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  1. This mod is so simple yet so useful, no longer am i limited to the size of the VAB/SPH! Is this compatible with KSP 1.10?
  2. I don't think that the full game should be playable on mobile or tablet, however being able to Port a certain mode onto your device should be possible. Creating crafts are definitely too complicated for a non laptop/desktop device, but I'd like to be able fly my rocket and make manuver nodes on my phone. 1-0 action groups could be selected by using a little scroll wheel to change between which action group you wanted with a double press on the number activating the action group. Use a two finger touch for attempting to use, pitch, or roll your craft, and one finger could select the specific part. The navball could be virtually the same so you can just tap to enable/disable SAS and RCS
  3. This question seems to be a bit loaded. It all depends on your definitional of fictional technology. Sure FTl, wormholes, and teleporters are basically fictional (unless a great discovery is made) but what about an antimatter engine? An engine that has significant thrust yet is so efficient it makes ion engines look like aerospikes in terms of ISP?(like the Epstein drive in The Expanse) A nuclear reactor miniaturized to the point that we could wear them like watches, not need maintenance on, and are extremely safe? I believe that technologies that we have now or can reasonably predict in the next couple hundred years should be available in KSP given that we are in a fictional universe where we explore space like no one's business.
  4. no man, I was just being ridiculous and pushing KSP past what it's supposed to be capable of. i'll post the craft soonish
  5. since my last check in on 6 may, I have been using KJR-N and it seems to functioning exactly as advertised. I've only had one issue with wobbling and that was a relatively long 'tube' with 4 other even longer 'tubes' that were docked on 4 sides ( normal, anti-normal, radial-in and radial-out) but that was during physical timewarp during a .3 g burn. because i was basically asking for this problem, i completely back this mod, and the problem was fixed merely by using autostrut on the end pieces .
  6. So this took about a month. I launched a full science mission to Jool with an attached refueler so I wouldn't run out of Dv and snacks(playing with the snacks mod). I soaked up pretty much all the science I could grab without landing, including all scan sat science. Ditched my refueler into Jool and headed home. I somehow only had enough Dv to barely get into an orbit with only ~30 m/s of monoprop even when I ditched all the useless engines and fuel tanks. Got into a relatively low apoapsis and went for a re-entry. OH HORROR!! Could have sworn I thoroughly tested my craft but even when I reverted back and tried different angles, I was unable to survive my re-entry. I came up with a brilliant plan to create a massive space station that I could refuel, grab more snacks, dump extra science experiment into, and use to safely return my Kerbals when I goofed up other crafts, all with fully reusable launchers! It took me hours of planning and tons of revisions to get everything just right. Finally, after more than 15 large launches, I had everything complete and sent a probe off to join the Jool science mission and my space station. Connected them, and had my experiment storage units to grab all the precious science, but another problem struck! Everything was stuck in my science module and would not come out no matter how much I tried. So after I transferred my crew out, I spent several minutes clicking transmit data and I've been waiting 15 minutes on 10x warp for all the data to be received so I can watch my craft burn your in Kerbin's atmosphere Tl;Dr: if you're designing a craft to re-enter Kerbin, make sure you test the damn craft out before taking a 10-year long journey update: Finally got all my science transmitted and it took less than an hour! got about 10k science back so it wasn't a complete waste and I got 3 scientists from 0 stars to 4 stars (this was my peek engineering and took several weeks to test both the re-fueler, return craft, and performance of the mothership). Put my craft's periapsis at around 10km and what would you know? THE DAMN THING SURVIVED(stage recovery mod). Having deleted any save back far enough to save that science, I am now a broken man and will be swearing off KSP forever!(AKA not playing for a month or two until I crave it again).
  7. makes sense. I'll assume that KJR-N will be the 'best' for now since it works well with IR(which moves) so it should work just as well with parts that are mostly stationary. I'll be testing out some crafts which slowly sacrifice itself to the Kraken and see how it fairs then. did not think that autostruts were that bad, but hopefully, this mod thrives and maybe eventually KSP will change their autostrut code to be more like KJR-N
  8. now that we have autostrut, I thought that KJR wasn't needed anymore. why do we need KJR next?
  9. And 1.8.2 will fix all the bugs that 1.8.1 created trying to fix the bugs that 1.8 created
  10. Hanger Extended is really nice for when you build bigger than the SPH/VAB. Kerbal Alarm Clock is pretty much a must have for doing multiple missions Kerbal Engineer Redux is super useful for all the information it provides, even though you can get alot of the information from stock 1.6 MechJeb for when you're lazy and dont want to set up the circularization burn, or even when you dont want to manually have to execute the burn but will still set it up. MechJeb also has loads of informational windows, and you can even create custom windows. KSP Interstellar Extended lets you use generators and super high ISP engines, you can even run an engine purely on the wattage you get beamed to you. Minimum Ambient Lighting lets you see your craft without lights on the dark side of planets RCS Build Aid Continued will show your crafts' center of mass when depleted of RCS as well as the amount and direction of torque caused by uneven RCS, which is super useful creating a super balanced probe as well as airplanes Remote Tech increases the difficulty for communications by making it more complex, but also gives you the ability to execute burns when you have no connection as long as you set it up when you did have connection ScienceAlert ReAlerted will notify you have any new science, as well as let you collect it with a click of a button StageRecovery will recover unfocused crafts if they would normally have the ability to do so using parachutes and/or engines. science, funds and krew are all recoverable TweakableEverythingContinued and Tweak Scale will make practically everything resizable and give you more options per part. the Near Future series of mods also give you many good parts thats just some of the mods that come to mind. there are also a bunch of visual mods, realisim mods and loads more parts packs
  11. 72 mods currently, but theres still some mods that need to get updated/loaded to CKAN. Takes me about 3 minutes to load the main menu. After the 64 bit version of KSP released i havent had to wait more than 5-6 minutes, however i havent played realisim overhaul or any super modded version which i assume will take alot longer to load. @Jaime are using the 32 bit or 64 bit executable or KSP?
  12. back in .90 i created a remotetech network around all planetary bodies. if you were within 5Mm from any moon or planet(except jool), and you had a 2.5Mm range omni antenna or better, you could communicate with any other body. it was in sandbox and it still took me 4 months, but every satellite was set up by an orange suited kerbal personally.
  13. you need line of sight between the ground station(s) and the probe and whatever the number of satellites between them. in stock, an easy way to get 99% connectivity around kerbin is to make a simple probe with antenna, a power bank and power generation. then you'll want to get either 3 or 4 of them roughly equally spaced around an orbit of atleast 600km for 3 sats and 248,528m for 4 sats. as long as they can communicate with each other and have pretty much the same orbit(so they dont drift), it doesnt matter what the exact orbit is since they will be able to communicate with each other and that constellation will always be in communication of the ground station. you'll need to do the same thing for each other planet you want constant communication with, or you run the same problem of intermittent communications.
  14. *checks CKAN* whats this? near future launch vehicles? are they taking that name from near future technologies!!? *checks page, gets excited, checks image gallery, gets more excited* this is awesome!! just installed it so i hope it tests out well!
  15. because routine burns like that are boring and take too much unnecessary fiddling with both placement and how much Dv to use. i can just make mechjeb do that burn and save literally minutes of my life. more complex maneuvers will be created by me and usually executed by me as well. its kind of like cruise control, yes i know how to keep my car going at a certain speed but if i use cruise control then i can let my foot relax, know that i'll be going at the speed i want, and just focus on the steering.
  16. you start running KSP in the morning and hope it is ready and your computer hasnt burnt out by the time you return home
  17. keep re-launching or get frustrated and do something else for a bit until the hunger returns
  18. ^ well it is loading a whole Galaxy.....
  19. What I usually do is use MJs transfer window option and use it on a craft I already have up(typically a comm sat), set an alarm on KAC, and starting a week or so out I start messing with a node seeing what seems to be the best angle to transfer. Then I'll launch the craft, if I haven't done so, make the transfer, and also do a mid course correction if needed. KER has options to calculate both the angle between your crafts angle compared to the planet/moon you're at, as well as the angle between where you're starting and your target. You can also get the angles with some other mods, or even use a protracter on your screen plus math. There are also and mods sites you can use to determine the best angles to leave from.
  20. .625 heatshield is stock?! I thought it was a modded part!! I set my pressure for parachutes to .2-.3 and stage them from orbit and I've never had them burn up, even with a pe ~25 from the mun To answer you question, yes I use it because I like building both tiny and huge and the .625 heatshield is perfect when returning an octosat with all the science goodies and the first parachute(the white one)
  21. kind of disappointed. i was looking forward to keeping an April fool's version of KSP on my drive
  22. i just redownloaded KSP today and thought that it was KSP's joke. can we confirm that this is indeed MM and not KSP?
  23. i usually dont start if i have less than an hour to play. that being said i will play any where from 20 minutes to all day. that being said, i naturally give myself breaks through smoking (dont start kids) so i will usually not get too bored or frustrated
  24. You're gonna need to solar panel for Ec. also, how are you gonna lauch it? i'd love to see a video of you launching it up If you have RTGs you can put RTG - probe - communitron 16/32 and just use that to make your porcupine sat
  25. Similar questions have been posted before. Use the search. One strategy I use is to accept alot of 'put satellite into x orbit' contract that are within the kerbin system( kerbin, mun, minmus). Then I look at what parts are needed so they can satisfy all of the contracts. Keep the satellite kinda small and pour boat loads of dv into it. By keeping the satellite small, costs for building the actual satellite and the launch vehicle are less than for a bigger rocket. Then have atleast a rough draft of which orbits you will do when. I have 10xed my funds even after including the cost of the rockets. Bonus points for putting science stuffs on your satellite and fully recovering it with all that sweet sweet science. Another strategy I use is to accept alot of tourist contracts and make one ship for all of them. It can be relatively cheap as long as you don't need to land on the mun( which isn't even that expensive DV wise). I find this strategy not as lucrative as the satellite one, but you increase your rep up more. Don't forget you also get funds, rep and science for firsts ( first flyby, orbit, suborbit, escape from, return from) for all SOIs, so don't forget to to explore
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