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  1. "when your parents ask where all your money went"
  2. 2.5m or 1.875m SRBs?
  3. I haven't really done much in the past few days, mostly being focused on scale modeling. I'm still overhauling my outdated airliners, most recently the A330. The engines it had before didn't look the part of the GE CF6-80E, and the Trent 700s are becoming more common and so I swapped them out for RR Trent-like replicas. Since they were rather simple-looking, I decided to try new techniques with the fairings and fan blades - I was quite happy with the result.
  4. And IIRC over 1/3rd of Bf 109s were G-6s - It really was the definitive variant IMO, even if it wasn't exactly the best.
  5. What? I'm praising the part, and fantasized how good the game would look like if parts were finished in that standard of quality, not appearance and function.
  6. The later Bf 109 versions, like the G-6 or G-14 are usually neglected - Most replicas I've seen are usually based on the E-4. How about an He 111 for a challenge? It's a bomber that's usually forgotten, outshone by the American four-engined ones..
  7. Yeah, the tail is positioned wrongly, and the degree of sweep is much higher than what I portrayed. I have a feeling, though, that the Mk3 Cockpit may also play a part - It barely resembles a 727's nose. And God would I want to do bowling with the aircraft I have now too.. The B747 is 394 parts, B777 is 147, A330 is 198, 757's 159, A380's 259, MD-80's 123, and B767 is 137. That totals to.. 1417 parts. Kind of a far cry from yours!
  8. Oh my god, someone shares my sentiment with this. I honestly doubt that there won't be tons of players classifying "stock" as having the DLC in their install and craft, or at least it would end up being part of the majority of people's creations. ..To think how much more serious and beautiful the game would look if all the parts were up to that quality of modeling..
  9. So, uh, I haven't posted here in a long time.. I made this video back in October and pretty much forgot to post it, but once my airliners are done I'll have to start revamping the thread (with this included in it.) I revamped my DC-8, mostly focusing in the wings and engines. I'm just happy it can at least be distinguished from a B707. I did a few changes on the Boeing B777, most of which involved making the wings not rip, though some focus was placed into the wingtip rakes and making the tail thinner. Then the A320 was made to work, though it kinda looks like an A319. Puny, isn't it.. And the B727 was also revamped. There's something about it, though, that doesn't make it look right.. And to top it off.. a lagfest?
  10. All I'm hoping is that it's cheap enough for me to buy..
  11. Messerschmitt Bf 109 for one; It looks like one of the few aircraft that a non-aircraft enthusiast can distinguish from, say, a Spitfire and a P-51D, and it's also pretty badass-looking. Would've put the Fw 190 in here as well but that thing keeps betraying me in War Thunder. Boeing B777-300, because it looks sleeker than so many other airliners, and not to mention it's GE90s; And Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Honestly, only the Heinkel He 111 looks more fear-mongering as a WW2 bomber, in contrast to the B-17 which seems to be on the lines of pure beauty. I would've put it here but my post's already pic-heavy.
  12. 5/10 I'm now starting to see you a lot in the Forum Games.
  13. In my personal opinion; -Eeloo is color blue, though it would be extra-difficult to get there anyway -I can agree with you on that one, Moho's largely uninteresting yet difficult to get to, never visited it either -The Mun's right in front of Kerbin, and a test of skill for the beginner -Minmus is ice cream in your planet's backyard -Yet, at least Laythe is worth going to, or maybe Tylo, or maybe Jool itself is an interesting sight, and it's right there -- It's easy to get captured by it once you get the Delta-V anyway -Ike is next to Duna, Gilly is next to Eve It would be more interesting to learn asteroid capture, and a 1km deep canyon just doesn't do it for me. Also, it's a gray rock that's somewhat bland in comparison to its relative remoteness, but again, it's my personal opinion.
  14. Dres is in the location where it would be easier to visit the more interesting Duna, or just a tiny bit easier than the Joolian system, which in itself is much more interesting than so many of the planets in KSP. And I doubt starting a Dres Awareness thread helps things at all.
  15. 2/10.. I haven't seen you before. Nice Gene Kranz profile picture though.