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Found 5 results

  1. hello, I installed AVP (Astronomers Visual Pack) I got the clouds, stars, and glow but did not get the auroras, So I went into the EVE Config Edit In-game and the "aurora.dds" file was missing, I tried installing the AVP from CKAN, It said everything was installed but It still did not have the file that I needed to have auroras. The Stars, clouds, and glows are working but not the clouds since the file are missing. I have also tried installing manually but it still did not work. can someone help? By the way, I do not have any other visual mods, but I have EVE, Scatterer, and AVP.
  2. OK. So due to an unrelated issue with my previous save and Tantares' latest update, I decided to start a-new. First launch, launching a satellite into geo-sync orbit, everything's fine in the VAB... And then this happens... I call him Jeff. Anyway, the serious part: Apparently, the game has decided to spawn a weird "ghost" asset of one of my subassemblies (specifically of a Centaur-derivative Upper Stage), used in the featured craft. It's "inactive" - i.e not part of the actual vessel and not a vessel itself, but partially interactable, as in I can highlight its' constituent parts. For some reason, the RCS thrusters at the lower part of the "ghost" follower appear active, though it doesn't actually move. Jeff likes to tag along for whatever you're doing, but keeps his distance. He's also persistent between game reloads and active vessels...
  3. I installed the astronomer's visual pack recently and encountered a very weird water glitch where the water looks white and the waves are broken, VERY stretchy triangles. I installed using CKAN and I'm not sure what's causing this water issue. Here's a list of mods that I have downloaded. The only conflict AVP has is with EVE configs which I don't think I have installed. What's causing the issue and how do I fix it?
  4. Hello, today i installed some planets pack and i got a problem, one of the planets pack came with a visual mod but now there is no water on kerbin. I have scatter, SVE, (StockVisuelEnhacements), EVE and BoulderCo. Is there any incompatibility with those mods ?
  5. Hey, I have a heavily modded install of KSP, running 1.3 with all updated mods (except for a few, but I have patches and whatnot), and there is this odd, shiny white pill like object that is everywhere. It is in the VAB and the SPH where the parent part is and follows me in flight, even in EVA. I have looked everywhere for a solution and I found one. There was an old thread from 2014 and it said that it was an incorrectly packaged .dll file called 'CITUtil.dll' that is apart of the ActiveStruts mod for IR, but I don't have that file. It also said that it had something to do with Unity and it was a bug or something for that? I have looked all over my PC and couldn't find a file named CITUtil.dll. I have put up with this bug for too long and I'd like to have a solution to it, thanks.
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