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Found 5 results

  1. This was a popular thread in KSP1 discussion long ago, created just after the great forum crash. It ran to over 100 pages and spanned 4 years before suddenly it stopped being posted to in 2017. I can only imagine you all just stopped building rockets that failed, so I doubt this thread will pick up any steam. Oh, who am I kidding. I'll kick things off then: I call this "Back so soon?" SM
  2. I have a lot of KSP screenshots showing ridiculous or epic failures on my PC, so I was thinking "Why not make a thread where funny KSP failures can be shared for entertainment purposes?" Examples: suspension.exe has stopped working However, videos showing funny KSP fails or just texts telling about it are welcome too.
  3. Hey all, I got bored and decided to ask the forum what terrible, terrible mistakes you've made in playing this game. To get the ball rolling, I'll tell one of my stupid mistakes. After about 50 hours of playing, I had just managed to successfully build an interplanetary science ship and land on Duna. After I sucked Duna dry of science, I launched and realized I had ludicrous delta-v still left, even after all the hopping around Duna I did. To be fair, I was using modded engines, but I still had the delta-v. At the time, I was still pretty clueless on how to transfer between planets, so when I decided I wanted to go to Moho, I created a maneuver node that dropped me from Duna's orbital height down to Moho's orbital height and into an encounter. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that to complete the maneuver, I would have to reduce my orbital velocity to zero, and essentially fall towards the sun until Moho got in the way. The issue was, with my 100kn total thrust, coupled with the fact that the solar gravity would accelerate me to a few hundred km/s, I couldn't slow down and ended up dunking my team of six 5-star Scientists into the sun. Woo.
  4. In this thread you post any fails or kraken attacks.Photos allowed. Here is mine.
  5. Everyone has failed at least once in KSP, we all started off as terrible players, we all have had a failed Mun landing, so what are your KSP sins? The fails you just don't want to tell? Have you gone to a planet, but not thought about how to return? Have you tried to use parachutes on a planet with no/little atmosphere? Have you started off building rockets with no knowledge of how to design them? Whatever they are, share your sins here, you are not the only one who has any! When I started playing KSP and did not use SAS or RCS at all, for a long long time, or even know what their uses were. It made the game a lot harder for me.
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