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Found 6 results

  1. What they fear...will come to pass... Oh, if you see a new chapter in the topic, and it's not uploaded yet, check back in a few minutes. I may be working on it. Updates Every Monday! ~~Table of Contents~~ Chapter 1: Mission to Arctica Chapter 2: Mactop To the Rescue! Chapter 3: What Is It? Chapter 4: Meanwhile at Duna... Chapter 5: The Rescue at Duna, Part 1 Chapter 6: The Rescue at Duna, Part 2 Chapter 7: In The Shadow of Duna Chapter 8: Cat Out of the Bag Chapter 9: Seclusion CHAPTER 10: Accedens Ignis Chapter 11: Kerb Zero Chapter 12: Adventures in Babysitting Chapter 13: Missing Chapter 14: Firebird Chapter 15: Never Corner a Big Cat Chapter 16: Close Encounters Chapter 17: Jeb's Revenge Chapter 18: Onward and Upward Chapter 19: Riding the Phoenix Chapter 20: Top Gun Chapter 20.5: Elsewhere... Chapter 21: Alone Chapter 22: The Aftermath Chapter 23: A Major Setback Chapter 24: Kerbal Down Chapter 25: For Jeb! Chapter 26: Hackin' It Chapter 27: Superunit 0003 Chapter 28: The Launch of KSS Haydi Chapter 28.5: Before the Beginning Chapter 29: Return to Flight Chapter 30: Elysium Chapter 32: The Flight to Ike Chapter 34: The Battle for Ike Chapter 35: Wernher's Decision Chapter 36: Chasing Evil Chapter 38: KSS Wernher Chapter 40: The Launch of KSS Wernher Chapter 42: The Final Push, Part One Chapter 43: The Final Push, Part Two Notes: Also used - Surface Mounted Lights 1.2.2, Other_Worlds (for the endgame) Welcome to my humble story! This was created in Sandbox mode useing most of the mods listed above. I started this in Notepad with the intention to post it when I was finished, and it's actually easier for me because I can go at my own pace with the story while STILL hopefully giving you all a thrilling storyline! Enjoy!
  2. The third book in my series. The nations of the planet of Eve have decided that the planet of Kerbin is too violent, and must be destroyed. In a brave quest to defend their planet, the Kerbals must fight for survival, and for the lives that they know and love. With a star-studded cast, prepare yourself for... Written by: DarkOwl57 Chapter 1: Contact Chapter 2: The Entrance of the Evians Chapter 3: First Blood Chapter 4: The World Kongress Chapter 5: Haydi's Return Chapter 6: To Space! Chapter 7: The 'Battle' Chapter 8: On the Surface Chapter 9: Going Home Chapter 10: Trouble Chapter 11: Wernher von Santa Klaus Chapter 12/13: Peace?/The Defensive Chapter 14: The Battle Chapter 15: Predator and Prey Chapter 16 & 17: Saga of the Orbital Weapons Chapter 18: Clash of the Titans Chapter 19: Phased Out Chapter 20: To Space!!! (Again) Chapter 21: The Last Battle Finale: Traitors and the End, A Fond Farewell, Jeb's Goodbye, and a Note From the Author More to come soon! (Maybe)
  3. WELCOME!!! So this is the.... uh..... I think... 4t- no 5th story that I've written for the forum so far. In this story, the Peoples Republic of the National States (PRNS) have declared their independence from the National States of Kerbin. Now, Gene has been enlisted to the Air Force, and has to fight for his country, and attempt to end this rebellion. This is... Written by: DarkOwl57 Contents Intro: Gene's Story Part 1 Chapter 1: The End of the World Chapter 2: A Legends Beginning Chapter 3: First Flight Chapter 4: First Fight Chapter 5: Breakthrough Chapter 6: The Battle Chapter 7: Promotion Chapter 8: Wernher's (2nd) Invention Chapter 9 (Finale of Part 1): The Unknown Part 2 Intermission and Chapter 10: Cheating Death Chapter 11: Stop that Thief! Chapter 12: The 100th Eclipse Chapter 13: To the Sea (Some issues with the forums means the font's messed up; Hopefully this'll get fixed soon) Chapter 14: Battle of the East Isles (This is getting really annoying ) Chapter 15: The Split (Ah fughetaboutit; I've just learned to accept it at this point) Chapter 16: On the Defense Chapter 17: The Mission Chapter 18 (Part 2 Finale): Shot Down Part 3 Chapter 19: The Remains of Blackheart Chapter 20: The Mistake Chapter 21 and 22 (I messed up): The Rocket/Heating Up Chapter 23, Epilogue, and Epilogue II: The End More to come! For everyone who reads, likes, and encourages me in my typing, Thank you. -Your author
  4. Before this starts, I would like to thank more than a few people. @Draconiator For giving me inspiration for my story. (Link to his story: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135563-etherium-a-kerbal-space-program-story-chapter-32-the-flight-to-ike/&page=4 @BahamutoD For supplying BDArmoury. @TheEpicSquared, @swjr-swis, @NotAnAimbot, @Avera9eJoe, and all the others who posted on my 'Fighter Jet Speed Test' Challenge. (Thanks guys!) And now, without further ado....... Introduction This story takes place 10 years after the Great War was fought. Jeb and Valentina, both now retired, enjoy their lives with Robert, their child. Bob and Bill, also retired, have both gotten married, and settled down with their own families. However, trouble is stirring in the island nation of Dystrios, and the rebel forces have taken over most of the country. Now, we start this story in the town of Riverview, in the house of Jeb and Valentina. Chapter 1 Time: 09:00 Hours, 10 years after the end of the Great War Location: Jeb’s Dining-room, Riverside, NSK Jeb was eating his breakfast, when little Robert walked into the room. “Hey dad,” He said as he grabbed an apple from the bowl that was on the counter. Jeb noticed that he was hiding something. “Did you take a cookie from the jar?” Jeb asked in a playful tone. Robert pulled two cookies out of his pocket, giving one to Jeb. “Mhm… Thanks,” Jeb said as he took a bite. Gosh, He thought as he took another bite. Val’s cookies sure are good. “What’s going on here?” Val’s voice said as he opened his eyes and turned around. “No eating cookies before you finish breakfast.” Val said with a smile as she took off her garden apron, which she had been wearing when she planted some new flowers. “Sorry,” Jeb said as he stood up. “I guess it’s okay,” Valentina said as Jeb gave her a light kiss on the cheek. Jeb smiled, and turned to Robert, who was eating his apple. “Do you want to try the simulator again?” Jeb asked as he began to walk to his study. “Yeah!” Robert said as he leaped up and followed Jeb. “Now remember, you need to be easy with the controls at first, but once the plane’s got a good speed, you can do whatever.” Jeb told Robert as they walked into the study. Jeb heard Val mutter something that sounded like “Boys…..” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 09:05 Hours Location: Jeb’s office, Riverside, NSK Jeb sat down in the ‘Pilot’ seat, and pressed the power button. An old fashioned ‘KSC’ logo popped up on each of the three screens that gave the ‘Pilot’ a 180º view. “Dad?” Robert said as Jeb selected ‘Free flight’ mode. “What is ‘KSC’?” Jeb smiled. “You already know,” Jeb said. “Tell me the story again.” Robert said as he sat down in the seat. “Well,” Jeb started. “I was a pilot, and the KSC is where I worked. When I retired, they gave me this as a gift.” Jeb smiled. Robert chose his favorite plane, the M-13. “Now, remember-“ Jeb said, but Rob finished the sentence for him. “Don’t try maneuvers at low speeds, and don’t do maneuvers at mach 3.” He grinned. “I learned my lesson after the last week.” Robert flipped all the switches on the digital dashboard, starting the plane up. As soon as the plane got up to takeoff speed, Robert pulled the control stick back, and the plane took off beautifully. “Wo-oo-o-o-oooo!” Robert exclaimed when his seat shook as he did a loop. “Yeah!” Jeb said, seeing his son doing maneuvers that had inspired Jeb to become a pilot himself. Finally, after breaking his own speed record of 500m/s, Robert landed the plane with ease. “Yes!” Robert said as he got up from the seat. “Can I go again?” He asked Jeb, who shook his head. “You know the rules, 1 flight per weekend.” Robert groaned, and Jeb smiled at how similar Robert was to Jeb at a young age. “Why don’t you go help your mom,” Jeb said as he turned on his computer. “I’m sure that she could use help with the garden.” Robert walked out the door, and said, “Fine. And I’ll see if I can get you another cookie.” Jeb chuckled as he checked the news. However, his smile was immediately turned into a frown when he saw the latest military headlines. “Rebellion on Dystrios?” He muttered to himself as he clicked on the link. He was very confused. Dystrios was supposed to be a relatively peaceful nation. They were basically a satellite of the Eastern Empire; Too large to be considered a colony, and too small to be considered an independent nation. He decided to get on the simulator. He switched the user to JKerman102, and selected ‘Dogfight’ mode. He chose the M-13, which was his favorite of all the ones that he had flown, chose the amount of enemies that would be against him, and prepared to fly again. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 09:15 Hours Location: Jeb’s Office, Riverside, NSK Jeb gave a few short breaths, before launching the plane. He saw 4 enemy targets with 2 ally craft, making the odds 4-3. However, with Jeb flying, it was more like 4-5. His plane lifted up nicely, and he began the fight. His allies managed to shoot down one of the enemy planes by taking off it’s wing. 3-3, Jeb thought as he zoomed into the engagement zone. His radar alerted him to someone closing up on his rear, and Jeb looped around. He fired the guns, and the enemy plane lost their engine and left wing. With the odds now 2-3, Jeb allowed the AI generated allies shoot down one very pesky plane that was just able to stay out of range of the ally craft. Jeb launched a couple of missiles, which eliminated the enemy with ease. Now, with just one plane left, Jeb flew like crazy, attempting to get to the last plane. He prepared to launch the remainder of his missiles at the enemy, but a missile came at the plane from above, and destroyed the craft by hitting it in the middle. Jeb landed the plane skillfully, panting just a little from the excitement of flying again. Whew, Jeb thought as he switched off the plane and got out of the simulator. Just as he stood up, his phone in his pocket buzzed, and Jeb saw the notification that was on the main part of the screen. NSK NEWS- BREAKING: Dystrios capital taken by rebels, War declared on NSK Jeb was shocked. He heard Valentina running through the house, and she burst into the office, panting. “Did you get it too?” She gasped, holding up her phone. Jeb nodded grimly. “I’m going to go take a walk for a bit,” Jeb said as he walked out of the room.
  5. Hi ! First, I'd like to say that this is a really great community and I'm happy to take part in it ! So I just started playing KSP a couple of days ago, messing around in sandbox mode, I also played in career mode, but it seemed fairly hard up to some point... My question is : What's the best best way to learn KSP, by playing in sandbox, career ? What "essential tasks, mission should I do, in order to learn the basics ? What other advice can you give me ? Also, I'd like to point out that I've been playing Orbiter for a long time and have a fair understanding of orbital mechanics Have a good day, Luca S.
  6. Links to topics that will be discussed here: This thread is solely for didcussing the gamemodes in KSP. Please take other discussions elsewhere.
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