the config files. So far I have successfully re-textured/modified the small "Not-Rockomax Mocronode" into a working probe core/micro satellite and wanted to try something else. My plan is to try and turn one of the ore drills into a surface sample collector which can be placed onto an unmanned probe. I know, it's disgusting that I want to do this rather than send a Kerbal and pick up the samples in person but I plan on making the transm
  17. Hello, I've recently started learning to mine! I've made some good strides, but have run into a pair of troubles that have me stuck in the mud. First is, while on Minmus, my stock drills seem to harvest at a constant rate regardless of temp/efficiency. Is this normal behavior or a bug? My Kerbin-based drills became more efficient near their optimal operating temperature, but these don't. I have hyperedit installed for another project, but didn't use it for this. Second is, my survey scanner says there's ~80% ore in this area, my narrow-band scanner says the whole area is unifor
  18. I'm keen to learn from the experiences of anyone who might have attempted drilling on Gilly (moon of Eve). My drill rig has 3 drills but they are not on an action group, so they have to be deployed consecutively. I'm worried my rig will topple over? My only Plan B right now is to keep the lander on the rig and use SAS and RCS to stay vertical and possibly provide some downforce... Clues anyone, please?
  19. As I understood it in 1.0.5, drills were updated in 6 hour "batches". So what you wanted to do was leave the drill strictly alone for 6 hours and do other things -- and then come back to the drill after 6 hours and it would have done lots of work while you were gone. If you came back to it too early, then the drill would revert to where it was when you left, and you would lose all that time. (Maybe the batching was done at 0:00 hours every day -- I never examined it to that amount of detail.) But it seems different now. In fact, it seems to be about the opposite. If I leave the drill alon
  20. I have an ISRU design I've used a bunch of time. I put one down on Pol. I was having trouble getting enough ore to keep everything running and come out ahead, but other than that, it was working fine. I jump away (letting it run) and come back. I haven't gotten anything so I left click on the drill and it says "no ground contact". It was working before I left. I is clearly in the ground? Anyone know what's up? Here is a picture
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