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Found 4 results

  1. This isn't a suggestion, it's something I'm actually trying to do with a mod pack. The idea is to make a full mod pack that will make the game somewhat playable in VR. Here's what mods I'm putting in: Vivero (VR mod) RasterProp Monitor (and various plugins to make the MFDs more useful) Through the Eyes (Kerbal EVA first person view) KIS and KAS (to make EVA a little more interesting) I've run into a road block. Vivero ONLY allows you to enable VR when in an IVA... And apparently running the first person mod, and going EVA in first person doesn't count as an IVA. So I'm unable to enable VR while on a first person EVA. It seems like there's possibly a simple fix, maybe a file I could open and edit in notepad, so that Vivero can enable VR regardless of whether or not you're in IVA. But I don't know enough about programming to identify what file I'd have to open, and what edits I'd need to make. If anybody has any experience with modding who could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. I'm so close to making a proper KSP VR mod pack work.
  2. Demo video of less glitchy first person walking: Floating (EVA) mode free controls demo video: This mod allows you to control EVA from the perspective of a kerbal. To enter first person mode, press the 'c' key. Additionally, you can disallow external view of both kerbals and regular vessels in the config file. Requirements: None. Download/Source: Changelog: -Update for KSP 1.3. -Oops, found a problem with switching kerbals 5 minutes after releasing. Fixed this. -A ton of work on making walking, running and swimming more smooth. -Reset kerbal's view using the 'v' key when in FP mode. -Free rotation and translation added to floating EVA mode. Controls match those used for a vessel. Defaults: ad=yaw, qe=roll, ws=pitch, jl=translate left/right, ik=translate up/down, hn=translate forward/back. A stabilization-mode sas is available. -"Fine controls" for RCS packs is by throttle controls while in FP mode. The more throttle, the more pack power. More or less fuel is used as appropriate. -Some fixes to stock glitchy behavior for walking kerbals in low-g; prevent getting stuck trying to land on a steep slope, allow the player to break out of a running bound (especially useful for Gilly and Pol). These fixes apply both in first and third person mode. -Display the name of the kerbal when switching inside IVA. -Navball now functions normally in FP mode, referenced to the kerbal. License: GNU GPL v3 This mod is a continuation of the work of: @Chronothan, @Ser.
  3. Year 1, Day 1. 'Studying' I've been studying aerodynamics and physics at the Kerbin University, and I'm going to try to apply for a spot at the Kerbal Space Center. I can just imagine myself taking off, going into space, floating around the cabin for a few minutes, looking at the universe, seeing how tiny everything is. I can imagine being the first Kerbal on the Mun. I can imagine travelling to the big green thing in the night sky, with little things going around it. It's funny, really, how we rotate around Kerbol, the Mun rotates around us, Minmus rotates around the Mun (I think), and then the green thing also rotates around Kerbol, and things rotate around it, and those things have things that rotate around those things an- Year 1, Day 2. 'Studying' I didn't finish what I was writing last night, as I fell asleep. As I was saying, the things that rotate around the big green thing, have things that rotate around them as well. Now my brain's starting to hurt... Year 1. Day 285. 'Studying, but better' I made it! I put my application in at the KSC about a month ago, and after evaluation, it's been accepted! I'm going to the KSC for 'basic training'. I'll have a lot of work ahead of me!
  4. Mod Edit: There is a new maintainer for this project. The new thread is here: This is a continuation of the abandoned Through the eyes of a kerbal - 1st person EVA (a.k.a. Force IVA) mod by @Chronothan Supported KSP version: 1.2 License: GPLv3 Source code: on GitHub Download from SpaceDock By default, the in-game "Camera Mode" (i.e. "C") key is used to switch to first person view while on EVA. Besides that, the mod enables you to restrict view to IVA and disable Map view when restricted to IVA. For those options see the configuration file in the PluginData folder of the mod. If using those features the Part Wizard Continued mod is recommended to have access to righ-click menu actions from within IVA or first person EVA.