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  1. Oh, heck. That looks fantastic.
  2. Nice -- Yeah -- I'm almost always "chock full o' mods", so there's likely no issue loading it for me except for maybe SMURFF.
  3. Would either of you be willing to share .craft files? I really like the looks of your craft, and love looking at other people's designs close-up. It makes for great inspiration (+ help with troubleshooting)!
  4. That's a nicely reasoned set of assumptions for "who gets what" -- nicely executed! Thanks for the expanded explanation. Good to know I'm not just crazy that the B9 switcher isn't showing up. Having the proper functionality in mind it *does* seem to be working properly in a test game. The intro set of guidance components have the minimal capacity kOS bits installed. I'll probably add a minimal kOS bit to the CNAR rocket so I can do some basic rocket training. I never seem to get very far in my careers before migrating away for one reason or another. I'll be following in that Redstone path soon enough. Are you using Skyhawk + Kerbalism as well? I'm trying to decide if it's going to be worth chasing down the potential config issues with such elaborately built systems.
  5. Sorry for the many-month necro, but I'm catching up on this thread as I build out a SSS-based career to spin around in for a bit. I believe I found your repo of this mod-let here (nah, it's a full-fledged mod!) but not sure if it's ready to drop in and try yet? It doesn't seem to be behaving as indicated/intended. I can add an issue request on github if that's ideal/you're still working on this?
  6. Good question -- I had to do similar digging back through the threads. They're not posted/published as formal mods on the forum (forum-al?), so not as intuitive to find. Here's what I came up with: KerbalismSystemHeat: https://github.com/judicator/KerbalismSystemHeat KerbalismFFT: https://github.com/judicator/KerbalismFFT The author of both, Judicator81 (I think?) has made fairly recent updates, so hopefully these are relatively current and effective.
  7. It's a new golden land of opportunity and adventure!
  8. Well, I wasn't fully complete with my statement-- SkyhawkKerbalism is a set of configs cloned from Kerbalism 3.14's. It just happens to have its own .version file that is now prompting an 'out of date' error now that Kerbalism itself is v3.15. It may or may not be *actually* out of date, but all you have to do is update or delete that file to make the message go away. That's the reason the error is appearing, though.
  9. It's the set of configs that Skyhawk is using to provide custom Kerbalism features. It's still based on the 3.14 ones -- if there weren't any changes to the configs, it's just a matter of updating the version file if you want the error to go away.
  10. oh, nice -- I 'm catching up on some old threads. I'll look that way!
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