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Found 4 results

  1. I use IMGUR for images and have had no problems in the past. I was trying to post in the tech support forum about my bouncing landing gear issue. I created a GIF file to demonstrate the issue, but I cannot seem to upload it, no matter what URL I use, be it right clicking and copying the image address or using the options IMGUR provides. The best I managed was a static thumbnail. I see others have done it, so what am I doing incorrectly?
  2. I know I should work for PIXAR
  3. While I really should be finishing up my 0.235 Rescue Mission, I've started a career game in 1.2. The contract for tourists wanting to pass out with a high-G flight was a new one to me. So I threw this together. It could do with some optimizations, but it did the job. Too bad I didn't read they also contracted to go to orbit (easy second mission). I've also just installed kOS. This was a very simple script to run this. Probably would have been faster to do it manually.
  4. Awful Landing I like the air brakes system idea! But how would such a thing actually work out? And what do you guys usually use?