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Found 5 results

  1. I'm finding as I am gaining more hours and experience playing Kerbal Space Program, that I am starting to impose rules, or at least methods of play on myself. For example, I don't like using additional reaction wheels in most aircraft (and I usually turn off stability-except for long distance cruising). I feel like my planes should at least be able to fly with as little aid as possible. That is not an absolute (I break that rule for some of my really weird ones), but it is an ideal. I know some people only play in stock. Others may eschew certain mods or only use mods like Realism Overhaul or FAR that make things harder. So, what is your limit? Are their certain parts you won't use or certain building methods you stay away from? Do you not allow yourself to revert flights? What line (if any) do you draw for yourself and why?
  2. Hello. I just logged in this morning and had to read all the terms and conditions, press agree, and then access the site. So... what's changed about them?
  3. Hello gaming Astronauts! Today I'll explain safe ways to play Kerbal space program. Here we go! 1: Always you shouldn't play with too much mods. KSP will run very slow and you will not enjoy so much it. 2: Don't put the details texture so much detailed it will also get running slower. 3: Don't edit folders of KSP because, if you don't know to edit you will cannot play KSP. 4: Always get the charger of you computer when you play KSP. Because it consumes a lot of electric charge (I learn it with the Z-100 battery) and finally... 5: Son't make big spaceships like ShadowZone because then the game runs very very slow. One day I played KSP with a spaceship of 1000 parts and the game crashed . Thanks for reading the safe tips for play Kerbal space program. Bye!
  4. Too often I am seeing forum members being aggressed by veteran forum members for starting a discussion which the veteran members consider as "already discussed". This behavior makes it difficult for us to have a friendly community that promotes healthy discussion about a game that we all love. New players are hesitant to post and discuss for fear of players who will come and troll them because they have already "beat the dead horse". Do we need a rule stop this kind of behavior? Perhaps this: Ridiculing or otherwise criticizing forum members for discussing something which has already been discussed is not allowed. Instead our omni-present forum members should consider the following alternatives: Don't read or post in the thread (for real, you don't have to beat the horse if you don't want to) Post links to other useful forum pages (you might just get a like and/or make a friend) Share your thoughts again (a short personal thought on "if mechjeb is cheating" may help a new player enjoy their membership in the community (even if you have weighed in on the matter before.))
  5. Please read our [thread=30064]Forum Rules[/thread] before posting.