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[STOCK] Space Shuttle "Resolution"

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STS-30 recreation

STS-30 was the launch of the Magellan Venus probe by space shuttle Atlantis. Here it is (partially) recreated in KSP. I've taken to using MechJeb for launches now just to make them easier to reproduce, so anyone should be able to fly the same mission as well! Requires RemoteTech.

Subassembly file:


Payload layout.


My first try using KVV, think it doesn't like my Mac and crashes whenever I try use the screenshot button. Oh well, a regular screenshot will have to do. You'll notice I removed the external airlock: On STS-30 the airlock was still internal on the lower deck of the shuttle, they would not move the airlock external until the MIR missions in the late 90s.

STS-30 was launched into a 361x366km orbit at 28.8 degrees orbital inclination, so that's what we'll use to set MechJeb Ascent Guidance:

Orbit altitude: 360km
Orbit inclination: 28.8
Limit acceleration to: 40m/s (3G limit, don't think it ever needs it)
Force Roll climb: climb 180 turn 180 (STS-30 flew an older launch profile that did not roll to heads up at the end of SSME burn)
Corrective Steering: on
Autostage: on
Delays: pre 0 post 0
Stop at stage: 4

Ascent path:
Start altitude: 1km
Start velocity: 100m/s
End altitude: 35km
Final flight path angle: 8 degrees
Turn shape: 66%

These settings should ensure that you end up in an orbit that safely disposes both the ET and allows the SRBs to be recovered intact. See this image from just after MECO http://i.imgur.com/5b8xYeK.png







Ready for trans-planetary burn!


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Finally got around to trying Infernal Robotics. If someone has a better way of doing elbow joints please let me know!


Only mods used are Infernal Robotics and the RKE KanadaArm parts pack



Simulates the real Canadarm's 6 degrees of freedom (Shoulder pitch/yaw, elbow, wrist pitch/yaw/rotation). OBSS boom has two grappling ports as per the real OBSS, and uses the surface scanner to simulate the scanning package. Would be nice to have a nice camera there instead =)

Now maybe I can finally start trying to recreate some Hubble and ISS assembly missions =)

Trying to decide whether I should just post the arm and OBSS boom separately on KerbalX or what, depends if there's interest. I'm sure there are lots of arms out there, this is just my first time trying IR.

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Successful launch, to authentic orbital parameters! This guy's pretty heavy, but still didn't have to modify my shuttle any to get it to orbit, used same parameters for mechjeb as I published earlier.




Almost lost control of the probe right after I launched it because I forgot I had lost my save file with my relay satellites, was wondering why I didn't have a connection. :P

Think I can add it to my list of launch subs? Also I'm sure @inigma would want to add it to his shuttle too!

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If you're referring the IUS, then sure, why not.

Oh, and in next update Squad's adding great big honking dishes, you'll need RT2 no longer.

Oh yeah I saw that on a post somewhere earlier, very excited. The two mods I always thought essential (FAR and RemoteTech) are now more or less stock!

I'm going to update my KerbalX Magellan with your IUS, I'll add a link to your Moho Aeroworks thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/102122 here? Anything else I can add to credit your work?

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Experiments with Infernal Robotics Kanadarm, LDEF simulator


Next update will probably be a minor one with mounting points for the Kanadarm and OBSS boom, just so that the main craft can stay stock but allow for easy attaching of the arms as subassemblies.

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Updated v1.8

- Added mount points for Infernal Robotics Kanadarm and OBSS boom for easy attachment


Arm requires Infernal Robotics: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/116064

and RKE Kanadarm parts: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/112881

Kanadarm: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/4140

OBSS boom: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/4142

- If you don't want to use the arm, the main craft file is still completely stock!

- Adjusted Action Groups, AG1 is now OMS toggle, AG2 is SSME shutdown

- Tweaked wings slightly, previous version had a slight misalignment that I didn’t notice until recently

- Tweaked OMS engines for easier placement

- Tweaked fuel dump port alignment to try have better true null-acceleration dump action

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Took many tries and this was ONCE so who knows if I've really got a handle on it.... I still have to F5 on final in case I bork it up - OTOH even tho the final and flair was done by hand on the real shuttle, there were incredible amounts of guidance that KSP simply does not have.

Here's my method, using MechJeb from a 100km x 100km orbit:

  1. Landing Autopilot: Set to "KSC Pad", click land at target. Wait for the predicted landing to get < 1km and hit abort. Check "Show Landing Predictions" and turn retrograde. Now burn OMS for a 30Km difference (which means, were you in a capsule you'd land 30km short of the VAB).
  2. Close Landing AP.
  3. Use Smart A.S.S.: SURF/SVEL+ and make sure ROL=0, PIT=0, YAW=0
  4. Preload your reentry angle into PIT by typing 40 in the box.
  5. At around 50km altitude you'll start seeing heating. Now hit the "0" button beside YAW or ROL and MJ will "take" the 40 in PIT and nose up the shuttle.
  6. Watch pretty fire.
  7. You should be passing through ~1000m/s as you pass over the mountains west of KSC. Flip on the "Spaceplane Guidance", set the Autoland Glideslope: to 20*, and check "Show landing navball guidance" (DO NOT CLICK AUTOLAND).
  8. This is where I F5.
  9. As your speed drops below 300m/s switch Smart A.S.S. off.
  10. As your nose gets near the flight vector (Orange W overlays the green O) hit "T" (SAS on). (NOTE: I fly with a keyboard, if you use a Joystick, you might do better with SAS off?)
  11. From here fly it like a glider to get it onto the runway.

Possible helpful hints:

  • Click the nose hear and click "Light On" it helps you judge your alt above the runway as it lights the tarmac.
  • Set the body flap (below the main engines) to the brake action group, and set "Deploy" to inverted. You now have a speed brake, which I think is what that control surface mainly does (did) IRL.
  • This approach does NOT make use of S-turns, mostly because I found the MJ could not keep her steady if I programmed it to bank during reentry.
  • Download the demo at http://www.space-shuttle-mission.com/ and fly STS-1 (the only one you can in the demo), going through reentry is very educational.

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Took many tries and this was ONCE so who knows if I've really got a handle on it.... I still have to F5 on final in case I bork it up - OTOH even tho the final and flair was done by hand on the real shuttle, there were incredible amounts of guidance that KSP simply does not have.

Nicely done! I've not yet been able to land properly with MechJeb, though I've now started doing all my launches with it. Just saves time =)

For re-entries, I've been very roughly eyeballing it, I'm very glad you're coming up with some consistent numbers, if you can get them down accurately I'll have to add them to the How To Fly section. For me, I aim for a 15-20km periapsis that's located a little past the island runway, then use S-turns to help slow down to make the runway. If I fly just 40 degrees straight nose up there's enough lift to bounce back into the atmosphere and I'll overshoot, but it can do S-Turns very well. Just make sure you're down to about 20% RCS fuel left or your CG will make the re-entry rather dicey!

Funny you should mention space-shuttle-mission.com, I've been playing with F-Sim and X-Plane Shuttle for years, honestly my landings in KSP are better than most of the ones I do in X-Plane =p

Once in a while I try to do a proper HAC turn with the landing and I NEVER make it (intact). Can only do a straight-in approach so far. I'll have to try that split-s some time lol

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