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Found 6 results

  1. So after looking through the archives here and finding next to no discussion of the changes that Unity 5 KSP 1.1 caused I thought I would create this thread. First change. The form factor radii appear to all have changed, F0 = 0.25, F1 = 0.5, F2 = 1, F3 = 1.5 Second change. How you import your part tools has changed. Note: like with PT 0.23 I simply created an empty template with part tools and copy it for each new part. Third change of course we are using part tools 11-2 Forth change is there are a whole bunch of new assets that I'm not to sure how to use. Before i
  2. Ok so I'm a bit new to the whole modding thing with the new unity 5 engine and I need a bit of help. I'm having a few issues with the texture of my part, it's normal/bump/depth map thingy and how the game won't highlight the part in the editor and in flight. Here is a rundown of how I created the part. I created the original model in google sketchup, exported the dae file into Blender, exported the Blender dae and uv map, put the dae and part tools into unity, opened the uv map in photoshop, created both the texture and normal map and put them into unity, created new game object and
  3. So, I've been dealing with an instant crash issue in KSP, as reported here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/137661-110-crashes-instantly-on-load-osx-edition/#comment-2529501 In my journey for an answer (nothing's worked yet), I came across this: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/our-game-no-longer-runs-on-mac-osx.395699/ Very recent thread, only started 20 days ago. The error described there is exactly the error I'm getting. Apparently there's some kind of conflict with Unity 5 and OS X and, in my situation, OSX, and other Unix-based machines. The former I can
  4. All right, so many of us have watched the 2015/3/24 Squadcast and seen what the current state of the game is re: multithreaded PhysX. As is known, Unity 5's PhysX 3 implementation allows for multiple physics threads. The discussions happening on this board for the past several months have been about whether there was a possibility that single vessels could be spread across threads, and the general consensus was that no, they could not. The squadcast pretty much confirmed this; single vessels are indeed individual threads, and new threads are spawned when vessels undergo separation in the
  5. Just a thought, since the added thermal physics has increased the overhead on the cpu. It is known the physics tree for joints cannot be split into separate threads in Unity 5, but thermal physics does not effect joint strength in ksp, except when a part blows up. Therefore in theory it should be able to run thermal physics on a separate thread, increasing the use of multiple cores, post version 1.1. Discussion please.
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