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Found 10 results

  1. This is an fairly simple issue, labs can only store 500 science, with high level scientists they will fill up the 500 in less than an month. To reduce number of interupts during long interplanetary missions I thought to increase the science storage to 2000, this would let the lab run longer. However I have no idea how to work with module manager, even if this should be an very simple script. Any guides or tips or samples?
  2. Problem is that the science is new and it will not load , states that the science lab already got this. Last landing i was on a new spot so im sure its not "old" data. Hooked up another lab, and it loaded all the unusable data. What is wrong ?
  3. this mod solves problem of cheat-unlimited science from lab(s) (each stock lab(accompanied with 2 scientist and rover with instruments) gives you 3000 science from minmus each 3 years, which in turn makes even Duna visit meaningless) this goal is accomplished by 1. removing data concept from lab. 2. all bonus science from lab goes to corresponding research, so many labs can't give unlimited science on same subject (science bonus currently 100% of original science and limited by lab location and scientists levels and stupidity, 110% for kspie, needs testing) Features: 1
  4. This is a thing I'm working on. Long story short: 1. Exterminate the ability to transmitt science 2. Set the science transmission to always 100% 3. "Clear out" the large crewed lab (no converting science anymore) 4. Give the now useless lab the only transmitter wich can actually transmitt science I never used the lab. And when I gave it a shot it seemed to be highly overpowered. I also think not beeing able to transmitt science form wherever you want and get 100% is a good idea, but I thought having a "base" from wich you could transfer your science back home wi
  5. Hi, I have a mobile procession lab orbiting duna with a barometer, thermometer and gravimax attached and have collected the data from these for research by the two scientists stationed there. This worked fine, the data was added to the lab and they are making science. I then docked a craft that had spent a lot of time (67 experiments worth) collecting science from duna, put a kerbal eva, collected the science from this craft and added it to the mobile lab. I expected the data count to go up but instead it just added the experiments. Could someone tell me how I add the data
  6. It seems that considering how the lab works, once you have reached the point of getting into space you can stop collecting science on Kerbin early. You could later go around the KSC and the rest of kerbin collecting data and just have a lander can near the launch pad where you can deposit it until you have gathered all the kerbin surface science. Am I correct in assuming that if you have say Jeb collect the data and climb a ladder to a rocket on it's way to say duna or even just kerbins orbit and stick the science into a station with a lab you can actually improve the ammount of science you g
  7. So I just completed my biggest mission yet in career mode. I have a science lab connected to a mk1-2 command pod on the top, with a service bay containing all my science, and a heat shield on the bottom. I was dumb and I did not test the re-entry on it before the mission. I quick saved before re-entry, figuring if it blows up I could try it again until I get it right. The big mistake was not putting a reaction wheel or RCS on it as I was trying to reduce weight, once it gets to around 22-23km it loses control flips around and explodes. Any advice for getting this thing back down safely?
  8. So I'm going to be picking up some fresh, sweet science when I arrive at Duna in my career. My transfer ship has a science lab. With the new science lab, if you process an experiment you don't "get it back" to be recovered like before. My question is, should I keep this science and recover it or process it in the lab on my way home?
  9. Hey guys! I have a contract to "Do an experiment on your Station around Duna then return the experiment to Kerbin". But there seems to be no way to take the experiment as you can usually do when you EVA (right click --> take data/experiment), even when the research is finished (data dropped to 0). Does anybody know how to do this?
  10. I want to propose a new mechanic in Stock to encourage the use of the part called "Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2". Instead of supplying a slow but infinite source of science points, I suggest one based on the current science gathering mechanic. Simplified version: Every SOI has a set amount of science points attainable by the MPL(doesn't matter whether you gathered every experiment or not). For arguments sake, let's say 500sci. Send a MPL into Kerbin orbit, put a scientist and lots of solar panels on it. Click the "start research" button, then after some time and lots of EC the
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