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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm playing with Uncharted Lands, and I think the star looks a whole lot like Epsilon Eridani... So I though "Why not have the Kerbol system 101/2 kerbal light years away?". And since I'm so bad at Kopernicus (Yes, it's genuinely badness at it, not the fact I haven't tried. Trust me, I have, you don't have to lecture me on how to do it, though. ), I don't want to make it myself, because it's gonna turn out terribly. So why not have everyone do this project for me do this sort of thing for anyone else who feels sort of the same as me? Seriously, I think it's a great idea, especially for some sort of roleplay thing, which is kind of a thing I want to start doing in the near future. I mean, just imagine the possibilities!
  2. I made the main bodies of the Kerbol System, (Kerbol-Eeloo) entirely in PlanetMaker ( Reply if you have created models of the Kerbol system of some sort. -made by planet-creations (with a profile pic of Kerbin)
  3. I was looking at some beautiful KSP fanart, and system to scale and I realised that it would be fun to make Kerbol system map in photoshop, so I opened photoshop and just painted. After few minutes, this is what was left: If you made some nice Kerbol system map or fanart or even system map of your own map, be sure to show it to me