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Found 3 results

  1. When I put the nuclear engine or one of the MH service bays, my game starts laging when I open the context menu of ANY part. The lag increases if I put more of those parts. I tried evething. Does anyone else have this issue? This happens only in the editor (both VAB and SPH) I tried removing the mods and reinstaling the game, but it didn't help. I'm runing 1.11.2 64bit on Win10 with Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, Radeon RX 5700 GPU and 16GB of RAM
  2. UNDER CONSTRUCTION PRE-RELEASE Beta Testers Wanted Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. ProbiTronics This is the new thread. Original thread here. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as ProbiTronics — created by @tdubic ProbiTronics is all about specialized probe parts and reusability. ProbiTronics is [@tdubic's] first add on for Kerbal Space Program. Mod is more focused on specialized probes, and parts that help you with reusability of rocket stages. I have great ideas and if everything goes well I will continue to improve and add new parts to this add on. It is currently in alpha version so if you find some bugs please contact me. New 0.22 version is ready for First Contract 0.21 version is more about science. Ball and G-probe now have custom science experiments, also on all parts configurations are changed. ProbiTronics includes: [NEW] SP-1- reusable sample probe for bringing samples back to Kerbin. [NEW] LA-2m - Big Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs with longer engines. LA-1m - Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs with longer engines. SM Mk I (service module for Command Pod Mk1) SM Mk II (service module for Command Pod Mk1) RU-3m MK O probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one. Add two Mk16 parachutes in middle attachment points. RB-721 (more than just rover body) RU-1m (probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one) RU-2m (probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one) Ball Probe G-Probe ProbiTronics ATV mk I Ball Shield Ball Parachute (just scaled down stock item Mk16-XL Parachute made by HarvesteR ) 1m=1.25m, 2m= 2,5m, 3m =3,75m Check for more information, images and download: More info + DOWNLOAD v0.22 my website DOWNLOAD on CURSE v0.22(Under Review) Probitronics on Twitter and Youtube SP-1 - reusable sample probe for bringing samples back to Kerbin. LA-1m and LA -2m - Leg Adapter give you ability to use stock legs on longer engines. RB-721 - more than just rover body SM Mk I and SM Mk II are Service Modules for Command Pod Mk I and Command pod MK 2-3 RU-1m and RU-2m are probe, decoupler and parachute compartment in one. With this parts you can make your 1m and 2m stock rocket reusable. Ball Probe is small probe for taking data from planets atmosphere.Include barometer sensor an also have custom science experiment (advanced atmospheric research). On top put ball probe parachute and on bottom heat shield. G-probe is probe for measuring gravitational and magnetic fields. Include custom magnetic field scanner and com antenna (Jeb insisted). Include SAS and XenonGas Tank. ATV (Automatic Transport Vehicle) is used for transport food, oxygen, fuel and other stuff in to the space. Don’t forget to attach some engine, thrusters, and solar panels. ProbiTronics is all about specialized probe parts and reusability. Installation Directions (assumes basic KSP mod installation knowledge): Extract to your KSP folder. Install related ModuleManager patches. Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program v1.8.1, may work on earlier versions Dependencies Module Manager Recomends Community Resource Pack Supports Kerbal Change Log Suggests Hot Beverages Irradiated KGEx (coming soon) B9StockPatches Source: GitHub License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  3. I've been having issues with the SM-18 service module and can't seem to find anyone else having the same bug. Here is what is happening. I am attaching the part under a command capsule and when you right click it, you are given the option to remove the shroud. I remove the shroud so I can fill the inside with batteries, science experiments, etc. Here's where things get weird. I launch my rocket, and get in to orbit of Kerbin. I remove the fairing that is protecting the upper stage that has the SM-18 service module, and the shroud is still gone from the service module from when I built it. No problem, I'm in space, who cares right? The issue is, there are no options to interact with any of the science experiments inside of the service module. I can't restore any experiments or take results, etc. The odd thing is, I can still trigger experiments using hotkeys that I bound prelaunch, but again can't reset experiments without a hotkey. Anyone else experiencing this? To be clear, I also have a couple of mods installed. Basic ones for TWR and delta V. I don't have any non-stock parts on the rocket, anywhere. Seriously confused, I can't be the only one having this problem. Edit: More tom-foolery! I returned to the KSC, leaving the bugged craft in space and reloaded it. Now the shroud on the service module is closed! Even stranger, there is nowhere in my staging to pop the shroud. I can't right click the part either to manually deploy it. The rocket is meant to go to Duna and pretty much broke the bank. I'm screwed funds wise if I have to abort. Tolero
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