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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else who happened to stumble upon this forum topic, to... Here, you will find a blooming aerospace program, just starting to get a foothold in the market that consists of vehicles able to transport you to space! Shop now, and a round-trip ticket to Kerbin Orbit and beyond is just around the corner! Come take a look at our inventory... NOTE: Some craft flags and names might be inaccurate if the screenshots were taken before the mass class reorganization. SEE THE GALLERY HERE SPACEPLANES Note: Only spaceplane classes Angel through Power are available at this time. Higher-class spaceplanes will be added as they're created.) DOWNLOADS AND ACTION GROUPS Third Triad (Eleven spaceplanes) (Class 9: Angel) FS-A Gardia The result of when an team of engineers decided to strap RAPIERs onto a fighter jet and partially fill it with rocket fuel. Gardia is surprisingly orbit-capable, fit to be a trainer vehicle for young spaceplane pilots. Note: Ejector seats were swapped out for normal seats in the name of weight savings; pilots have to bail out manually in case of an spin-out they can't recover from. FS-A Angel The next step up from Gardia, Angel is a Mk2 spaceplane that has roughly the same range as her elder, smaller sister. Additionally, she has a cargo bay with space for a small space probe, so possibilities are prone to increasing exponentially. FS-A Tyrfing When plans to make a sword-shaped SSTO were first revealed, people thought AAAE's engineers were crazy. "Are you nuts? A giant sword could never make it into orbit, let alone in a single stage!" they said. Oh, they were so wrong. Not only that, FS-A Tyrfing, with its aggressive ascent profile and docking capability, quickly became the go to luxury SSTO for most daring of pilots in transit to kerbin space stations. NOTE: Like with Apollo, take special care when reentering Kerbin's atmosphere. (Class 8: Archangel) FS-A Mystletainn An SSTO spaceplane capable of carrying an orbital missile to low orbit and then deorbiting once the missile has hit its target. She has attained her rank due to her stylish looks and rapid response time. FS-AA Archangel The first Mk3 spaceplane, designed straight after FS-A Angel, and later on redesigned following numerous failures with returning subsequent prototype MK3 SSTOs from orbit. Like with all MK3 SSTOs listed after her, land with care. FS-AA Ferrybot Jr The younger sister of Archangel-Class Spaceplane FS-AA Ferrybot. Ferrybot Jr comes equipped with a docking port, RCS, twin nuclear engines, and capacity for 8 kerbals. She requires speeding up to 440+m/s at sea level due to heavy weight at takeoff, but is incredibly maneuverable, capable of even recovering from a spinout when almost dry. FS-AA Ferrybot Ferrybot Jr's aforementioned elder sister. She is capable of sending 32 kerbals to space stations in Low Kerbin Orbit. Check regularly for signs of sentience. (Class 7: Principality) The first class of spaceplanes to presently lack a spaceplane named after the class itself, instead having a reusable rocket having the class and name. (listed after spaceplanes). FS-PR Spectre When Spectre was first built, she was not granted a classification or a name because the head engineer thought he was building a Minmus Trainer. Luckily, this error was corrected when a plucky intern informed him of its landing legs, rover cargo bay, and "twin tail fins". The intern would later correct a head scientist when he first discovered Laythe, but mistook it for Kerbin. FS-PR Journeystar An ambitious SSTO built with a mining and ISRU rig pre-installed. She is capable of munar landings, but consumers may want to have engineers install extra batteries depending on their electricity needs. After first successful test runs, she received additional tuning from an SSTO manufacturer called Arctic Aerospace (headed by Arctica Frostbite, forum account link unknown.) FS-PR Wyvern A magnificent beast with an interesting wing design, Wyvern is tested and confirmed for the ability to send a small rover to the Mun and return safely to Kerbin. Wyvern might also potentially be capable of Minmus returns, though she wasn't designed and built with Minmus in mind. FS-PR Apollo Returning to the MK1 cross-section, Apollo is the first of AAAE's spaceplanes able to take a round trip to the mun. Dissatisfied consumers suggested renaming her "Icarus", but our engineers insist on not being afraid to use Apollo's on-board RCS and/or focus intensely on not letting her blow up on final reentry. Second Triad (Seven Spaceplanes) (Class 6: Power) FS-PO Ancile Vaguely shield-shaped (but not really), Ancile has sufficient delta-v for Minmus landings and interplanetary flybys and returns. With an additional front docking port, she also is capable of docking to Tyrfing, the sword-shaped SSTO, because why not? FS-PO Phoenix Following the revamp of a previous iteration of this craft by AA, AAAE was still determined to make a version not heavily modified by AA. And thus a couple iterations later, under the codename of Mystletainn, Phoenix finally rose from the ashes of AAAE's failed attempts. Their engineers insist it should be able to get to Duna and back if flown correctly. PS-PO Perseus A cargo SSTO designed to carry ten tons of cargo to either the Mun or Minmus, drop the off, and return safely to Kerbin. With her surplus fuel, her range can potentially extend to other bodies, given that she's refueled somewhere along the way. FS-PO Heracles The prototypes of Heracles, first of the three successful Power-Class SSTOs, were met with crash after crash when test pilots found themselves unable to regain flight control. With contractors and investors furious, AAAE turned to Arctic Aerospace - who would later offer slight tweaks to the Journeystar - for help, and so with major redesigning and tuning, the first successful version of Heracles was engineered, tested, and ultimately landed successfully by even AAAE's remaining pilots following the previous disasters. Heracles is capable of sending a full orange tank to Low Kerbin Orbit, and comes equipped with a single NERV for extended range. FS-PO Aegis Weeks after the failed landing of the yet-unreleased FS-PO Phoenix's first prototype, and during extensive testing and reiterating of further prototypes thereof, AAAE's backup engineers thought it would be a good idea to create a heavier cargo SSTO so FS-PO Heracles wouldn't be so alone in the Power SSTO class. After one prototype failed to get off the ground and another's wings fell off on the runway, the Aegis was born. Currently the heaviest cargo SSTO, and bearing a similar nose design to her little sister, Aegis is able to carry 78.8 tons' worth of payload into LKO and return to Kerbin safely following the release of said payload into space. She even has a built-in docking port in her cargo bay so she can rendezvous and dock with space stations. You know, so she doesn't drift off while her cargo is being re-positioned and docked. (Class 7: Virtue) FS-V Phoenix Anger The Phoenix Anger is the superior successor craft to Phoenix. With over 5,200 m/s of Delta V in Low Kerbin Orbit, our engineers have projected round trips to Laythe to easily be within reach of skilled pilots! Comes complete with capacity for 6 kerbals and the .95 ton "Virtue" rover. FS-V Iris After the success of Ferrybots Sr. and Jr. and the failures of various Duna SSTOs, AAAE felt like they needed more practice, and, furthermore, an additional means of staying afloat. And so Iris, codename Minmus Rex, was built with one mission in mind: Ferry a substantial amount of kerbals to Minmus and back. Luckily, she can easily do just that, though a round trip to the Mun might require slight refueling, if not only excessive aerobraking on the trip home. REUSABLE ROCKET "Rocket" instead of "rockets" because we only have one vehicle at the moment. DOWNLOADS FSR-PR Principality Principality is the sole reusable rocket sold by AAAE. Capable of reaching and returning from LKO like all of AAAE's current spaceplanes, she has been projected to be able to lift up to 30 tons worth of payload to low orbit, and potentially serve as an ascent stage for heavier payloads with their own propulsion. Note: Factor the payload's fairing into the payload's total weight. FLAGS: The classification flags currently in use, along with two versions of AAAE's company flag, can be found HERE. UPCOMING SPACECRAFT: Short-Range VTOL SSTO (LKO) Long-Range VTOL SSTO (Mun/Gilly(?)) ...Duna Cargo SSTO? REQUESTS: CLOSED, BUT SUGGESTIONS ARE OPEN  Mystic Labs A new subdivision of AAAE that focuses on less conventional forms of transport in general, from Jet Rovers to Weird Shuttles, and to more conventional forms of space transport such as tried and true rockets! While SSTO Spaceplanes are still mostly found in AAAE, Mystic Labs will cover anything else... just as long as you don't mind the inherent flaws in wackier craft. GALLERY CRAFT FOLDER Ursa Major - An SSTO spaceplane with an experimental two-stage design - the first stage is designed to carry you into orbit, while the second stage undocks from the main ship and is able to go anywhere in Kerbin's satellite system and return to the main ship afterwards. It tends to torque upwards in RAPIER mode in a vacuum, and in both modes in high time warp, so, watch for that. Be sure to shift all remaining fuel to the front of the spaceplane when returning to Kerbin! SSTO-11 Twintails - A private SSTO with capacity for 3 crew, but with two rather pointless plane tails in the back, hence the name. She was designed when two drunken engineers moved to Mystic Labs decided to poke fun at Fox Kerman's seeming obsession with vulpines. Launch Vehicles Colt and Pony - An super-ultralight reusable and a light semi-reusable launch vehicle, respectively. While Colt is only really useful for sending small probes into orbit, Pony can send payloads of up to around four-and-a-half to eight tons to low orbit and still be able to land its center stage. Mustang - A medium reusable launch vehicle that was built with sending orange tanks to orbit in mind. SSTO and landing capable like the Colt! Note: Fire up the engines to point retrograde during late re-descent due to on-board vernors and airbrakes giving insufficient control. Integrity - A Minmus rover previously only available by purchasing/downloading FS-PR Spectre. Virtue - A prototype Laythe rover previously only available by purchasing/downloading FS-V Phoenix Anger. Expeditioner Duna - Not just a titan of a rover, but a fully-functional base on wheels at 98 parts. Launch and transfer vehicles sold separately. As always, thank you for browsing through and potentially even ordering some of our craft for replication and delivery. We hope to see you again soon, as the number of available craft is bound to increase further overtime.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/reLy1 Hi there! After a ton of work (5 months) because I didn't wanna look up a tutorial, I was able to powered land a Reusable Rocket, known as Ender Full Thrust (Ill upload the craft file, however it uses a lot of mods, so it might not work for you, MRS and Kerbal Reusability Expansion should be it, but I might have some other mods in it to.) So here is the mission report I lifted of from KSC, and because the thing sometimes tips in water, I headed to polar orbit. I deployed the satellite at around 40 KM, and flew it into orbit. I then had to switch back to the rocket, as it entered the atmosphere. I fired up 1 of the 5 engines, and slowed down. I only used 1 as it was honestly just more efficient. I ended up deploying the gear at around 5km, as the extra drag kept the thing from tipping over. I fired up all the engines, slowed down, and just about managed to land it. I probably hit ground at around 3-5 m/s, so I was lucky that the landing gear had some good suspension. I actually nearly tipped the thing, however the RCS fought back, and it ended up stable. And that's the mission report of the first ever successful flight of Ender Full Thrust.
  3. For those who try to be cheap in KSP by recovering launch vehicles, I present the Bravo Recoverable Launch System.
  4. So I recently made a video showcasing 3 reusable booster designs in KSP, you can see it HERE. As soon as Kerbal Essences saw it he challenged me to actually reuse the booster. After several hours I successfully designed the required ground support systems to not only put the booster back on the pad but also mount a second payload to it for a second flight. As long as the booster lands in-tact, this system allows for the booster to be reused indefinitely. Hope you guys enjoy!
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