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Does anyone know how how to make something similar to a shuttle in the 0.0.813 version of the demo?

there's no sph so I just build a rocket, put wings and utility on it, and I have my shuttle.

but does anyone know how to make an actual good one?

maybe one that can get into space?

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Ok, you've intrigued me. Now I have to build something.

Edit: Wings aren't things in the demo. Sorry. But there's a free KSP-esque (They end up mentioning KSP in the most subtle of ways) game, called When Pigs Fly. It's spaceplanes, but no space. That said, honestly, space shuttles are worthless in KSP in general, because you can't recover anything. A rocket is much, much better. I will still build anything, and if parts in game match parts in demo, it'll work for you. But, if you feel like it, there's actually the ability to download full free versions 100% legal online... on these very forumsSquad ALLOWS this! Note: They are OLD. Literally the first public releases. It's your choice.

~~~~~~Here will be demo file~~~~~

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5 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

No problem. :)

Again, I'm sorry.

I just play the demo because I can't get the full version, and I just mostly have questions about the demo.

And I wish I could mod it because I'm sick of only working with 25 parts.

so far the only thing I've been able to do is make edited copies of stock parts.

I.e. : T-200 fuel tank, which I changed its mass to 0 and put an insane amount of fuel in it.

and for MY questions, I mostly don't know where to put them.

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