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Found 5 results

  1. This is a simple request that would make building rockets in science/career mode much less painful.The unit would be about the size of two mystery goo containers and would have all the science experiments for small science experiments (i.e. Accelerometer, barometer) unlocked in the save. You could toggle which ones you wanted in it and that would change its weight and cost accordingly. There would also be an option to use a flat or 1.25 meter (for mounting in science jr.) back. In science mode it would be obviously better and in career it could add cost but be more resilient to heat. However,
  2. You know how we now have a mode selection for reaction wheels (Full, SAS, Pilot)? Could we get something similar for RCS controls that can cycle through functionality (Full, Translation, Rotation) and be Action Group'ed? Generally speaking, thanks to the power of Reaction Wheels in KSP, I use RCS mainly for translation (docking and fine orbital adjustments) and rarely for attitude/rotation control. (For the latter, it'd have to be one heavy craft with relatively weak RW power, I'm in a rush to change attitude for some reason, I need supplemental control because my control surface aren't a
  3. I'm going to preface this with the fact that I have zero experience in C# and my C++ experience was like two high school courses going on 9 years ago, so while I have a general idea of how this might work I have no idea how feasible it is. The problem: I run with a very large number of part mods, and I like playing realistic-ish progression career games. The problem is none of the maintained tech tree mods satisfy my particular needs as far as part progression go, I like the CTT but the way most parts are organized doesn't quite fit my needs, plus I always have quite a few mods that
  4. First: It would be very nice if we could access and edit the game controls without having to exit back to the main menu. There have been several times when I wanted to dock or do some EVA thing and couldn't remember all the controls, such as turning on the Kerbals helmet lights. I had to save, exit look at the controls, then reload. Often times I just forget what the control is, such as how to translate forward in staging mode instead of docking mode and the like. Second: I fumbled upon being able to cycle the orbital map focus by using tab, and you can in theory reverse cycle
  5. Love the game. Has totally consumed my life in spite of my short temper and lack of patience. May have already been suggested but nothing sets me off quicker than going to click on anything and the game registering (either by mistake or because I clicked on something else) that I clicked on what I wasn't trying to click on. Please give us an option during designing our space ships and space planes that enables us to, maybe through a right-click context menu option, lock an item (and by extension all it's mirrored components) in place so that it can't be interacted with any further.
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