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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to my stock electric plane repository! It serves as a home for my own electric craft which work perfectly 75% of the time, and also somewhere to share your own electric planes and other creations. Have fun! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the highly creatively named "SAS flyer 1". It features decent reliability, a high-power engine, and a low takeoff speed. It has a maxima
  2. Welcome to the... KSP Stock Prop Design Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to create the coolest looking stock prop designs you can! Your plane will be judged mostly on appearance and as such, speed and performance won't be judged very harshly; as long as it flies, and flies well enough it's okay (though good performance is always good to have). The goal of this challenge is to create a plane that fits both the requirements and aesthetics of what a contract of your choice says. The contracts will range from 1920s-30s biplanes to post WW2 superprops. There will be no definit
  3. Inspired by the Regional Jet Challenge Whilst the thread is mainly focused on propeller driven aircraft, jet powered aircraft ARE allowed on the condition that it uses a maximum of 800 units of fuel. Kerbin has gone through an oil crisis; airlines and military around Kerbin are now using aircraft they can no longer fuel and are in desperate need for new aircraft. It is up to your company to provide aircraft for either the military or airlines that have almost the, or better performance then jet powered counterparts. Of course, in most cases it isn't possible to match the sp
  4. I completely forgot to upload this to the forums, but I have built a Lancaster with functioning propellers and a rotating turret completely in stock! It comes in as a big'un at 666 parts (That wasn't intentional I swear). So far, it's the biggest thing (in terms of part count) I've ever built in KSP. The propeller technology for this one was a reverse engineered engine I stole downloaded from Squiddy. As for the turret, I used RCS ball based bearings which I got from Azimech. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Hello all! I have made an aircraft I'd wanted to make for the longest time. It's the P-51 (the D model in particular)! It took me a while to figure out how to make a bubble cockpit, however, not trying to toot my own horn but, I think I've done a pretty good job! Like a lot of the aircraft I'm building these days, I've made a speedbuild for it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________
  6. Hello! I've made a replica of the IL-2 Shturmovik. Before I start off, I'd like to credit MajorJim! for the initial design for the bearing I use, and Azimech for showing me the design with the RCS balls. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The IL-2 was a ground attacker developed in the Soviet Union. It had a reputation for taking huge amounts of punishment, but still being able to fly home. This was because of the fact it was incredibly wel
  7. For a very, very long time now, I've wanted to make a new version of that Spitfire I made a while back. I personally thought it wasn't very good, and I could've done a much better job, so I finally did. Now, technically, this is actually V3, however, I never released the other one I made since I figured out new techniques of making smoother looking aircraft as soon as I finished it. Just for perspective, here is the real Spitfire: Here is my old replica: And here is the newer version I made: As you may be able to see, the newer version is much cleaner, and is
  8. This gave me the idea, thanks to MiffedStarfish for indirectly giving me the idea for this replica! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As with my other forum posts, I credit MajorJim for creating the bearing I require to even think about building these replicas, check it out here! Also, big thanks to whoever designed the modification that allows you to use RCS thrusters as ball bearings. (Please tell me who made it as I want to credit them) Klond and Azimech for developing the RCS bearin
  9. Hello all! I'm back, and I've made a new replica. Unlike all of my other replicas, I have decided to record the making of the BF-109. So far, this replica has been one of the easiest to build so far; only taking about/less than an hour to complete and test. (I'm only showing 40 minutes of building footage in the video because the extra 10-20 minutes were just tweaking) The video is here: The stock bearings used were initially designed by MajorJim, however, a similar design, using different parts (the one I use in the plane) were designed by Klond and Azimech.
  10. Hello all! Here's a very special, and SCARY plane! That's right, It's the Stuka! The JU-87 (or Stuka as it was called) was a German dive bomber developed by Junkers in the 1930s. The Stuka would dive at about 80 degrees, ditch the bombs and pull up afterward. This meant the bombs dropped by the Stuka were extremely accurate. It first saw combat during the spanish civil war in 1937, however, was more famously known for it's action during WW2. One of the special features of the Stuka was it's siren (this was really only used at the beginning of the war, due to soldiers being de-sensit
  11. To start off, I would like to credit MajorJim as the original creator of the bearing. Klond and Azimech for developing the modification that uses RCS Balls. Big thanks again to Azimech for showing ways of optimizing the bearing to make it even better and even more reliable. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With that out the way, Here's the actual post. I apologize for not existing for so long, there's no reason for it, I was just too lazy to po
  12. Hi folks, I've been turning my attention to the hardest problem of all, women an Eve spaceplane. SSTO is out of the question on Eve but I have an idea for something mostly re-usable - Stock props to get the thing up to an altitude where the atmosphere is like it is on Kerbin at 8km or so. Then ditch the propellors and activate the nervs to make the run to orbit. It has 5 NERVs, 2 IONS, the outboard pair of nervs can be discarded later in the ascent when our TWR is looking good. Well, the nerv powered part certainly has a load of potential. I used hyperedit to dro
  13. Before I show off my plane, I need to give credit where credit is due A BIG thank you to MajorJim's innovative thermometer hinge! It is the only reason why this flies and without it, I'd still be using jet engines *Gasp* (Link Here) With that out of the way, here's the... Sopwith Camel! If you didn't know (somehow), the Sopwith Camel was one of the most successful fighters of World War 1, but however, one of the most difficult to fly. This is because of the rotary engine inside which acted like a gyroscope giving the plane a strong turn to the right (which could cause the plane
  14. Before I start talking about my plane, I have to credit Major Jim for designing the tech for the propellers. Without it, I'd still be using jet engines to power my planes (THE HORROR!) (Link Here) With that out the way, here's the.... Vickers Vimy Heavy Bomber! In case you don't exactly know what the Vickers Vimy is; the Vickers Vimy was a World War I era heavy bomber that was introduced pretty late into the war. It got used as late as 1933! It was also the first plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop and it was the first to travel from England to Australia! H
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