What UCS replica would you like to see me do (your vote is important)

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6 minutes ago, YoeriCookie said:

Maybe some jets? With turbo-fans?

F-5E-3 pls...

Some of my original ideas for UCS stuff included the F/A-18 (my favorite modern jet) and the Panavia Tornado (cuz people in the past have wanted me to make one).

So jets will be made :wink:.

The engines will propably end up being upscaled stock engines (my original engines for UCS jets where going to be from the MK-4 fuselage pack) with some dummy intake fans made from rotatrons, wings and nosecones (may need some tweakscaling).


The F-5 would make for a pretty nice build, tough personally i would go for the T-38 Talon instead (two seater version with some slight differences here and there), but the choice is yours choice :wink:.

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While i wait for 1.3.1 to come out, i might as well give you guys a little update on the UCS project.


The reason im saying 1.3.1 is, because i've had some problems with big aircraft's ever since i tested the 1.3 prerelease :(. At least 3 out of 6-8 aircraft's that i tested, exploded as soon as the physics kicked in.






These include: an old cargojet of mine, witch was heavily inspired by the TU-154 "careless", a new stock MD-11 replica that i built during the prerelease, and a new replica of the Fireflash, that i also made during the prerelease.

I kinda wanted to make a bug-report about it, but, since it seemed like such an obvious problem, i taught it would probably have been reported by that time and would get fixed by the time 1.3 comes out.

So, im kinda hoping the 1.3.1 update will fix this issue.


So you can probably guess why i don't want to make giant replicas right now.

Tough i could have just stayed with 1.2.2. as i did for a while, but a project of mine forced me to make the upgrade. And since i broke my main save during this version shuffle (don't worry, i didn't lose any of the crafts), i wont be downgrading anymore.

Plus, most of the crafts will be incompatible anyways because of the new struts.


So, sorry for the delay.


Now for other news regarding this project.

I went trough all the suggestions, and the first three ones that i will make are:

1. HE-111 H-6, Suggested by @Columbia. Seems like the perfect mix of fun, challenge and beauty.

2. BF-109 G-6, Suggested by  @Servo and @MightyDarkStar. The most highly suggested/liked.

3. JU-85 Stuka (one of the earlier versions), Suggested by no one. In the top of my "Want to make" list.



Oh, and you can still put in suggestion on the comments if you want.


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