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Interplanetary Marksman Challenge!

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Since cubic octagonal struts are incredibly light, they can be accelerated to insane speeds. Jettisoning them from your ship using the strongest decoupler in game will acelerate it to 6000m/s. Firing it with engines even increases this speed. So can we use this technology to shoot at really faraway things, like other planets?



Hit various moons and planets with cubic octagonal struts by firing them from cannons in kerbin orbit.



-No modded/hacked parts that give insane thrust or have zero mass or anything like that. Orbital telescope mods are allowed, however, so that you can aim at faraway planets.

-Your projectile must be a cubic octagonal strut and NOTHING ELSE. You can fire multiple cubic octaginal struts at once if you wish, however.

-Your cannon must be in an orbit around kerbin no higher than 1000km

-You must post a picture of your orbital cannon and a picture of the octagonal strut at its destination


-Scoring will be separated by which planet/moon was shot at

-Scoring will also be separated into highest/lowest final velocity

-getting into a planet's sphere of influence is acceptable, but will automatically be ranked lower than all shots that actually hit said planet



My attempt:


tCpHDyv.png Target: Minmus

HCt6u4t.png Lining up the pale blue ball

0z7spzN.png Darnit so close!




- @icantmakemodels, impact, v=3193m/s


-Quasarrgames, SOI, v=21558.1m/s






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OH MAH GARSH This I have to try... lemme see if I have anything to use... AHA!  Now to refit my orbital bombardment station for C-O Struts! And not de-orbit it! :P72271D7D6FDB2F3A23C02FA6D15DA3771CE753C4

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1 hour ago, icantmakemodels said:

Hold My Beer.

Can I HyperEdit the craft into LKO?

of course, as long as it's below the 1000km limit

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So I have to make a cannon (I can) which shoots something at a planet. Ok, I got this.

Now, I need my cannon to aim exactly at a node? I'm not the savviest of mathematical peeps out there, but yeah I know how to go there.
Now, this cannon must be exactly precise. It musn't only aim at the exact pixel but it must also shoot exactly through that same line of sight, exact!

I made my cannon by wiggling the landing gear parts in non absolute mode. So I first have to make a cannon that's build this way. Still, I'm not sure if that gives laser sight accuracy, but I will try.

If you can't make a cannon this accurate then what? Did Icantmakemodels quikload 20 through sub infinite times to get it right? He who helds beer for that long by the way is more then a sitter lol.

If this is the case it's just a matter of repetition and trial until gotten right. Which I find boring personally. I do like the challenge though since it's fun to do.
But ultimately it's a bit unchallenging as a contest since it's about building the best cannon mechanism which is making use of a game exploit rather then something realistically based.
I also don't find merit in the cubic octagonal strut only option(object A). Maybe it's fun to make up a formula that takes into account other payloads (object B). So that using a heavier part (B) isn't necessarily better, but better nonetheless if you get that greater weight the same distance as object (A)
If it's just cubic octagonal strut firing it's rather limited. I'm thinking with you on the survival of this thread (challenge threads aren't survivalists)
So maybe think that part through a little bit so people like me don't start getting bored doing a specific instructed step, because these thinks make creativity stall.

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6 hours ago, Bristleface87 said:

Whoa whoa whoa, how did you figure out where to aim at?

1. Test what is the velocity of the cubic struts when fired from your cannon

2. Make a node that hits your target celestial body AND has the amount of dV you got from the first test(s)

3. fire at that node and you should be really close...

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Got a decent cannon using a Rhino, because it's the highest thrust single engine bell.  It uses a Rockomax decoupler clipped into it, rather than a separator, so that there's no debris between the engine and the cubic strut.  The strut overheats immediately so I have "ignore max temperature" turned on...



Easily hits the Mun at 43858 m/s



Shot at Eve, but couldn't aim more accurately than this.  Perhaps a crew cockpit or a detailed readout of the angle versus the maneuver node could have helped.  It passes Eve periapsis within 6 days of launch.




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