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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Are you playing the 1.2 pre-release? Do you want to help us crush those puny bugs and get the chance to name an in-game Kerbal or Waypoint while doing so? Of course you do, who wouldn't?! During the past Squadcast we announced the Bug Hunting Contest and it consists of the following: Participants just need to make quality bug reports on the pre-release project on KSP’s Bug Tracker. The QA team will nominate some 'bug report finalists' based on the relevance of the bug and quality of the report. Once a week, we will announce at least one winner at the beginning of SquadCast (Thursdays - 22:00 UTC at KSPTV). The winner will be able to add a name to a kerbal or waypoint random name generator, subject to our approval Every bug report made during the pre-release phase of the 1.2 Update will be taken into consideration for the contest (sept 13th. - TBA) We will also have a special reward* for the Ultimate Bug Hunter, who will be announced at the end of the contest. Let the hunt begin! Start finding those bugs and putting your best reports on the tracker! Good luck! - The KSP Dev Team *Shippings are limited to Shapeways’ Serviceable Countries list.
  2. You heard the title right, this lovely morning of the 1st of April!!! (in Alberta, at least)! The official website store of has just made available the 1.1 prerelease, allowing the rest of us users to fool around with 1.1! Happy April 1(.1)!