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Found 4 results

  1. I have just launch a test rocket into a really oval oval orbit around kerbin. After a few days, I came back and tried to fire the engine at the ap to reenter earth. But my ship just won't do anything and it wouldn't allow me to turn off sas! What is going on?
  2. I am a new player, so I have not got into orbit yet. I was doing a test launch with the liquid fuel engine and some tourists. I had solid rocket boosters to lift off. Then I decoupled and started the second stage liquid fuel engine. it was ok until I started to press d so it can go into orbit. But When i stopped pressing d to make it stop tilting, it kept going! So i tried to press a to correct for it. But it just didn't listen and started to spin in a circle. I tired to use other keys, but it just went crazy. Then I tried to decouple the stage. The stage decoupled, but then exploded. then eve
  3. I remember this being the reason I gave up playing KSP on my iMac a year or so ago, and it seems the bug hasn't been fixed yet. In the VAB or SPH (but also sometimes while flying an active craft as well), the buttons are rarely clickable (they highlight, but clicking has no effect, sometimes it helps to hold the mouse button down for a few seconds, sometimes it doesn't), the scroll bar on the parts panel seems to get stuck to the pointer and not be able to click off it, the camera randomly spins and changes angles without warning, it's basically impossible to build anything. As soon as you lin
  4. I'm having this major issue that affects me a lot. I do have a 'lot' of mods installed in my KSP. When ever I would decouple from a ship while finishing an orbital burn. If I disable SAS my craft would start spinning like crazy. I don't know why but the only way to make this stop is do disable all the torque but would result in having almost no control to move the vessel. Mods: -- Listing off by names in GameData - [x] Science! - Chatterer - DistantObject - DMagicOrbitalScience - DMagicUtilities - FP_DPSoundFX - FuelTanksPlus - Impact - Indicat
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