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[1.1.x] Trackingstation Ambientlight [v0.3.3, 2016-08-21]

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Trackingstation Ambientlight is a small mod that allows you to brighten the dark side of planets in the trackingstation by editing the ambientlight color via a config file.

Download: Spacedock or via CKAN (also on Curseforge)

Source: Github

License: GNU GPL-3.0


Disables itself when Ambient Light Adjustment is installed.

Screenshot of the difference this mod makes:


Even crazy stuff is possible since all RGB components are editable.



Similar mods:

Planetshine: adjust ambient lightning in flight mode and much more

Ambient Light Adjustment: adjust ambient lightning globally

Minimum Ambient Lighting: adjust ambient lightning in flight mode and in the space center

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Update to KSP 1.1.3
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Before writing this addon, I found three mods that change the ambientlightning:

Planetshine can adjust the ambient light in flight mode (flight mode includes map mode).

According to the Description of Ambient Light Adjustment it changes the ambient lightning only in the flight mode.

Minimum Ambient Lighting can change the ambient lightning in flight mode and the space center.

Since none of them handle the tracking station, I thought it to be beneficial to extend this functionality to the Tracking Station.

I just had a look into the source of "Ambient Light Adjustment" an it uses "KSPAddon.Startup.EveryScene", so it sets the ambient light also in the tracking station, which is a discrepancy from its description. So thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Nonetheless i think of the tracking station as a sandbox, where one should get all information about the planet, while in flight mode it should be tough to land on the dark side of a planet. And none of the other mods provide this.

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On 15.8.2016 at 4:13 PM, meyerweb said:

WOOHOOO!  Thanks, mhoram!

You are welcome. When I recently installed KSP again, I missed this feature.

5 hours ago, Z3R0_0NL1N3 said:

There is no dark side of the Mun really. Matter of fact it's all light.

Sorry, but I am unable to reproduce what you are describing in stock KSP. Perhaps you already have one of the other mentioned similar mods installed?

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47 minutes ago, Bombaatu said:

FYI, the version file is incorrect in 3.2. I downloaded & installed this mod - Mini-AVC reports installed version is 3.0.2 instead 3.2 and states there is an upgrade available.

Thank you for letting me know. I corrected this and uploaded a new version to spacedock.

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