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Found 5 results

  1. K&S TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (Construction Site Video Series) CONSTRUCTION SITE PART 5 Construction Site 5 is part of a Series of Construction Site Videos with craft builds from other players at times. In this Video we are featuring craft built by @Triop and @Servo. Triop has some amazing Mini Automobiles he built with operating Doors & Hoods. I can't say enough about the details and how clean they look. Also Servo built an Excavator with incredible Engineering and functionality.I'm sure many hours went into their builds as well as ours and we are honored to share them. As always i
  2. The Spirit Of St. Louis K&S Technologies Group This project started with Klond's idea of building the Aircraft flown by Mr. Charles A. Lindbergh, "The Spirit of St. Louis" It turned out to be an awesome craft build and became my motivation to help with the project. I had an old Hangar I built and thought this would be a good time to do something with it. My first look at my Hangar told me it needed a serious updating. So the Hangar became a complete do over. The Hangar Doors were the reason I put the Hangar to the side for awhile and asked if Klond if he would whip up some Doors that
  3. K&S Technologies Group "Wind Turbines" Featuring Krog34 It's hard to believe we started collaborating about this project in December. We've had many set backs during this project and kept pressing on. A big thanks to Krog34 for letting us feature his Kermansky Turbo Helicopter "Skycrane 2.0" Klond built a really cool Wind Turbine that was the building block of this Video. I threw a hand in the project building Transportation Vehicles, Prop Stuff and the Video. The Kermansky "Skycrane 2.0" with it's updates can be found here The Kermansky "Skycrane 2.0"
  4. Sanchez Besa By: K&S Technologies Group To have lived in this era would have been so fascinating to me. That's part of my motivation when building these early aircraft. When I start these projects I look for pictures online and find one that I like, then begin to build it. Then I find myself struggling to build an engine to accommodate the craft. This is where team work helps. Klond once again built this brilliant little engine that's perfect for the craft giving it that real life feel. Engine work by klond The engine is actually two contra-rotating units, totaling 20ish-k
  5. K&S Technologies Group Kayak Racing This project started with a little Kayak I once built and it then bloomed into a Kayak Race. At first the craft was only a cool little show piece without any intentions of a rowing mechanism and we thought about making one for it. At first the rowing mechanism was tweaked and fitted to look and row nicely. Then the idea of racing came along with the creations that were needed for filming. We both hope everyone enjoys this Kayak Racing Project as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Once again a huge thanks to @klond for his inspiration with the K
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