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Found 4 results

  1. After hearing other players mention it (because it takes up a huge amount of drive space), I have also taken a look at the structure of the JSON save files in "C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\..." and I have found the section called "TravelLogData". I believe this is evidence that KSP2's foundation supports recording mission milestones, actions and events - which will enable a lot of features we have talked about in the past: colony delivery routes and seeing active flights parallel-sequential missions by returning to the past and seeing recorded mission play out in-space asynchronous multiplayer which allows time warp single player space races against an AI controlled agency vessel stage recovery flights (like FMRS) implementing the next gen MechJeb ...and much more The structure of the Travel Log (as of 0.1.x) is: Objects TravelObjectId Statistics DistanceTravelled GroundDistanceTravelled MaxAltitude MaxGeeForce MaxSpeed MaxSpeedOverGround MaxGroundSpeed ObjectEvents TravelObjectId EventKey vesselLaunched partCrashed vesselSOIEntered vesselLanded vesselDestroyed etc. Universe Time stamp FlightReportArgs can be parts or celestial bodies etc. We will have to see if this will be expanded significantly as updates roll in. The fact that the system is now mostly disabled would explain why the save game file sizes grow to GB with only repeated entries. The bug probably appeared when they decoupled the in-depth recording system from the game.
  2. What are your proudest moments in ksp? Mine was not eve in KSP. Mine was in Google. I typed 'Jeb' into the search bar, and -adiah Kerman was the first result.
  3. As mentioned here: There are many problems with career mode at the moment. I decided to open a new thread since the subject is more complex than just too much science funds. From Kerbin to Mun Orbit: - recieved 180.000.000 funds - recieved 19.000 science - did not recieve any Kerbal XP (still only 2 = orbit Kerbin) - did not achieve any milestones Additional problems: - Missions that require changing zones (Kerbin to Kerbin suborbit e.g.) do not complete randomly. Sometimes they do. - Randomly getting huge amounts of science / funds for absolutely no reason - very low FPS due to NullReferenceException-error overload Saving and loading stops funds and science from being added. But doesnt change broken missions, milestones or Kerbal XP, doesnt remove science and funds either. Problem seems to be a code typo: [EXC 20:15:06.212] NullReferenceException KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].Refresh () KSP.UI.UIList`1[KSP.UI.UIListItem].InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListData`1 item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.UIList.InsertItem (KSP.UI.UIListItem item, Int32 index, Boolean forceZ, Boolean worldPositionStays) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessageInternal (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean playAnim, Boolean queue) KSP.UI.Screens.MessageSystem.AddMessage (KSP.UI.Screens.Message message, Boolean animate) ProgressNode.AddOrAppendWorldFirstMessage (System.String title, System.String body) ProgressNode.AwardProgress (System.String description, Single funds, Single science, Single reputation, .CelestialBody body) ProgressNode.AwardProgressInterval (System.String description, Int32 currentInterval, Int32 totalIntervals, ProgressType progress, .CelestialBody body) KSPAchievements.RecordsSpeed.iterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTree.IterateVessels (.Vessel v) ProgressTracking.Update () This just spams the log, as expected with NRE's. Will there be a fix any time soon? PS: Checked with debug: Even when I complete a quest through the cheat console it throws an NRE. PS2: Found out why Kerbals where stuck not leveling up. Here is why: These tags are added to the kerbals in the savefile. On removal Kerbal XP is working again. So if you (fellow players) go to the savefile and remove these lines for all Kerbals that have their XP stuck, it will work again afterwards and they will update accordingly. EVACHUTE { name = ModuleEvaChute isEnabled = True chuteYawRateAtMaxSpeed = 1 chuteMaxSpeedForYawRate = 50 chuteYawRateAtMinSpeed = 1 chuteMinSpeedForYawRate = 1 chuteRollRate = 1 chutePitchRate = 1 chuteDefaultForwardPitch = 9 semiDeployedChuteForwardPitch = 25 chutePitchRateDivisorWhenTurning = 1 chuteRollRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 chuteYawRateDivisorWhenPitching = 1 persistentState = STOWED animTime = 0 minAirPressureToOpen = 0.0399999991 deployAltitude = 1000 spreadAngle = 7 automateSafeDeploy = 0 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { DeployAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } CutAction { actionGroup = None wasActiveBeforePartWasAdjusted = False } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  4. One of my favorite improvements of 1.0.x (not sure it was in 1.0) was the milestone program that allowed players to have a separate source of funding from contracts for simply boldly going where no kerbal had gone before. Sometime since then (I think with 1.1.0) Squad added the "leadership initiative" which allowed players to greatly emphasize this part of the game (warning: there is a stiff reputation requirement to use these. I basically decided that 80% was as high as I could get it). At this point expect that hitting as many milestones as possible is critical to your funding. So how do you get milestones? And is there a "milestone dance" similar to the "science dance" of doing a crew report, EVAing, taking the data out, putting the data in, shaking the data all about and taking (and resetting where appropriate) all the other science on you spacecraft? So far I've noticed some odd ways that KSP throws milestones at you: Sending a spacecraft there [a new soi/planet/moon] (obvious) Sending a kerbal there (another obvious one) Planting a flag (the game likes flags) Doing a spacewalk/EVA (don't forget this one, especially if you have modded the "science dance" out of your game) Doing a crew transfer (as far as I know, this gives big rewards just for changing seats. Bring along at least two crew compartments. Have to test command seats). Doing a rendezvous (not sure how far you have to be apart. Presumably far enough that "[" and "]" don't work. Might take longer to knock out than all the rest combined. I think I've only received the reward by doing a real rendezvous). Doing a docking (just decoupling and rejoining from 8m was enough. Probably can get away with it a lot closer) Starting a spacestation (yes, I got an extra hefty reward by decoupling and rejoining two connected parts. They both had crew facilities, different names, and were launched separately. No idea what the real requirements are). Yes, there are all those distance/height records. You aren't likely to start the leadership initiative before getting all of them. So: is there an easy/known way to maximize the milestones once you get to a new planet/moon/soi? Am I missing any, and are they otherwise easy to snatch up? Obviously, you want two separate crew compartments, and likely two parts with docking ports (don't be surprised if the crew compartments should separate as well). So far, KSP/Kerbal milestones don't seem to be showing up in google very well. One difficulty I have is that I haven't been able to see my old milestones. They don't show up in the contracts building (I thought they used to, even with the milestone switch). The don't show up in the science building either. I'll have to check my files as well, but everything seemed to be working fine in 1.1.3, but no means of seeing my milestones (to point out how big the rewards are and how you absolutely need two crew compartments in your early spaceships to a new soi/planet/moon).
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